Scream 2 - Movie Review 

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It looks like Mondays will be "SCREAM DAY in my Halloween Movie Review Extravaganza! So let's kick off week 2 by talking about SCREAM 2!
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12 okt 2020



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Dustin Spencer
Dustin Spencer 26 minuter sedan
Alcohol is needed for all films are better viewing experience
SouthPaw82 2 timmar sedan
1st Scream Always❤ All others 🤮 Killers and the twist endings in the sequels are not interesting and just boring.
Sean Stewart
Sean Stewart 5 timmar sedan
Can’t believe how young Tim Olyphant is! If ya haven’t watched Justified, go watch it!!
Sean Stewart
Sean Stewart 5 timmar sedan
The contacts should be worn for every review in October!
Robert Chambers
Robert Chambers 11 timmar sedan
Saw Scream in the theatre. Loved it. Then scream2 came ,hated it. Still do. It doesn't have soul.
Shon Hunt
Shon Hunt 16 timmar sedan
Jada was my favorite in this she had the goriest death but who killed her the sister from Roseanne or that sexy Mickey dude who plays in another movie romance I think I’ve seen him in or Bring It On 2 but. Sidney was Marine Evans Bestfriend in this movie too jada is everything I might try an entanglement 😂🖤
Carson M
Carson M Dag sedan
Anyone else think Jeremy is starting to look like Keanu reeves??
Dah TeddyBear
Dah TeddyBear Dag sedan
Wish contact lenses were the norm so cool
Wayne Francis Canty
So where not gonna mention Cici's amazing death scene. ?
Damo Davies
Damo Davies 2 dagar sedan
Everyone knows that Scream 2 is the best one; even Jeremy if you really stop and think about it before making rash videos.
Pops 2 dagar sedan
Lol ur eyes!!!!😂😂😂
Pops 2 dagar sedan
Scream 2 is the best sequel besides Smaug
ZombieLaxitive Joe
ZombieLaxitive Joe 2 dagar sedan
I’ve legit fallen in love with you and I must admit, I have impure thoughts
Jerrald West
Jerrald West 2 dagar sedan
Those contacts make Jeremy look like a scrawny version of Jason Momoa Aquaman.
Philip Corso
Philip Corso 2 dagar sedan
Love the long Keanu hair but you need to trim that beard up.
henry broke
henry broke 2 dagar sedan
David Warner deserves more recognition. Great actor.
Elijah Brown
Elijah Brown 2 dagar sedan
yeah, those contacts are really painfull, had some back in the day
Alec Azadi-Hocking
Alec Azadi-Hocking 2 dagar sedan
I can’t stop looking at his eyes lol
Xo_amber 133
Xo_amber 133 2 dagar sedan
Timothy Olyphant's first leading role in a feature film Lewis Arquette (Chief Hartley) was the real-life father of David Arquette (Dewey Riley) and father-in-law of Courteney Cox (Gale Weathers). Courtney Cox was married to David Arquette from 1999 to 2013. Lewis Arquette died in 2001. Sarah Michelle Gellar did a few of her stunts on Buffy the Vampire Slayer (1997), but when director Wes Craven told her she was going to be thrown off a three-story balcony, she was hesitant at first, but ended up doing it.
Mauricio_Ibieta 3 dagar sedan
Well Mrs Loomis' son was the original Ghostface, of course she was going to want to continue her son's work. She also seems to enjoy it quite a lot when she's speaking to Randy. Not to mention she was in the costume multiple times in the story (you can hear her voice coming out of the killer in some scenes).
NerdyGuyRanting 3 dagar sedan
I personally don't like horror movies, but I like Scream. It was a good movie, horror or not. But one of the things that make it so great is the twist of having two killers. You don't see that coming on the first viewing, and as a result you can't figure out who the killer is. Everybody has an alibi for at least some of the murders. But in Scream 2, you can't use that trick again. Everybody watching the movie just starts with the assumption that there are two killers this time.
Siberian_Psycho 4 dagar sedan
With those contact lenses he looks like Jason Mamoa when He gets kind Atlans trident. His eyes glow. lol
Ashif Hakik
Ashif Hakik 4 dagar sedan
"power up!" "rise from your grave..." "welcome to your doom"...ok I'm done, that sound effect just triggers this.
