Star Wars: The Clone Wars - FINAL Season (My Thoughts) 

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Star Wars: Clone Wars has wrapped up! Here are my thoughts of the final season, as well as my thoughts on Clone Wars as a whole.
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8 maj 2020



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mohamed merzouk
mohamed merzouk 2 dagar sedan
my chemical romance
Raúl Eduardo Alarcón Molina
Anakin did bring balance to the force... it was asoka
Jose Lopez
Jose Lopez 13 dagar sedan
I ugly cried...
Tokiofritz 20 dagar sedan
I can't help thinking this was Dave Filoni saying it's not only the end of Clone Wars, but the end of Star Wars, at least the Star Wars that once was. Damn, I would have so loved to see him oversee the Disney trilogy.
Nightfall 26 dagar sedan
@4:34 You are killing it! LOL!
Rocket & Groot
Rocket & Groot 27 dagar sedan
*The ending depressed me.* *And ruin my whole day cuz now I can't stop thinking about it*
Johnny Johnn
Johnny Johnn Månad sedan
Needs a prequel season taking place straight after episode 2 than it will fit perfectly
Spooky Boyy
Spooky Boyy Månad sedan
Painful...to...watch Rip at less than half way
Aric Eades
Aric Eades 2 månader sedan
Star Wars was on Cartoon Network when I was pretty little and I loved it because it was badass Star Wars shit goin on I appreciate it so much more now that I’ve rewatched it as I got older
Prof. E
Prof. E 2 månader sedan
I wonder if that's why Lucas pushed for this show so much, it was a chance to show more depth in anakin, his disagreement with the jedi and how he cozyd more with the military leadership like tarkin and of course his attachment issues. He just couldn't do it in 3 movies, they're pretty packed
BootySnatcher 420
BootySnatcher 420 2 månader sedan
3:05 that’s because Ray motion capture for the fight ☺️
91plm 2 månader sedan
i want spin up movie on Rex :(
FalseMatrix 2 månader sedan
ahsoka is just the best star wars character. Period.
Command_Unit 2 månader sedan
Mundi was actually hit from the back by the droids...
SvenStereo 2 månader sedan
It's an anthology. They can tack on a season eight that rounds out what they had actually planned for season seven and literally nobody would complain.
Sidharth Eleswarapu
Sidharth Eleswarapu 2 månader sedan
Can I just watch Season 7 of Clone Wars without watching the previous 6 seasons?
Vandicoup 2 månader sedan
Well, I loved the “cheesy” intros. They were spectacular and felt just as epic as the opening crawls, if not more so. They were booming, fun and always foreshadowed that something “big” was about to come in the episode. I always loved that about the intros! Plus, Tom Kane was pretty damn great as the Narrator, Yoda & Yularen!
Vandicoup 2 månader sedan
Jeremy, cheesy or not, those intros were part of the old adventure serials back in the day that George envisioned when creating Star Wars and of course, TCW.
Hrishi Issac
Hrishi Issac 2 månader sedan
The clone wars is star wars at its best
Ludicrous Arts
Ludicrous Arts 3 månader sedan
Just finished watching it. Man what a good ending. Makes me want to watch rebels. It really made you feel for the characters. I wish they used the same team behind the show for the movies. They would have turned out better.
Like Ya Cut G
Like Ya Cut G 3 månader sedan
They are making a new series called the Bad Batch.
Yoelvis Fuentes
Yoelvis Fuentes 3 månader sedan
DO A REVIEW ON “LOST”!!🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙌🏼
U13- Studios
U13- Studios 3 månader sedan
LOL yeah they motion captured ray a arks for the actual fight scene checkout the BTS really good to see the actual death maul fighting after so many year, and funny enough when I watched it for the first time I said mail moves just like ray and it was actually him.
NotSoGoodDream 3 månader sedan
Dude that lightsaber fight was so FUCKING SMOOOOTH AGHHH.
usc trojans1987
usc trojans1987 3 månader sedan
Clone Wars Season 7 Bad Batch Arc: Remember everything you loved about the show? Martez Sisters Arc: Me neither. Siege Of Mandalore Arc: Psych!
