Star Trek: Picard - Season 1 (My Thoughts) 

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Star Trek : Picard brings back Sir Patrick Stewart as the iconic and beloved Jean Luc Picard. As a long time Trek fan, I had a lot to say, so I hope you enjoy 20 minutes of my flailing hands and voice. Here are my thoughts of STAR TREK: PICARD - SEASON 1!
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27 mar 2020



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Robert G
Robert G 5 minuter sedan
I just finished binge watching Season One Picard. I loved it!!!!!
Christian Brown
Christian Brown 10 dagar sedan
I'm with Jeremy, it did lots of good things, but several things that pissed me off as well. The Romulans didn't entirely feel like Romulans and Picard sometimes just felt like Patrick Stewart playing himself. The swearing was a bit off in a world that has supposedly eliminated it. The show had a rough first few episodes but by 5 or 6 it got interesting. It should have been maybe 8 episodes. Overall, I thought it was good. Data, Riker and Troi were all exceptional, as was Seven of Nine, Rios and Raffi.
Will Unscripted
Will Unscripted 11 dagar sedan
I found it very confusing...
Spaceplumber45 12 dagar sedan
this show makes picard look like a bitch
tim martin
tim martin 14 dagar sedan
Grief ! Did you just snort cocaine before you did this video ???
Neil McLaughlin
Neil McLaughlin 16 dagar sedan
is it possible he likes the new captain because he looks like the new captain?
momarist 19 dagar sedan
Why is he trying to find the positive, and tip toeing around the fact that the show is brain dead?
Master J
Master J Månad sedan
I liked this show better then the last Star Trek where Klingon's had 2 nostrils But the last episode ruin it for me I'm tire of shows that make straight characters gay. . .I feel that is very wrong on many levels . . .7 of 9 gay now I'm done. . .I'm ok with gay characters put not characters you have loved for so many years all of a sudden are turned gay . . . just my 2 cents
Asmo day
Asmo day Månad sedan
the show was a peace of shit cant beleve they going for another season
Grant Wearne
Grant Wearne Månad sedan
Wow !!!! Jeremy has grown a lot of hair !!
Rahul Desai
Rahul Desai Månad sedan
So Jeremy is a legacy of Kain fan. Good to know :-D
Michiel de Ruyter
Michiel de Ruyter Månad sedan
Youre not even slightly upset about the disgusting feminist and leftist politics in the show? Are you that much of a slave to your advertisers?
HJ GE Månad sedan
The writing was a complete mess. A lot of things weren't consistent with things we already knew from previous series and the characters and situations don't unfold in reasonable ways(or as you mention, the characters completely flip flop their opinions from one scene to the next). Just look at one of the first scenes in the show. They want to learn the location of the synths. So what do they do? they teleport in, kill someone and put a bag over the head of a potentially very dangerous android. I mean... cmon... Just teleport her out, use a stun weapon, use an emp, or think of something else. Don't fking copy and paste some James Bond kidnapping scenes. Do the writers have any experience with star trek (or scifi in general)? This just doesn't make sense in the star trek universe. When you first see it, you don't really notice it doesn't make sense yet. The more you learn about the story though, the less things start to make sense retroactively. It's just really poorly written. And there are a lot of scenes like this. Same goes for the whole plot surrounding the blowing up of utopia planitia. They want to kill synths. Fine. But right at the moment they are building ships to save your people? Why not choose another target? Or how about postponing your terrorism for a few months? Or maybe Romulans just don't give a flying fuck about their own people? Still though... It seems like very little effort to alter or postpone that plan slightly, to get significantly better outcomes for the Romulan empire. Also, it is mentioned that that anti synthetic organisation has existed for ages. So why exactly haven't they tried to kill data ages ago. I even remember scenes where data talks to Romulans, where the Romulan acts like Data is some celebrity. So that entire anti synth organization just doesn't fit in existing lore. But oh well! Hiring someone that has actually watched TNG was apparently too expensive. You can also question why the Romulans (an emire that can rival the federation) need Federation ships to begin with. Don't they have their own ships and shipyards? But oh well... I guess more ships is better. Because otherwise the entire premise of this show makes no sense. And as you mentioned, why does the federation instantly give up on androids and investigating it? It's just weird. Pretty much everything surrounding the base plot is suspect.... Which leads me to why the memory of those twin android girls was completely taken away(Datas daughters -- I already forgot their names). They were send to find out about the super secret plot against androids and why they were banned. Why does this require the complete removal of all memory? Another point that makes less and less sense, the more you get to know what's going on. Also, how and why do they get led to Picard? She sees him in her dreams ( or w/e it was). Why though... Because: plot? Data and Picard were hardly the best of friends. If anyone was data's friend, it was Laforge. There is even weird plot holes regarding Hugh. Because Seven of nine isn't even supped to know him. Hugh was from TNG. When he gets killed though, she acts all upset -- like she knew him. Moreover, how did she even know he was dead. She wasn't there. There is a scene missing in which she finds out he's dead. Honestly now, this show is a complete mess. And there is so many more examples. Also don't get me started about the complete lack of (character) depth or the tonal shift towards way too much action and borderline soapy drama. What I also found somewhat painful to watch, was Picard and his fight scenes. Just... no. Don't let grandpa Picard fight. It all just looked so awkward. The only good things, are that some of the cameos are cool, and seeing those old characters you used to love again. Ps. The only reason you like the captain, is because he looks like you.
