Taken - Movie Review 

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Part revenge spree, part missing person flick, all Liam Neeson! Here's my review for TAKEN!


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7 aug 2020



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JG 1982
JG 1982 6 dagar sedan
Deathwish 3
Marko Ocvirk
Marko Ocvirk 19 dagar sedan
Funny. The guy who sad good luck was right. Then fantasy + sci fi begins. After that much killing France would send whole army after supernatural vigilante (Neeson)
bigbaba1111 24 dagar sedan
you look like one of those Albanian thugs dude.:)
anubhab bhattacharyya
anubhab bhattacharyya 27 dagar sedan
Is it just me or his hand movements are too distracting ? I remember it wasnt like this before
Nightfall Månad sedan
Who down voted this? Where they not "taken" with the videos execution?
Steve Smith
Steve Smith 27 dagar sedan
human traffickers
Emmett North III
Emmett North III Månad sedan
TAKEN was great. The other TAKEN movies sucked period. The studio should`ve stopped at the first one.
Han Ng
Han Ng Månad sedan
The movie should have ended once the daughter was rescued. The coda was dumb. She was kidnapped, doped, sold as a sex slave, and had her best friend murdered but she seems to have suffered no mental trauma? Not only did the coda add nothing to the film, it worsened it.
Steven Readicker
Steven Readicker Månad sedan
This movie actually hit me personally when I saw it. I had just found out that my ex was pregnant with my first daughter when I saw it in theaters. Makes you see it from a very interesting perspective. I never saw this one as a revenge flick, but maybe that's just because of my personal experience at the time
JCB024 Månad sedan
First time I watched this, my response to the phone call was... "Ooooh Dark Man is gonna get his ass."
xsydor26 Månad sedan
It was just a little too unrealistic how easily he connected every dot with virtually no setbacks whatsoever. At least give him a little difficulty in his search.
Austin Sebastian
Austin Sebastian Månad sedan
i love how when i first found jeremy he was pretty small and i felt as i found someone with the same movie love as i do, and im happy to see so many people see what i see in this
jhoni gupta
jhoni gupta Månad sedan
I dont owe anyone anything now because of, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*
mg682 Månad sedan
It's awesome how this movie became a cult classic, I thought i was in a minority that liked this movie.
STEVEN JOVS Månad sedan
I dont owe anybody anything now with the help of, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*
Ladykyra101 Månad sedan
Yeah, you do kinda favor Keanu. Hmm, nice. 👌🏽
Steven Månad sedan
So 72 dumbass people who disliked the video were like: "Oh Jeremy's wrong i hate this movie"
Demos Samolis
Demos Samolis Månad sedan
Im not sure if you ever saw this but you def need to watch "Death Sentence" with Kevin Bacon!!! That is another bad-ass movie about vengeance of a family member!!!
ogbkballa Månad sedan
It was pretty stupid at times but reallllyy entertaining .... the other ones were just stupid
Big issue I had with the movie, is that nobody cares about the daughters friend, who is drugged and killed. Nobody cares, nobody cares during the movie, nobody cares during the end. It's kind of depressing and sad.
HopOnTheHype Månad sedan
Old boy
Kahnovitch Månad sedan
The Outlaw Josey Wales or pretty much any Clint Eastwood western, is usually a great revenge flick. Gladiator was good too.
Jassy Doll
Jassy Doll Månad sedan
I have watched this movie SO many times.still awesome. Favorite line "i will find you and i will kill you" boom! Awesome
Odwayne Williams
Odwayne Williams 2 månader sedan
Keanu Reeves and Liam Neeson in a movie needs to happen.
Chew Her
Chew Her 2 månader sedan
The Equalizer was good too.
noneed4me2 2 månader sedan
The beards working for you.
khanage360 2 månader sedan
What you never reviewed this?!!!
Nicholas Kaczmarek
Nicholas Kaczmarek 2 månader sedan
i like revenge of the rise of the dawn of the planet of the monkeys of the apes where monkeys get revenge on humans by mass genocide due to virus
ProdigiousATea 2 månader sedan
To put it Simply, its Simply Amazing and Badass
The Shapeshifter
The Shapeshifter 2 månader sedan
Taken is the one movie I rewatch now and then for no reason at all.
cristhianmlr 2 månader sedan
They did 3 of these movies. You start to wonder if he is not a terrible parent.
PainCausingSamurai 2 månader sedan
What about Taken, the early 2000s Spielberg directed alien conspiracy series?
Jamie Campbell
Jamie Campbell 2 månader sedan
I am John wicks dad. I have a particular set of skills
Vasile POP
Vasile POP 2 månader sedan
The dislikes are from people who actually like the sequels
alucard croft
alucard croft 2 månader sedan
Review the legacy of kain games, preferably defiance. You're a popular guy pal, with your influence square/crystal dynamics might consider carrying on with the story.
