Night Trap: The GREATEST "Bad" Game of All Time! 

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I have a love for the entertainingly cheesy. This includes video games. Especially this cult classic that was wrongfully annexed into the great "violent video games" debate of the early 90's. Here are my thoughts of the infamous video game NIGHT TRAP!
Watch the documentary "Night Trap: 25 Years Later" here: selosk.info/class/video/mptj3Kilz6qapp8.html


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13 apr 2020



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My Life in Gaming
My Life in Gaming 6 månader sedan
[Coury] Hey Jeremy, thanks for sharing our Night Trap documentary! It was such a cool thing to be able to make. When the game came out originally, I was 13 years old which was probably the perfect age to play it. It was surreal to be able to meet some of the people responsible for making it, and actually be a part of the new release. Teenage me would never believe it! Sure, this game has a reputation for being bad... but I love it. It was important to for me to treat it with respect and appreciation in the documentary because it did a lot of interesting stuff for the time.
Francesca Gonzalez Ramos
Francesca Gonzalez Ramos 5 månader sedan
@Christopher Lowery The best game of 2020 is Doom Eternal.
Christopher Lowery
Christopher Lowery 5 månader sedan
Francesca Gonzalez Ramos people are ignoring you for good reason. Your trolling isn’t even remotely funny, dude. Try harder.
Ryan Kearney
Ryan Kearney 6 månader sedan
@Francesca Gonzalez Ramos shut up you absolute fuckwit
WarningNimrod39 6 månader sedan
You guys did a great job!
Francesca Gonzalez Ramos
Francesca Gonzalez Ramos 6 månader sedan
@Ima Make It I ain't gonna destroy Nintendo 2DS, for good! They were call me Macho Woman!
Youssef Youssef
Youssef Youssef Månad sedan
How were they able to fit all this footage on a Sega game?! in the early 90's!!
Harry Barry
Harry Barry Månad sedan
The game needs the rifftrax treatment.
R B 2 månader sedan
Made in 6 months, altered by hasbro.
John Burke
John Burke 2 månader sedan
Jeff was played by Andras Jones who played Rick in Nightmare on Elm Street 4. Pretty neat!
Rachel Frumkin
Rachel Frumkin 2 månader sedan
I am watching the docuseries High Score right now and they Talk about how this game went from great idea to bad. Notes from Hasbro changed what was suppose to ninjas into Augurs. I feel kind of bad because it sounded like a super rad idea in the original conception.
iheartdragons126 !!!!
iheartdragons126 !!!! 2 månader sedan
Starting watching the new netflex high score and came across this game title. Man we really have fallen with how high of standards of uppity we have by thinking this title was horrible for the youth.
aleph mage
aleph mage 2 månader sedan
precursor to Wingcommander 3
aleph mage
aleph mage 2 månader sedan
@1:30 of course....a fat ugly chick
7Dano5 2 månader sedan
Love this got it on switch.. 90%off
Leon Scott Kennedy0
Leon Scott Kennedy0 2 månader sedan
i love night trap game
Ashkihyena 3 månader sedan
“I wanna state that Night Trap will never be on a Nintendo system” -Howard Lincoln *Night Trap on Nintendo Switch exist*
Toni Tarby
Toni Tarby 4 månader sedan
Jeremy is a man of taste & class calling this one! Night Trap on the Vita is one of the best reasons to own the handheld but not the only, Personally I'd rather use my Vita than my PS4 also Night Trap on Vita has tons of extra content and behind the scene videos from the 1990s and recent plus different HUD Styles to choose from. Hands down the game is the shit, wish we would have gotten more Digital Picture releases of remasters like Double Switch & Corpse Killer on the Vita and while yes they are on the PS4 it's just not the same, The PS Vita is one he'll of a handheld. PSN ID: warbreed1981
John Wick
John Wick 4 månader sedan
Nabbed it on Switch estore for 2.99 on sale 😎
Marc-André Durocher
Marc-André Durocher 4 månader sedan
Wow Night Trap . A funny classic ^^ :)
Michael Ramirez
Michael Ramirez 4 månader sedan
I'm thinking about buying this
Robert Henderson
Robert Henderson 5 månader sedan
Working on the platinum now, and I have no idea what I'm doing
PRChingon 5 månader sedan
I even always heard of this game and remember the controversy, I've always wanted to play it and just bought it on the Switch for a buck fitty. Let's see how this goes.
