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A Disney Pixar animation about family, brother bonding, and questing of magical proportions! Here's my review for ONWARD!
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24 feb 2020



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sirena silverstorm
sirena silverstorm 13 dagar sedan
It dropped on disney+ today (Netherlands) and i immediately watched it, also totally loved it
Danilo Mendonça
Danilo Mendonça Månad sedan
i like somewhat this movie, it's interesting see the relationship of the two brothers, but the history is a little bored. it's cool see the relationship into the familiars and the father legs. But it's just. The pixar have better movies.
Maria Lourdes Diocera
Maria Lourdes Diocera 2 månader sedan
The movie's alright. It's not one of the best Pixar movies but certainly not the worst. It's kind of in the middle.
Vits Vicente Torres
Vits Vicente Torres 2 månader sedan
ONWARD features a fantastical character named The Manticore. Her design, her backstory, her current life and her change of motivation are all quite unique. She's paired up with an elf named Laurel Lightfoot and they have some wacky adventures together. I wish they had been the main focus of the movie. Instead, the protagonist is Laurel's son Ian. Don't get me wrong. He and his brother Barley experience a series of funny and thrilling situations and they each have a deep arc, but all of their scenes are a lot less original and memorable. Also, their designs aren't that interesting. They look like 2 humans who happen to have blue skin and pointy ears. Early on, they cast a spell that brings back their dead father's legs without the upper body. They put on... well... things on top in order to disguise him as a full body. I was relieved when they discovered that they had to go on a journey, because if the plot had only been about keeping this secret, it would've felt like an ANIMANIACS segment. Not a bad idea; just not something suited for a feature film. Tom Holland's performance is good. Chris Pratt displays charisma, but he struggles during the emotional moments. 6/10
Ryan Brown
Ryan Brown 2 månader sedan
Finally watched it on Disney+. Add it to the list of films, past and present, that’s better than frozen
James Pierse
James Pierse 2 månader sedan
By Pixar standards,barely qualifies as a dud.
kayisfish 3 månader sedan
I loved this movie
Courtney Williams
Courtney Williams 4 månader sedan
One of my favourite movies in recent memory, loved it!
matt11708 4 månader sedan
Not a bad movie but far from great toy story 3 and 4 are far better movies for me.
Kunisake 4 månader sedan
I thought it was pretty good. Not one of Pixar's best, but if you're a parent, you can watch it with your kids and not want to kill yourself. In fact, it's pretty enjoyable A couple laughs here and there, there's some decent chemistry between Tom Holland and Chris Pratt, the world is interesting enough despite being a bit cliche at this point, and the animation is obviously very nice. 7/10
Orbiting Sentient Satellite
I like this movie.
Michalis Demetiou
Michalis Demetiou 5 månader sedan
I saw the movie
Mysterion 5 månader sedan
Only trailer I saw for Onward was when I went to see Call of the Wild and I still only saw the trailer once. I enjoyed it for the premise and characters. I have doubts it will be an award winner though.
Lasagna Hawthorne
Lasagna Hawthorne 5 månader sedan
Sorry Jeremy, totally disagree. Shit film. Right up there with Cars and Monster's U. Unfunny, derivative and obvious bland storytelling. Meh.
Yellow Flash
Yellow Flash 5 månader sedan
*Saw it yesterday, & I gotta say, it's one of the best Pixar films I've seen in the past decade*
Shakaama 6 månader sedan
the ONE boy Disney movie and it has a terrible ending. do not watch this movie
Crystal Hickerson
Crystal Hickerson 6 månader sedan
This movie about siblings is FAR BETTER THAN FROZEN!!!!
bodmaniac 6 månader sedan
"...so I'd totally be down for a sequel if they wanted to do that." They'd better call it "UPWARD" Onwards and upwards!
Art Thou Doge -
Art Thou Doge - 6 månader sedan
So, they just leave their dad's wand staff in the ocean? And since he used magic make the piece grow, wouldn't it turn tiny again after a few minutes. And so in the end when he gets home he just places it to the side once he's inside the house, what if it turns small again and they accidentally clean the house and throw it into the trash.
JD 6 månader sedan
Am I the only one to get the Indiana Jones reference when he crosses the trust brigde
Alfie 6 månader sedan
3:13 “is this going to be nominated for best animated feature? Probably not” It probably will be since I don’t think the oscars have a lot to choose from right now.
Jessica Faith
Jessica Faith 6 månader sedan
I've watched this three times with my son now and EVERY SINGLE TIME I cry.
Graham Humphries
Graham Humphries 6 månader sedan
William Burns
William Burns 6 månader sedan
Idk when I watched the film and seeing how the younger brother almost idolizes his father who he knows almost NOTHING about. It felt cringey to me
Troy Holmes
Troy Holmes 6 månader sedan
Hell yes! Soul reaver blade!
