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In 2002, Sam Raimi's SPIDER-MAN hit theaters with a bang! Does it hold up today? Here's my review!
Watch the teaser trailer here: selosk.info/class/video/ha-rmq2pvWtkl4E.html


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18 aug 2020



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Vincent Han
Vincent Han 10 timmar sedan
am i the only one who liked the green goblin design...
Majin Andy
Majin Andy Dag sedan
The only thing I love more than Dafoe's Goblin, is Jeremy's beard.
JWUniverse Dag sedan
I remember that Trailer on an Episode of Entertainment Tonight my Grandma was watching and My God I look up at the right time to catch that Same Teaser Trailer.... Didn’t think it was a Spider-Man trailer till that Chopper in the webbing and I lost my Shit! Mind you I was 14 at that time in 2001. Sounded like I was 5 Years Old again! Great Times!
ScissorMeTimbers 3 dagar sedan
Pete parker is a straight up genius, that's how he created his webshooters. His webs that only last one hour are specifically made that way. Nobody can find out his secret identity because he leaves very little trace.
TheSuperReviewer 4 dagar sedan
Where DO ALL THESE guys COME from ??
Nicholas Kong
Nicholas Kong 4 dagar sedan
there's actually a video on youtube of them doing the green goblin mask test. The big orange eyes and the mouth moves too.
Still Life Smoked Bacon
I love his wolverine style hair
Hollywood Multipass
Hollywood Multipass 5 dagar sedan
Really appreciate what this guy says. He motivated me to
TheCheesyNorth 5 dagar sedan
Shave 🪒 the beard 🧔🏼 I miss your face
David Menendez
David Menendez 6 dagar sedan
Review Spider-Man 2 please
blah7270 6 dagar sedan
Please review only god forgives with ryan gosling, directed by nicolas winding refn
Conman Reloaded
Conman Reloaded 6 dagar sedan
This was actually the first movie I ever saw in theaters and seeing it is one of my earliest memories it blew my 3 year old mind and remains my all time favorite movie.
Jack Collins
Jack Collins 11 dagar sedan
That’s crazy they had the twin towers in the first trailer
stealthxknight 11 dagar sedan
Jennifer Ariesta
Jennifer Ariesta 12 dagar sedan
Ikr, the Danny Elfman score is irreplaceable. Such epic iconic theme.
Hyicrotai 12 dagar sedan
I saw it in theaters once with my aunt, sisters, and cousins. And then a second time with my dad. Walked out saw 2 kids doing Spiderman poses. They were SO cringe. BUT this movie is very fun, like scream.
Bladebreaker08 12 dagar sedan
Just rewatched this for the first time in about 5 years. Still holds up.
Scott Hanson
Scott Hanson 15 dagar sedan
Absolutely!. You are one fortunate awesome soul Jeremy Jahns . Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man is both unique and undoubtedly successful. Willem Dafoe, Toby Maguire, Kirsten Dunst, JK Simmons all great casting choices . As a huge fan of comic book movies Sam Raimi’s Trilogy needs more appreciation than it deserves . Say what you will about the third instalment but he did do his best to give us a sold three parted story. Toby Maguire Andrew Garfield Tom Holland have all achieved great success due to her own original takes on the beloved hero . All are brilliant and amazing . Toby Maguire will remain my first Spider-Man that’s because of Sam Raimi .
SpyengoEen 15 dagar sedan
10:40 most underrated character moment in this movie. No one ever mentions that, but it was something I noticed the first time I watched it!
ScreenHax 17 dagar sedan
Hey Jeremy, apart from Topher Grace and the annoying news lady at the end, Spider-Man 3 is really not that bad... Easily a "Good time if you're drunk!". I hated it too, I never watched it again, since that faithful day. Until now. It's better than most modern comic-book movies.
Deadchannel 17 dagar sedan
JohnFisherChoir 18 dagar sedan
This film was fucking wild! I think I've never loved a film so much. I remember watching it when it first came out I was about 4 years old and I was blown away. Amazing trilogy and Tobey will always be my spiderman!
