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We have ourselves a new Scooby Doo movie, this time in animated form. Here's my review for SCOOB!


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15 maj 2020



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Claymore C4
Claymore C4 7 dagar sedan
Mystery Incorporated is still the best Scooby Doo installment
Nightfall 25 dagar sedan
Favorite cartoon was Thunder the Barbarian!
jamesmallone Månad sedan
Jeremy: It's 20 bucks to watch on Amazon, it's way too expensive. Disney: Get Dicked.
PizzaTime. Månad sedan
Scoob! Was as disappointing as me.
Nick Alonso
Nick Alonso Månad sedan
Of course you weren’t a “scooby doo” kinda kid. NOBODY WAS NOBODY IS OR EVER WAS A SCOOBY DOO KID we are all in the same boat, we found it amusing and didn’t mind if it was on but never sought after it much
Gavan White
Gavan White 2 månader sedan
Out of 5 stars, I give it a 2
Dillon 2 månader sedan
e3vL1 2 månader sedan
Just watched it. Cop out ending
Sam Schott
Sam Schott 2 månader sedan
Dick Dastardly is a dastardly dick.
The Movie Guy
The Movie Guy 2 månader sedan
Apparently Jeremy used a lot D’s while talking about dick dastardly
Ian Hollis
Ian Hollis 2 månader sedan
Scoob! is the first movie, I believe, in the Hannah-Barbera cinematic universe. Favourite cartoon as a kid: Yes. (Although, ball-to-the-wall, I'm gonna pick Transformers ... and Robotech).
Tyler Watkins
Tyler Watkins 3 månader sedan
The thing about this movie is it had good ideas and I actually kinda liked the designs and most of the voices and this movie made me want a Blue Falcon, Space Ghost, and Harvey Birdman crossover and also if we get this shit can we get a fucking Hex Girls movie
Kermit The Frog
Kermit The Frog 3 månader sedan
Even Jeremy Jahns did a better shaggy than the voice actor that was casted
Christopher Garrett
Christopher Garrett 3 månader sedan
Okay movie shaggy voice sucked
Adam Grimsley
Adam Grimsley 3 månader sedan
Chris Stuckman is better
Bruce Blackwell
Bruce Blackwell 3 månader sedan
Just watched this...liked the animation and the 3d animation opening like the original cartoon. Would like to see a reboot series done like that. Overall movie was okay did a lot to setup an universe..went over board with the Easter eggs....a better movie is there somewhere..Jeremy no way you did that alliteration with D in one take
Felicity Smoak and Will Graham fan
Scoob! Was so shitty. I was so disappointed 😩
Fabricio Cieza
Fabricio Cieza 3 månader sedan
I think this movie received a lot of hate. Don't get me wrong, it's not perfect but it's entertaining. CONS: Fred and his lack of leadership, the lack of mystery to solve in the movie and the team lacked to set a trap. PROS: this was so fresh. I wasn't expecting something classic like the old cartoons (we have so many bad movies about it). I love scooby-doo movies from 2002 and 2004, and those accomplish to solve a mystery. Now we have this new proposal and I think is good. I CAN NOT WAIT to see a Hannah Barbera Cinematic/Animated Universe.
David Liston. II
David Liston. II 3 månader sedan
Frank Seller should really stike to voicing Megatron.
unretrofied619 3 månader sedan
Absolutely agree. They just thought superheros and shared universes are cool so let's do that. Ripping off minions and putting a dumb Simon Cowell cameo! Just a ridiculous supernatural plot!
Guillermo Biasini
Guillermo Biasini 4 månader sedan
To be honest, I liked all the Hannah Barbera non-Scooby apperances.
Dragon FlameX doom
Dragon FlameX doom 4 månader sedan
okay they could've done batman for what they had i actually liked this movie and the fact that the movie is receiving so much back lash upsets me. They put the gang in unfamiliar environment it's like people want the live action scooby-doo movies again instead of them doing something new and fresh with the gang
Redd N Slymm Productions
Redd N Slymm Productions 4 månader sedan
Great review, super sad that this movie sucks. Scooby-Doo is one of my most favorite franchises. Guess I'm sticking with the original animates series.
Sana H
Sana H 4 månader sedan
The Shaggy voice😂😂😂, Loved it!
Pallabi Walker Dutta
Pallabi Walker Dutta 4 månader sedan
Ha ha so funny 😄
Lil_batman9000 4 månader sedan
Scoob sucks
India Shanté
India Shanté 4 månader sedan
I slept through it 🤦🏽‍♀️
Sheikh U
Sheikh U 4 månader sedan
As soon as I heard main stream music saw Mexican velma nd Simon cowell I knew what catastrophe I went into, plus blue falcon was retconned to be a clueless shyte ☹️
Ony Ren
Ony Ren 4 månader sedan
New velma felt really off. Had to watch zombie island to cleanse myself.
