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Kicking off this Halloween Movie Review Marathon with a personal favorite of mine that reinvigorated the high school slasher craze. Here's my review for SCREAM!
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5 okt 2020



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Daniel 49 minuter sedan
You singlehandedly epitomised everything I love about this film - I had the limited edition VHS and it had the most satisfying cover that held a prideful place on my shelf. I recently listened to the amazing soundtrack, it really holds up well and takes me right back to being 12 years old and watching with my friends. Good times 😄
justin steffan
justin steffan Timme sedan
Am i the only one who thinks its weird we have 2 horror movie heros who return a lot with the last name campbell?
Victor Kuhn
Victor Kuhn 8 timmar sedan
Neve Campbell was my first celebrity crush
Bob Cobb
Bob Cobb 15 timmar sedan
Something may explain at least Ghostface’s clumsiness, at least in the third act. Before anyone is killed at the party, Stu is already pretty drunk. There’s some scenes where he’s clearly slurring his words. It is possible that maybe Stu had a substance abuse problem the whole time.
Shon Hunt
Shon Hunt 17 timmar sedan
Drew Barrymore part is so scary and sad I smh speechless at her death scene the scariest best one out of any scary movie I’ve seen I love her in Duplex that is so hilarious 😂
David L'Abbée
David L'Abbée 19 timmar sedan
You're amazing dude, that's funny because i think the exact same freaking way about all 4 Scream movies... like, literaly. I was like Randy too in high school (except that I got the girl LOL). Although, I have to say it... Who makes a Scream review and don't even talk about the opening sequence!?! 😫
Ashlynn cooney
Ashlynn cooney 22 timmar sedan
Sadly we will never ever get a scream like the original 😔 my favorite horror movie for sure !! ..but hope they can come up with something good for scream 5
DavidTainakaHD Dag sedan
Scream basically broke the fourth wall of horror movies
morgan lancaster
The first Silent hill is definitely my favorite movie to go back to! If I could go back in time and re watch it for the first time I really would! The visuals to me are just awesome and to me there’s just nothing like it.
morgan lancaster
That and 13 ghosts! Classic!
MotherRat 2 dagar sedan
scary movie ruined scream for me. i cant watch scream without thinking about the scenes from scary movie and laughing
Certified Fresh
Certified Fresh 2 dagar sedan
I’m like a minute in and I’m super high and I’m losing my mind hearing him say scream over and over
David Baines
David Baines 2 dagar sedan
6:13 I'm going to start answering the questions at the end just cuz I saw scream and it's pretty good but I found it to be more funny than scary and not in a bad way and I hope the parts I was laughing at were intentionally funny Also, my halloween tradition was inviting friends over and watching a scary movie and/or simply fooling around but I obviously can't do that this year. I use to watch a horror movie by myself(which isn't as fun) so I guess I'll do that
David Baines
David Baines 2 dagar sedan
2:21 I see where people are coming from when they say that they find things like actual human killers, sharks, etc scary because they actually exist and they can actually kill and hurt you and I see what they mean when they say that but I still find supernatural killers to be scarier and I can't really explain why. At first I found the killer in scream to be scary because I didn't know that he was a human but then when I realized that this was someone that's actually human I was no longer scared or as scared as I was. Maybe, it's the fact that the unknown is scarier because your imagination makes it scarier or something like that because I don't find a human killer to be scary because I can actually fight back and I know how to deal with that but with something supernatural, I don't know how to deal with that and I don't know if I can even fight back TL:DR I can see where people are coming from when they say they find real things that can actually happen to be scarier than supernatural/paranormal killers but so far I still find supernatural/paranormal killers to be scarier for some reason. In other words once I realized scream was a human I was no longer scared
Ravenna Corvinus
Ravenna Corvinus 2 dagar sedan
I always wondered if the Ghost Face outfit gives the person more strength thought they obviously can't see well lol. Or I could just be stuck on my Dead by Daylight kick XD
Alec Azadi-Hocking
Alec Azadi-Hocking 2 dagar sedan
“You can’t ever say ‘I’ll be right back.’ Because you won’t be back!” “Hey man you want a beer?” “...yeah sure why not.” “I’LL BE RIGHT BACK!!!” 😂😂😂
darkkeg 2 dagar sedan
My Halloween Movie tradition is Trick R Treat
Joseph Ari
Joseph Ari Dag sedan
Mine too
Xo_amber 133
Xo_amber 133 3 dagar sedan
The scene depicted on the poster, with Drew Barrymore covering her mouth, never actually happens in the movie. During production, Ghostface's signature black robe was going to be white, to make him appear even more like a ghost. This was changed in fear of people comparing the costume to those that the Ku Klux Klan wear. The party scene near the end of the film runs forty-two minutes long. It was shot over the course of twenty-one days from the time the sun set to the time it rose. After it wrapped, the crew had t-shirts made that read "I SURVIVED SCENE 118" (which was the name of the scene during shooting). The cast and crew jokingly called it "The longest night in horror history."