Judson Gaiden
Judson Gaiden Månad sedan
3:43 Case in point: Handsome Jack
K H Månad sedan
I'll watch any Picard show they make, but sadly this isn't the Picard I wanted to catch up with. So depressing.
Ladykyra101 Månad sedan
"Keep me informed Beverly." LOL! 😂 That's so TNG Jean Luc. 👌🏽
Ileia Hall
Ileia Hall 2 månader sedan
Comment on the ships looking the same.... Have you never watched war? Having the same of the best tanks, the best planes?
Alex Iordache
Alex Iordache 2 månader sedan
Glad i pirated it.
Brandon Day music videos
Brandon Day music videos 2 månader sedan
Picard and data were never really that close he respected data but he wasn’t data’s friend that was jordi
Murad Wessel
Murad Wessel 2 månader sedan
New Picard is 💩
Daniel Redman
Daniel Redman 2 månader sedan
Everything you just said.....was spot on.
Jeffrey Holley
Jeffrey Holley 2 månader sedan
A couple things that really bugged me, & don't get me wrong, the bro that made this review hit it pretty good when he said that there was alot of great stuff in show but for everything that was cool, there was something equally uncool.. Pardon me, so first thing, that big fat head lizard looking dude that was one of old girls bodyguards, whom was clearly described as being able to sense lies, something else & was able to tell what a person had for breakfast. Maybe I missed something, but it seems to me that he'd have known that wolverine was not being honest, but the dumbest thing was when he actually went as far to say, (don't quote me) 'I cannot only sense that you are being honest' now get this, 'i can also tell you that you had some sort of smoked meat 4 breakfast' ....did he really just say that???? W I T Holy F is that about! Real fast, second thing, after all that we know today about ancient architecture & the overwhelming proof of alien life & contact throughout time,, what the hell was J f'n L talking about when he referred to the Great Pyramid as being something built for the sake of vanity? I am a huge STAR TREK fan, & find myself watching reruns every chance I get on BBC. grew up on NG, & could probably recite every freaking episode. But DS9 is fantastic! Thanks to BBC for keeping on trek !!!! By the way, the human race, whatever the heck we may be, is definitely not alone. I was literally 50yds from a GIGANTIC UFO about 24 years ago, & there is just absolutely no way that it was something from here. For all of you that have experienced this, you know exactly what I mean!
prayfawind 2 månader sedan
dude @7:15 you guys can pass for twins
The Innerparty
The Innerparty 2 månader sedan
It starts off ok. But it drifts into a crap middle and ends up totally shit.
stabilisedchaos 2 månader sedan
Remember the PRIME DIRECTIVE of Star Fleet, to NOT interfere with other civilisations? I think that goes for the past and the future too.It's like the current writers don't understand ANY of the lore of Star Trek or Star Wars. It's alternate universe here and time travel there,all made up shit and screw the fans and lore. That's why it's all been TRASH.