Truth Justice
Truth Justice 18 dagar sedan
Jist watched spiderman an hour ago i swear the nostalgia is fantastic the movie imo holds up to this day its amazing no spectacular, its the ULTIMATE Spider-Man
raggamuffinmcgee 20 dagar sedan
You know I'm something of a Sam Raimi Spiderman fan myself *grin*
mijan hoque
mijan hoque 21 dag sedan
Jeremy do Spiderman 2 already
Matthew 22 dagar sedan
Every time Jeremy sniffs 😅
Barstool Buds
Barstool Buds 22 dagar sedan
I actually liked Harry Osborn as the new goblin in the third movie. I was a little kid when I saw Spider-Man 3 in theaters, I didn’t see the other two because I was too young. It blew my mind as a kid. Obviously now I definitely see it’s the weakest of the trilogy and venom was completely wasted. But they took a pretty mediocre character like the sand man, and really made an awesome and compelling villain. And I thought the new goblin suit was pretty kick ass, that glider was amazing and the way it was scream down when he attacked Peter was awesome. Plus the score during that fight was absolutely amazing and the fight itself was pretty exciting
Eclipse s
Eclipse s 24 dagar sedan
the daily bugle in that movie was awesome
paul duvenhage
paul duvenhage 24 dagar sedan
paul duvenhage
paul duvenhage 24 dagar sedan
Please do spider man 2.
Demian Cobos
Demian Cobos 25 dagar sedan
C'mon let's not miss mentioning that final brutal fight that none of the other spidey movies have achieved, how spidey's suit ended up all battle damaged with the eyes cracked and tears here and there, that was awesome
Shivin Wason
Shivin Wason 26 dagar sedan
Is a spiderman 2 review coming?
Ben McDonald
Ben McDonald 27 dagar sedan
The reason Tobey Maguire gets shit for his interpretation of Spider-Man is because of this bizarre thing that goes on in the Spider-Man fan community, where every time a new Spider-Man franchise is started and a new actor takes on the role everyone is immediately like “This is it guys, this is the true definitive version of Spider-Man, forget the guys who came before, they suck, THIS is the one that gets it right” They did it when the Andrew Garfield Spider-Man came out and they did it again when the Tom Holland Spider-Man came out, and I guarantee you when they make another reboot and bring in a new actor the fans will praise that one and talk shit about Tom Holland
Ben McDonald
Ben McDonald 27 dagar sedan
Remember the days where you actually had to go to the theater to see trailers?
PEScharlie 27 dagar sedan
Mary Jane was really great in this film and it's a shame people just think of her as the love interest. Her character arc is well written
Random Awesome
Random Awesome 27 dagar sedan
Damn Jeremy turning into adult Simba over here.
Brandon Numbskull
Brandon Numbskull 27 dagar sedan
ie 28 dagar sedan
Best Spider-Man movie PERIOD.
Moustafa Elhadary
Moustafa Elhadary 29 dagar sedan
Oh my gosh can we please get a review on the other 2 Spider-Man movies in this series!!!!!!
Magi Munoz
Magi Munoz Månad sedan
Man I loved this movie, it was a love letter to Spidey, and by extension NY. Was it perfect? no. But damn if it didn't hit all the right notes and left you feeling like holy sh*t that was Spider-Man.
Psycho_ Ravager
Psycho_ Ravager Månad sedan
I've rewatched 1, 2, and even 3 way too many times now... and I ought to come back to those someday. Can't get enough of Sam Raimi's vision. Not sure if a popular or unpopular opinion, but I have yet to see a Spider-Man solo film that beats the original trilogy. I'm serious. I still love 3... even with all the bullshit production interference going on in the background. Also, recent Spider-Man flick fight scenes don't even come close to the epic, consequential nature of Sam Raimi's works.
Nightfall Månad sedan
You, sir, need to narrate old movies like Mystery Science is know for.
Matthew Reyes
Matthew Reyes Månad sedan
Where’s your review for Spider-Man 2 lol
walter hank
walter hank Månad sedan
Beloved Ruby
Beloved Ruby Månad sedan
Love Norman, " Finish it - Finish it !!! ! ".." From evillll " LOL 😂😂❤
Christopher Hoffman
Christopher Hoffman Månad sedan
J.K.Simmons, Willem Dafoe, Alfred Molina, Thomas Hayden Church... The best cast of villains and side characters of 2000's superhero movies. (Aside from Sir Ian Mckellan and Heath Ledger of course)
borgtennis Månad sedan
Do Spider-Man 2, you will not regret it!
