Resident Evil 3 - Game Review 

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After the success of the Resident Evil 2 remake, Capcom has seemingly fast tracked a remake for Resident Evil 3. Does it hold up to 2? Here's my review of RESIDENT EVIL 3!


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6 apr 2020



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Derek Smidl
Derek Smidl 11 dagar sedan
I just finished both A scenarios for 2 remake. Is this game really worth getting? I mean I loved 4 at the time but I don't even remember the resident evil storyline 😆🤦🤦
FLEX Clips
FLEX Clips 13 dagar sedan
I bought it from Best Buy because they include a free metal case for $40
eldrianna adams
eldrianna adams Månad sedan
Kylie Stiburek
Kylie Stiburek Månad sedan
Daniel S
Daniel S 2 månader sedan
Thought this game was fun and well done... But, it wasn't difficult (on standard) - I never had to worry about ammo. The only difficult fights were the Nemesis boss battles, which were basically ways for the game to strip you of your ammo. (Then give it back to you in the next zone). As a result, it wasn't scary - I just ran around like an idiot. There were also way too many healing items. By the end of the game I had like, 3+ each of First Aid Sprays and Red/Green Herbs. Just no real challenge. That being said, the length for me isn't the problem. Some of my favorite games are short, concise experience that I can beat in a few hours, like Onimusha Warlords and Silent Hill 3. That way I know that I can sit down and beat it in a day or two if I want to. Then I can beat my old time, unlock achievements etc., and it's not a 60-hour commitment. So for me, the bigger problem with RE3 was what I mentioned up top - it's not scary/it's too easy. I will have to play it on harder difficulties to see how that makes up for it. Oh and no, it shouldn' t have been 60 bucks. I just bought it for 40 on sale. They created REsistence as a quick, cheap way to up the price tag 20 dollars, while giving people something they didn't want. They should have either released it for 39.99 alone, or thrown in the original RE3 as a bonus (not sure if that's doable, but would have been cool).
TheSpoofMan 2 månader sedan
Seriously they botched up the one boss who should have been more of a threat than mr X.
Matt Trustain
Matt Trustain 2 månader sedan
I enjoyed this game more because I didn't have mr constantly chasing me
Vasile POP
Vasile POP 3 månader sedan
I can’t wait Resi Evil 8 to come out
Mister Peachy
Mister Peachy 3 månader sedan
To be peach with you here it’s not the worst Resi game that i’ve played in my mortal existence so far and I hundred percent the game beaches 👍
Mars Samuel Zacarias
Mars Samuel Zacarias 3 månader sedan
lol spidey ps4's dlcs combined is much longer than RE3 remake 😂
Joshua Wagner
Joshua Wagner 3 månader sedan
You are spot on bud , looked great but felt unbelievably cheated by the shortness of the overall game and resistance is total garbage.
RXN54 4 månader sedan
0:00 that's what she said
HiddenBlake96 3 månader sedan
I feel attacked
Roger Gregory
Roger Gregory 4 månader sedan
The graphics are amazing, as is the lighting, it just looks gorgeous. But story-wise, I prefer the original.
Christian Rowbotham
Christian Rowbotham 4 månader sedan
When people say that they beat the game in 4 hours its complete bullshit. I finished this game in 4 days (according to steam my play time was 10 hours) and its length it's pretty decent in fact I could say that it lasted almost the same as RE2 remake (for a single character's story) people complain so much unbelievable. I think the reason why people felt that Re2 remake was longer its because you can play the game twice switching different perspectives, but if you look on SElosk the length of Leon's story mode on re2 remake was about 6 hours, which means you guys are all hypocrites. Perhaps they should had made two story modes using Jill and Carlos perspectives or expanding it by putting the missing parts from the original game. People are being so harsh on this game, it might had been disappointing but that didnt ruined the experience for me
Christian Rowbotham
Christian Rowbotham 3 månader sedan
@Joshua Wagner the record was 4 hours. There were speed runs in an hour but speedruns doesnt count
Joshua Wagner
Joshua Wagner 3 månader sedan
@Christian Rowbotham all you have to do is look on SElosk for re3 remake long runs, that's all the evidence you need my guy. There are many many people who have gotten the S rank by playing the game normally.