Daimon Atkins
Daimon Atkins 3 månader sedan
It’s always Insurrection vs Nemesis for the worst TNG movie
Bodvarson 3 månader sedan
A good thing about the show, they do exist, is extending the story of Data. I thought that it was an interesting thought that the remnant of Data felt like he had to die to have humanity even after he lesrned what it was to be a human. He knew he couldnt be a human and be immortal and that was cool. But then Rafi was in the show...
Jokester 954
Jokester 954 3 månader sedan
I loved this show. Just finished it. The end was definitely strange but still loved it
Max Rockatansky
Max Rockatansky 3 månader sedan
Watching Commander Riker making a pizza was more entertaining than the rest of the 1st season. 😔
Luna w
Luna w 3 månader sedan
Damn his review more entertaining than the show 🌚
Jennifer E. Pergola
Jennifer E. Pergola 3 månader sedan
I agree with 100% of this: there were elements that were good callbacks but so much that contradicted the established canon, and the spirit of the whole thing felt off. "Star Trek" used to show that humanity as a whole gets better, but over the past 20 years of series and movies its message seems to be that humanity will always be as awful as it is now.
Doc T
Doc T 3 månader sedan
I think the real star Trek spirit started from season 7
KnightOwl 3 månader sedan
The folks making this show...they know that Firefly and Star Trek are different...right?
Em Daily
Em Daily 3 månader sedan
It's alright. It does not feel like a star trek show. I keep thinking that it is alternate universe so that I can get through it. It's not wowing me to go off and say that it is anything special.
LittleRedRhuari RRR
LittleRedRhuari RRR 3 månader sedan
I think I feel the same as you about it. If not slightly better. It may have problems, but all in all the heart of star trek and a story I'm interested with characters I enjoy is enough for me. Good time, no alcohol required.
jynx0riZ0r 3 månader sedan
I saw Mass Effect :thumbsup:
World Of Thought
World Of Thought 3 månader sedan
I thought the 1st season was good, looking forward to seeing the second.
Scott Adams
Scott Adams 4 månader sedan
I'm a TNG fan. Hero Worship and Right of Vengeance were some of my favorites. To be fair anything with Worf, dude was a boss
Chris 4 månader sedan
sorry, goons. unless you were already an adult when you watched the TNG series in the 90's, you really don't get how well this series did. this bearded, fake-chuckling babboon don't get it, and you backslapping subscribers don't either.
Stephen Jenkins
Stephen Jenkins 4 månader sedan
I am SO happy you didn't hate on this show! I COMPLETELY get that it has issues and that certain choices should have been a bit different. But I think it was a good start that has potential.
Lowlander 2004
Lowlander 2004 4 månader sedan
Picard represents the white straight male "past".. They treat him like shit, swear at him, humiliate him and accuse him of having white male privilege (Raffi) because that's what they really want to do to every white straight male in the present.... After going out of there way to insult the fans and destroy the cannon they will still be surprised when season 2 flops....
RKF Internet Marketing
RKF Internet Marketing 4 månader sedan
I liked pretty much the same TNG episodes you.
Stephen Yarnell
Stephen Yarnell 4 månader sedan
You should watch and review the Expanse. a great sci fi series devoid of current day social nonsense
Jones6999 4 månader sedan
The show should have been centered around 7 of 9 as the protagonist and Picard could have just had a cameo appearance like some of the other cast members.
2wheelphoto 4 månader sedan
Watched first three episodes because it was free. Story seems ok, but I knew the script was going to suck as soon as that f-bomb dropped and then I saw a lady smoking crack! Really?! Crack pipes are ok in star trek now?! 🤷‍♂️ what is this?...breaking bad?
Pycrete 4 månader sedan
RGC2005 4 månader sedan
'Master and Commander' is my favorite modern Star Trek.
cokedrinker941 4 månader sedan
"They obviously didn't know about the inner light" If you think that listen to the tune of the intro.
lambusado 4 månader sedan
People complaining about star trek and how it damages the previous shows think this show is for them? What are you smoking? This is for people who never watched it. Old star trek would never sell like this.
Spazzboy911 4 månader sedan
at the end of Picard, the main character is a soulless, empty, zombie machine of his former self on the most ridiculous form of life support allowing him to lumber on meaninglessly through a story he had little to no impact on, reflecting the exact state of the franchise perfectly.