Code Black
Code Black 4 dagar sedan
4:45 I own a ghost-face costume and surprisingly that mask is extremely easy to see out of it was actually harder to see out of my Michael Myers mask so yeah I always assumed ghost face was clumsy compared to other killers because ghost face is usually just a normal person in their late teens and early 20’s most of the time also i mean Stu is Stu so thats why he is so clumsy
Jason Douglas
Jason Douglas 5 dagar sedan
That hair guy
Jonathan Hunter
Jonathan Hunter 5 dagar sedan
Love that Jeremy became a teen heart throb with those lenses
Jordan Ziolkowski
Jordan Ziolkowski 5 dagar sedan
I liked it the best of all the Scream movies. The original is great but I liked 2 more, it just felt packed full of great moments in a way that the original wasn't. First one felt limited in scope. Third was too over the top.
Joshua Murphy
Joshua Murphy 5 dagar sedan
Scream 2 is still one of my favorite movies of all time.
Jon_ oVo
Jon_ oVo 6 dagar sedan
I like all the classic characters in every scream movie it’s just awesome seeing them
MW Gaming
MW Gaming 6 dagar sedan
Jeremy has turned into John Wick lol
Anthony Finelly-Palazzolo
Love the J. Jonah Jameson reference in the beginning.
Ivan Garcia Ramos
Ivan Garcia Ramos 6 dagar sedan
Can you and Chris Stuckmann do a video together? Thanks.
J Eds
J Eds 6 dagar sedan
review the first scary movie
Nik Tol
Nik Tol 6 dagar sedan
Randy died and my heart broke😔
carealoo744 6 dagar sedan
Is Scream a thing again now? Honest Trailers just did it I've never seen them actually
JWUniverse 6 dagar sedan
If this Movie taught me one thing is never use Outdated Security Cameras there just might be a 30 Second Delay which could be your Ass! Great Review Dude!
Jae KIDd N his 508 Cents
Damn why you snitching on Tim he did y'all a favor smh gonna get him kicked out the movies for ever
Jae KIDd N his 508 Cents
What's the point of the contacts in your eye for the scream movie you definitely do look like a werewolf but it doesn't seem relevant to scream at all
Mau Jo
Mau Jo 7 dagar sedan
Holy, crap, I hadn't seen Jeremy since the pandemic started. Looks like he wants to be casted for _Cast Away 2_ ^_^
The Joe Cobra Youtube Channel
Holy cow. That altered beast intro was amazing Jermey.
Spacepunk 7 dagar sedan
You have to review the 90's TMNT movies if you haven't already.
Travis Secrist
Travis Secrist 8 dagar sedan
On of the best lines of the movie is when Randy is talking to Gale about her being upset about leaked nudes online and she replies “It was my head but Jennifer Anniston’s body.”
mblogan 8 dagar sedan
If only Randy had been the killer in this one. Would have been awesome for him to have been the 3rd killer in the original that got away.
gor9027 8 dagar sedan
Not as good as the first one but still well made.
J Movies & Media
J Movies & Media 8 dagar sedan
Jeremy knows Mickey & Debbie "Mrs. Loomis" Sault weren't the original killers right? RIGHT?
TKR 8 dagar sedan
I saw neve campbell at lfcc in 2014, for like 4 seconds... She looked just like she did in scream 2, also saw sigourney weaver lol
Just Beyond The Corner Productions
Yo... Young Timothy Olyphant looks A LOT like a young Jack Nicholson....
Yellow Flash
Yellow Flash 8 dagar sedan
*Just watched Scream 2 for the 1st time last night. Not as good as the first, but meh* 🤷🏾‍♂️
JaDereon Starr
JaDereon Starr 8 dagar sedan
Halloween is my fav holiday and horror is my fav genre.. Great fuckin review!!! Long time subscriber I wanted to say I actually prefer your unrehearsed reviewing style, just doing it off the top instead of writing your review out, it gives the review more realness and the no nonsense "this is what the movie is" review imo, keep it up bro... 👏🏾👌🏾👏🏾✊🏾
kenneth minear
kenneth minear 9 dagar sedan
this scream was my favorite enjoyed it ever since i saw it in theatres back in 97 for this sequel everybody put their 110% in to making it and it was a blast!