Austezzle 4 månader sedan
This movie made me CRY!!!! My 4 year old and 2 year old loved it. But it was pretty decent.
Andrés Felipe Palma Vargas
What I genuinely don't get, is how this franchise is still alive... They've released games, live action movies, multiple iterations of the tv show and now this movie, and all seems so mediocre and dated, that I cannot believe these characters are still a thing. I guess companies gotta milk it dry until it becomes something pale and soulless in the end...
Brandon C
Brandon C 4 månader sedan
You are a way better Shaggy than the one in Scoob! 2020.
WillyM79 4 månader sedan
So Jeremy, which did you like less, this or the 2002 live action movie? I know it’s a dumb question
ThirstyTruth 4 månader sedan
I for one think the "extra special thing" is what was awesome about Scooby Doo. There were always celebrity guests in the cartoons. And secondly If you don't think it's cool to see OG Hanna-Barbera characters come back to life in 2020 then somewhere along the line you lost the magic in your life.
Hvyarms44 4 månader sedan
Terrible Velma casting, I felt like she was takin out the movie completely. If you aren't looking at the screen, u can't tell when it's even her talking
Mr. E
Mr. E 4 månader sedan
Man this movie was so bad... Really wish I got my 2 hours back. They should've called this Blue Falcon guest starring Scoob... Such a boring movie that reeks of corporate mandates- must include super heroes, deadpool 4th wall breaks, dabbing, kids love those right? This movie tries so hard to set up a Hanna Barbera Cinematic Universe it makes the same mistake DC and Dark Universe did, it failed to make a good first movie...
Kevin Christopher
Kevin Christopher 4 månader sedan
in canada they put scoob on my parents cable bill without asking them they had to call in and get it taken off their bill
LokiTetch 4 månader sedan
wait, they brought back Frank Welker and didnt let him voice Fred?
scooby scooter is my life
scooby scooter is my life 4 månader sedan
guys i’m so scared to watch this movie
Kawshik Ahmed
Kawshik Ahmed 5 månader sedan
This movie supposed to start the Hanna Barbara shared universe, so that's why so many classic Hanna Barbara characters appear here like: Blue Falcon, Dynomutt, Dog Wonder , Dee Dee Skyes, Dick Dastardly , Captain Caveman and more.
Antnj81 5 månader sedan
Two things I didn't like about this movie, judging only from the trailer, is I hate how Shaggy's voice sounds. It doesn't sound like Shaggy enough. And I hate how they try to make Velma sound sexy, instead of like nerdy, which has been her archetype since the sixties. Also, it seemed like they were trying to go for the Freddie Prinze jr. Fred, which nobody ever wants. They should have just given us the ubiquitous Scooby voices that we all know and love instead of trying to make it sound more like Hollywood acting
ThinkExtreme 5 månader sedan
I give it a 6 and my favorite cartoon was Ben 10, Tom an Jerry, and Scooby Doo
Tanner W
Tanner W 5 månader sedan
This was so fucking bad. Horrible movie
Djbk #1
Djbk #1 5 månader sedan
Best movie this year
• 69 years ago
• 69 years ago 5 månader sedan
Who made this movie should be fucked in the mouth and there hands cut off, so they canr write again. They ruined this shitty movie.. wtf was this shit.. waste of time of amovie. Fuck who wrote it
The Popcornpassport
The Popcornpassport 5 månader sedan
i dig the review!!! i agree with you on a lot of your points. cant wait for the next one!!
Ruslan Batukayev
Ruslan Batukayev 5 månader sedan
Favorite cartoon, Spider-Man of course !
Tobe Smith
Tobe Smith 5 månader sedan
My 8 year old loved it. Maybe the movie about a talking dog wasn't made for men in their 30s
King of Things
King of Things 5 månader sedan
2016: I'm the worst year! 2020: hold my plague...
Sonic TheMethHead
Sonic TheMethHead 5 månader sedan
Velma speak Spanish now wtf, where's the OG voice cast
Whitney Asante
Whitney Asante 5 månader sedan
Your Shaggy impression is the stuff of legend.
Obi-Wan Kenobi
Obi-Wan Kenobi 5 månader sedan
They made a Scooby Doo movie with a mystery. Unthinkable.
sakuyabloodwing 5 månader sedan
You almost hit the nail on the head with your MCU comment. They are attempting to set up a hannah barbara universe. Blue Falcon, Dyno Mutt, Captain Caveman, Dick Dasteredly, and there were a few flintstones easter eggs hidden in. This film sucked because instead of building out Scooby Doo as its own good show and dropping a few hints they tried to do one big universe movie when no one was wanting it.