Spazzboy911 4 månader sedan
also the Borg Cube was down because of ST Voyager. unimatrix one was destroyed, there are no Borg because of Janeway
Star masterc
Star masterc 4 månader sedan
"Humans not allowed" A proof that the writers are real life Borg (progressives).
rogermurph101 4 månader sedan
I really liked this show right up until Seven was beamed aboard. Then I think the next episode is the Las Vegas like con job thing, which was really ridiculous. Then the whole, Daj is dead so now let’s do Soji, deal I found off-putting. Black chick (can’t remember her name) calling Picard “JL” was stupid, and she’s just now trying reconnect with her son after 15 years or whatever? That didn’t work, guess I’ll go with you guys and give out sage advice now. Meh. Hey, was ANYBODY fooled into thinking the Romulan killed that android, and not the Data colored Soji? Riker showing up at the end was pretty cool, but like you say, why all the same ship? Why not the Enterprise? Why just leave without checking on anybody? I did like the new design of the Romulan warbird. That was cool. And the new warp effect was good too. Seven is gay now. Can you say “pandering”? All in all, I hope Paramount sells Star Trek before they make a second season. This should just fade away quietly.
Talis Redstar
Talis Redstar 4 månader sedan
'Got to say i loved the show, and the moment when 7 of 9 said "We are Borg." I was kid teen again going aah shit here we go again. Part of me would of accepted if Picard died and stayed dead , but another part of me is happy the show is continuing. For me it felt like Star Trek, and yet new and different. So yeah I want to see more.
Pax Inviscis
Pax Inviscis 4 månader sedan
The worst thing about Picard If I was a more paranoid person, I would say that the "MONEY" is deliberately sabotaging the image of a utopian future where everyone is equal in opportunity with regards to education money and property.
wdrewjr 4 månader sedan
Optimist Prime
Optimist Prime 4 månader sedan
Did you do drugs before you did this?
GermanCarsRule 4 månader sedan
The more I think about it the more I hate Picard. It started as an interesting mystery but devolved into stupidity and was insufferably dark. Picard is a whiney apologetic old man, no trace of the decisive TNG guy left. Every single character is hard drinking, broken and despondent. Seven of nine while still looking good is completely changed with no explanation and gratuitously reoriented sexually. As hinted at, the writers had little to no knowledge of the franchise and also no respect. They took their dad’s Ferrari, got drunk and wrecked it. I will give season two a shot at redemption but I expect it will be the end. The writing stinks and I don’t like any of the characters including Picard.
Jesse Cervantes
Jesse Cervantes 4 månader sedan
Maybe Picard is all a Holo Novel by Barclay
KC Rotary
KC Rotary 4 månader sedan
The "Keep me informed Beverley" just got you a like and a sub sir. Hahahaha
Clifford V
Clifford V 4 månader sedan
After 3 episodes, I gave up on this piece of crap woke shit.
Oopsy Daisy
Oopsy Daisy 4 månader sedan
I thought it wasn't star trek at all. Not Gene's vision of the future at all. It was a very poorly made Mass effect series (disastrous) The first time I watched the Orville(1st episode) I recognised it as Star Trek more than any of the new stuff. This Picard series doesn't feel like Star Trek.
Wadel Radel
Wadel Radel 4 månader sedan
This summary is definitively better than the show (and I say this before having watched this video).