Merkava TV
Merkava TV 2 månader sedan
watching this movie, I was TAKEN by suprise
Monitor 2 månader sedan
Couldn’t agree more if it’s on TV I always repeat watch it . One of the best action movie’s in my opinion💯👍🏻
trexation 2 månader sedan
Thank God I am not the only one growing some grey in the beard.
I_am_ENSanity 2 månader sedan
The thing I remember the most was near the end when the guy has a knife at Liam's daughter's throat and Liam just waits until the guy speaks before shooting him because at that point the guy broke his concentration.
E Snyder
E Snyder 2 månader sedan
Favorite revenge flick of all time... Old Boy... It's all about the cost of revenge and makes you ask... Was it really worth it in the end?
William Chen
William Chen 2 månader sedan
I think it was the phone call that got everyone pumped to see the movie. It was for me at least.
mixflip 2 månader sedan
Long kiss goodnight was a good revenge movie.
Black Ninja
Black Ninja Månad sedan
It was more of a female badass movie, i think of Kill Bill when i think of revenge movie Love them both
Elston Taylor
Elston Taylor 2 månader sedan
Man on Fire!!! Best revenge tale and please please please review
Syklone 2 månader sedan
The film was great, absolutely blew me away! They say that main heroes shouldn't be overpowered, but I loved that Neeson could just take out anyone in his path without breaking a sweat. The sequels were just nowhere near as good.
Alhawaii 2 månader sedan
It’s an okay action movie with a good lead, marred by its PG-13 editing and bad action cuts
Boško Crazy
Boško Crazy 2 månader sedan
My favorite trilogy
Tristan Sherwin
Tristan Sherwin 2 månader sedan
Can we have an Equaliser review? Definitely follows the same ‘simple’ structure as Taken and John Wick. Although, like Taken, the sequel was disappointing.
chinmaya pattnaik
chinmaya pattnaik 2 månader sedan
The phone call scene in Taken and the scene in John wick where the villain explains about how he killed a man with a fucking pencil are badass as fuck... Coz after those scenes you knew shit just got fucking real...
Rhys Chaytor
Rhys Chaytor 2 månader sedan
If you're reviewing classics what about the Toby Maguire Spiderman series? These films for me are a catalyst for what technology could do in superhero cinema! Also what is your twitter
blazeovich 2 månader sedan
When you catch yourself clapping for a movie because Jeremy gave it an Awesometacular review.
ViciousBane 56
ViciousBane 56 2 månader sedan
I’m loving the beard and the long hair of Jeremy
ViciousBane 56
ViciousBane 56 2 månader sedan
4:59 The Grey was a great film and I’m glad I got to see it in theaters
James Smith
James Smith 2 månader sedan
Taken 2 is a good action movie. Audiences liked it more than the critics did.
Danniel Lopez
Danniel Lopez 2 månader sedan
Do a review of THE TAX COLLECTOR
jrez82 2 månader sedan
I saw this movie twice in the theater. So bad ass.
Jason McMurtry
Jason McMurtry 2 månader sedan
Is Jeremy starting to look like John Wick or is it just me??
Matthew Howse
Matthew Howse 2 månader sedan
Why when people mention "the phone call". Kermit the frog comes to mind.
Rewind&Recap 2 månader sedan
I loved the movie sounds like parable that Jesus would tell about a father that would do anything for his family. At the end of the Bible Jesus turns into the best action revenge hero..I think of the movie every time
Ace Diamonds
Ace Diamonds 2 månader sedan
liam neeson killed epstein.
Rainman Slim
Rainman Slim 2 månader sedan
The longer I see Jeremy with the long hair and beard, the more I like it. Also, want a mindfuck? Watch his earliest videos. Man Jeremy has put his life into this series. Thank you JeremyJahns. Thank you for all your years of hard work, your videos have seen me through many dark times and its always a joy to see you
Freddie Dunning-Kruger Jr.
Cinnamon Law, delicious and nutritious 🍳🥞😋
Freddie Dunning-Kruger Jr.
'Pump Up The Volume' review?
winston wolf
winston wolf 2 månader sedan
Guilty pleasure kind of revenge movie is Payback. He wants his 70K and not a penny more.
DJ Lune
DJ Lune 2 månader sedan
Since your doing movies you didn't get to review in the past, you should review the movie "Charlie Says" I would like to hear your opinion on it.
Jun Moreno
Jun Moreno 2 månader sedan
Lately I've been watching his videos just to watch his glorious hair grow.
dumb nutz
dumb nutz 2 månader sedan
L1GHTNINGSLAYER 2 månader sedan
What was the one movie with Liam and he fights the wolves at the end? That was the only other good bad ass movie of his I can recall.