Christian Rowbotham
Christian Rowbotham 3 månader sedan
@Joshua Wagner you wouldn't take long if you already played re2 remake and puzzles only takes 5 minutes to solve at least or less depending on which one, the hardest one for me was connecting the train routes. You need to show me evidence of what you are saying is true (speedruns doesn't count) in still don't believe that you can beat the game in 5 or 4 hours I think is just bragging in my opinion, otherwise show me evidence. 7 hours is acceptable
Joshua Wagner
Joshua Wagner 3 månader sedan
@Christian Rowbotham you do know that the record time for beating re3 remake is well under 1 hour right I think it's 50 min. And to answer your question without being rude or insulting a slow player can be someone who has a longer time understanding the mechanics and or takes longer to figure out puzzles and what not.
Christian Rowbotham
Christian Rowbotham 3 månader sedan
@Joshua Wagner 2 hours? ahaha yeah right. Is being a "slow player" a thing? How can you be slow on a video game?
Reiss Oliver
Reiss Oliver 4 månader sedan
That’s the thing with this one, it’s the price. I went out to the shop thinking “Okay Ima either get Resident Evil 3 because I loved the remake of 2, or Jedi Fallen Order. I don’t know which one I want more so I’ll decide at random when I get there. Jedi Fallen Order was on sale for £35 (about $44) and Resident Evil 3 was full priced. If they priced it accordingly at £30 (about $40) I’d have probably gone for Resident Evil 3.
mik gawaran
mik gawaran 4 månader sedan
mr. x > nemesis (from the remakes)
BoomstickAsh 4 månader sedan
I do love Carlos’s “Neo punch” 👊🏻😄
Nuke Terrorist Israel!!!
Nuke Terrorist Israel!!! 5 månader sedan
This game has more stolen fallout content than actual resident evil 3 content heated plasma knife energy pistol bobbleheads and a super mutant nemesis does Bethesda know crapcom straight stole content???
Edward Hernandez
Edward Hernandez 5 månader sedan
Rented it off game fly for a 1$. Glad I rented it. Will definitely pick it up when it hits 20$ later this year.
Dark GamerE15
Dark GamerE15 5 månader sedan
Re 3 original feels really open,I replayed this game again and I had moments that I forgot what to do witch honestly really good since it gives a "oh,thank God... I can progress now..." On the other hand Re 3 -Re-make (Demake) Feels like Capcom thinks the audience is a child and says "Here's a linear map also, here's a the only puzzle in the game,we are too nice for you so here's the answer next to the puzzle."
Hogwire 5 månader sedan
Also one thing this game had which was WAY better than RE 2 was the voice acting/writing. Aside from Hunk all the characters in RE 2 sucked and were terribly acted. Jill however, while not someone out of shakespeare, at least acts and sounds like a fucking person in a zombie apocalypse. Leon and Claire seemed WAY to chill for going through that kind of nightmare.
Amor Noro
Amor Noro 5 månader sedan
Hogwire Hogwire Mikhail and Nikolai’s voice acting were big meh with their trashy lines and dialogues. Also just saw jill and carlos’s interaction. Look at Carlos he was so flirty with jill almost all the time. Also jill was more believable? Nah her and nemesis’s car scene was like not believable for me. I couldn’t hear tension in her voice tone throughout the whole game. She should be more scared instead of worried worried when car was falling down. It’s sounded like voice acting for unrealistic and unbelievable wannabe badass female characters. Exactly it’s the same thing with Claire and Leon in the car situation. Voice acting wasn’t that better than RE2R. Jill’s reaction and sound were so cringe when nemesis transforming into his final form. hearing Ada’s, Anette’s, Leon’s voices again, they are actually better for me.
Hogwire 5 månader sedan
@Amor Noro I don't even know how to respond. Nikoli was meh but jill is head and shoulders more believable over Claire and Leon. Jill at least sounds worried and covered where's those two sounded like they were on an awkward first date.
Amor Noro
Amor Noro 5 månader sedan
Hogwire Almost most of the time. I didn’t find them better than re2. When Jill had to shoot nikolai. They were so acting was kinda cringe and forced to me. Also Jill and Mikhail’s scenes were so awkward and one horrible voice acting beside Mikhail’s cringeworthy adulate kissing jill’s ass lines. I have russian friend but he doesn’t sound like that. Most of the time jill’s voice acting almost forced to trying to be badass too much. It didn’t sound like extremely well executed at all or believable.
