Star Wars: Duel of the Fates - Mirror Universe Review 

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Once again we travel to an alternate reality to see a review of the Star Wars Episode 9 that we never got. Here's the Mirror Universe review for STAR WARS: EPISODE 9 - DUEL OF THE FATES!
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4 maj 2020



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Kevin Fanning
Kevin Fanning Dag sedan
God, early 2020 Jeremy looks nothing like present Jeremy
Nicholas Pruitt
Nicholas Pruitt 2 dagar sedan
I CANNOT BELIEVE how much better this movie sounds than Rise of Skywalker. Whoa.
Steve Rogers
Steve Rogers 5 dagar sedan
>Rose and Finn having justice to their arcs. >Rey and Kylo training with the ghosts of their ancestors. >The setting ending where the first episode takes place. Holy shit, take my money!!!
sherd19gmail 11 dagar sedan
I would say Jeremy jahns episode 9 script is ...... Awesometacular
CheshireKat 13 dagar sedan
Nothing can fix Episode 8... nothing...
Patrick Winters
Patrick Winters 16 dagar sedan
Can we just take a moment to appreciate Jeremy’s ability to act, even if it’s as himself? I feel like if anyone else did a video like this there’d be so much more “*wink, wink* see what I did there?” This just sounds like another one of Jeremy’s reviews, done in his fashion and speaking patterns. Bravo, man.
Gamer Gator
Gamer Gator 17 dagar sedan
Why do I love this video so much?
Rylee Trudel
Rylee Trudel 28 dagar sedan
18:29 yeah that would be very weird if they did that XD
Atley Richardson
Atley Richardson Månad sedan
Disney SERIOUSLY should release the cut for this movie like the justice leauge directors cut.
John de Visser
John de Visser Månad sedan
Dark saber in the Mandalorian.....hahhahha yes sir
ELI Månad sedan
this is so fucking good that even after the intro....still looked this up to see if any of it was real😭
Teun de Heer
Teun de Heer Månad sedan
Personally, I'm still holding out for the RedLetterMedia predictions video version of the film.
Teun de Heer
Teun de Heer Månad sedan
Anyone else notice the Binks name drop during the final battle? Also making Mount Sorrow officially Canon, very gutsy. Though I did find the reveal that Plagueis was Finn's grandfather a bit of a stretch. How many Force kids did that old perv make?
Nelson Hooper
Nelson Hooper Månad sedan
So in alternate reality the advertising for Force awakens was actually correct by showing Ray using a staff saber? Always wondered what was up with that
Morgan Szymanski
Morgan Szymanski Månad sedan
I've read the script and it's truly perfect for this trilogy. Why Disney? WHY YOU DO THIS TO US?
MikoDraw Månad sedan
Alright Jeremy, now that we have that intro-give a review of classic and new Twilight Zone. Do it.
the killer gonk droid
Release this movie. And i will forget about the last jedi.
Rick Quick
Rick Quick Månad sedan
Coming soon to Disney + Episode 9 the Trevaro cut.
guki Månad sedan
That’s so sad..... I want to live in that universe
Savon 58
Savon 58 Månad sedan
The Star Wars we deserved
Zach Mitchek
Zach Mitchek Månad sedan
I’m so confused. Was this not an animation that was actually made?? Or was he just reviewing the script or something? I’m confused.
Harley Krueger
Harley Krueger Månad sedan
tfs gaming
smackyhead 2 månader sedan
I heard that George Lucas and Mark Hamill gonna direct episode 10, rise of skywalker. Wonder what that would be like
Pink Sleeve
Pink Sleeve 2 månader sedan
After being able read the script for Duel Of The Fates. I have no reason to ever see The Rise Of Skywalker.
arwenruggles 2 månader sedan
Mara Jade SHOULD be cannon darnit!!! That drove me CRAZY that they had Luke be a complete hermit. So frustrating for fans of the novels, lol not that i didn’t like rey but....STILL! Lol
Jennifer E. Pergola
Jennifer E. Pergola 2 månader sedan
This version sounds pretty good - love the artwork!
Josh Gravitt
Josh Gravitt 2 månader sedan
Yea, after hearing Jenny Nicholson's review of the script I don't think it would be any better.
Caleb Lail
Caleb Lail 2 månader sedan
This has been in my watch later for forever, I’m here tho. Also, those Fanatic glasses are great
Manic 2 månader sedan
What I love about this is the movie he made up is not the best movie of all time. It's just good. Not amazing.
Cody Peters
Cody Peters 2 månader sedan
In a world where donald trump wasn't president of the United States. We may of had a different episode 9.
Jack Brouse
Jack Brouse 2 månader sedan
I do like duel of the fates but I don’t like that they tried to continue the last Jedi because the last Jedi was just horrible but duel of the fates would have been cool but the rise of skywalker was legendary
Ryan Peters
Ryan Peters 2 månader sedan
Why oh why was I shown what could've been?! This story would've been soooo good 😭👍
Hannah K
Hannah K 2 månader sedan
That sarcasm at the end gave me LIFE
Count Dracula
Count Dracula 3 månader sedan
Another cool alternate universe review is the one where instead of making Willow, a movie with clear Lord of The Rings influence, Ron Howard and George Lucas instead straight up made the LOTR trilogy back in the 80's. Starring Warwick Davis as Frodo, and Val Kilmer as Aragorn. It's interesting to think of what that movie would look/be like.