LiK 5 månader sedan
Wow, you’re a true hardcore fan.
Christopher Lowery
Christopher Lowery 5 månader sedan
This game is on sale for a dollar, on the Switch, until May 30th. It was worth every penny. Hell, it would’ve been worth $10-$15 easily, it’s a hilariously campy B-movie with interactivity. Great fun, especially with some friends & some alcohol (or, in pandemic fashion, perhaps a stream of the game!). Definitely check it out, especially if you’re old enough to have played a Sega Genesis (or even N64); it’ll be nostalgic for you.
JackiePuppet _
JackiePuppet _ 5 månader sedan
I was 8 when this game came out, and it scared the shit out of me. Now it reminds me of a Tommy Wiseau production.
TheBoiVenom 5 månader sedan
Night trap is only 1.50 on the switch eshop. Buy it now.
Adrian Price
Adrian Price 5 månader sedan
On sale in the Nintendo Switch store :)
Micah 5 månader sedan
It’s $1.49 on the eshop right now. Lol
d silverleaf
d silverleaf 5 månader sedan
Plz review comix. ☝ the grittyest dirtyest adultish anime, You can scour off the internet. 😨 something 2 make our collective toe hair's curl😢pplleease😊😄thx eh. P.s. Try Van Helsing Ultimate 1st. It will knock yer socks off
ethanarc 5 månader sedan
@JeremyJahns Hey dude, just wanted to say as a fan that we always appreciate you. Keep making these awesome vids
sincerestfall 5 månader sedan
I have never seen a live action video game.
aalkounis G
aalkounis G 5 månader sedan
Great video Jahns but you really need to play/review the "Phantasmagoria (1&2)" and "Gabriel Knight : the Beast Within" wihich are truly epic 90's horror games with full motion video
Corg 6 månader sedan
Night trap!
SpideyMatt 6 månader sedan
I just got this on the Switch. I got it for free using my points. I’m more excited to play now great video!
Andy Lindsey
Andy Lindsey 6 månader sedan
I too am a Night Trap fan, a "Night Trapper" if you will. haha I didn't have Sega CD back in the day, but I tried it on an emulator a few years back and I have it now on Nintendo Switch and I'm loving it. There's something oddly immersive and re-playable about it. A truly interactive movie. It's a shame there wasn't a Night Trap 2 or other FMV games that were as good as Night Trap.
Gear Evolution
Gear Evolution 6 månader sedan
Conker's bad fur day is the best bad game.
Matthew Chen
Matthew Chen 6 månader sedan
Christopher Lowery
Christopher Lowery 6 månader sedan
While I know that film reviews are your bread & butter, I always love hearing you talk about games. When someone like Angry Joe branches out into talking about films, it just doesn’t translate you selfie information or garner much intrigue (personally; I’m sure plenty of folks love them). That’s never the case on your channel, & it’s never clumsy or awkward. Appreciate your for it, Jeremy.
Eric & Erika
Eric & Erika 6 månader sedan
I mapped out all the dungeons for The legend of Zelda back in the day.
Eric & Erika
Eric & Erika 6 månader sedan
What, no 3DO version?
Jaymib 6 månader sedan
this game sounds like it wanted to be one of them cheesy bad yet good 80s comedy horrors. like chopper mall. I remember the first video game that was a choice filmed game was the x-files on playstation and that was some really good shit!!! even the story was interesting. I did multiple replays on it.
Patrick Lange
Patrick Lange 6 månader sedan
I never able to get past the dancing and singing scene. How many I have to trap to get pass that screen?
gokaury 6 månader sedan
Night Trap, proof positive that Congress is run by morons.
VenturousGamer 6 månader sedan
A modern remake would be awesome considering the vast potential...with players capable to also control the characters...and with an M-rating.
David Rojas
David Rojas 6 månader sedan
Can you make a review of The Man from Earth?
KH Lee
KH Lee 6 månader sedan
The kind of game I would get a physical copy for my PS4 but it's way too hard to find over my country.
Wylie Coyote
Wylie Coyote 6 månader sedan
With all the Zooms and e-meetings going on today, they should re-do Night Trap. But keep the cheese factor.