Ryan DeCouto
Ryan DeCouto 3 dagar sedan
You should review “antibodies” it’s a German thriller and is absolutely jaw dropping.
Alexander Amaya
Alexander Amaya 3 dagar sedan
My go to Halloween movie too. I love it. Remember seeing the first 5 minutes somewhere, and I was like I need to watch this movie. Didn't end up watching until years later, I love the references to other horror movies, the script is so clever, characters who are self aware they are being target by this person. Favorite Line: No, please don't kill me Mr. Ghostface. I wanna be in the sequel.
Christfollower Love
Christfollower Love 4 dagar sedan
I think Ghostface being a bit of a doofus and idiot when it comes to the victims fighting them was a good touch to put in the movie. They let you know that the Killer is just some young dumb teenager that wants to kill. He's not a professional killer nor fighter so his victims may get a lick in or two. Makes it look more natural and realistic to me.
Ross Sapp
Ross Sapp 4 dagar sedan
I always loved the scream series and I’m glad they are making another one.
Deshoda100 5 dagar sedan
i enjoyed Scream. i was probably less than 10 years old when i first watched it. yes i was able to watch movies like this. always enjoyable to watch with the meta horror commentary as well as some likable actors. one of them later played Shaggy in the live action movies of Scooby Doo and i think some VO work for some animated films and/or toons
yash dotania
yash dotania 5 dagar sedan
Actually you does look like Randy
Joe Alberico
Joe Alberico 6 dagar sedan
I’d argue the idiocy/clumsiness of ghostface should be attributed to the fact that the killers are supposed to be teenagers in high school. So they’re not seasoned homicidal maniacs
Ghostface 6 dagar sedan
What's your favorite scary movie?
Minebrothers 999
Minebrothers 999 6 dagar sedan
Ghostface 6 dagar sedan
That's right...
Ivan Garcia Ramos
Ivan Garcia Ramos 6 dagar sedan
Can you and Chris Stuckmann do a video together? Thanks.
JWUniverse 6 dagar sedan
IT’S A SCREAM BABY!!!! I’ll Be Right Back! Great Stuff Brother!
Moises Gomez
Moises Gomez 7 dagar sedan
Day #18 Please review Train to Busan
shaunii 7 dagar sedan
Scream is a pinnacle of horror.
Ben Green
Ben Green 7 dagar sedan
I’m not a horror movie person but I LOVED Scream!
Lukas W
Lukas W 7 dagar sedan
Scream one of the greatest horror movies of all time! It’s aged like fine wine over time
JesMarie Jonz
JesMarie Jonz 7 dagar sedan
Scream is still my favorite movie hands down. I remember seeing it with my Mom when I was a young teen, in the theater we screamed terror and then laughed out loud, its was the best. And still the opening to this movie with Drew Barrymore, is the best movie opening of all time. Major shock value, its great, definitely was a game changer.
carealoo744 7 dagar sedan
Review Circle (2015)!
