Tales From The Crypt: Demon Knight - Movie Review 

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The 3rd review in my Halloween Movie Review Extravaganza; let's go back to 1995 for a ghoulishly good time. Here's my review for TALES FROM THE CRYPT: DEMON KNIGHT!
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Sean Stewart
Sean Stewart 6 timmar sedan
Would have never guessed! And damn that crypt keeper impersonation is spot on! And Billy Zane is the greatest “snarky Dick”!
Charles Smith
Charles Smith Dag sedan
The show was so good. Major 90s nostalgia bomb there. Idk why it was ever cancelled
rainphantom Dag sedan
Que locura estuve viendo esto recientemente. Wow, I justed watch this movie yesterday. So is true, the algorithm knows us better than ourselves.
Latina Rodriquez
it was great movie followed the bordella of blood
retroFIX Gaming
retroFIX Gaming Dag sedan
Loved this movie back n the day as a kid.
WeFalDwnButWeGetBkUp 2 dagar sedan
u can find all 7 seasons on piratebay... watched them all in the summer. BRILLIANT SHOW
Vasile POP
Vasile POP 2 dagar sedan
Tales From The Hood?
darkkeg 3 dagar sedan
This was easily one of my fav horror movies as a kid
warrdok 4 dagar sedan
bordello of blood?! how bout that?
Lyndell Robinson
Lyndell Robinson 4 dagar sedan
I loved Tales from the Crypt growing up and Demon Knight was one of my favorite movies to watch on repeat. I would actually rewind the scene that Jeremy shows at 1:51 over and over and cackle. Definitely a movie that cemented my love for Billy Zane.
Gamers Vault Gaming
Gamers Vault Gaming 5 dagar sedan
Buster Bunny is the Crypt Keeper.
c20ux 5 dagar sedan
If you think Tales From The Crypt died with Bordello Of Blood than its corpse was f*cked by Tales From The Crypt: Ritual (2006)..
KnightoftheWhiteSun 5 dagar sedan
You did a fucking great job parodying the crypt keeper!
Susannah Dean
Susannah Dean 5 dagar sedan
Billy. 😍
kirika119 6 dagar sedan
That head rattle and laugh was top notch; it was perfect ^_^
Moises Jose Pineda
Moises Jose Pineda 6 dagar sedan
I always like this movie
Ivan Garcia Ramos
Ivan Garcia Ramos 6 dagar sedan
Can you and Chris Stuckmann do a video together? Thanks.
Michael Bustamante
Michael Bustamante 7 dagar sedan
You're awesome man 😂
JaDereon Starr
JaDereon Starr 7 dagar sedan
I LOVE Tales From The Krypt, true classic horror crazy I was just a kid when this was out I didn't miss a episode EVER!!! Great Review loved Demon Knight 👏🏾👌🏾👏🏾✊🏾
K71090 8 dagar sedan
Tales of the crypt was also a comic way back. I never watched the show as a kid...to scared.
Mattique Jones
Mattique Jones 8 dagar sedan
I love this film. It's always on my Halloween watch list
Critical Warlock
Critical Warlock 9 dagar sedan
I loved this movie. Billy was awesome as the collector.
Awkward Silence
Awkward Silence 9 dagar sedan
Never properly saw an episode of the Crypt Keeper. I did see a scene as a small child where he had someone’s severed tongue on a plate with a knife and fork and ready to chow down though. That left a scar or two on my little child psyche.
Al Hall
Al Hall 9 dagar sedan
Ha!!! I literally just watched this last night for the first time in years. Great movie. Jeremy Sir, you should do a review for The Monster Squad.
NikkiRen 9 dagar sedan
Haven’t watched this review yet, but I looooved this movie! It was so damned entertaining!!! And I thought Billy Zane was so cute!!!♥️
NIk M 10 dagar sedan
I watched it last night and it was just as good when my Dad let me watch it when I was 10 years old.
Valerie Broughton
Valerie Broughton 10 dagar sedan
beyond scared straight
Cycles Draw!
Cycles Draw! 10 dagar sedan
Wtf, you trying to look like Jon Wick or Seth Rollins from WWE? lol
David Goza
David Goza 10 dagar sedan
Fun fact: The Crypt Keeper is a reworked Chucky head. (With more personality.)