Perry The Platypus
Perry The Platypus Månad sedan
is there a cut of the movie where the helicopter scene was put in?
Elmer Castro
Elmer Castro Månad sedan
Hey guys this movie is old, soo of course its gonna look like that 2002 haha its an awesome movie regardless
J-masterLegend Månad sedan
18 years later i still hate Tobey as Spiderman.
Mohit Dandekar
Mohit Dandekar Månad sedan
Jeremy has replaced Edgar Wright.
Toph 'Goldenfoxx' Morris
I really do like Holland's and the MCU's take on the character; there are a lot of aspects to him that I was desperately missing with Maguire and Garfield. But there's just so much _missing_ from Holland and the MCU that they got perfect in the Raimi films. I don't know if it's because of the rumored amount of their own stuff they have to license from Sony to produce the new films, but a LOT of it is missed, especially tonally. Now there are rumors about Maguire popping up in Doctor Strange 2, and all I can think is, "Oh God, they're going to give Tobey the same fate they gave him in Spider-Verse, aren't they." Just one of these universes, I'd like to him actually wind up with Mary Jane. Just...permanently. I at least felt like I had that after SM3, but now I'm worried I don't. Oh well.
John Dean
John Dean Månad sedan
Spider-Man 3 is not a bad movie. Don’t @ me
Mike Mannillo
Mike Mannillo Månad sedan
"Spider-Man 3... who knows? Maybe i'll love it." - I know. You won't.
the critic's critique
Hey, should definitely do a review of "Honey I Strunk The Kids"!
Flower Boi
Flower Boi Månad sedan
Spider-Man 2 is still the best Spider-Man movie. It feels like a comic book come to life honestly. The cgi still holds up and looks so good I wonder how Sam did it.
Steve Smith
Steve Smith 29 dagar sedan
my only main flaw with Spider-Man 2 is they have Doc Oc engage in too many fist fights with Spider-man it makes little sense in hindsight. sure, it makes for cool fight scenes like the train. but it make zero sense.
MrKnightcraft Månad sedan
Wait he has a beard now?
Hamdi Ali Hassan
Hamdi Ali Hassan Månad sedan
Will you review Shawshank? I wanna hear your thoughts
Lennel Echols
Lennel Echols Månad sedan
Wait...jeremy was working in 2001? Shit i thought he was my age. Dude gotta be in like his late 30's. Damn
Jyotisko Ghosh
Jyotisko Ghosh 23 dagar sedan
Jeremy is 40.
Ethan Njuguna
Ethan Njuguna Månad sedan
Arguably better than the second but this one is definitely better than homecoming
Ethan Njuguna
Ethan Njuguna Månad sedan
Rami’s Spider-Man series will always be the best til further notice
1xoACEox1 Månad sedan
Waaiiit...villain telling the hero the people he protects will one day turn on him when they dont need him anymore, pitching the idea they could just fight forever? Thats what the Joker said!
Diffuse Wings49
Diffuse Wings49 Månad sedan
Holy hell he's never done it before
Xerodight Månad sedan
Oh it's John Wick
Rifqi Main Gitar
Rifqi Main Gitar Månad sedan
JK Simmons as JJ Jameson should be on the top 10 cast of any movie of all time
Steve Smith
Steve Smith 29 dagar sedan
he's honestly top 1 comic book casting of all time the only casting better or equal is a cop out, cause it's Samuel L Jackson playing a version of Nick Fury based on Samuel L Jackson. So that's kinda a cheat otherwise J.K. Simmons is #1. only one who comes close imo is Patrick Stewart as Professor X
Nick Månad sedan
The games that came out along side the first 2 movies...perfect
Frank Ugochukwu
Frank Ugochukwu Månad sedan
His face when he brought up Venom
Manas Nishad
Manas Nishad Månad sedan
Try Attack on Titan it's better than GOT
YouTube Channel Reviews
Since the dawn of Jeremy Jahns on SElosk, I've been looking forward to this review.
Mistersixtynine Månad sedan
No spoilers? This has been released for 2 decades
Laufield Månad sedan
Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man nothing like comic, no webshooters, Green Goblin is just a suit and mask. Spider-Man 3 venom looks very disappointed. I’m glad Spider-Man 4 never happen
Naomi Ponce
Naomi Ponce Månad sedan
Edward Cullen
Edward Cullen Månad sedan
Tbh all spider-man’s gave me a good feeling and I grew up with tobeys version. Andrews was not bad but it for some reason felt depressing for me . Tom’s just makes me feel excited but I feel like they make him weaker and he relays on the suit to much . Is spider sense even a thing anymore ?