Chris Wincek
Chris Wincek 5 månader sedan
Actually really like and I'm planning on trying to buy on Blu-ray. Plus I did not have to to watch scoob I watched it for free on kisscartoon on PlayStation 4.
Rognik 5 månader sedan
That feeling when a random movie reviewer can do a better Shaggy impression than the professional hired to record the lines...
The Mandalorian
The Mandalorian 5 månader sedan
I really wish this was a mystery movie and not a superhero movie...
bigb748ify 5 månader sedan
Ninjas turtles fuck yeah !
SonicGuru96 5 månader sedan
Damn, that Shaggy impression was good
Hunter Smith
Hunter Smith 5 månader sedan
The next Scooby-Doo reboot in 10 years- Sco.
Bruce Wayne
Bruce Wayne 5 månader sedan
If they make a sequal Shaggy and scoob will probably end up in the batcave (That was a real thing Batman and Robin teamed up with Scooby to take down Joker and Penguin)
Jose Rovirosa
Jose Rovirosa 5 månader sedan
I loves the movie. Maybe you didnt grew up with Hanna Barbera. And the Da Dextedry twist was amazing !!!
LTheHitmanC3 5 månader sedan
I always remember Doctor Strange being in Scooby-Doo??
Dylan Allen
Dylan Allen 5 månader sedan
My favorite cartoon when I was growing up was “SpongeBob SquarePants” (1999-).
Josh 5 månader sedan
Me and Matthew Lillard went to high school together and tried to get the buddies together to watch... he refused and after watching we see why
0penthaugtz 5 månader sedan
Scooby Doo mystery incorporated, is the best Scooby Doo, I've seen in the past 10 years.
Hunter Ivey
Hunter Ivey 5 månader sedan
Good review Jeremy Jahns.
MasterofBeast 5 månader sedan
I'm here for that guitar intro
Zachary Lee
Zachary Lee 5 månader sedan
Why couldn't you be a Voice Actor Man, I honestly love your Voice as Shaggy 😁
lionmegkh2 5 månader sedan
I"m just going to say it, this movie was bad, the only good thing about this was Dynomutt the Dog Wonder and not Blue Falcon aka BRAIN.
Cyril 5 månader sedan
Was there trans representation? A lesbian interracial kiss? Did we learn the sexual preferences of every character in the film and were they anything other than cis!? These are the things I NEED to know in order to enjoy my cinema, damnit!!
Dngerboom! 5 månader sedan
Hmm out of all the Hannah Barbara originals.. I was a Swat Kat kid.
WhiteRaven696 5 månader sedan
I can't be the only one who wants to bury my hands in his hair. Right?
GhostRider12 5 månader sedan
I think they should have done what the marvel movies did by just making a regular Scooby Doo movie with some changes obviously to keep it fresh, but keep it as just another guy in a mask, FOR NOW. Then if that movie did well they can try with another movie like a Blue Falcon film. And then if that one does well they can start thinking about expanding the universe and in each film they slowly ease the audience into the idea that all these movies are in one film universe.
January3rd 5 månader sedan
Captain Falcon? does this mean Scooby-Doo is canon to the Smash Bros universe?
Alexis 5 månader sedan
long haired Jeremy>>>>>>>>>>>
Chris Howerton
Chris Howerton 5 månader sedan
So wanted to see this in theaters!
Jordan Molinari-Suggs
Jordan Molinari-Suggs 5 månader sedan
It was pretty funny. Glad I watched it but it’s a kids movie so it’s kind of hard for an adult to review a movie not made for adults.
Martin Bohling
Martin Bohling 5 månader sedan
Go subscribe to The movie man if you want to see my reviews on popular movies. I am 12 btw
Miss Mangas
Miss Mangas 5 månader sedan
Shaggy sound so bored during the movie, i find it weird :S Where are the energy and fear in his voice? Nowhere! They could take the actor from Scooby doo 2 to do his voice; i forgot his name but i liked Shaggy in this version he's hilarious X) I wished we saw more moments of the young Shaggy and Scooby. Scenes of them eating gigantic piles of Pancakes together, playing at a parc, watching a scary movie and eating pop-corn. That would be cute! The way it was done was rushed, things weren't developped enough. We saw like a few minutes of them as kids then BOOM they are adults. I was a bit dissapointed by that! Fred didn't make plans and traps, he was useless! The little robot did more things than him, seriously! I find it unfair that he was a side-character, same for Velma and Daphne. Yes the movie is mostly about Scooby and Shaggy but their friends are important too! There's no Mystery Inc without theses 3, give them attention damn it! This part frustrated me a bit! Why Captain Caveman was here? All he did was a quick fight against Scooby and that's it! He could fight Cerberus with the others, that would be funny! Nope, he's just a cameo; yay! That's not very gentle for the fans of this character U-U The Poop joke was really unecessary, not funny too! It was disgusting and imature! I hated this part! Oh and there was way too much '' jokes '' about Internet, Tinder and Netflix. They don't go well with the characters personality and weren't funny. If we saw Scooby and Shaggy placing objects in front of a door to block a monster than he's in the same room with them or Velma loosing her glasses and saying '' Jinkies, were are my glasses? '' that would be hilarious! I don't think this movie was bad, it was ok. I won't rewatch-it! I prefer Scooby-doo and the Aliens :)
Miss Mangas
Miss Mangas 5 månader sedan
@bilias hour What do you mean? Scoob or the Aliens? Can you be more precise please? i don't understand your opinion.