Ryan Hopt
Ryan Hopt 7 dagar sedan
scream awsome movie
xXDrMindBenderXx 8 dagar sedan
You now can pass for teen wolf Jeremy. I will cut your hair for free. Or you can get Edward Scissorhands to do it.
OOO MMM 8 dagar sedan
Jeremy, you look steamin' HOT with the nice beard and hair!
getyapaper 8 dagar sedan
My first tradition is to save up every relevant Horror movie that comes out through the year for the Halloween season. Then I binge watch those in the week leading up to Halloween. I try to save up the best ones at last. For example this year I have still Zombieland 2 and Doctor Sleeps left amongst others. So I usually don't watch Horror movies during the year. The second tradition is to watch different classic Horror movies (preferably Slashers from the 80s or every other classics) in the month of October. The third tradition is to watch Halloween and Halloween 2 on Halloween night. Well, since the alternate Halloween 2 came out two years ago, I replaced it for the orginial Halloween 2. I still don't know which one I like more, they both pretty much on par for me. Fun fact, the original Halloween 2 was banned for violence in Germany for many years so I first time watched it later in my life. Now, when it comes to Scream, as a 90s kid this movie was my entry to Horror movies. I watched some before, but I didn't really loved the Genre as much. After Scream, I went back to the eighties and seventies and watched every relevant Horror classic. I even remember watching Night of the living Dead as a teen. We've all been Randy^^ and Scream will always have a special place in my heart.
Christopher C
Christopher C 8 dagar sedan
The worst "Scream Wannabe" offender: I Know What You Did Last Summer, loosely based on the YA novel of the same name, the script (written before Scream) had been collecting dust, after Scream's release the movie was made.
Jamie Lorraine
Jamie Lorraine 8 dagar sedan
My friend and I are planning to watch the Cats movie on Halloween, seemed....... appropriate :P
Josh Hunt
Josh Hunt 8 dagar sedan
The most unbelievable thing about eastenders is that in real life people would be just asking other people if they watched last nights eastenders. That’s what scream does for horror movies...
maverick 8 dagar sedan
'Scream' is a masterpiece... "liver alone!" LMFAO... plus the score and soundtrack was perfect.
Brendon Lake
Brendon Lake 9 dagar sedan
I was put off like a lot of people by the movies that rode the trend after scream so it was a long time till I watched it but when I was finally convinced to watch it by a friend I really enjoyed it! The sequels too really you never guess who the killer is and it's always a fun, self aware dude!
MoviesR4Life1 9 dagar sedan
Tradition its the good the bad 13th movie (all) lol and 13 Ghosts
Douglas Zahn
Douglas Zahn 9 dagar sedan
My Halloween tradition is not usually a specific movie, but I do a combination of different horror movies and video games, though every October, the one that are always on my list are the Evil Dead trilogy, Hellraiser, Alien, and for games, of all the ones I would play for October, I always gotta play Cry of Fear, which never fails to scare me and give me everlasting shivers, even as I sit here typing this out, I can think back to some of the scary moments from it and it’ll give me a shiver.
HakuDuhGreat 10 dagar sedan
Stu "You Hit me with the phone u D****" 😂
Matt Meade
Matt Meade 10 dagar sedan
Please review 4
Pedro Ruiz
Pedro Ruiz 10 dagar sedan
Looking a lil scruffy eyy Jeremy
mr self destruct GAMER
mr self destruct GAMER 10 dagar sedan
Scream is one of my favorites as well especially the first one!
Geek37 11 dagar sedan
Scream is the best horror movie. The sequels were good too (except for 4) and the TV series were good in their own right.
NerdyGuyRanting 12 dagar sedan
I don't like horror movies. But even I like Scream. It's just a good movie. Horror or not.