Patrick 6 månader sedan
I haven’t really been a fan of Pixar’s later movies, but I found this one to be a nice breath of fresh air
ViciousBane 56
ViciousBane 56 6 månader sedan
Just saw it yesterday and at the end of the film it hit me hard and my eyes were watery. But at the same time it’s not the best Pixar film but it’s better then a some and I had a good time watching it. I’m glad I didn’t get to see many trailer for it because I don’t want to know a lot.
Arkham The Berserker
Arkham The Berserker 6 månader sedan
I have a brother! We have so much in common.
Dreadlark 6 månader sedan
Has the Soul Reaver, Actually quotes Raziel Mad respect
Johnnyxp64 6 månader sedan
toooo trending now to promote sibling relationships... what i enjoyed about it was that at the end... it didn't had a predictable happy ending for our main character! that was emotional. no spoilers. but...yeah that moment looking through the debris ... yeah that was the moment the movie got great.♥️
David Ewing
David Ewing 6 månader sedan
Kain..... Soul Reaver!
ilovemusic555 6 månader sedan
For once I'd like to see an animation that doesn't depict dragons as dogs. The pixar formula failed in this one and it feels as though dream works produced this movie. I expect more from Pixar in 2020.
MATT FLOYD 6 månader sedan
It was hidden away because it didn’t have a feminist angle.
Devin 6 månader sedan
Devin 6 månader sedan
Jason Eckert It had nothing to do with my comprehension. Obviously i watched the movies doofus. Throughout the entire movie they never hinted at the fact that “he was realizing his brother, was taking the spot of his dad”. They did that in the last 5 minutes when everything up until then was about HIM MEETING HIS DAD.
Jason Eckert
Jason Eckert 6 månader sedan
@Devin My dad died of cancer when I was 5 years old. I always wondered what I missed out on, but my brother was 10 years older than me and he took over as being my father with open arms. My brother died 5 years ago. You clearly never comprehended the build up to the ending and how his big brother checked off his wish list of the moments he missed with his father. It's okay...the cartoon is too advanced for you apparently.
Devin 6 månader sedan
Calvin S bull crap. The entire movie never even hinted at that until the last 5 minutes when the movie wanted to shoehorn in barley and not have any payoff for Barley.
Calvin S
Calvin S 6 månader sedan
His brother was like a father figure for him
Chim Ritchelds
Chim Ritchelds 6 månader sedan
Onward sucked lol did we see the same movie. That ending had no emotions at all.
Vigor The Character
Vigor The Character 6 månader sedan
Lightfoot: Long ago, there was a full of w-- Go home, Movie, you're drunk.
Infinite Donuts
Infinite Donuts 6 månader sedan
UrGoodBoiJames l was gladly surprised by this movie. I took something I knew nothing about nor cared about AKA D and D took me along for an enjoyable journey. It was so enjoyable (for me at least) because I never knew what could happen next. I guess a character who actually sums up very well my reaction to this movie was the mom - I didn't know what was always going on but that didn't matter because she just went with it and it work all the better for it. Very entertaining and comedic movie for me at least.
Darkswords14 6 månader sedan
They made the Karin fight and killed the dad twice.
BlueBerry Cracker
BlueBerry Cracker 6 månader sedan
An add for onward on a review for onward. HmHmHMhMhMhMHmHmHmHm. . .
Thomas Jackson
Thomas Jackson 6 månader sedan
Onward was incredibly meh....
taemr 6 månader sedan
i hated that shoe horned gay reference, like tf is going on with this bullshit being forced down everyone's throat. ugh.
Conman Reloaded
Conman Reloaded 6 månader sedan
It was literally just one line in the movie from a side character and all it was was her mentioning her girlfriend in passing shut the fuck up.
Lavenia Hewes
Lavenia Hewes 7 månader sedan
the ending made me cry and i wasn't expecting the emotions
O.B.1 Slam
O.B.1 Slam 7 månader sedan
The film got me right in the feels.
Kurtsiecolferite S
Kurtsiecolferite S 7 månader sedan
As somebody who has dealt with loss (though in my case, it was my mom but either way I still lost a parent) the aspect of going on a quest to try to bring them back, even just for a day definitely hit home. Both my dad and I cried during the ending scene because we would both give ANYTHING to spend even just five more seconds with her. She was our Person for both of us in different ways (his soulmate\wife, my mother\best friend). I would agree that this is definitely not on par with some of PIXAR's masterpieces like Up, Toy Story, The Incredibles, Finding Nemo or Wall-E, but it's still very enjoyable to watch and I would see it again. Thanks for the review! Love your channel!