S t e v e n
S t e v e n 5 månader sedan
I don’t think the movie was bad or good but they could’ve made it way better than it turned out.
Louis J Wiese
Louis J Wiese 5 månader sedan
The question is... Why do they keep trying to make a movie about characters/story no one is obviously interested in currently?
Lindsey Horist
Lindsey Horist 5 månader sedan
Thank you for bringing humor into my life.
Mr. Jackson
Mr. Jackson 5 månader sedan
Had me rolling with Dick Dastardly wordplay.
Veronica Sawyer
Veronica Sawyer 5 månader sedan
Is nobody noticing how Dick Dastardly is from Wacky Races..?
Yogan K
Yogan K 5 månader sedan
Which crossover is your favourite? Johnny bravo meets scooby gang or Supernatural meets scooby gang?
HalfMan HalfAmazing
HalfMan HalfAmazing 5 månader sedan
Hold up; is Jeremy the original voice actor for Shaggy even though the cartoon debuted before he was even born?!
mikea hiooi
mikea hiooi 5 månader sedan
Does anyone ever feel like he shows up drunk to his reviews and tries his best to pretend he’s sober.
Sqysh 5 månader sedan
Honestly I don’t mind the other changes but my god how could they not have Matthew Lillard as shaggy
mikea hiooi
mikea hiooi 5 månader sedan
Do Scoobynatural - S13, Episode 16 of Supernatural. It's damn near perfect for a Scooby/Supernatural Crossover.
mikea hiooi
mikea hiooi 5 månader sedan
Dastardly is from wacky racers, the cave man character had his own show.
William Skipworth
William Skipworth 5 månader sedan
Review Big Time Adolescence
Darrell Moore
Darrell Moore 5 månader sedan
Idk if this gonna hold weight but maybe you should review natural born killers
Zaiah 5 månader sedan
Omg wow he looks like nomad cap with his grown-out hair
mikea hiooi
mikea hiooi 5 månader sedan
Are there any new movies left that are actually good or worth watching?
Robinson Sandino
Robinson Sandino 5 månader sedan
If this guy did his homework, he would've talked about Hanna-Barbera and their production success... But hey, who am I to judge. I wonder why you'd have Dick Dastardly in this film.. I mean, he almost made an attempt at it when he mentioned the origin of Blue Falcon and Dynomutt. Think about it, this movie could open the doors to a mystery with Yogi Bear!!
Aeradom 5 månader sedan
Favorite Cartoon? Damn, that's a hard one but I guess I'll be going with Avatar. Honestly, I could probably think of another maybe if I gave it more thought, but first to came to mind so that's what I'm going with.
Dianna Paris
Dianna Paris 5 månader sedan
I don't know why, but I love the 2002 Scooby Doo movie 😂
Mr. Brodie
Mr. Brodie 5 månader sedan
It reminded me of GOTG Vol.2. It involved splitting the team up, one character who was considered nothing becomes something (Quill and Scooby) They pick their friendship over power. 2 characters bond where they don't see eye to eye frkm the start ( Yondu/Rocket and Blue Falcon/Scoob) The first act is rushed. The teams reunite only for the final battle and a sacrifice is made, (Yondu and Shaggy) 2 characters fight over a power struggle. The lore is all over the place.
dill unboxing
dill unboxing 5 månader sedan
Trevor Scott
Trevor Scott 5 månader sedan
I wanted this to be so good because the soundtrack popped the fuck off. Guess I’ll just wait until it isn’t $20 to watch because it still looks like fun
wolfshield x
wolfshield x 5 månader sedan
They should of put scrappy doo in it
BLACKARACHNID 5 månader sedan
My favorite cartoon was Spider-Man from 1994. It was awesome!
Justin 5 månader sedan
Yea no. Scoob doesn't sound like Nick Nolte.
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