Philly Tobes
Philly Tobes 12 dagar sedan
This was my favorite movie from the 90s
Michael Watts
Michael Watts 12 dagar sedan
I right there with you dude every year SCREAM. Loved that movie
Ready.Set.Game 12 dagar sedan
Scream is definitely in my top 5 favorite horror movies list! I watch it religiously and Neve Campbell is my favorite Scream Queen 👑
Rene Cantu
Rene Cantu 12 dagar sedan
Doh!!! 😆
Alex Marshall
Alex Marshall 13 dagar sedan
Never seen scream, going to watch tonight
Media Pedia
Media Pedia 13 dagar sedan
Cabin in the Woods ha become a Halloween tradition for me!
Milton2k 13 dagar sedan
Campbell, so hot back in the day of this flick.
Darrin Nolen
Darrin Nolen 13 dagar sedan
I love Neve Campbell. Scream and The Craft are classics
Darrin Nolen
Darrin Nolen 13 dagar sedan
I loved scream, and Scream 4. Scream 4 was a good comeback after 10 years. Now with scream 5 in the works? YES PLEASE
Fiona Keany
Fiona Keany 13 dagar sedan
Absolutely love scream and I am not a horror fan
Todd The Sweaty Nerd Guy
@Jeremy Jahns I find it funny how you brought Urban Legend and I Know You Did Last Summer for having killers that were people. I find it funny because both series went supernatural in their third movies, both movies had supernatural killers in them. I found it disappointing as I thought those movies would have human killers but no. Urban Legend 3: Bloody Mary and I'll Always Know What You Did Last Summer both have supernatural killers in them. Great review by the way.
The Official JAYBIRD
The Official JAYBIRD 14 dagar sedan
I see you with the Altered Beast version of the intro, Jeremy! 👏🏾
Desi J
Desi J 14 dagar sedan
Scream is amazing. I grew up with horror and I remember watching Scream when it first came out. I was 14. Being the 'horror buff' that I am, I was taking that quiz right along with Casey Becker. AND I got the Friday the 13th question wrong. Thats the moment I realized I could die in this genre of horror lol. Plus, on a serious note, the first time he says 'because I wanna know who I'm looking at'... that is terrifying. Especially for a girl of 14 who could easily be in this situation. Best cold open of any horror movie in my opinion. As for tradition...I revisit all my favorite slashers and horror movies in the month of October. This year I added in some I've never seen before in between, but its been a good month so far.
Mandela Muñoz Angoy
Mandela Muñoz Angoy 14 dagar sedan
My favourite movies of All Time: Silence Of The Lambs, E.T. The Extraterrestrial, Scream. Favourite SElosk movie reviewer, Jeremy Jahns. Jeremy Jahns reviewing Scream is my Halloween dream made true
Jessica Clark
Jessica Clark 14 dagar sedan
The scream movies are my Halloween tradition too! They are the most fun and never get old.
Best Bout Gaming
Best Bout Gaming 14 dagar sedan
Scream 1 and 2 are classics
Joshua Lord
Joshua Lord 15 dagar sedan
My favourite horror film! :)
Ghostface 6 dagar sedan
I'm touched
Leslie Riddick DeJong
Leslie Riddick DeJong 15 dagar sedan
Scream is hands down my favorite thriller series. Watch all of them every October.
KeyfurHaze 15 dagar sedan
My mom was the same way when it came to Scream. Michael, Freddy and Jason,; not scared at all, but Scream! Scared tf out of her. And in October, I like to watch horror movies on the streaming services with my cousins, and also watch Hocus Pocus whenever it comes on.
Ryan Noakes
Ryan Noakes 15 dagar sedan
Favourite Halloween movie tradition: Evil Dead 2 and Army of Darkness
Comrade Jason
Comrade Jason 15 dagar sedan
I think Scream is my favorite movie ever.
2EZ DaWondaWoman7904
2EZ DaWondaWoman7904 15 dagar sedan
Lol I could totally see you as a Randy lol
Matthew Hansen
Matthew Hansen 15 dagar sedan
I’m like the opposite of that story you told. I hate horror but I like Scream.