Your Favorite Vampire Succubus
Not bringing up Bosk returning to help the Resistance? Shame
Bankerlang Sohtun
Bankerlang Sohtun 3 månader sedan
Fans should start a petition to force Disney to let Colin shoot this movie...
Mariana Camargo
Mariana Camargo 3 månader sedan
if duel of the fates is literally several years after the last jedi, disney could do the movie in like 8 years from now as alternative ending. maybe the snydercut release will show to the studios that re releasing a movie its not a bad idea
420Yusha69 3 månader sedan
This would take too much budget
Daniel Diaz
Daniel Diaz 3 månader sedan
You need to make more Mirror Universe Reviews!
My Name and also some Numbers
Has anyone else been on a marathon of all of Jeremy's post-Disney purchase Star Wars videos and watching his gradual disenchantment with the franchise?
Coffee_ Mug
Coffee_ Mug 3 månader sedan
so like.... did someone get rid of all the bodies in the jedi temple or were they just left to decompose??
Brandon Coomar
Brandon Coomar 2 månader sedan
They were burned in front of a group civilians
Alex Vallejo
Alex Vallejo 3 månader sedan
I'm watching this again, because I just watched Rise of Skywalker again unfortunately. So wish Duel of the Fates had been made instead. ROS is such a mess.
Shinndig 129
Shinndig 129 3 månader sedan
This guy has just become a complete sad whiner at this point.
NEMESIS T-TYPE 3 månader sedan
At least they didnt bring Palpatine back, that would be fucking stupid
Dragon Slayer
Dragon Slayer 3 månader sedan
8:05 - because he made it into his palace
Eleazar Jarman
Eleazar Jarman 3 månader sedan
Shane Cadden
Shane Cadden 3 månader sedan
After 40+ years Duel of the Fates will be my ending. ROS was a one and done watch, sadly.
lakshay r.
lakshay r. 3 månader sedan
At 0:17 who thought jeremy was looking just like as el professor from money heist hit like
Leonay Studios
Leonay Studios 3 månader sedan
Jeremy's Remote guy reminds me of Professor Professorson from Community
Constructive Criticism
Constructive Criticism 3 månader sedan
Can we go to this alternate reality? Please?
Sohaib Sana'an
Sohaib Sana'an 3 månader sedan
there is a script online for people wondering
Sohaib Sana'an
Sohaib Sana'an 3 månader sedan
all i see is a broken man
Zamasu did 911
Zamasu did 911 4 månader sedan
Rey is basically the John Cena of Star Wars.
Billy McCarthy
Billy McCarthy 4 månader sedan
Honestly with Zack Snyder finally getting his Justice League our, Maybe this movie has a chance at being made. I’m down for it.
The ComicBook Fan
The ComicBook Fan 4 månader sedan
Difference is Justice League was already filmed. DOTF never went into production sadly 😪
Departed Reflections
Departed Reflections 4 månader sedan
this was really clever
Aiden L.
Aiden L. 4 månader sedan
This was too real Jeremy..
carealoo744 4 månader sedan
I'm bringing his mirror-universe review... There's only 2...
Jamie Sandersfield
Jamie Sandersfield 4 månader sedan
This hurts
CODeReDX 4 månader sedan
Someone make this movie
Sirc Pagaran
Sirc Pagaran 4 månader sedan
Watched this too many times because it would have been awesome if they actually did this instead of the hot garbage we got. -_- Kylo Ren as Sephiroth for the win
ReesePlaysGamez 4 månader sedan
I can't believe that they made an entire other script that would have saved the trilogy and they still went with the Palpatine bull shit. Unbelievable.
The ComicBook Fan
The ComicBook Fan 4 månader sedan
Well if they had used this script, Diseny would have basically admitted they fucked up, since this was written by Collin Trevorrow and he got fired 3 months before TLJ came out
sam wareham turner
sam wareham turner 4 månader sedan
Love that alternate universe roast of our universe. Genius!
Marc Finkbeiner
Marc Finkbeiner 4 månader sedan
Wow... Just wow... I’m speechless.
Scott Young
Scott Young 4 månader sedan
I liked rise of skywalker but this one sounded a little better, maybe trevorrow should get another chance?
Mark Aitken Guitar
Mark Aitken Guitar 4 månader sedan
Who do I have to Kill to have this movie made
Thomas Bolt
Thomas Bolt 4 månader sedan
What happened? Kathleen Kennedy and Rian Johnson
Driscoll Danders
Driscoll Danders 4 månader sedan
The Last Jedi was detrimental for both versions. It set up nothing and ended as it’s own story. In the second part of a trilogy and the penultimate episode of an epic nine-part saga, why would you do that?
