Project Power - Movie Review 

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I drink in this review to see if I can push it up to being "a good time if you're drunk". Do I succeed? Here's my review for PROJECT POWER!


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15 aug 2020



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FliptheTyphoon 17 timmar sedan
apple juice on the rocks
Oddun B
Oddun B 7 dagar sedan
Complete dogshit. This could have so much better.
Bjorn Blackman
Bjorn Blackman 8 dagar sedan
Hey jeremy have you ever heard about power on Starz?
reznog12 16 dagar sedan
basically the movie was bad. lol
Alex Hess
Alex Hess 28 dagar sedan
This was directed by the same guy that made Nerve? Clearly MGK has the director's family hostage. But in all seriousness, I think MGK actually does pretty well in the small roles he's had.
Hugo Tate
Hugo Tate 29 dagar sedan
You try a little to hard to be funny. Just saying
LiT TV 29 dagar sedan
Samuel Nieves
Samuel Nieves Månad sedan
John Marston is looking pretty interesting today
darius bautista
darius bautista Månad sedan
Review Freaks(2019) next ;)
Angel Vazquez
Angel Vazquez Månad sedan
You had me rolling with this review!
Muzik Amor
Muzik Amor Månad sedan
My dude is getting more and more relaxed as the reviews go on... he's hit Middle School Dad In A Failing Marriage territory 😂😂😂
Justin Gary
Justin Gary Månad sedan
Me: You used to review actual good movies and then you were gone. Now this evil Virus is taking over. The Jahns must come back Jeremy : What if he doesn't exist anymore? Me: He will.....he will
Dr Sky
Dr Sky Månad sedan
Love the attitude that you didn't give a damn,. So funny if the director ever saw your review for thus generic Hollywood plotted movie
Dr Sky
Dr Sky Månad sedan
ethanarc Månad sedan
Ok. Either Jeremy watched a different fucking movie from me or...Or Fuck It! I Don't Know 'What'! But this film is waaaaaaaaaaaaay better than the impression in this review which is really odd, cause even when I don't with his take, my view is never this disparate from his
The Ghost
The Ghost Månad sedan
Not entirely random powers...but whatever
Mgspp20182018 Mgspp
Mgspp20182018 Mgspp Månad sedan
My man looks like Michah from red dead redemption
Jake Volz
Jake Volz Månad sedan
Quarantine Jeremy cracks me tf up. The slow descent into madness has ramped up the entertainment value dramatically
Nikolaj Månad sedan
When jeremy is trying to convince you that it is really apple juice, you know it’s probably not.🤣
Midnight Jay
Midnight Jay Månad sedan
I enjoyed the movie. Black Lightning already did this concept, from the plot to the social commentary, but it was a fun movie.
This movie is a copy of the indie movie "The Subjects" everything from the glowing pill to it giving people powers or instant death
maybe different taste, but the movie was entertaining to me
MERICA #1 Månad sedan
I wonder if he knew Casey neistat is in this movie
Elle2 Virgo
Elle2 Virgo Månad sedan
Oh God! You’re in Washington. Bruh....I need movies!
Robert Snider
Robert Snider Månad sedan
So basically its The Boys with a very slight twist. The Boys going after the asshats they are making supes, the fools in this movie going after the asshats making and distributing superpowers but they are only temporary.
Thomas Pepe
Thomas Pepe Månad sedan
Jeremy's attitude is my vibe lately, damn you 2020
Anto Cruz Sahayam
Anto Cruz Sahayam Månad sedan
I think we just found our new wolverine 😂😂
poopmannelson1 Månad sedan
There were so many loose ends in this movie. Like the corrupt police captain? It’s was still a fun watch I guess.
Horrormaster13 Månad sedan
This movie was boring as Hell!
TJ Duprey
TJ Duprey Månad sedan
I watched it. Enjoyed it. And a week later saw it in the lineup and didn't remember i had already seen it until 10 minutes in. Yup. Fun. But forgettable
Nicolas Charly
Nicolas Charly Månad sedan
Gosh this movie was so bad... A great idea destroyed by a poor script, incoherences, poor cinematography and cheesy action.
Paul Burkett
Paul Burkett Månad sedan
This movie made me wanna watch transformers for cohesive storytelling.
anthony patterson
anthony patterson Månad sedan
you so damn stupid lol......luv ya Jeremy! Anyways, I've realized a lot of today's critics would have hated classics had they'd reviewed them when they came out. My premise is totally unprovable, but influence plays a huge part in perception. Sure, it's a Netflix movie, but i've paid more for in theater crap that was worse.