Hogwire 5 månader sedan
@Amor Noro What scenes are you talking about? I found them to be waaaay better than Leon and Claire. Like that scene when Leon and Claire meet up outside on either side of the chain link fence. That was.some HORRIBLE acting
Amor Noro
Amor Noro 5 månader sedan
Acted way better? I don’t think so for me Ada’s performance was better than jill’s. when Jill and Carlos speaking. It doesn't look like there is a zombie apocalypse.
Hogwire 5 månader sedan
I think that one of the reasons this game feels so much shorter than RE 2 is that in this one you spent so much less time exploring/puzzle solving. In the last game, the RPD station was essentially one giant puzzle, wherein you had to solve several smaller puzzles to advance to the next one. And it kinda had a Dark Souls, labyrinthine vib to it. You got to know the station so well, and knew which routes where quicker and which were dangerous (I still have nightmares about the west corridor). And while I would say that this could count as padding, it is enjoyable padding. Slowly discovering and maping out the station was a slow burn joy. RE 3 by contrast does not have as much map-puzzles. It is much more direct: Go here, and go here. So I really liked this game, but I do wish they had of applied the whole RPD station scheme to the whole city. But I think that if you were to run through RE 2 already knowing where to go and exactly what to do you could probably get through it pretty quickly. Probably well within 7 hours actually. So I think RE 3 while shorter, it is more streamlined. Whether that is a good or a bad thing is up to you however.
Tripp426 5 månader sedan
I played it and finished it once. Haven't touched it since.
Axel Shadow
Axel Shadow 5 månader sedan
I actually enjoyed this remake more than re2 remake, re2 remake had more bonus content though , if this remake had more dlc and the mercanaries mode than I would say this is worth full price
moe gene
moe gene 5 månader sedan
did not worth 60 bucks.
Ren G
Ren G 5 månader sedan
"wow, that was fast" that's what she said
Fraser Smith
Fraser Smith 5 månader sedan
I got my copy for £30 or $37 if you don’t know what pounds are
Ethan Patterson
Ethan Patterson 5 månader sedan
I love the game but it I don't understand the 60 price tag aswell.
fledwest 5 månader sedan
The resident evil movies absolutely suck ass!!! Hate them! Games are great!
Louis Mateo
Louis Mateo 5 månader sedan
Hey Jeremy! Can you please Review The Evil Within and it’s Sequel The Evil Within 2 for the Ps4?! 🙂👍
Amri Mazlan
Amri Mazlan 5 månader sedan
7 hours? That's kinda long. You know that's kinda long even when u are scavenging weapon. Yes, Mr X is able to follow you ard because he knows where you are. Nemesis also knows where you are but he is observing you to know when it is the perfect time to strike
김Ayame 5 månader sedan
The game is actually great and I loved it freakin' a lot, but it fails as a remake
DesertMortician 5 månader sedan
I finished the game in just under 4 hours....just bumbling my way through as I do with all games first time cus I want to see the story progress... Compared to 1 play through of RE2 remake as Claire it took my 9 hours, and I was raring to dive back in and run for my life from Mr. X as Leon....I have no desire to play 3 again. There is nothing to do now that I have beaten the game.