Jake 15 dagar sedan
Do house on haunted hill
Teen Movie critic
Teen Movie critic 16 dagar sedan
My go to October movie is Batman Begins. Because it’s one of my favorite movies and it has that whole Scarecrow element to it. It’s kind of an excuse lol
kdnladner93 16 dagar sedan
Scream is a classic and my favorite horror movie. When I was younger I thought it was the scariest movie I’ve ever seen and I still believe it. It really is a great movie that hasn’t aged at all especially if you grew up in the time before social media and when your parents were the ones who had mobile phones. Scream has one of the best plot twist as well. Not only is Billy the killer but Stu is too. To my knowledge the first horror movie that had two killers explaining how the killer moves so fast. I would’ve been fine with your review being 30 minutes long.
Andres Rangel
Andres Rangel 16 dagar sedan
The exorcist was on got me thinking of you
Brandon Meyer
Brandon Meyer 16 dagar sedan
At this point, when people say “I haven’t been getting notified about videos” I assume they don’t know how to click the bell
Baby Scatha
Baby Scatha 16 dagar sedan
Not a horror fan, but Scream? Classic!
TheMarionick 16 dagar sedan
Like, zoinks Scoob, I was the killer all along!
BlassReiter1100cc 16 dagar sedan
My wife and I are about to go on a Tales From The Crypt marathon. Movies and show.
Hauns91 16 dagar sedan
Still in my opinion a very underrated horror movie as well as Scream 2. Both are great, there's so much originality in them compared to a lot of horror movies now still. Really holds up in terms of quality.
Paul Deemz
Paul Deemz 16 dagar sedan
Huge Jeremy fan for a while now, always insightful...but he didn't review this movie at all. He reminisced.
Sleepingsparklegirl 16 dagar sedan
Am I the only one who thinks scream is just okay? Perhaps it’s because most slashers bore me.
Beza399 16 dagar sedan
Trick r Treat is always a must watch for Halloween
gas station burito
gas station burito 16 dagar sedan
Why did u review the fourth one 10 years ago?
Yuri Zsa
Yuri Zsa 16 dagar sedan
Please review scary movie, it's my Halloween tradition.
N. Maximo
N. Maximo 16 dagar sedan
My Halloween movie tradition is the Stephen Sommers Trilogy: The Mummy/Returs and Van Helsing. I know they’re corny but they’re just so much damn fun.
boom ash
boom ash 17 dagar sedan
for the longest time i thought johnny depp was in it. he and skeet ulrich are doppelgangers
DP_2024 17 dagar sedan
Just like dorothy mantooth, i bet mama Jahns is a saint
Ben Howell
Ben Howell 17 dagar sedan
Cheers to the Altered Beasts intro, Jeremy!
Diamond Rattler
Diamond Rattler 17 dagar sedan
Love this movie.
jamesthemod 17 dagar sedan
Kain VS Predator
Kain VS Predator 17 dagar sedan
4:25. That killed me.
Curt Braden
Curt Braden 17 dagar sedan
My favorite horror movie ever. My friend, Jeff, got Roger Jackson, the voice of Ghostface, to leave me a voicemail when he met him at a convention! Coolest thing ever!
Champion of Terra
Champion of Terra 17 dagar sedan
those Homer noises made my day xD
TheReal Agent47
TheReal Agent47 17 dagar sedan
I am quite a movie geek myself and I love the horror genre too and the scream films are also my favourite and I am glad you think the same! 😁 But yes all the other villains from other films are supernatural and Ghostface isn't but but how the hell does he quickly flee the scene like literally in the blink of an eye 😂 once you put that Ghostface outfit on, your basically supernatural 😂
itsdantaylor 17 dagar sedan
I would recommend the SCREAM tv series they did on MTV. I didn't have that much of a affinity for the movie but i thought, as a adaptation it was interesting. The change in ghost face's origins and what not was nice take.........the latest season not so much but the first two seasons i thought were well worth the watch.
Adrian Ursache
Adrian Ursache 17 dagar sedan
I mostly remember the Scary Movie series
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