Uchida Oginome
Uchida Oginome 6 månader sedan
I listened to this while washing dishes so as Jeremy said "Ah-gers" over and over, I assumed it was a proprietary term from the game. When I actually watched it the second time, I realized he was saying Ogres, which I've always pronounced, and only ever heard pronounced, "Oh-Gers"! Is "Ah-gers" how everyone in...wherever Jeremy's from pronounces it? I have A coworker from Southern California that pronounces the word tour with two syllables: "two-wer". He even purses his lips on that first syllable so it comes out like a mid-Atlantic "O", like got hear in Baltimore. I had to ask him to repeat himself the first time I heard it. "Two-er"? "Ah-ger"? Dafuq?
0penthaugtz 6 månader sedan
Never got into night trap, I remember seeing videos around 10-ish years ago, of people shitting on it, claiming it was a terrible game. But now that I've heard Jeremy's take, I might go check it out.
Jesus Ramirez Romo
Jesus Ramirez Romo 5 månader sedan
25th aniversarry fixes the 2 biggest issiues, so its now actually fun to play
Josh Blount
Josh Blount 6 månader sedan
My friend Giovanni was in this game
Juan D MotorCycle
Juan D MotorCycle 6 månader sedan
I haven't play night trap, but may be I will play it after I finish my other games.
Joshua Blank
Joshua Blank 6 månader sedan
Speaking of "fly on the wall" style games, check out "Don't Feed The Monkeys". Fantastic game.
Georgi S
Georgi S 6 månader sedan
No I haven't , but because of you I will get it for my PSVITA today just to try it , may be I'll like it :)
Noah Locke
Noah Locke 6 månader sedan
What mug is that?
johnnyboy 6 månader sedan
Just bought it on Switch thanks to you 😊 (for free thanks to points and sale 😂)
johnnyboy 6 månader sedan
you are officially crazier (more passionate) than I thought you were ♥️
DAVID OSBORNE 6 månader sedan
Jeremy why don't you have the switch limited run games port? joking but I love this game and review.
Lu HeDi
Lu HeDi 6 månader sedan
For old games back in the day, I used to mapped everything out. You’re not the only one. Lol
Flow Neppets
Flow Neppets 6 månader sedan
Oh the nostalgia. -The Seventh Guest -The Seventh Guest: 11th Hour -Doom 1 -Heretic -Fantasmagoria -Myst. And so many more Thanks for the memories.
Matt C.
Matt C. 6 månader sedan
Speaking of cult games that you love, you should do a Legacy of Kain video, that would be cool.
deagleninja 6 månader sedan
My name is Deagle and.......and now I know I'm not alone *cries uncontrollably*
Flow Neppets
Flow Neppets 6 månader sedan
I played this game so much on my 486 DX2 PC. It was... awesometacular!!
Matthew - san
Matthew - san 6 månader sedan
"I did it for me" Jeremy is a Vita fan. I love your channel even more knowing this.
Grim Darhk
Grim Darhk 6 månader sedan
Fucking hell Karen you've been terrible since the 90s
MrMoneyclips 6 månader sedan
This game is very unforgiving
Vice Roy
Vice Roy 6 månader sedan
The guy wearing sunglasses at night is the best. The bro who could kekw
Faruk G
Faruk G 6 månader sedan
Lol never seen this before. Seems cool. I bought blasphemous because of a review, you pick cool games
WRAITH 6 månader sedan
Jeremy, at least get dressed, fix your hair and finish your coffee before talking about Night Trap. This is a disgrace.
Kev Young
Kev Young 6 månader sedan
Japanese mega cd is dubbed in japanese. Its for nostalgia fans only. Part of the charm is playing it with crappy fmv
daniel valderrama
daniel valderrama 6 månader sedan
Hey man, just shave already. You are starting to look like an 80s mom
AlexRN 6 månader sedan
Fun fact: during those congressional hearings Nintendo of America president Howard Lincoln famously shat on Sega every time he could and, to make his point further, even loudly proclaimed that Night Trap would never see the light of day on a Nintendo system. Fast forward 25 years later and we have it on Nintendo Switch. Oh the irony.