C Park
C Park 5 månader sedan
Let me preface this by saying a few things: There’s plenty to pick at Picard for. The lack of Lore, the tendency for the characters to be in a mystery while the audience isn’t really (basically the opposite of how the Watchmen series was made), etc. However I want to offer a perspective on things as a person who’s dealt with a developmental disorder that went undiagnosed until in to my 30’s: I think you caught half of the core thread running through the series (fear) but you missed something alongside a lot of the commentary on SElosk: The story is about mental illness and the effect it has on people. Think about it. All of the characters in Picard are suffering from some form of unresolved mental illness. Picard - “Why didn’t Picard check up on Raffi?” Serious clinical depression. Picard clearly understood that the Federation had bad actors in it (“Villains who twirl their moustaches”) he always *believed* in it and it actively abandoned 900,000,000 people to die for no reason besides fear. For someone who built their life on confidence in an institution to have them abandon their guiding principles and even abandoning him (by letting him retire instead of saving 900,000,000 people) that must have been absolutely devastating. I see Picard as a man who’s so wrapped up in his own depression that he’s literally just waiting to die because everything that gave his life meaning betrayed him. Then a girl walks in to his door and offers him a chance to redeem one of his saddest personal moments and it’s enough to galvanize him back. By the end of it he’s conquered his depression, accepted that Starfleet may not be the place for him anymore and seems set to explore life on his own terms again. Raffi - The gas-lit whistle blower. To me it’s clear that Raffi isn’t normal. It’s entirely possible I’m projecting but I know the feeling of seeing things differently than other people and being unable to communicate it. My brain literally isn’t wired in a neurotypical manner (I’m not better or worse - Just different) and I don’t think she is either. I wouldn’t go so far as to label her with a real life condition but she saw something, blew the whistle and then had it covered up so completely that even her *own son* thinks she’s crazy. The Zhat Vash literally used the rest of the world, including even her own family, to attempt to gas-light her in to looking the other way when she knows that 92,143 people were murdered. It cost her everything. Her social support network, her career and that left her with self-medicating through drugs which further isolated her from everything she needed to get herself back together. A whistle blower who had the highest people in the land attempting to discredit them in order to cover up their own abuses of power. Seems relevant these days, no? Rios - Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. It’s literally in his in-universe bio that he discharged for PTSD but really. The guy has this hero, a man he literally thinks of as his father, so he watches his ‘father’ appear to go insane and murder two innocent aliens then commit suicide by blowing his brains out in front of Rios. Rios then retreats, puts up a front of being “Han Rios-nolds, Captain of the Millennium Firefly” which is what Picard is seeing through. Think about what kind of choices Rios makes. He constantly does the right thing. He never turns down anyone in desperate need of help despite the risk to himself. Between his impeccably upkept ship and his constant heroism, forged under the tutelage of someone Picard refers to as ‘one of the best,’ means Picard was right. He’s Starfleet to the core. He’s also a victim of the Zhat Vash alongside everyone else. (Continued in the comments)
C Park
C Park 5 månader sedan
Agnes Jurati - Rape survivor with PTSD. Oh literally raped her mind. There’s no two ways about this. Oh reached out, literally touched Agnes without her consent and proceeded to pour in at least enough of the Admonition that a mild-meld with her was enough to receive the message. I take this to mean that Oh did a lot. Think about what the Admonition did to the women who received the message. It drove them so nuts the vast majority of them committed suicide on the spot and when one of them limped on after the trauma it was so horrific that the BORG COLLECTIVE ITSELF noped right the fuck outta that one when it assimilated that bit of distinctiveness. The Admonition was such a toxic bottomless pit of emotional chaos that the Borg collective had no confidence that it hadn’t yet assimilated a way to process that in a non-destructive way. Yet Agnes Jurati did and managed to get through it. An entire cabal of elite Romulan High Chief Boss Bitches couldn’t hack it but Agnes did. Sure she falls apart, but come on, it broke the Borg. Even Q would be impressed with that and I hope that he uses that to toss her some props for it while throwing shade at Picard when he shows up. Y’know a “Don’t worry Picard, I’m not her to put you back on trial. That one over there managed to impress the Continuum enough to proactively save your pathetic little species. Not even youuu could pull that off, Picard. [Towers over Agnes] It scared the Romulans enough that they sacrificed a billion lives and it even broke the Borg. You only killed one person before coming to your senses. Nicely done, Agnes Jurati. We’ll be watching you.” Wink. “What do you want, Q!?” What? I’m a Trek fan. Who doesn’t