Bryan Rivero
Bryan Rivero 9 dagar sedan
What’s up with ur eyes?
Keith Giordano
Keith Giordano 9 dagar sedan
"Timothy Olliefont" .....
Keith Giordano
Keith Giordano 9 dagar sedan
Dude, I couldnt watch this one because of the contacts. Had to just listen to it. Which gave me an idea, do a podcast dude.
Oscar Maradiaga
Oscar Maradiaga 9 dagar sedan
Dude you have to review Childs Play 1988
Nathan Cahall
Nathan Cahall 9 dagar sedan
Thanks for the new perspective on the reasoning of the costume. I never thought about that dynamic between the two killers.
wasim akram
wasim akram 9 dagar sedan
Nice Altered Beast intro
Dylan High5
Dylan High5 9 dagar sedan
5:05 had me dying. Why I’ve been subbed so long.
Zía 9 dagar sedan
I just wished they would have made a sequel where Neve became crazy (with split personality for the end reveal) because of all the trauma and become the killer.
Jose Olvera
Jose Olvera 9 dagar sedan
You look like Zach Galifianakis from masterminds with those contacts
Metallifreak 42
Metallifreak 42 10 dagar sedan
Did anyone else catch the fact they used the "Broken Arrow" soundtrack in this movie?
NekoGrace 79
NekoGrace 79 10 dagar sedan
I was disappointed because I called Micky as the killer and tried to figure out who was the second killer the ENTIRE time. And Secret of the Ooze is amazing.
Braxton Wages
Braxton Wages 10 dagar sedan
What about the fact that the original Scream 2 killers Mrs. Loomis was working with was Derek and Hallie and they had to change it because it leaked out online? Do you think that would’ve worked or do you prefer that they picked Mickey?
Braxton Wages
Braxton Wages 10 dagar sedan
Everyone was mad that Randy died.
thrashpuppy2010 10 dagar sedan
The cafeteria scene almost ruins this movie for me. Cringe worthy.
Geek37 11 dagar sedan
Jerry O’Connell had real weird ass eyes in this film. It’s a good sequel compared to other sequels though.
tropicAces 11 dagar sedan
I love how Titanic and Tomorrow Never Dies literally moved from their dates cuz they were scared Scream 2 would be a box office threat
ANTI-SATAN PRO-LIFE 11 dagar sedan
I didn't even watch it after watching the first one. Such a stupid franchise
Those GMV Guys
Those GMV Guys 10 dagar sedan
So you got no taste in good horror movies, good to know.
Michael Watts
Michael Watts 12 dagar sedan
Scream 2 I sorta liked it cause we got to see Billy's mom after all the mentions. But it was also disappointing that they reverse Friday teh 13th'd it. But it's better now than it was back then. Scream 3 thou.....well Monday we'll get to that
Blaze The Movie Fan
Blaze The Movie Fan 12 dagar sedan
Great review.
Caitlin Vasquez
Caitlin Vasquez 12 dagar sedan
I know you gotta do scream 3 first but PLEASE also do scream 4
Josh Hunt
Josh Hunt 12 dagar sedan
The original scream was a game changer to the slasher flick but scream 2 was a game changer to the slasher flick sequel! It’s just great! It’s scarier, it’s funnier and it’s more meta.
Josh Hunt
Josh Hunt 12 dagar sedan
Does Jeremy know that the barbers have been open for a while now?
Bjorn Blackman
Bjorn Blackman 12 dagar sedan
In scream 2 you can hear the difference between the killers from when they do their caller stalking and when they groan when they get hit.
Bjorn Blackman
Bjorn Blackman 12 dagar sedan
If you haven't seen the scream movies by now you live under a rock. I still have my DVDs on it. Fuck you netflix for not having these awesome movies there
ed dead
ed dead 12 dagar sedan
90% comments i love randy
PJM 12 dagar sedan
Wasn't expecting the eyes
LittleGorilLo 06
LittleGorilLo 06 13 dagar sedan
This movie is Daybreak meets Kipo.
JoshuaEverette 187
JoshuaEverette 187 13 dagar sedan
Wait so Micky was killing people before the movie even started?!?