Rauley A
Rauley A 6 månader sedan
U can get the hard copy limited Run Edition on PS4 at eBay
TheInsidiousArtiste 6 månader sedan
11:34 jeremy...no, just no
Frank Mitchell
Frank Mitchell 6 månader sedan
I got this for Christmas in 92! What a time to be alive!!!
Paul Green
Paul Green 6 månader sedan
What are Augers? Do you mean Ogres?
CJ 6 månader sedan
I understand your love affair with a game. Me and Final Fantasy III were inseparable when I was a kid. Still would play it over and over again now...lol
Live Free
Live Free 6 månader sedan
Jeremy Fapped to this game for sure.
Pax Angelus
Pax Angelus 6 månader sedan
"I did it for ME." The motto of a true gamer right there.
G Wiz Kid
G Wiz Kid 6 månader sedan
"Feelings are real, but they're not always reality." Ok, I think I will save this Video in my *Videos with Unexpectedly Profound Philosophical Points*
Dawid Wisniewski
Dawid Wisniewski 6 månader sedan
Never played it but now I might have to
OuhPii 6 månader sedan
The Vita doesn't exist anymore in Sony's eyes (such an underrated system) ...and thanks for giving MLiG a shoutout!
William Braun
William Braun 6 månader sedan
Speaking of 90s video gaming, can you do a Super Metroid review? I would love to hear your thoughts and experiences playing the game for the first time
Felipe Carvalho
Felipe Carvalho 6 månader sedan
All things considered, its a miracle this game is even available to modern players, without the need to dig around in freeware websites.
Felipe Carvalho
Felipe Carvalho 6 månader sedan
Sewer shark was garbage, but I loved it. We didn't had much games to vary our days back then...
Felipe Carvalho
Felipe Carvalho 6 månader sedan
"Feelings are real, but they aren't always reality". (Jeremy Jahns, 2020)
steph g
steph g 6 månader sedan
It reminds me of Phantasmagoria & the 7th guest
madurbanbees 6 månader sedan
Thanks for linking to the documentary. It was great to watch!
AstroVision Media
AstroVision Media 6 månader sedan
Buying it now
Ale 6 månader sedan
get a fucking haircut, you shit fuck
Jay May
Jay May 6 månader sedan
double switch game starring corey haim
Jordan Reviews
Jordan Reviews 6 månader sedan
I agree a rating system was needed, but I hate when parents will say oh my child is playing such a violent game like GTA. You’re the one who got them that, you’re the one not watching your child
alt_Shell 6 månader sedan
I love how Jeremy talks about Social Media; shows him being a big boomer
Mark Tomlin
Mark Tomlin 6 månader sedan
sega cd is awesome i enjoyed playing night trap ground zero texas sewer shark
Powermaster 6 månader sedan
In the same congres hearing: "Night trap will never ever appear on a Nintendo system".... ;-) Personally i always liked Ground Zero Texas better!
The Like Button
The Like Button 6 månader sedan
Thom Mazak
Thom Mazak 6 månader sedan
It's 2.99 on the Switch . Sale ends on 4/17/20.
Carl Cannella
Carl Cannella 6 månader sedan
If you like Night Trap, you should ABSOLUTELY try to find a way to play Phantasmagoria. It was a OC adventure horror game using the same kind of video tech, with ridiculously unconvincing CGI environments
Ezio Morte
Ezio Morte 6 månader sedan
FFS Jeremy, i bought this gem day1 back in the day and you made me get it again on my switch 25 years later! You should be a salesman! Damn!
Orlando1130 6 månader sedan
Isn’t Dana Plato in it ?
Siosal01 6 månader sedan
It's good. It's bad. It's cheese. It's fun. It's not available in EU or Africa.
Wookie z
Wookie z 6 månader sedan
My uncle had a pencil written book on how to finish alex the kid 😂
Adam Klase
Adam Klase 6 månader sedan
Fuck showing that woman in the Congress video games nowadays.. I would show her the video of her saying "shame on you" with the shit she knows NOW! 😆
Utkarsh Sharma
Utkarsh Sharma 6 månader sedan
Dude review Predestination!!! I think it's worth the Awesometacular rating.
NightRogue 6 månader sedan
that is unhealthy my friend lol. that is TOO bad a game to own that many copies of
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