Speed - Movie Review 

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A classic 90's action movie if ever there was one. Let's break down what makes SPEED so great!


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24 apr 2020



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Kommentarer 100   
TheSuperReviewer 10 dagar sedan
for the love of Jahovah, do NOT review/see/watch Speed 2!!!
Jennifer Smith
Jennifer Smith 11 dagar sedan
My kids name is Jack and I laughed so hard at the 80s and 90s action hero comment "basically if he was named after an alcohol you know this move was gonna be the fuckin balls" 🤣🤣🤣
SolidSmurf91 29 dagar sedan
ragana and broo
ragana and broo Månad sedan
As a kid my husband watched speed almost everyday.
Akil-da-lion 30
Akil-da-lion 30 Månad sedan
Do these young 20's movie reviewers only see the movies that get recommend in film school?
Ross Mitchell
Ross Mitchell Månad sedan
Chill factor skeet Ulrich cuba gooding jnr hard rain Christian Slater money train Wesley snipes
CornishCreamtea07 2 månader sedan
"In the 80s and 90s your action hero he was either named Jack or John" Oh so that's where my name came from.
Keith Bittinger
Keith Bittinger 2 månader sedan
Need to review True Lies next. Another action film of 1994, and one of James Cameron’s most underrated
Sexy Abs
Sexy Abs 2 månader sedan
Do the Speed 2 movie review. 😂
Konyinsola Osinubi
Konyinsola Osinubi 3 månader sedan
Review Air Force one with Harrison Ford!
Konyinsola Osinubi
Konyinsola Osinubi 2 månader sedan
This just proves Jeremy read my comment!
Coretta Arrington
Coretta Arrington 3 månader sedan
How about a review of the film Swordfish?
Kahn Krete FPV
Kahn Krete FPV 3 månader sedan
Since your on a 90's roll, review The Last Boy scout!
Omega Gaming99
Omega Gaming99 3 månader sedan
ive got the mood...the mood for speed!
David W. Allan
David W. Allan 3 månader sedan
Do Speed 2: Cruise Control 🤣👎
Alex Totherocket
Alex Totherocket 3 månader sedan
please watch Point Break
Nico Reveco
Nico Reveco 3 månader sedan
Mark Mancina is the chosen one when i came to Action score
Elton Fonseca
Elton Fonseca 3 månader sedan
Hello man. Greetings from Brazil. I love your work. There is this Brazilian movie you're gonna love. I dunt think you have ever reviewed a Brazilian movie on your channel, they usually suck to be honest. But this movie is awesome! Brazilian title is "Cidade de Deus" um English, City of God. Please, don't miss it. If love to know your thoughts on this movie. Take care.
RGC2005 3 månader sedan
Good to see Jeremy having fun and enjoying movies again.
Candice M.
Candice M. 4 månader sedan
This movie can do no wrong. I adore this unromantic romance lol
Void Raven
Void Raven 4 månader sedan
Can Jeremy review "A Long kiss Goodnight"
Alex W
Alex W 4 månader sedan
“The bus itself is a character.” 😂🥴😂
John Herald
John Herald 4 månader sedan
Cans just cans
Edwin Rodriguez
Edwin Rodriguez 4 månader sedan
How about reviewing “Nemesis”
Grimsayer 4 månader sedan
Speed's a hell of a drug.
ledfarmer1980 4 månader sedan
great fuckin movie, blown away(1994)?
Zeke Glenn
Zeke Glenn 4 månader sedan
Obviously the 80s were the golden age of action movies but the 90s were great aswell speed ,golden eye,the rock, heat, die hard 3,die hard 2, demolition man, cliff hanger, under siege, time cop, double impact, lethal weapon 3, point break,hard target,total recall,true lies,etc..
0davy debrycke
0davy debrycke 4 månader sedan
Wos 3 months depressed after hearing Speed 2 was a no - no Keanu Reeves
Federico Quesada
Federico Quesada 4 månader sedan
Jeremy you must review the original POINT BREAK...!!!
Dini hashi
Dini hashi 4 månader sedan
Hi jeremy I love your movie review plz check the negotiator 1990s movies
Seriaz Sound
Seriaz Sound 4 månader sedan
Speed and Mad Max Fury Road have a lot in common
TJ Jordan
TJ Jordan 4 månader sedan
I love this movie but the ending just felt unnecessary to me. We didn’t need the villain kidnapping Sandra Bullock and forcing Reeves to fight him on a train before trying to survive the crash that no one should have survived. I know I am ranting on this ending but it does feel unnecessary. And as such, here is my take on how I feel that it should have ended: “Before the Airport scene, the police set up a trap for the villain with the cash and Harry leads the charge, and gets a tip where the villain might be. He takes a crew and discovers that an unnamed man who looks like the villain is strapped in a chair and that the place is booty trapped. We cut to outside and the place explodes. Jack hears about his partners’ death and the events we know play out while this stuff happens... the villain gets the money by drilling beneath the trash can and makes off with the cash, planning to set off the explosion on the bus until... Harry shows up, having survived the explosion from the house and managed to recover a plan of his about his escape plan and shoots him dead. Meanwhile, Jack evacuates the bus during this, as they were able to trick the camera into doing a recording and escape with Bullock like how it happened in the movie, and they share a kiss. Cut to a little while later, a party is thrown for the survivors of the bus at the end.” And that’s my take on how I would have ended it.