Tiberius Olson
Tiberius Olson 3 månader sedan
Thank you clone wars for the 1313 easter egg
Aaron Bonogofsky
Aaron Bonogofsky 3 månader sedan
Don't forget when Maul went all out on Clone Troopers. I never thought I'd get a scene where the force is used like that since Disney took over. In Filoni we trust.
Tie Dye Manatee
Tie Dye Manatee 3 månader sedan
Dont skip Any episodes!
Chrizz R
Chrizz R 3 månader sedan
I agree anakin kind of likes Asoka more than padmae but I think it is because she is more of a daughter figure.
General Grievous
General Grievous 3 månader sedan
THE REASON why Ahsoka got through Order 66, while Ki Ad-Mundi was overwhelmed is simple. Ahsoka had a lot of experience with clones turning on her! In the Genosis arc, the clones--infected with mind-controlling worms--tried to kill Ahsoka and Barriss. Again in Season 5, Ahsoka was framed as a traitor for bombing the Jedi temple, and the clones were hunting her down. That's my explanation for it at least.
rob slack
rob slack 2 månader sedan
I like that Rex intervening essentially gave Ashoka a moment to prepare for the attack. And she had a position on the ship where she could get away from the initial ambush, much as Yoda did. (And baby Kanan for that matter). The Jedi in more exposed positions got screwed. As for Obi-Wan, he is just too good to be killed like that!
General Grievous
General Grievous 2 månader sedan
@Brandon Coomar Of course, that's the immediate cause. I was just kinda talking long-term.
Brandon Coomar
Brandon Coomar 2 månader sedan
She was also saved by Rex in those first few seconds when order 66 was initiated
General Grievous
General Grievous 3 månader sedan
Sorry to nitpick, but the show's called Star Wars: THE Clone Wars. Star Wars: Clone Wars without the "The" is a 2D cartoon from 2003.
Wolfgang 644
Wolfgang 644 16 dagar sedan
I swear that show needs alot more love tbh, like the animation is very beautiful with lots and lots of action
Jeremya Ford
Jeremya Ford 3 månader sedan
I actually skipped the asokah smuggler plot but this season was so fucking good
Nicolas Cardillo
Nicolas Cardillo 3 månader sedan
According to Rumors Lucas Film is discussing creating an Else-World story time. I guess that in a later seasons of "The Mandalorian" something will happen in the Star Wars Rebels 4x13 "A World Between Worlds" and create a new story line erasing the latest Star Wars Trilogy Movies Episode 7-9, Flashpoint or Quantum realm (MCU) style.
NoseBlind 3 månader sedan
4:30 its actually funny because Legend of Korra, the sequel series to Avatar The Last Airbender LITERALLY does that before every episode
Gym Zilla
Gym Zilla 3 månader sedan
I want more clone wars 😭
Great Theme Edits
Great Theme Edits 3 månader sedan
I still would’ve liked to see what happened to asajj ventress. They have a bunch of arcs on SElosk, like utapau, and they showed boba killing cad bane, so at the very least we got an idea of what went on there, but I feel like the one loose end of the series is what happened to asajj ventress
Paul C
Paul C 3 månader sedan
Read the dark disciple book. Great read but very tragic for ventress. Also features Quinlan Voss. If you dont want to read it, there are summaries of what happened done by star wars youtubers.
Bruce Blackwell
Bruce Blackwell 4 månader sedan
This season could of done without all of the Ahsoka and sisters story...i had to start skipping
Omotayo Farinre
Omotayo Farinre 4 månader sedan
There is no boring episode for me in clone wars, I'd watch it all again.. Don't care for rebels though
Trevor Phillips
Trevor Phillips 4 månader sedan
I'll always appreciate Clone Wars for making Maul a fully formed 3 dimensional character. If it wasn't for Anakin, Maul would be Star Wars' most tragic character. They gave him so much depth, while keeping him a badass.
fiucik1 4 månader sedan
I simply loved what they did with Maul in this season. He's like this damaged war veteran, who starts to realize the terror that's about to happen. He's haunted, sure, he's still a villain, but's so much tragic and terryfied. The way he speaks "Darth Sidious" is just amazing. You can really tell how much he's scared of his former master.