write some degree of fanfic in this fandom ffs. :P A brief aside: One of the things that Yuval Noah Harari lays out in his book Homo Deus the idea that biologists haven’t found the ‘free will’ part of the human brain. It appears that we’re all just a collection of either determinist or random algorithmic reactions. Provided they understand this element of psychology in the future I don’t think it’s so far-fetched that they’d view her as essentially having been drugged against her will. Someone literally poured in psychic fear-based intoxicants, provided no support for the trauma that was just inflicted on her and then pointed Agnes at a red herring (Maddox) saying “Killing him is the only thing to prevent everyone from having to live through this trauma that’s now breaking your mind.” Especially in the context of everyone having a working understanding of the Borg since all the crew are either former Borg/intelligence officers/first officers except for Elnor. Agnes hooked up with Rios: Yeah. She did. People who undergo the kind of trauma that leads to PTSD are famous for making terrible coping decisions. Within the context of Rios being an unresolved PTSD survivor himself it isn’t crazy that they would bond over it. They’re both people who’ve been damaged by trauma and there’s a bizarre solidarity that comes from being able to empathize with that. Hopefully they both come out of it better for this even if they don’t ultimately end up together. Elnor - He doesn’t have any particularly deep trauma that he hasn’t had good support with handling but can I say how much I love Elnor? He’s literally an action hero alien super-ninja who always speaks the truth and unabashedly lets himself feel his emotions when he needs to. He’s a personification of anti-toxic masculinity and I love him for it. When he and Seven split off I thought they wouldn’t be back but I was so hyped for a Seven/Elnor buddy cop show across the cosmos. I’d still be game for that. Seven - Do... Do I need to say anything here about he former Borg abducted as a child who tried to save people when Starfleet peaced out that was betrayed by a lover who butchered her son alive for money until she felt no other choice but to mercy kill said son? No? Okay, good. Riker / Troi - I’ll lump them together for simplicity: They’re both still grieving parents. Deanna even admits that she wants to do the right thing but is so terrified of losing her other child that she can’t. Riker doesn’t show any personality characteristics indicating he’s still grieving but by writing in the real-life changes to Jonathan Frakes they can suggest a lot about him based on his appearance. Now none of this is me trying to give Frakes a hard time for putting on a couple of pounds. You’re allowed to put on a couple of pounds in your mid 60’s it’s fine but Frakes had expressed some concern to coming back to the role. Given that Brent Spiner has explicitly expressed concerns about his appearance as he ages playing Data it isn’t crazy to imagine that part of Frakes concern is that doesn’t look like Will Riker looked like anymore. Will Riker was as Starfleet as they come. He was fit, and trim, with that ever-so-nautical beard of his. Frakes at 65+ just isn’t that anymore but by writing trauma in to the character’s family you can see why he’d go in to self-imposed retirement-exile: He’s hurting still and maybe is a little too fond of pizza as a coping mechanism. Even the villains are victims of PTSD. Self-inflicted harm? Clearly. But in that typical Romulan arrogance way they never stopped to ask what if it didn’t mean what their terrified and overloaded lizard brains are screaming it meant. Then because they didn’t process that trauma in a healthy way they literally put aside every other cause including saving a billion of their own people in an effort to do what the first thing that came to their minds. Picard is, in part, a story about what happens when an institution is manipulated by outside forces to push out all of the people with the kind of moral clarity to see through the corruption within the institution and a story about what damage happens when good people are cast aside like trash by formerly high-minded institutions they believed in. I think that’s what Patrick Stewart meant when he said they wanted this show to be relevant to the problems of today. Anyways, just my two... dollars. Definitely at least dollars there. Loved the video! Cheers!
reckneya 5 månader sedan
I asked Alex Kurtzman about the missing lore and the preservation of canon, and he told me he’d look into it. Season two; “Seven of Nine joins a group of Romulan space lesbians who together construct a huge Canon that fires copies of Data’s brother, Lore, onto its target.”
reckneya 5 månader sedan
Star Trash - Picard wars: “Hey, guess what, Star Trek fans; Data didn’t really die, hunger, poverty and possession have returned, the Federation is evil now, and Seven of Nine turns out to be a lesbian. We’re progressive!” “Wait, what’s that now? You don’t like the show? *WELL YOU MUST HATE LESBIANS THEN, YOU BASE DWELLING TRUMP SUPPORTER!”* “Oh, also; that guy who played that borg kid on Voyager who thought those things about Kevin Spacy weren’t true initially? We’re having his character brutally murdered, played by a different guy. Social justice!”
MrSkullHead1250 5 månader sedan
I've never seen the next generation lol. I have all of the original Star Trek series though. Those are awesome haha.