John van Rensburg
John van Rensburg 4 månader sedan
everyone forgets what a fun film "Escape From Absolom" was. I'd dig to see a review of it, if only to give the movie just a bit more fanfare
Dan Stern
Dan Stern 4 månader sedan
Nice Chrono Trigger reference in there. Always appreciated.
Basson de Villiers
Basson de Villiers 4 månader sedan
Do Blown away . Tommy Lee Jones and Jeff Daniels
Spice Weasle
Spice Weasle 4 månader sedan
Yip, please do The Rock.
Leonardo Braynen
Leonardo Braynen 4 månader sedan
Jeremy, don't forget about that incredible scene where the bus jumps/flys dude! That scene set tthe bar for all movies that do that like *GONE IN 60 SECONDS* & *DARK KNIGHT RISES* for example
sababa321 4 månader sedan
this movie classic example that millions of dollars of cgi doesnt make a movie good, its great writing/story...something thats so rare today :(
I'M_BAAT_ MAN 4 månader sedan
This is my favorite action film since I was a little kid, I even bought it on VHS with my own saved up money. I owned two VHS movies that year Speed and Teenage mutant Ninja Turtles.
Andrew Cozzini
Andrew Cozzini 4 månader sedan
So we're just ignoring that Speed 2: Cruise Control was a thing that exists? Right then!
WorstedDegree9 4 månader sedan
Please review My #1 favourite movie The Fifth Element.
Darrell Covello
Darrell Covello 4 månader sedan
The Rock!!
srick 773
srick 773 5 månader sedan
Definitely have to review Saving private Ryan.
Rider Gilwin
Rider Gilwin 5 månader sedan
Hey, Jeremy, have you ever seen Frequency? I think you might enjoy it.
Jarryd Griffiths
Jarryd Griffiths 5 månader sedan
"you're always in the mood for speed" Jeremy jahns
Cross3061980 5 månader sedan
Please review Heat
Thomas Kelly
Thomas Kelly 5 månader sedan
2:09 Keanu's everyday guy relatability, (and as you say, he didn't exude the presence of _the One_ in The Matrix) is exactly why *Ed Harris* should have been the star of *True Lies,* IMO.
johndzchambers 5 månader sedan
Please review the Fifth Element. Noting Chris Tucker's best movie role.
johndzchambers 5 månader sedan
"If you haven't seen Speed by now I am...Shocked!" Ba ha ha ha
THE BATMAN 5 månader sedan
Love it! Love the review. Love the movie. How about The Last Boyscout?
Ghastly_Grinner 5 månader sedan
Fun Fact I watched Speed for the first time in 3rd grade in Catholic school
John Lundeen
John Lundeen 5 månader sedan
Love that you talked about and mimicked the score. Duh duh duh duh duh duh!!
nhan nguyen
nhan nguyen 5 månader sedan
Jeremy you mean to call this movie “ the bus that couldn’t slow down”
GOAT99 V 5 månader sedan
This movie is basically he hunting job in gta 5 and btw it is triple xp and money
Michael Lidster
Michael Lidster 5 månader sedan
The sequel fell a long way. My brother used to use the title as a running joke. Everything was speed two, cruise control. No better way to rip off a movie than endlessly use it's title as a joke
Michael Lidster
Michael Lidster 5 månader sedan
Very well crafted movie. It's so exciting. It has so much energy
Henji'sPlace 5 månader sedan
I have never seen you do a review for " Blown Away" it is a 90's movie that i thought was the greatest. If you ever get a chance give it a watch.
jp waitforit
jp waitforit 5 månader sedan
Review point break next.
CloaknDagger213 5 månader sedan
Did Jeremy go into Chrono Trigger time/portal space at 5:57 ?
TinySpidey 5 månader sedan
Dude... you should review movies
jagannath mudaliyar
jagannath mudaliyar 5 månader sedan
which movie is it at 3:02 ,I know all other movies in it
D Baird
D Baird 5 månader sedan
I’m gonna need that sound bite of you singing the theme for my ringtone. 😂😂
Nay Churr
Nay Churr 5 månader sedan
And then they came up with SNAKES ON A PLANE.