Larnciel darknciel
Larnciel darknciel 5 månader sedan
Fuck that! Call it for what it is, RE 3 remake's Jill is the bitchass Jill from the Paul W ass Underson movies. The only thing missing to make her a total bitch was the cigarette. She looks like a guy. Lets be honest here, Who is more beautiful to you assholes Jill from RE remake or this pretty boy from RE 3 remake. don't forget about the real personality of Jill the original Sweet, caring, silly, fearful, and strong. This bitchass FUCK THAT FUCK THIS WHAT? When ? How can Jill go from Sweet to fucking Bitter ? RE 3 remake's Jill is a terminator nothing can kill this fucker. I don't know how many times I have seen the nemesis grab her ass by the neck and just toss the bitch around like the terminators from the stupid movie T salvation. She takes a rocket right at her feet and she survives that because RE 5. Oh You are a hypocrite T_T in the orginal she takes a rocket to the face and survives...... That's gameplay you fuckers! she never takes a rocket to the face in a cutscene. Just play it again. She can't die in RE 3 remake and that's not gameplay, that's part of the story telling. she survives ridiculous situations in every Cutscene. As I predicted she is the Terminator 1000, The motherfucking Alice of the franchise. RE 3 remake the Nemesis is a total bitch. He is not intimidating at all. Can you guess why? Because Jill is now "Alice" as I predicted. The bitch is able to survive a rocket explosion right at her feet. Why would I care about her? She is indestructible. I am more worry about the nemesis. I fear for his life. This is literally Nemesis vs The terminator. One thing that make RE 3 the original fun was the fact that all the enemies were in different places or you will find different enemies in every playthrough. And you will see new things depending on your choices every time you encounter the nemesis. This makes gameply fun because each time you play is a new experience. This Re 3 Remake is a fucking linear game where you can expect the enemies to be in the same locations and the nemesis to be in the same location and there aren't any new areas to explore or new experiences. RE 3 Remake introduces Nemesis the alien queen XD. Please do not steal RE! This game should have brought the RE 3 game close to reality. The realism would have added tension, but instead they went for explosions and stupid action... Was Michael bay directing this shit? Realism Larknciel? In a game about zombies? It is call science fiction you fuckers... The fiction is the virus and the monsters it creates, everything else must follow the laws of physics otherwise the game is lacking tension and horror. speaking of world physics, Why the fuck the RE games do not have world physics in 2020? and I still have to pretend that if I shoot a window it won't break because ......... Yes PlayStation 4 and we still getting world physics from the year 2000. Maybe the game was rushed a little bit. I should be able to use the environment as a weapon. I should be able to have animations to pick up ammo and health.. WTF.... Nice graphics though 2020 were you expecting less? Don't judge the game just because it looks pretty. they Added nothing to the game instead they took away the game choices. I should be able to chose whether I want to fight the nemesis or run away like a bitch, Oh we don't have time for that because... BOOOM after BOOMMM stupid action BOOMMM. Fucking no tension man! They didn't add world physics and the world building is fucked up. Stuff is placed everywhere randomly and vehicles too. Marvin doesn't get bitten by Brad. He was already dead when Jill enters the police station. Marvin's zombie version was already defeated by Leon by the time Jill gets into the police station. They don't even care about continuity. How in the shits was brad the guy who bites Marvin? Marvin was already dead when Brad was killed by the nemesis. Just check the files, by the time JIll makes it to the police station Leon has already killed zombie Marvin. This game is fucking trash. These are the guys who made RE 5 and 6. Why are you being so dumb people? Just stop saying this remake is good, so we can get a real RE game. Stupid action and BOOM after BOOM and ridiculous cutscenes... or you like to see Jill Rocket jumping like The character Soldier from TF2...... Fucking Terminator female version. This is what I would have done with the nemesis, I wouldn't have let Jill fight the nemesis right from the start. I would have let Jill see the monster first. let the player see the monster's legs and hear the sound of his footsteps. Play the Nemesis theme as the player is walking around that area to scare the shit out of you because you don't know where and when he is coming and you only have a pistol with 2 clips to deal with him. I wouldn't have the nemesis breaking walls Why? because you did it with Mr X already you fuckers! it is cheesy now. The nemesis Is like the predator and the terminator always looking and will do anything to fulfill his mission he comes from above and he is in every corner. I would have a scene where the nemesis actually saves Jill from being eaten by Zombies to show how far the creature will go to fulfill his mission. I will have the nemesis punching zombies I would have a scene where the nemesis jumps down right in front of the player on a wooden bridge just like the original.. You have two choices Fight the thing or You can shoot at the wood break it and the nemesis falls down to the lake. I will let the player play a little bit of hide and seek with the nemesis, but deep in the game I would have the lats hide and seek section to be a surprise, just when you think you sneak pass him he will scare jump you and force a fight. In every fight, I will slow the game down like in the original to let the player study his surroundings to see if he an use the environment to kill it. I will not have the screen show you your choices RUN or FIght by slow time for a few seconds you will be able to make those decisions on your own. I would make the soundtrack from my game beat the soundtrack from RE 2. There has to be a reason for the nemesis to toss Jill around. it is ok in game-play if he does it, but in a cut-scene there has to be a reason for it example.. She shoots the nemesis in the face forcing him to toss her because of pain. The nemesis toss her away because he feels pain as a tentacle is growing out of his shoulder. there has to be a reason in a cut-scene. They should have added a scene where the nemesis is fighting some disposable mercenaries to build up your monster without having the player involved. This games fails as a Remake, but I can see how some people can have fun with it when you get games like Predator hunting grounds, last of us 2, etc. Fuck it! RE is dead.