Venus Kuellar
Venus Kuellar 7 månader sedan
It’s funny how Chris and Tom are Both given the name Peter in the MCU
B-dan 7 månader sedan
I clicked just because soul reaver was in the picture
RephrTokr 7 månader sedan
Jeremy, where did you buy the Soul Reaver? I’ve seen only one online and it is not as close a replica as the one you have
Aniket Sharma
Aniket Sharma 7 månader sedan
Yeah i thought of shadow of the colossus too!!!
MrCervantesent 7 månader sedan
Still waiting for Brad Bird to do Ratatouille 2
QueenOfDisaster 13
QueenOfDisaster 13 7 månader sedan
I've seen what I thought was a trailer but it actually turns out to be more of a teaser since they never showed any plot stuff. Which might be why I wasn't interested at all in this move. All I knew was "Hey, magical creatures that live in a society exactly like ours" and that was that. None of the actual idea of this movie was in the teaser they were showing. But I might actually watch this now that I know there is plot in there, and it sounds intriguing.
Leonardo Morais
Leonardo Morais 7 månader sedan
Soul reaveeer!! \,,//
Josh 7 månader sedan
Soul Reaver needs to be resurrected 😩
Puckaboo 7 månader sedan
I wanna see this!
Ham Cheese
Ham Cheese 7 månader sedan
Full metal alchemist ripoff
Voices From The Melting Pot
LEGACY OF KAIN!!! oh the good memories... Honestly, you could have just reviewed the sword. And the game.
Will P
Will P 7 månader sedan
I was lucky to have both my parents growing up, so going in I was expecting not to relate to the message at all. But then the checklist scene happened and I realized that it was really about brothers all along, and man did that hit me like a truck. I can relate to that on so many levels and I was emotionally wrecked by the end of it.
nathan madden
nathan madden 7 månader sedan
the ethereal version is awesome too (raziels weapon)
Ashbasher22 NERD
Ashbasher22 NERD 7 månader sedan
This film is my favourite film this year so far, I loved it with all my heart.
SquirrelKnight 7 månader sedan
As far as Brother..ly.. stories go, I'll go with that 30 sec whiskey commercial thank you very much.
Alpha Jay 3.0
Alpha Jay 3.0 7 månader sedan
Pixar got you emotionally invested with Toys, Fish, Robots, Rats, and actual inner emotions. Now let's see if a pair a legs can do that too.
Fairmonkey 7 månader sedan
I liked Monster's University but my brother and I walked out of Onward.
Cam L
Cam L 7 månader sedan
My favorite movie about two brothers probably has got to be Alien Invasion Tomato Monster Mexican Armada Brothers Who Are Just Regular Brothers Running In A Van From An Asteroid And All Sorts Of Things The Movie
Luke Naoumovitch
Luke Naoumovitch 7 månader sedan
Yo, great vid. I would love to hear a spoiler review from you if you’d be down. I personally LOVED this movie and it has a 96% fan score on rotten tomatoes so I like a lot of other people do to!
artfire28 7 månader sedan
Haven't seen this video yet, but I've heard it's a rip off from a one of best beloved anime series Full Metal Alchemist. Prove me wrong.
1NKDH2LK 7 månader sedan
Gonna watch it when it hits stores/streaming. I am not going to movies any more... last time i did was endgame... I prefer watching movies in the comfort of my own home now. Unless you HAVE TO see it on a big screen. Popcorn WITH FLAVORS and soda is unlimited and cheap. I can always hit pause to go to the bathroom... Or finish watching after i take that phonecall. No pesky germs and kids. No lines. No drama or yelling.... My 4k TV capable of 3D and 7.1 surround sound, which I tune for my personal UNDIVIDED pleasure - for the win. Oh yea and i can do it over and over again with no additional cost.
ageise 02
ageise 02 7 månader sedan
Burgundy Black
Burgundy Black 7 månader sedan
The FUCK?! I literally came here for the Reaver alone. Had to make sure it was what I saw. ♡ ♡ ♡. That series needs to get a modern update like Resident Evil.
Killer Flame226
Killer Flame226 7 månader sedan
Yes same it was great movie I cried
Beth Hobbs
Beth Hobbs 7 månader sedan
Thank u, me and my little brother went to see it and everyone who walked out of the theater was crying. We loved it because everything about the characters were us i am Barley i have a patched up vest i wear 24/7 i have a pretty terrible vehicle that i have decked out and claim is the best vehicle ever her name is Janis. My brother is more quiet and doesn't socialize to well but we get along pretty well and this movie made us definitely remember how great it is to have a sibling
Xenon 7 månader sedan
I don’t tend to relate much to characters but I see myself in both of them. Everything about this film fell into place just perfectly for me and I love it.