Igor Lukyan
Igor Lukyan 5 månader sedan
Suggestion: generation war
Jason Douglas
Jason Douglas 5 månader sedan
Charlie Sheen is also " always in the mood for Speed " wink
ChubbyChecker182 5 månader sedan
Just watched it, really Great Still don't get how the Bus made that jump though. And there is a true story of a London bus doing that on Tower Bridge back in the 1950s I think.
noel brewster
noel brewster 5 månader sedan
Can you review "Money Train"? I love that movie.
Bob Lewis
Bob Lewis 5 månader sedan
Watch lucky number slevin
F-zero91maru 5 månader sedan
Here Jeremy! Can you do another 1990s movie I got one do a review of galaxy quest! (1999)
F-zero91maru 5 månader sedan
I seen the movie many times when I was a kid in 1998 I have this movie on dvd 📀 still!.
David Jones
David Jones 5 månader sedan
Jeremy must Review : True Romance (1993)
Peter Chavez
Peter Chavez 5 månader sedan
Review Back to the Future Part 3
Dok Holiiday
Dok Holiiday 5 månader sedan
"True Lies" Arnold Schwarzenegger from the 90's worth a review
Bhaumik Bhatt
Bhaumik Bhatt 5 månader sedan
Please DO "Twister" "Deep Impact" "Jumanji" "Deep blue Sea"
Jai Cilento I LoveThatGuy ʕ•ᴥ•ʔߛ ̋ l Verified l
*i was googling 'how to make speed'* but this is far more optimistic. i guess i could go for a film.
LRAF 5 månader sedan
Imagine walking in and only hearing 5:48 when walk in someones house
Daniel Sturby
Daniel Sturby 5 månader sedan
I've been meaning to say man keep that hairdo I think it's cool
iamssmedia 5 månader sedan
Speed was great in all ways.
bradpitto14 5 månader sedan
How about GHOST
joe calahan
joe calahan 5 månader sedan
Speed is one of my favorite movies.
Ross Egan
Ross Egan 5 månader sedan
For anybody interested I'm great comedy the is an episode of a show called Father Ted and they do a spoof of the movie speed it really is hilarious.
Leanne Wade
Leanne Wade 5 månader sedan
My favorite 90s action movie!!! Your review was dead on!!! Favorite Keanu movie
BlackoutKalico Beta
BlackoutKalico Beta 5 månader sedan
i would suggest executive decision and air force one back to back
deathsdoor07 5 månader sedan
I never realized how close you are to 2M.
deathsdoor07 5 månader sedan
Eqonosp 5 månader sedan
Please do a review for Broken Arrow, with Christian Slater and Travolta. That used to be my favorite movie growing up.
Kleopas Ndapandula Auala
Kleopas Ndapandula Auala 5 månader sedan
FACE/OFF, THE ROCK and even though it's from the eighties, Chuck Noris' DELTA FORCE.
Tom Hyde
Tom Hyde 5 månader sedan
I was in first grade when this came out. I’ll never forget, but I couldn’t watch the movie until my homework was done, so my babysitter did it for me because she was so excited to watch it.
Edgar Patlan
Edgar Patlan 5 månader sedan
Johnny cage?
RBG Kingz Gaming
RBG Kingz Gaming 5 månader sedan
Blown Away The Fugitive US Marshall
Raezor85 5 månader sedan
You look like a mix of Athlean X and Dennis from It's always sunny.
Kevin Kosmo
Kevin Kosmo 5 månader sedan
"You're always in the mood for Speed" - Jeremy Jahns 2020
Rexx 5 månader sedan
Review "La Femme Nikita" You will thank me.
Byron Senior
Byron Senior 5 månader sedan
“You’re always in the mood for speed.” - Jeremy Jahn’s 2020
Byron Senior
Byron Senior 5 månader sedan
I love the song when Jack and Annie finally get off the bus.
Obi Wan Kenobi
Obi Wan Kenobi 5 månader sedan
*should review Speed 2 cruise control, can never go wrong with dafoe badguy*
Shiloh Cotons
Shiloh Cotons 5 månader sedan
MATT GUY 5 månader sedan
uome20bukz 5 månader sedan
You should do The Chase, with Charlie Sheen and Kristy Swanson lol. Ray Wise and Henry Rollins are also in it.
PurushaDesa 5 månader sedan
Mark Mancina is a god. And about the ending - it works because he decides to stay on the train with her which, I don't mind saying, _is really romantic!_ 😭
Sprocket List
Sprocket List 5 månader sedan
Saw this at the cinema. Was packed with adults who cheered and laughed at all the right moments. These days the only films which are packed are horrors with kids who giggle at the scary bits or heckle the film.
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