alexiel axel
alexiel axel 6 månader sedan
They shorted it out so you have to buy the DLC
Way Cool
Way Cool 6 månader sedan
Your a Zombie fan...what's ur review on Netflix KINGDOM?
Lebrun Jemz
Lebrun Jemz 6 månader sedan
0:00 that's what she said!
kins 6 månader sedan
Intro line is ... Gold
Ryan Sandilands
Ryan Sandilands 6 månader sedan
So tru sometimes u just want waste your shotgun ammo and massacre Zombies!
Cilvar Frey
Cilvar Frey 6 månader sedan
What a stripped-down, over-scripted, control-ripping, qte-infested, sjw-ridden pile of s**t. This worthless pile of trash, is the culmination of everything wrong with the modern games industry. Blatantly cheap, cash-grab garbage.
NGG 6 månader sedan
Totally you right I did also review about it
Tonic Mole
Tonic Mole 6 månader sedan
I agree. I really loved the game, but it's totally a $30-$40 game.
Edgar's Modern Life
Edgar's Modern Life 6 månader sedan
Nailed it buddy
J K 6 månader sedan
CARLOS PUNCH!!!! (Instead of Falcon punch)😎👍
Nick Arnold
Nick Arnold 6 månader sedan
Hosently it's not a very bad game at all but god fucking damn it it's so very sad that nearly everything from the original wasn't added into the remake and it's supposed to be called resident evil 3 nemiess not just resident evil 3 and nemiess was supposed to be ever more relentless and terrifying and even more nearly unbeatable but instead it just scripted encounters which is just so disappointing and even the boss fights are terrible although I enjoyed the rooftop fight but it still could of been way better and more challenging and the dodging just kinda sucks because sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't which is a fucking joke and at the end of the day I would say the remake is just worth 20 bucks because just man it just should of been like the original but even more better hopefully capcom can start development again for this remake and finally give us what we should of gotten on april 3rd because the remake for 3 just can't end like this it just can't.
starman69 6 månader sedan
Waiting for a sale. I platinumed re2. I fucking love that game, but there’s just to much to play right now and this doesn’t feel like it will scratch that re itch
YoungTJay 6 månader sedan
Honestly this game was rushed out and should of been delayed. Not a bad game, but I did not expect it to run so short
justin koecher
justin koecher 6 månader sedan
Saved myself 60 bucks and watched it on youtube
ArcticKaiju 6 månader sedan
Would I have liked the Bell Tower and Park to stay in and see the Brainsuckers and Grave Digger in the glorious RE Engine? Absolutely, that would have been amazing. However, it's still pretty cool that they managed to stretch the game out to a (up to) 10 hour experience even after cutting out those things. Complaining that a game that challenges you to beat it as fast as possible short is dumb as Hell. That's like complaining that you beat a Sonic game too fast.
Blank 6 månader sedan
Can I expect plot ghost, destiny alteration and god killing?
Your Mom's Creepy Uncle
Your Mom's Creepy Uncle 6 månader sedan
It's deeply inferior to RE3 original, to a much greater degree than RE2 remake was inferior to RE2 original. The cut content was so egregious here, it makes me wonder how much will be cut from the upcoming RE4 remake.
Lonewolf Vicious
Lonewolf Vicious 6 månader sedan
Sometimes I wonder if Jeremy is wearing pajama bottoms and the tops are illusions..
The Liger Kings
The Liger Kings 6 månader sedan
My only problem with Nemesis is the whole feral Nemesis thing. They should’ve just kept the tentacle Nemesis from the original. I could forgive it if feral Nemesis tracked you down through the game in more than just cutscenes and boss fights.
Zachary Sunday
Zachary Sunday 6 månader sedan
Every resident evil game is 2-7 hours long. What the hell is everyone complaining about?