Zak 4 månader sedan
Why does Kylo have to turn good he would be so much better being completely evil
RookieDrifter 4 månader sedan
2 things, mostly just addressing questions you had in the review regarding lore 1. Obi-Wan could do that to Vader, and did, right after Vader struck him down. It was in a comic, though. He like asked him if it was all worth it and called him Anakin and Vader yelled at him to not say that name because Anakin was weak so he had to kill him. 2. Palpatine didn't burn the Jedi Temple to the ground because after he had Vader and all his clone bois clear it out and whatnot, he moved in and made it his own private castle on the surface of Coruscant
Disney Boy
Disney Boy 4 månader sedan
When did you first go to an alternative reality.
Kim Bertsch
Kim Bertsch 4 månader sedan
05:00 12:43 18:05
Jack Marshall
Jack Marshall 4 månader sedan
😥i want to see it.
Kylo Ren?
Kylo Ren? 4 månader sedan
I really like both versions of Ep 9
Jonathan Getachew
Jonathan Getachew 5 månader sedan
I am so confused
brett norris
brett norris 5 månader sedan
Well that was depressing.
HeyItsABird 5 månader sedan
I’m so upset now
RUSS BROWN 5 månader sedan
Steven Sorace
Steven Sorace 5 månader sedan
Oh yeah, we were robbed.
Logan Clare
Logan Clare 5 månader sedan
I saw it loved it, almost as goods as Snyder's Justice league
Matthew Gaudet
Matthew Gaudet 5 månader sedan
Luke Skywalker being a ghost training Rey is still better than what we got. Instead we got slightly less grumpy Jake Skywalker's ghost.
KA-BLAMO! Studios
KA-BLAMO! Studios 5 månader sedan
We need more vids like this
somemysteriousguy 5 månader sedan
Do mirror universe for X-men origins wolverine
Claudia James
Claudia James 5 månader sedan
We were cheated out of a good end to the trilogy
ryebread618 5 månader sedan
Does Jeremy know that Giddeon has the Dark Saber? lol
Seth Milota
Seth Milota 5 månader sedan
God...I want to see this movie now... Thanks Jahns!!!
Osian Coleman
Osian Coleman 5 månader sedan
Yeh I thought it was pretty decent actually
Devin Kaula
Devin Kaula 5 månader sedan
Obi wan didn’t come to Vader cause he thought he was lost. He even pushed for Luke to kill him even when Luke tried to say he can be saved
Mauricio Mochon
Mauricio Mochon 5 månader sedan
Tbh, this video made me even more depressed about the experience Disney didn't allow us to have. How could be possible to read this script and not green light it. Coward move and probably why they summed up Kevin Feige to follow up the Star Wars name. I really, really wish to watch this movie that never been.
Bowen Orcutt
Bowen Orcutt 5 månader sedan
I'm hopeful that at some point they'll release this as an Infinities novel or something. Long shot, but I like the idea. Those of us that want it get an alternate take on Episode 9 and a chance to see what could have been, while RoS would still be canon, and still be the basis for any new stories they do going forward. Disney makes an extra 20 or 30 bucks a head off of people like me, and everybody wins.
Roger’s No-Commentary Videos
Rey Solana suena a gobernante de Cancun, el que le da inicio a las fiestas del primer dia de spring break.
Rashid Saifuddin
Rashid Saifuddin 5 månader sedan
Let's not kid ourselves. Even if DOTF came out as the actual Episode IX only for the script for TROS to surface a month following DOTF's release, we all would predictably be saying TROS's script should've been the true Episode IX and would've made a better movie. Either way, we lose.
The ComicBook Fan
The ComicBook Fan 4 månader sedan
I dont know about that when the script leaked for episdoe 9 a month ahead of release, most people were trashing it and making fun of how ridiculous it sounded. So im not sure peoplw would be reacting the same way they are reacting with DOTF On Paper DOTF doesnt sound like as goodnof an ending as ROTJ was but it still pays off the previous 2 films and actually builds off pretty well from TLJ. Also it doesnt take a dump on Anakin's refemption arc
Spryder 5 månader sedan
Obi wan series gotta end with a Obi ghost lecturing Vader on Endor
Michael Connor
Michael Connor 5 månader sedan
FUUUUCK! That is so much better than the shit storm we got. Hell, when Lucas buys enough stock to take over Disney, he should hire Travaro to remake 7-9, and recanon the EU.
PJAATS 5 månader sedan
Wow I wanna go to that universe
Turd Burgler
Turd Burgler 5 månader sedan
Someone tag Kathleen Kennedy and bob iger
Ben Zuckier
Ben Zuckier 5 månader sedan
Still some deus ex Lando
Gannon Gaubert
Gannon Gaubert 5 månader sedan
This must be made
Matthew Sagliocco
Matthew Sagliocco 5 månader sedan
And 2 weeks later, an actual alternate dimension was discovered. Welcome to 2020.
Vinny Atoori
Vinny Atoori 5 månader sedan
I was so disappointed with this god awful trilogy, seriously lacking of lightsabers duels, and the lacking of anikan skywalk
Vinny Atoori
Vinny Atoori 5 månader sedan
I was so disappointed with this god awful trilogy, seriously lacking of lightsabers duels, and the lacking of anikan skywalk
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