J K 5 månader sedan
Personally as a star trek fan myself, I like then new portrayal of star trek because it gives the opportunity to show that star trek is not just about exploration and diplomacy. Although with a milder rating DS9 did a good job with a darker portrayal with the dominion war. But with a TV-MA rating it gives way to more opportunities to go explore even darker areas of Starfleet. That's why I think that Discovery was wasted potential watered down with bad writing. Picard on the other hand started off as good and interesting with intriguing characters (except for the admiral that won't stop cussing she was just annoying). However the show went down the drain at the end for me. I think the series should just end there. Finally to those who think star trek found just follow a strict formula set by the original series, the franchise would have never made it passed series 3, because after a while, repetition gets boring. That's what killed the show 24.
Half-Life Scientist
Half-Life Scientist 4 månader sedan
J K If a series has to go against everything it stands for to continue, then the series should be allowed to end
F-zero91maru 5 månader sedan
That show is great and awesome sci fi fun action
BryanKeithCunningham 5 månader sedan
Watch on .75 speed.
firmak2 5 månader sedan
Now we all wait for Jeremy to review The Next Generation.
Callum Bush
Callum Bush 5 månader sedan
Obviously not a real Star Trek fan then!!
swissnor van zyl
swissnor van zyl 5 månader sedan
I had high hopes for Star Trek Picard. Unfortunately the show turned out to be pure diarrhea just like Star Trek Discovery (STD LOl). All jokes aside I thought they couldn't make a worse show that Discovery, but they managed to it with Star Trek Picard. Sir Patrick and Brent Spiner must have got some money to do Star Trek Picard because both men where seen as noted character actors who had successful careers and went out on a high after TNG and the movies and now I feel there acting credentials have suffered after been involved with Star Trek Picard. In my opinion they should have stayed well away from anything produced Michael Chabon and Akiva Goldsman as the two know nothing about Star Trek.
Maverick Christian
Maverick Christian 5 månader sedan
The "mysteries" was one thing I hated about this show because they didn't make sense. For example, Picard asks, "Why would the Romulans attack a fleet built expressly to rescue them?" _And we never got an answer._ Yes they wanted the Federation to ban synthetics, but since the fleet was going to rescue them, why not create a Federation Synth disaster somewhere else? Or wait until after the Romulan evacuation was finished?
Bobby C
Bobby C 5 månader sedan
They literally threw away 24th century sensibilities..... No reason given
Bobby C
Bobby C 5 månader sedan
They pissed all over Star Trek continuety. They took what they liked and thought they could use but abandoned what is already cannon, fuck them
Swoosh Swish
Swoosh Swish 5 månader sedan
wasnt the whole point of this supposed to be more TNG for the fans of TNG, so why do they want to be so different to trek and so much like bloody every other sci fi
takerdust 5 månader sedan
because they can peddle their poorly written action shows while using old characters of an existing profitable franchise.
Christopher B
Christopher B 5 månader sedan
Came to enjoy Picard bashing- left because the presenters hands waving around for no apparent reason.
Ronald Santos
Ronald Santos 5 månader sedan
Picard made me appreciate Discovery a lot more. So...that is one good thing. Thanks Picard.
Rob Petrie
Rob Petrie 5 månader sedan
Yes, the addition of swearing in this show is a little thing that reveals so much about the pitiful aspirations of the writers.
CC 5 månader sedan
Respect for the callout to The Inner Light and correctly labeling it one of the best TNG episodes ever.
andy c
andy c 5 månader sedan
Every Jeremy review. "Blah blah blah...Mass Effect..blah blah"
andy c
andy c 4 månader sedan
@Half-Life Scientist I would say at least 25 videos he mentions mass effect.
Half-Life Scientist
Half-Life Scientist 4 månader sedan
andy c When else has he ever mentioned Mass Effect?
catcharide56 5 månader sedan
Everyone here is bashing the show but I liked it, personally. I’ll say S1 of Picard was better than S1 of any other Star Trek show.
chadrageus 5 månader sedan
Just watch The Expanse.
besorgter Burger
besorgter Burger 5 månader sedan
Apparently, Kirk was wrong. Ending up an admiral isn't the worst thing that can happen to a Starfleet captain. Ending up on a TV show like this is a lot worse.
Márton Ovád
Márton Ovád 5 månader sedan
There is an other thing that kinda breaks the mold: I don't think smoking was ever portrayed in Star Trek before (except in time travel stuff and holodecks). But here there are 2 smokers. Before this it looked like smoking was not a thing by the 24th (or even the 22nd) century.