Zachary Sunday
Zachary Sunday 6 månader sedan
@ZombiestFever They also added content.
ZombiestFever 6 månader sedan
the cut content
Christian Friesicke
Christian Friesicke 6 månader sedan
2 short and i played it nonstop for 3 days to get a few of the more expensive upgrades with a total of about 25hrs total playtime but dont think i can replay it again for at leaste another year and by then my interests will most likely take me elsewhere. Also played through ff7r the very next week and put 105 hrs in and was very pleased with the length of the experience ;) DEFINATLY looking forward to the continuing story.
EyEzLaZy 6 månader sedan
This game sucks balls
Blaze The Movie Fan
Blaze The Movie Fan 6 månader sedan
Rexxel 6 månader sedan
re 3 remake is like you fapping having good times but the happiness only last for awhile and then you realize.... "what i have done?"
blackcat138 6 månader sedan
I like the graphics and all but gameplay is so watered-down compared to the original RE3 from 1999
Luis T07
Luis T07 6 månader sedan
Hey Jeremy...you know that Doom Eternal game you love so much...someone just did a speedrun of it in just 27 minutes...just saying...
David Rojas
David Rojas 6 månader sedan
Can you make a review of The Man from Earth?
King Juicyyxoxo
King Juicyyxoxo 6 månader sedan
Welp looks like i am going to replay the original version smh..
Chris Hutchinson
Chris Hutchinson 6 månader sedan
Apart from the shit resi games. 2 shit 2 mention.
Chris Hutchinson
Chris Hutchinson 6 månader sedan
This is the only res game that i MAY replay.
Daris Bajrektarevic
Daris Bajrektarevic 6 månader sedan
Its too short for me idk why!?
Rayon Chan
Rayon Chan 6 månader sedan
i feel like capcom sold me 20 for the RE3, 40 for the Resistance, but I DON'T WANT THE RESISTANCE.
Frans bauer
Frans bauer 6 månader sedan
Fast yes do I miss a lot of stuf and story yes , but still I realy liked it and I almost completed nightmare mode
Alvin Masli
Alvin Masli 6 månader sedan
The graphic is amazing. Sound is also amazing. And how I feel so comfortable is the gameplay. Like RE2Remake + Link's dodge move in Zelda.
WechselSpieler 6 månader sedan
you forgot some points. the challenges and the two extra levels of difficulty give the game variety. most people play the game on assisted or standard, even difficult and nightmare are manageable
Simba 6 månader sedan
Which mean if they remake re4 then that game will be 2 hrs and 30 mins .......fuck these developers
Gaming Professor
Gaming Professor 6 månader sedan
How soon people forget this was originally suppose to be dlc but since capcom decided to put Jill in the game they didn’t want to disrespect her by making it a dlc or expansion
cmac71 6 månader sedan
They missed a trick by leaving out certain central areas from the original. It is a great game though, but like the PS version, it is not a patch on RE2. I hope they redo Code Veronica next, and leave RE4 alone !!
SOS Sama
SOS Sama 6 månader sedan
Jeremy should review Uncharted The Lost Legacy
Master Boy
Master Boy 6 månader sedan
RE3 Remake suck
TXP91 6 månader sedan
love both RE2 and RE3. I would describe RE2 like The last of us: slower paced with more survival horror and exploration while RE3 is more like uncharted: fast paced thrill ride. I admit it is short and there is cut content but it is a hell of a lot of fun.
Abhimanyu Jamwal
Abhimanyu Jamwal 6 månader sedan
Try red dead redemption 2!!!!!!!
Inglourious Batman
Inglourious Batman 6 månader sedan
No haircuts lol
Moh'd Nazer
Moh'd Nazer 6 månader sedan
So.. RE2 DLC on 3-4-2020.. when RE3 Full game will come out? Dame CAPCOM I hate you so much now RE3 is shit now
Tom Liang
Tom Liang 6 månader sedan
It is CRAPCOM all over again....a fucking money scam...
GriZmon 6 månader sedan
The original's (RE 1,2,3) fix screens will always be my favorite, don't care 'bout the graphics honestly. Since RE4 every Resident evil is just like CS to me.
Ebiru2387 6 månader sedan
Why did they abandon Mercenaries? We got a glimpse of it in RE2 remake dlc at the gas station but how badass would that mode x10 be?! Omg! I would buy the game just for that!