Juan Felipe Méndez
Juan Felipe Méndez 7 månader sedan
best movie
Noah W
Noah W 7 månader sedan
The ending was such a emotional ending
ace_v290 7 månader sedan
This “movie” is bombing HARD and I love it.
Stevey Hooves
Stevey Hooves 7 månader sedan
I came just see if he was going to mention the fact he was holding the Soul Reaver in the Thumbnail. I know he has a tattoo on his from the game.
Bryce Harrington
Bryce Harrington 7 månader sedan
A Soul Weaver sword....My favorite game of all time: Can't believe that franchise stopped:
Kyle 7 månader sedan
Its a great movie, and I agree with the sequel. I want to see more EPIC QUESTS!
Tero 7 månader sedan
Loved it
Dana S.
Dana S. 7 månader sedan
The ending was total bullshit. The whole time I wanted to see the dad and we never got to see him up close just photos. Such a rip-off
Madness Arcade
Madness Arcade 7 månader sedan
By the end it seemed like he did hear
Madness Arcade
Madness Arcade 7 månader sedan
No it’s being marketed like crazy
Madness Arcade
Madness Arcade 7 månader sedan
The movie had whimsy and originality and heart
Daniel Christensen
Daniel Christensen 7 månader sedan
Jeremy... you may have under sold this one bro. Possibly one of my favorite movies.
Tammy Davis
Tammy Davis 7 månader sedan
Loved it so much!
Himookim Gaming
Himookim Gaming 7 månader sedan
I'm here because Jeremy was wielding the Soul Reaver.
Bryan R
Bryan R 7 månader sedan
I never thought the day would come when I would be clickbaited by the soul reaver. I watch your content anyway, but this time I clicked for the sword.
Zippo Fanatic 77
Zippo Fanatic 77 7 månader sedan
I really trust Jeremy. Surprised he didn’t mention this movie is a big woke fest.
Luigi Marinus Gaming
Luigi Marinus Gaming 7 månader sedan
I really want to play the videogame for Onward if theres one
LynnGryphon 7 månader sedan
This was a surprisingly good movie but the advertising is garbage. I only went to see it because I lost power and it was the only movie readily available at the time...
LINK 7707
LINK 7707 7 månader sedan
Soul Reaver !!! Heck yeah brotha 👍
Murph 7 månader sedan
Orange County all time favorite for sure !!!
horsemoose1 7 månader sedan
The mood of this movie was so damn righteous, I loved Chris Pratt's character. Great job Pixar
Kevin Stacy
Kevin Stacy 7 månader sedan
This video was instantly liked due to the presence of the Soul Reaver
Jimmy White
Jimmy White 7 månader sedan
Just watched it with my son and, man, having lost my dad a couple years ago and having a younger brother, who would never play fantasy games with me, this movie made me tear up several times.
Michael Wilson
Michael Wilson 6 månader sedan
Jimmy White just watched it. Right there with you. Could not stop crying. My son yelled “he checked off everything” and I could not stop crying at that point.
Char Char
Char Char 7 månader sedan
Yeah, this movie is definitely for kids/adults who grew up with a single parent. Hit me in the feels. Great movie, loved it.
Chop Suey.
Chop Suey. 3 månader sedan
@jarhead21100 lol me too. It literally tore me from inside to out. I resonated with it so much.
Oirich Entertainment
Oirich Entertainment 4 månader sedan
It is really an amazing movie. I love it!
Caleb Tonkin
Caleb Tonkin 6 månader sedan
I didn't speak to my dad for almost a decade and then reconnected for him to only die a year later while I was in Army boot camp. Missed out on a lot of bonding time
Joseph Dutra
Joseph Dutra 6 månader sedan
@Serenity Joy Lost my dad to cirrhosis, it hits you hard.
Serenity Joy
Serenity Joy 6 månader sedan
I grew up with both parents but I lost my Dad 3 years ago in a car accident so I could relate.
T Dub
T Dub 7 månader sedan
I agree brother Jeremy! It was a good movie! I was going to say it at times had a Monsters U vibe and someone in the comments said the same guy did this so....boom!
ccSentaiKai90 7 månader sedan
I just realized that this movie is basically a ripoff of Fullmetal Alchemist. Wow...
Buddy 7 månader sedan
A whole minute of a 5 minute video has nothing to do with the review
MrMustBNice 7 månader sedan
Pixar’s version of _Bright_
gnoslleh 7 månader sedan
I loved it. I even teared more than once. I Think it would be rough for kids to see it though
Christopher Chadwick
Christopher Chadwick 7 månader sedan
Was disappointing for the first 95% of the film. The remaining 5% was fantastic and emotional.
Stone Kidman
Stone Kidman 7 månader sedan
anyone else notice how jacked up jeremy's bottom teeth are?
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