Michael Kenwell
Michael Kenwell 5 månader sedan
Essentially it was 'Star Trek: Blade Runner' Alex Kurtzman is such a pathetic hack of a producer LOL
Dragonrabbit 5 månader sedan
I borg was always my favorite TNG episode. And this show wasn't all bad but dear god why did you have to rip off the worst part of mass effect 3?! It makes no sense. That and I took them killing off Hugh and Icheb surprisingly personally.
SebSenseGreen 5 månader sedan
Someone finds some kind of "beacon" somewhere on a planet and gets information downloaded into their brains when touching it that they can't understand because it wasn't meant for them and then proceed to discover its from a race of "infinite" AIs that created a cycle of eradication of all organic life because organic life will always create artificial life that will want to wipe all organic life... so better wipe all organic life before they create artificial life. Turns out they created a conduit to call the ancient AIs back for the extermination cycle and the AIs tries to open it so they can destroy all organic life again... Not Mass Effect trilogy plot at all... not at all.
Coffee Lover
Coffee Lover 5 månader sedan
So...Coming from someone who actually is now watching TNG (yeah spoilers in Picard but my parents grew up on it and I don't mind lol) My biggest thing from the show was asking "what was the point?" Picard is sick and dies, but is revived and everyone is all good. Doesn't have an impact, so what was the point in that? One of the android daughter things tried to have the other androids turn on Picard but that situation with her is resolved next episode. As you mentioned, blonde chick kills her boyfriend who looks like he could be her grandpa and that seems the be dropped by the end. The whole main conflict of synthetics is resolved at the end of Season 1 and it felt more like a show finale which is weird. If there is no consequences to actions like these, why have them happen in the first place??
longbowslo 5 månader sedan
So, I guess most star trek (and star wars) fans that are now adult, find these new versions too fast, too packed with action and plot (which is after all just talking - and yet he talks at like 300 words/second) to follow... It's not the episodes and films that got faster, it's you that got slower and it's called GETTING OLD :) :) )
longbowslo 5 månader sedan
@Diggnuts Yeah, I'll have a look asap. Although it'll be hard to judge, I think I still know most of TNG by heart :) It's funny though that I really liked ST: Enterprise even though I'm a sad minority in it... Liked the pioneer spirit sorta like Serenity but within ST universe..
Diggnuts 5 månader sedan
TNG was good when I was a kid and it is good now. I'm pretty sure that STD and STP would be unwatchable for my 12 year old self as it is today. It just is very poorly put together and severely lacking in anything of substance or merit.
Mike R.
Mike R. 5 månader sedan
Shit Trek, no thank you!
Alex Mikal
Alex Mikal 5 månader sedan
I love Star Trek Picard and Discovery. If they werent so awful, Id never find out about The Expanse
Matt Claridge
Matt Claridge 5 månader sedan
I felt like this show did not have enough plot to justify a whole season. So much filler and too many scenes riding the nostalgia factor. Every interaction with a new character has an extra 2 mins of "Oh my gosh its Picard, oh your so cool, oh wow" snooze fest.
Michelle Schaefer
Michelle Schaefer 5 månader sedan
How about y'all read the book
TheTinman109 5 månader sedan
Relics is my favorite TNG episode. Also anyone else laugh that the holographic engineer was Scottish? Maybe a nod to Scottie?
Mfundo Nkosi
Mfundo Nkosi 5 månader sedan
The Orville has claimed the soul of Star Trek.
Mfundo Nkosi
Mfundo Nkosi 5 månader sedan
Star Trek Picard was poor. I literally enjoyed Season 2 of Discovery more. (And that says a lot.) Only thing worse than Picard was Discovery season 1.
Bessie Hillum
Bessie Hillum 5 månader sedan
The whole thing sounds fucking cucked and retarded.
Some One
Some One 5 månader sedan
We all know the ending. Q pops up on Picards deathbed and says, "Wild few decades get my old friend"
Danny C
Danny C 5 månader sedan
12:45 starts channeling Kermit the frog >
Devin Reese
Devin Reese 5 månader sedan
no romulan brow ridges?
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