Parsa Dolatabadi
Parsa Dolatabadi 4 månader sedan
Why riddler 😂
Sam Cooper
Sam Cooper 4 månader sedan
Honestly, watching the last episodes of The Clone Wars, my jaw was dropped the whole time. I haven't been so emotionally invested in anything Star Wars related since Revenge of the Sith in the cinema when I was 6 years old. This show literally made me feel like a kid again.
Jonnny Ren
Jonnny Ren 4 månader sedan
One thing is absolutely clear. Ahsoka Tano has grown up to become one of the best characters in Star Wars, my favorite female Jedi after Satele Shan and probably my favorite Prequel character. I grew up seeing her on Christophsis for the first time and from then on up to Season 3 I thought she's just a Padawan for Anakin but as Season 4 and Season 5 came along and then Season 7 I knew she would be destined for something greater. I really can't wait for Ahsoka to appear on Season 2 of The Mandalorian.
Vishal Reddy
Vishal Reddy 4 månader sedan
Don't get me wrong Im grateful they finished it but I hope they end up doing the story reels they made and show what happened with Maul and Palpatine
Lasagna198 4 månader sedan
That Jurassic Park analogy was amazing considering these are my two favorite franchises
Darduel 4 månader sedan
6:40 In my head canon ahsoka doesn't survive that.. only reason she and maul survive this episode is because they already brought them back for rebels and couldn't kill them off
ERA The Kid
ERA The Kid 4 månader sedan
antimatterdragon321 4 månader sedan
I haven't watched the original trilogy. When it comes to Star Wars, Clone Wars to me is what the original trilogy is to other people.
antimatterdragon321 4 månader sedan
I 100% agree with your evaluation of this season. Season 7 started off meh and ended like HOLY SHIT. Rex and Rambo arc was okay-ish. The writing was just... bleh. Like BRUH what happened to "don't drag us into your war" and how did that go to "oh cool you got half our village slaughtered by giant mechs while we only had sticks for weapons but you know we still like you guys." The Martez sisters... they were not characters. They were copy paste stereotypes used as plot device to move Ahsoka around. Mandalore and Order 66 tho... damn. Clone Wars had 2 amazing finales. The original in season 5 and the new finale in season 7. Season 7 finale did the series justice.
Cameron W
Cameron W 4 månader sedan
Wait... Did you just quote Moebius from Legacy of Kain at the end there?? Please tell me you were quoting it for a little personal inside joke, because it makes you giggle inside, and not because you were trying to pawn it off as your own quote. Option A would endear you to me so, so much, and option B would be...disappointing.
Razh 80
Razh 80 4 månader sedan
Jeremy the broadcast voice was a homage to flash Gordon and Saturday cartoons that Lucas grew up watching
Carlo Bissolotti
Carlo Bissolotti 4 månader sedan
What a finale, my heart broke and I can't hold all the feels, man, give Dave Filoni supervision of everything Star Wars
Lucas 4 månader sedan
Nice Batman Forever reference
mikey sandoval
mikey sandoval 4 månader sedan
And another thing to keep into account is that the order 66 spanned month maybe a year
naybur74 4 månader sedan
i loved it,but still can't understand how they missed some things like use the force to sense things,there are a lot of times people were keeping stuff from others,and they could have used there force to sense some one was lying,especially Anakin,and obi 1,there were times where obi could have sensed more change in his behavior,except he would just call him out on it.
AtomicSuperMe 4 månader sedan
I was in 2nd grade when clone wars came out. I was a Star Wars fan already, but my first experience of the prequels was really through that show. That show really made me a fan and watching it over the years was great. I loved this final season and the finale was better than I could’ve expected This is one thing where if Disney didn’t buy lucasfilms it wouldn’t be this good. We would’ve gotten it sooner probably, but it definitely would not have been as good
Nathan De Jesus
Nathan De Jesus 4 månader sedan
That IS a fair amount of Jedi mullet 👍🏾
BatSTUD 4 månader sedan
The last four episodes are the best Star Wars since the Empire Strikes Back.