文翰 Månad sedan
pizza time!!!
Lars Chue
Lars Chue Månad sedan
This many people agree Tom Holland saved the franchise after corporate ass raped Sam Rami and the fans dreams.
justingabrielfan13 Månad sedan
Do Spider-Man two!
foberdud Månad sedan
Raimi Spider-Man is #1 Spider-Man. No other attempt at Spider-Man has assembled such a fantastic cast or a score that is as iconic as elfmans, or just the vision of Spider-Man that raimi had. All other film spideys play catch up to this one from the moment this movie was released.
Gabriel Martinez
Gabriel Martinez Månad sedan
Tobey McGuire is Spider-Man. Everyone else is standing on the shoulders of giants.
PhillMillennial Månad sedan
I have **ALWAYS** felt like Danny Elfman's score.. came about after Danny played some Fable, because my God, some of the stings and licks in the score? They really put me in mind of Fable!
Mira Figueira
Mira Figueira Månad sedan
i think there is some nostalgia bias here. i never liked toby as spiderman.
Lauren W
Lauren W Månad sedan
This movie will always have a special place in my heart. I was in 5th grade when this came out, I was busy being entirely enthralled with Harry Potter, but this was my first introduction to comic books and superheroes and I just fell in love. Toby McGuire will always be “my” Spider-Man, awesometacular for sure! Spider-Man still holds the spot as my favorite superhero because of this fantastic movie.
RedaDoodles Månad sedan
I don't care that Mary Jane was often in distress. Kirsten brought so much vulnerability to her that she made me care about the character. Also, her chemistry with Tobey was perfect as they were dating during shooting.
JBPVFL Månad sedan
I really do miss having to go to movie theaters to see new movie trailers
Duo West
Duo West Månad sedan
In spite of everything you've done for them, eventually they will hate you. Unless you're Robin Williams, Danny Devito, or Tim Curry. They are and have always been pretty beloved by all.
Kyle Garibaldi
Kyle Garibaldi Månad sedan
Looking forward to the schadenfreud of watching Jeremy review 3
Ladykyra101 Månad sedan
Hey Jeremy, you didn't preference this review with Spoiler Alert! 🤨 LOL!
Ladykyra101 Månad sedan
Wow. It was that long ago? Whew. Time flies.
Madcapunlimited Månad sedan
I still get a little misty at that one cheesy NY post-9/11 moment at the end. Cheesy as hell, but... it just hits something.
Fred Von Jupiter
Fred Von Jupiter Månad sedan
I can't stand the crybaby Spiderman Raimi movies...... The is no fun in those movies.
mg682 Månad sedan
Spiderman 3 gets a lotta hate cuz studios had to get involved in Raimi's work. I believe if they didn't interfere, Spiderman 3 would've been a great movie and we would've had the perfect trilogy
Jarrett Tyree
Jarrett Tyree Månad sedan
I was less than six months old when this came out, and it never particularly grabbed me because of that. Even then, though, the Norman/Goblin stuff was really surreal and weird and I hate/loved it.
FancyxToast Månad sedan
I really enjoy these movies, but I feel even though they're good, the only reason people defend it as hard as they do, is cause of nostalgia
KingFisher TheFirst
KingFisher TheFirst Månad sedan
KingFisher TheFirst
KingFisher TheFirst Månad sedan
Me: So Jeremy, How long will Your beard get? Jeremy: *Yes*
Hilversumborn Månad sedan
I’m so high, I can hear heaven
Ryan Kelley
Ryan Kelley Månad sedan
The only thing that was missing from J. Jonah Jameson, was a Hitler stash.
Graham Doudy
Graham Doudy Månad sedan
Spiderman 3 though it was a disappoint, was not nearly as much of a corn dog to the soul as Game of Thrones. With that context now, Spiderman 3...it's alright XD
Tiago Marques Nascimento
I'm really excited for you to talk about The Amazing Spiderman now hahaha
MisterEroErohim Månad sedan
Look at Jeremy face, It's shows how he loves this movie.
Taegan Evert
Taegan Evert Månad sedan
So now you gotta do Spider-Man 2.