Ebiru2387 6 månader sedan
Naughty dog was smart to merge Lost Legacy amd U4 MP onto the same servers! Tho most ppl who get lost legacy will also play 4, it improves the perceived value AND you can have a friend take your U4 game and play online with you while you are on lost legacy!
Ebiru2387 6 månader sedan
The game is so much more action oriented. I don't know why they thought to make it feel more like 6! Had the game been slower they could have increased the value by having it been longer! Plus why cut out the best sections from the original!?
Elamigo 6 månader sedan
Look the efford they put in the game, using the same models for Zombies with little details changed. Jesus, even in Resident Evil2 the zombies start to look repetitive in the late game
ohgodthisitches 6 månader sedan
Given what they did with Mr. X in RE2 remake the fact that Nemesis was so under-utilized was terrible. He was basically boss fights. They even took the word "Nemesis" out of the title for the remake. It is just Resident Evil 3 instead of Resident Evil 3: Nemesis
Raging Asura
Raging Asura 6 månader sedan
3:45 the original isn't any longer lol
J M S 6 månader sedan
RE2 and RE3 are the exact same length, RE2 seems longer because of the two different paths when In reality it’s the same thing with just different side characters like Ada and Sherry
Arkham The Berserker
Arkham The Berserker 6 månader sedan
I bought this game and played it all weekend. As much as I wish I waited for a sale, I tend to annoyance buy, I don't regret getting it.
HEAP ASS 6 månader sedan
It was kinda short, but i loved every minute of it
mike dobson
mike dobson 6 månader sedan
There wasn't a god damn puzzle insight the whole game. how the fuck did Carlos get into the police station when its well known you need 5 gems and bald eagle so you can face the sun dial properly and access the hidden door behind the fountain. I also didn't get the lighter at the bar to burn the rope stopping me from opening a gate even though i could have cut it with my knife.
Cat Garcia
Cat Garcia 6 månader sedan
"Wow. That was fast!" *Nobody wants to say when spending $60 for a video game*
MASTERT KILLA 6 månader sedan
The ONLY reason we cant get good RE movies is because Paul W.S. Anderson if he could be banned from making movies that would be great.
M.Erchenbrecher 6 månader sedan
And the online Restistance game is kinda trash.
0penthaugtz 6 månader sedan
first of all I chose to watch Jeremy's review instead of going to IGN or any other channel, that I believed says something. also I feel like this current console generation, PS4 has literally just being my resident Evil machine and I loved every minute of it.
Nawaf Abolola
Nawaf Abolola 6 månader sedan
As much as I loved the game.... I can’t help but agree with this guy
Crazy_Jackal 521
Crazy_Jackal 521 6 månader sedan
I made my own review about this game, and from what I said, nemesis was made fine. Resident Evil 3 was made to be fast pace, in terms of the action. The game also lets you breath to take a look at the beautiful choas. Can you picture the game, switching to different gameplay mechanics. Oh you want to sneak, lets slow it down and drag the game so you could get by the beast, and if that would have kept happening I would have been pissed. When I played the original , and forgot something, going back felt like a punishment, just because he was always at the same spot. In terms of the length of the game, pass Resident Evil has been short. Parts were taking out like the worm boss, but tell yourself would have thst been a smart idea to have that boss? That ability it would of had, it should of had the trains distory. The game should of had a little more content, that I would give you, they rely to much on the online which isn't good. I didn't think I was going to write a lot.
Ahmad Ahmed
Ahmad Ahmed 6 månader sedan
It's a shit game, the only thing they have changed is graphics, they haven't improved the running. Come on, the character runs 1 second faster than the zombie, she can't out run even a freakying turtle.
mbakerlp 6 månader sedan
they could’ve done more with this game. i felt like the game was a slight downgrade from the re2 remake. i wish i would’ve waited to buy the game at a lower price. fun game but not worth the $60 ish dollars.
David Marshall
David Marshall 6 månader sedan
I'm gonna get it on sale and treat as an RE2 expansion (RE2: Jill's Escape).
Blaine Alexander
Blaine Alexander 6 månader sedan
Yeah I had a great time with it and love the game. But I agree, it was just too short.
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