Marina Relvas
Marina Relvas 4 månader sedan
genuinely so happy to see jeremy with the saber and not the mug in the thumbnail
Augustin Kadende
Augustin Kadende 4 månader sedan
Follow me on Instagram, I'm an aspiring model: augustin.kadende
Austin White
Austin White 4 månader sedan
I really don't think any tv series could fix the monumental plot holes in the sequel trilogy.
Marius Elgohary
Marius Elgohary 4 månader sedan
Low-key Star Wars: The Clone Wars is the best part of Star Wars
Richard Paolotto
Richard Paolotto 4 månader sedan
This show is so fucking boring and overrated asf. The Mandalorian was better so was the sequel trilogy it’s my opinion so don’t give me any shit if you don’t agree
Chinedu Opara
Chinedu Opara 4 månader sedan
To Anakin, Ahsoka was a comrade and dear friend. Padme was just a baby machine.
TheLivingGrapefruit 4 månader sedan
The last like 5 minutes were so masterfully done
Memnoch DaDevil
Memnoch DaDevil 4 månader sedan
Clone Wars also made me change my mind about the sudden change of Anakin's mindset from ROTS... before that show I saw him as a whiny emo teen! But as you said and I completely agree, CW has shown us his constant evolution towards the Dark Side.
BirdLaw 101
BirdLaw 101 4 månader sedan
Rebels > Clone Wars, change my mind.
Zachary Williams
Zachary Williams 4 månader sedan
I would say that the last 4 episodes are the only ones you need to see. This season just kind of felt like it was wasting time until the final 4. I felt like the first 4 were complete wastes of time there was almost nothing in them I liked story wise. The next 4 conceptually I like you do need to show what was going on with Ashoka after she leaves the order, but yeah 4 episodes with these 2 kind of bland characters and running around on Kessel. Yeah boring as hell it does remind me of Solo which imo is the worst of these new Disney owned Star Wars movies, and ranks pretty low in my overall ranking of the movies. The final 4 yeah I don’t know why they didn’t just release it as a like hour and a half long special on Disney+.
Fernando Giubilei
Fernando Giubilei 4 månader sedan
It's easy to see why Ahsoka survives the Clone's attack, Rex shows that you can resist the control a little, and all of her troops loved her, shown by them painting their helmets. They weren't fighting at %100 against her.
the typical life of cousins
5:47 I love the Obi-Wan impression
Grudgge daive
Grudgge daive 4 månader sedan
That Legacy of Kain : Soul Reaver reference got me gud man. Maybe this one deserves to get the conclusion it deserves too, as Clone Wars did ^^
Matt Babineau
Matt Babineau 4 månader sedan
Fun fact: part of the reason Maul looks like Ray Park here might be that Ray Park actually did some motion capture work on these last episodes.
Righteous Greek
Righteous Greek 5 månader sedan
2:35 nice Harley Quinn reference
Rm16 5 månader sedan
the last four episodes of the series are one word : Special
Disney's Inquisitor
Disney's Inquisitor 5 månader sedan
Jeremy, you actually look like DJ from TLJ.
magnuskno 5 månader sedan
"... and then it *doessss*". Great delivery on that line!
Rory MacRae
Rory MacRae 5 månader sedan
Can someone explain the “Rebels reference” Jeremy was on about?
Captain Jakemerica
Captain Jakemerica 5 månader sedan
Gosh a great season so glad it got this ending damn near perfect!!!
caesars boygus
caesars boygus 5 månader sedan
Biggest problem, they disneyified it, which means, the first 4 episodes were pretty comedic, didnt enjoy it
Orc Warboss72
Orc Warboss72 5 månader sedan
"An animated series that could flesh out the sequel movies" I don't think so. The prequels may have had some problems but there were gaps. The Sequels have MAJOR problems aka, huge holes that will take more work than it is worth to fill. Prequels had awesome stories to begin with that just needed a little bit more.