Lesley March
Lesley March 13 dagar sedan
I just rewatched this and was gutted (lol) when her boyfriend died. He was perfect.
theGreenGoblin 13 dagar sedan
Shout outs to Gail’s Cameraman, Joel. Brother that folks we’re getting stabbed, read about how his predecessor got his throat slashed and said “yknow what? I’m good!” And DIPPED THE FUCK OUT until after the killer got a bullet in their brain. As soon as he saw that the killers were handled, he came right the fuck back to collect that paycheck. And after THOSE events, he peaced the fuck out and lived his life. Joel Jones is the Scream MVP, IMHO. 🤷🏽‍♂️
Chïəf WÏNTƏR 13 dagar sedan
Haha scream 3 is my favourite so cant wait for the review of you
James Guerrero
James Guerrero 13 dagar sedan
I can't stop staring at the eyes
Platitude Era
Platitude Era 13 dagar sedan
Great movie discussion Jeremy. I saw Scream 2 in theaters and I bought the video when it came out for sale. I really like the movie, for the reason that Sidney is a great character. It is funny how all scary movies, the slasher is the face of the franchise, but in the Scream Franchise Sidney is the face of the franchise. Think about how Jamie Lee Curtis was in Halloween 1 and 2 and we didn’t see her again until Halloween H20. But Sidney we got to see her in all the Scream movies.
Joshua Robinson
Joshua Robinson 13 dagar sedan
How about a review on Orphan (2009)?
Jaycie Victory
Jaycie Victory 13 dagar sedan
Jeremy, you poor thing - take those contacts out! My eyes are whimperinging just looking at you. Every time you blink I expect you to start screaming 🙈
FuryXHD PC 13 dagar sedan
erm your eyes...wtf
Todd The Sweaty Nerd Guy
I love Scream 2 almost more than Scream, if they didn't kill Randy I might've liked it more than Scream. I always have a good time watching Scream 2 even when I watch it alone. Great review.
Godzilla In A Human Suit
Attempt #23 to get Jeremy to review the Kill Bills
Samarpan Biswas
Samarpan Biswas 13 dagar sedan
We Have 2 Impostors Among Us
Navarrete 13 dagar sedan
Because the script was leaked on internet back then in the 90s, Kevin Williamson and Wes Craven changed the original killers and also cut a cliffhanger in the Last scene of the film. It was supposed to be 3 killers: Derek and Hallie (also lovers in the original script) and Ms Loomis. But the ending was different, after Cotton Weary saves Sidney from the killers, he went mad and tries to kill Sidney in order to become the new star victim from the Windsor college murders. Watch Scream 2 with the audio commentary by Wes Craven and the crew of the film
Daniel B Maximoff
Daniel B Maximoff 13 dagar sedan
Ghostface succeded in killing Buffy.
Ben 13 dagar sedan
Scream > Scream 2 ≥ Scream 4 > Scream 3.... my personal ranking
TYLER ourada
TYLER ourada 13 dagar sedan
hey, at least you look about as impressive as the so-called "Werewolves" in Supernatural. Oh hey, Jeremy in these Halloween themed reviews think you can do a review of Supernatural? I know I just shit on it for the werewolves but it's still a good show.
Shannon Barr
Shannon Barr 13 dagar sedan
LMAO Imagine naming your daughter "Debbie Salt" 😂😂😂😂
R E 13 dagar sedan
As a huge scream fan, that’s a really rad Mickey breakdown I haven’t thought about
Kai Kai
Kai Kai 13 dagar sedan
As far as horror sequels go this was pretty good in my opinion
Elephant Weasel
Elephant Weasel 14 dagar sedan
If the contacts are uncomfortable then don't wear them ;) The initial announcement and the transformation were sufficient to set the tone.
Purple Pufferfish
Purple Pufferfish 14 dagar sedan
Jeremy: “enjoy the eyeballs though, they hurt like hell.” Had me in stitches! XDDDD
Daniel Williams
Daniel Williams 14 dagar sedan
I know they're not scary but can you review the rocky movies, I just watched them about 20 years too late and they were really good
Juan D MotorCycle
Juan D MotorCycle 14 dagar sedan
Thanks for that review altered Jeremy.
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