BigGucciSosaBaby DCUO
Jeremy review Shia's Tax Collector
Corban Collins
Corban Collins Månad sedan
Love that you’re a Glen Livet guy one of my favorites
Donna Gamble
Donna Gamble Månad sedan
Monkey Luffy
Monkey Luffy Månad sedan
I'm drinking "apple juice" too!
Shut up
Shut up Månad sedan
I am glad he explained wtf that steel ball was in the glass. I was confused af.
Helaman Månad sedan
Drunk jeremy is the best jeremy
Carbon Crucible
Carbon Crucible Månad sedan
He needs some creamer for $.69
Carbon Crucible
Carbon Crucible Månad sedan
“Apple Juice”
pyromonkey256 Månad sedan
This movie doesn’t make much sense, it said u take a pill and u get a super power based on an animal but how do people get the same power over and over and over again, the cop took a pill and it made him invincible so how does he take another pill and it give him the same power, wouldn’t it change based on what’s in each pill?
Ladykyra101 Månad sedan
"Minus the heroine" okey doke. 🙃
TheGreenScreen Månad sedan
What we’re seeing here with young Jeremy is the Heisenberg effect. A descent into villainy. In all honesty he really does look like Jeremy’s evil twin brother
Dey Månad sedan
Project Power fell into the same category of 'lot of bang but also kinda meh' for me as Code 8 (featuring the Amell cousins) Also they showed a fricking leopard for what's supposed to be a cheetah in the animal power analysis montage, that's just embarrassing.
Jorge Calderin
Jorge Calderin Månad sedan
This guy on fire . Lol MGK
Trinidad The Island Man
Just stick with CODE 8 everyone! 😁🤙
Lewis Garrison
Lewis Garrison Månad sedan
Now I need some whiskey
sanji Vinsmoke
sanji Vinsmoke Månad sedan
Is the protagonist Terry cruise ?
Jashua Richardson
Jashua Richardson Månad sedan
I like this version of Jeremy.
Fox Månad sedan
Hopefully your no where near that Portland shitshow
Dean Grierson
Dean Grierson Månad sedan
Shit film. Jumping on superhero bandwagon. But hardly no powers or super anything. Acting was basic so was the concept. Waste of time. Trust me
Stanley Cania
Stanley Cania Månad sedan
What's the name of the ice mold Jeremy is using? Want something like that for my apple juice :D
Akuzaiba Månad sedan
project power reminds me of the 2009 movie Push with captain america chris evans in it.. i like that movie, it aint that bad but i dont know how it got so many bad reviews.. it's not over the top good, but it aint that bad.. was hoping for a sequel actually
TheSenorAwesome Månad sedan
Doesn't need alcohol to watch but does need it to talk about, hmmmm interesting.
not your damn business
the movie was utter dogshit.
birdman1281 Månad sedan
Netflix movies are all trash
Angie E
Angie E Månad sedan
Scruffy Jeremy is hot.
Marc Gomes
Marc Gomes Månad sedan
I felt the same, it would have been a great series.
elijah johnson
elijah johnson Månad sedan
Power was real good 👍
Elias Lowe
Elias Lowe Månad sedan
Wait, he lives in Washington too!? Damn, never knew...
noah stump
noah stump Månad sedan
Netflix one again made a good show into a bad movie
David Peacock
David Peacock Månad sedan
The color of the "scotch" looks a little light to be glenlivet 15....it actually does look more like apple juice. Did you put apple juice in an empty bottle of scotch? If so, I say bravo. This video has me all fucked up now. I can't stop wondering if that was scotch or juice. I'll have to give this video several more views to investigate. And I'll have to watch all your videos to see if it makes another appearance. Hell, I might have to check the back catalogue. You win sir, good show.
David Peacock
David Peacock Månad sedan
Actually in the glass it looks more like scotch. Maybe it was glare off the bottle distorting the color? Idk. I haven't had apple juice in a long time, and I have only had the Glenlivet 12. Looks like Im off to the grocery store followed by the liquor store.
Timed Revolver
Timed Revolver Månad sedan
I've seen a few of these videos now, and I've never agreed with one yet. Was Project Power a masterpiece? No. But it wasn't an abomination either. It was an entertaining movie. And that's the point of a fucking movie, in case you hadn't heard. Not to whine about it with poorly written and acted skits.
imtheonlytye Månad sedan
i thought it should have been a series show instead of a movie
Flagonstein Månad sedan
We need more apple juice drinking Jeremy.