Denislav Dankin
Denislav Dankin 2 månader sedan
You should review "Neeson Season" : ) by Jon and Al Kaplan (legolambs)
Nehemiah Pouncey
Nehemiah Pouncey 2 månader sedan
I like family guy's parody of it An robot chicken.
BodyLanguage Company
BodyLanguage Company 2 månader sedan
The Mount of Contre Misto........🤣
Nanto The Enigma
Nanto The Enigma 2 månader sedan
My favorite revenge tale is The Count of Monte Cristo.
Adam Adamowicz
Adam Adamowicz 2 månader sedan
This movie made me hate human trafficking and slave prostitution business for life. Before I saw this movie, I kinda assumed all of the porn, prostitution etc. industry has to be completely crime-free, as if, all women just choose to be there, otherwise police would be able to easily track it and take it down, so wouldn't they. After this movie I was like - Damn... Fuck these people... How on earth are human traffickers and slave owners still in business in XXI century western world? What the actual fuck.
TVGraphicNerdity 2 månader sedan
Bro wtf did this now show up in my subscriptions?
Darth Stig
Darth Stig 2 månader sedan
One of my favorite, more subtle parts ok Taken is that the "Good luck" guy could be listed in the credits as "goon #6" and he's dispatched not even halfway into the film. They don't try to set the goon up as a Hans Gruber, hell I don't think any of the bad guys actually had names.
Ursula side nigga
Ursula side nigga 2 månader sedan
i am legend is my favorite revenge film
Feelix Vang
Feelix Vang 2 månader sedan
Favorite revenge films? Similar genre ... Payback and Get Carter (2000; I recently re=watched the 1971 film and it has not aged well).
LoryLilyBomber 2 månader sedan
When I was in high school, this was the daddy-daughter movie I watched with dad, LMAO
Robert Mitchell
Robert Mitchell 2 månader sedan
Four Brothers for sure
LiK 2 månader sedan
Such an awesome movie. Just never watch the sequels and you'll be happy.
bdel80 2 månader sedan
Not sure about revenge tale I like the best but did watch this film in the cinema/theatre it was fantastic one of the better action films I have watched. Shame about the squeals
Riley Hogan
Riley Hogan 2 månader sedan
I feel like people forget that the first Taken was written and produced by Luc Besson, although he didn't direct it. I think that explains everything we need to know about why it's such a perfect action movie
Rick Brees
Rick Brees 2 månader sedan
You guys forgot Run All Night
GODFURY247 2 månader sedan
Jeremy...please do Man on Fire
Aqua Man
Aqua Man 2 månader sedan
Hey Jeremy, have you seen Old Boy?
master pp
master pp 2 månader sedan
Man on fire!!!
Darrell Covello
Darrell Covello 2 månader sedan
Favorite "Revenge Tale": Mean Girls.
Christos Liambas
Christos Liambas 2 månader sedan
Loved it. It didn't require a sequel.. It was perfect on it's own!
naybur74 2 månader sedan
we were on a Liam roll there for a while,making every thing under the sun,he did like a dozen or more movies ,playing a Chuck Norris for the kids of today,but he put his foot in it with those racist remarks,about wanting to kill a black guy..and roll credits on his career.
devilmostdie 2 månader sedan
My favorite revenge tale will ALWAYS be oldboy (not the american remake, the original)
Chosen Undead
Chosen Undead 2 månader sedan
Another movie on the same level, and better than John Wick, is The Man from Nowhere (2010).
Canuck1000 2 månader sedan
Enjoying your slow transformation into a mountain man.
Ryan 2 månader sedan
Wow already been out over a decade
Aj Meyers
Aj Meyers 2 månader sedan
@Jeremy Jahns - Lone Wolf and Cub. I'm certain there are better ones, but I saw it years ago in college and it blew my mind at the time.
Don't forget the spice
Don't forget the spice 2 månader sedan
Look at this impressive ass beard though...that beard helps me mark the passage of time 😄
Nostalgia Brit
Nostalgia Brit 2 månader sedan
I'm only alive today because I'm what others call "paranoid!" But it's not paranoia if they really are out to get you! 😒
Aaron DeVoria
Aaron DeVoria 2 månader sedan
It's always Oldboy
Chris Blanchard
Chris Blanchard 2 månader sedan
You should check out Cold Pursuit next - it was marketed as the next taken but is a very different movie, probably Neeson's best since Taken
Trevor Katende
Trevor Katende 2 månader sedan
PLEASE review My Big Fat Greek Wedding
TheCreepypro 2 månader sedan
nice to see you cover this after so long
LT. ENTITY 2 månader sedan
My boy looking like rick grims
beautiful bliss
beautiful bliss 2 månader sedan
Love Kill Bill it was awesome 👍
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