Orc Warboss72
Orc Warboss72 5 månader sedan
I remember seeing Clone Wars when it first came out on CN. I was only 10 years old and I did not hate the prequels. I loved the prequels and understood it as a kid.
Jim Campbell
Jim Campbell 5 månader sedan
05:15 - I love your visual for the time lines !!!
DaredevilMoon 5 månader sedan
One of the best things I’ve seen on a TV
Spicy Noodles
Spicy Noodles 5 månader sedan
Pretty sure those Voice intros were supposed to simulate what World War 2 was like back at home with the radio broadcast cus after all Star Wars is literally WW2 but in space
legostmoeliot 5 månader sedan
"Anakin is closer to Ashoka than Padme"- ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ...... FBI open up
fireresq7 5 månader sedan
What are you refering to at 6:45?
ilejovcevski79 5 månader sedan
After finally getting to watch this (i was a bit late as i had to go through the other 6 seasons to refresh my memory.....yes ALL of the episodes), i begin to wonder........ maybe it should have always been made in this format you know. I mean the prequels. As a TV show, with enough runtime to handle all the exposition and character development.
LeftFaceKing 5 månader sedan
went full Bill Cosby 3:13
Shadow of Dread
Shadow of Dread 5 månader sedan
Everyone: “Star Wars is at an all time low. Disney’s movies are garbage, the sequels suck and ruined the OT, and EA controls the video games. There is no way Star Wars can recover and come out with anything good.” John Favreau and Dave Filoni: “Hold our beers and watch this!” *Gives us The Mandalorian and Clone Wars season 7*
Jordan B
Jordan B 4 månader sedan
Joey Cook I’m playing it right now!
Captainpep 4 månader sedan
I just glad that they gave us hope for the future, y’know
Shadow of Dread
Shadow of Dread 4 månader sedan
Joey Cook I’ve never played it personally but true. I heard it was good
Joey Cook
Joey Cook 4 månader sedan
Don’t you dare forget Jedi: Fallen Order
James Alcorn
James Alcorn 5 månader sedan
People love this series like crazy but still claim RoS is a bad movie?
Estefano Reano
Estefano Reano 5 månader sedan
Honestly those episodes with the Martez sisters were the MOST BORING POINTLESS episodes in all of Clone Wars. I understand picking up where Ahsoka is and doing after leaving the council but did they have to do those episodes so pointless like we probably could’ve gotten the full order 66 scenes with all those pointless episodes. The last 4 episodes were the BEST THING from Star Wars from Maul being terrified by Sidious from getting Order 66 once again being emotional as ever and saving Rex.
Victor Kuhn
Victor Kuhn 5 månader sedan
I seem to be the only one that didn't like the Bad Batch Only one kinda seemed experimental (big strong dumb guy) I wish would have seen more of order 66
Austen Hilton
Austen Hilton 5 månader sedan
i would like to see them do the unfinished episodes because there was a lot of good material and content in them and it'd be a shame for it to not be fully released
Craig Spencer
Craig Spencer 5 månader sedan
Like that pause when Jay speculated if there would be a cartoon series that will redeem the hot mess the Sequels were... 😶 🦗 👍🏽
Bruce H
Bruce H 5 månader sedan
Does anyone have a link for a good watching order?
Armando 5 månader sedan
Ahsoka Tano is the best character in the Star Wars universe.
Juju Bean
Juju Bean 5 månader sedan
What I love about Clone Wars: Anakin's character development, character development for the clones, Ahsoka and her importance in the series, Obi-Wan looks bad ass in clone armor, all the fight sequences, and Darth Maul because... Darth Maul
Army1601 5 månader sedan
Someones been watching the new Harley Quinn show.... lol so good
CheekySchnoodle 5 månader sedan
I do want them to do the dark disciple arc. The only character that still has loose ends in visual media is Asaaj Ventress and I feel that would be cool to see on screen. Reading it now and its some good stuff. And before anyone comes at me with "oh but its Canon so it shouldn't matter how it consumed" they retconned the Ashoka novel with the last 4 episodes of season 7.
Lindsey Horist
Lindsey Horist 5 månader sedan
Wow! You imitate the announcer perfectly.
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