Dwayne Davis
Dwayne Davis Månad sedan
Meh... I've had this movie downloaded on my phone for about a week and I've got two hours to kill at work so i'll give it a watch i'll just keep my expectations low.
Ronald De Regt
Ronald De Regt Månad sedan
You can make Apple Juice Ice Cubes so it doesn't get diluted 😅
Votoropolis Månad sedan
This is literally Black Lightning without the Jacksons.........like honestly
The Fit Cosplayer
The Fit Cosplayer Månad sedan
This is LITERALLY the plot of Black Lightning.
SupaHerby2020TV Månad sedan
So I see, this is the Savage Jeremy Jahns arc ....... nice
James L
James L Månad sedan
I'm now just watching random movies and then checking your review against my own impression...you have yet to steer me wrong but I had to double check. I had low expectations for this but it was the best version of a shitty movie. I humbly trust your reviews.
H S Månad sedan
I wouldn't watch it again but for a Netflix movie, it was entertaining. Extraction w/ Chris Hemsworth was better!
MonkGoneGamer Månad sedan
Movie was straight trash 🗑
smis84 Månad sedan
so.... Jeremy "Thor" Jahns is changing in Critical Drinker now?
wad316 Månad sedan
"Naaah it'll be fine!"
MetalReign Månad sedan
Project Power is Trash.
Aleksi Suuronen
Aleksi Suuronen Månad sedan
One point they say that the abilities are animal abilities and I can understand that if it's something not suitable for human like at all they die ok, but what animal sets itself on fire or take a bullet up close like nothing. Also the dealer woman wasn't very good actor and they teased that she hasn't ever taken the pill one's but they doesn't use that in some all hope is lost sequence? What.
This movie was absolute shite.
RonBurgandy Månad sedan
This dude looks like a nerdy alcoholic who doesn’t know how to be an alcoholic and is bad at being an alcoholic.
Zach Shields
Zach Shields Månad sedan
It’s corona 😂 he was sober in his past videos
RonBurgandy Månad sedan
Spoiler alert! This movie blew.
g money
g money Månad sedan
why is there a metal ball in ur cup
Birdie Flips
Birdie Flips Månad sedan
This video was a lot funnier than I thought going into it
Batman The
Batman The Månad sedan
You gotta start giving a score after.
Kaleb Phillips
Kaleb Phillips Månad sedan
Man, this channel has gone straight down the shitter. It seems like nothing can make this guy happy now. This guy would bitch if his ice cream was cold.
Mrs. Diva
Mrs. Diva Månad sedan
This movie was lame af 😞😒💅🏽😂
Zylo82 Månad sedan
Apple juice huh?......right.
H Senior
H Senior Månad sedan
I almost forgot about The phantom plot thanks for that....
Chris Gill
Chris Gill Månad sedan
Movie sucks I will never watch again
jammin yammin
jammin yammin Månad sedan
Wow I don’t think I ever disagreed with Jeremy before. Well I drink to our first disagreement cuz I thought this movie was solid and fun
VOVOSTEREO Månad sedan
Soon this channel will be renamed as Jeremy "The Grey"Jahns
Pika YourChu
Pika YourChu Månad sedan
I actually like when the ice melts in my drink, today they make flavors so strong or soda so fizzy there’s a point when the ice mixes at perfect amount to make the drink more enjoyable.
MonkGoneGamer Månad sedan
Hell no
John Tram
John Tram Månad sedan
This movie has a twist on the super power concept. But, it throws too much ingredients in the cooking process. Chris Stuckman is a real movie fan and is too serious at times. Your are the drunk that collects the checks. Move on..
GypsyGuyy420 Månad sedan
"yeahh dude now it's a party"
i appreciate how you get drunker as the review goes on 😭
Bayo Olatunji
Bayo Olatunji Månad sedan
It needs to be a series
Gonzalo Cacheiro
Gonzalo Cacheiro Månad sedan
You know? The concept sounds like the plasmids of Bioshock
adamstreetboyzz Månad sedan
Righttttt apple juice lol
Sensei Månad sedan
Royale With Cheese
Royale With Cheese Månad sedan
Code 8 is a better movie
mocha bear
mocha bear Månad sedan
single malt, not to shabby.
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