John, James Leahy
John, James Leahy 10 dagar sedan
I loved the movie as a kid and love it as an adult, my favorite episode is where the criminal gets nine lives, well thats my favorite episode i can recall right now lol
Rensune 10 dagar sedan
Hollywood. Sucks. That's why he doesn't show up more often.
Juan E Gomez
Juan E Gomez 11 dagar sedan
This is crazy I just bought this movie a week ago
Stogie Guy
Stogie Guy 11 dagar sedan
You either love this movie... or you're wrong
PraceMaker 11 dagar sedan
Fun facted the way the demon is defeated in demon knight is the same way the nun is defeated in The Nun. lol
Michael Watts
Michael Watts 12 dagar sedan
I love this movie. Billy punches dude and was like get off my hand lol 😂 This movie was awesome
Ralgore 12 dagar sedan
I take it you have been playing Altered Beast lately =P
Justin Gary
Justin Gary 12 dagar sedan
Billy Zane is doing KFC commercials dressed in golden makeup
Camden McInnis
Camden McInnis 13 dagar sedan
Lol. Pretty good impression
Todd The Sweaty Nerd Guy
I love this movie so much, it's one of my favourite horror movies by far. To me Tales From The Crypt: Demon Knight is right up there with Evil Dead 2 and Shaun Of The Dead for example, my point is Tales From The Crypt: Demon Knight is awesome and I love it. If I could I would marry it and have kids with it, that's how fantastic it is. Great review by the way.
scroll testimonial
scroll testimonial 13 dagar sedan
Great flick!!
FYC Show
FYC Show 13 dagar sedan
It DIDN'T end with Bordello of Blood. There was another Tales from the Crypt movie that doesn't get talked about much called Ritual. Has a Cryptkeeper intro and outro and everything. Granted, not the greatest film, but definitely a third installment.
Todd The Sweaty Nerd Guy
I was going bring that up but went through the comments to see if anyone else has brought it up, more than a few have. I'm glad I'm not the only one that knows about the third Tale From The Crypt movie.
Shane Taylor
Shane Taylor 14 dagar sedan
Who doesn't know tales from the crypt but knows outer limits?
Crazy 999
Crazy 999 14 dagar sedan
I saw it in theaters glad to hear A review of it 🤘☠️🤘
Steven Montano
Steven Montano 15 dagar sedan
My God, I loved Tales from the Crypt (the series, and this movie). Even Bordello of Blood wasn't terrible (though it certainly was a step down from DK).
Ajay Tek69ashi
Ajay Tek69ashi 15 dagar sedan
Born in 94, I missed this show by a few years. Never had HBO and just found out about the show from this review. Been binge watching all the episodes these past days, I can’t believe I’m just coming across this til now, it’s one of the best series I’ve seen in my life. My favorite genre is horror/dark comedy. Thanks Jeremy, big fans since dec 2019.
VeteranRedBeard 15 dagar sedan
Dude he sounds exactly like the crypt keeper
CryptTube 16 dagar sedan
Definitely a scary well done review of Demon Knight! The praise that Billy Zane was given is so DEAD-on. And I agree with you and many other fans, that Tales should be dug back up. There is still so much more that can be done with the IP. If that doesn’t happen, then hopefully the rights issue gets resolved so we can at least get the show re-released on Ghoul-Ray.
Myles Adams
Myles Adams 16 dagar sedan
Sheesh, and I'm doing my own horror movie marathon for the whole month. I just watched Billy Zane in Memory.
The Thoro Network
The Thoro Network 16 dagar sedan
Andrew Monck
Andrew Monck 16 dagar sedan
Oh Jeremy. Little did you know it didn't die with Bordello of Blood. There was also Ritual.
metaVendetta 16 dagar sedan
TommyLee Marsh
TommyLee Marsh 17 dagar sedan
It died with Ritual not Borello of Blood
Reid Anderson
Reid Anderson 17 dagar sedan
Omg. My Dad took me to see this in theaters to see this when I was 9. It scared me for years.
Roz Wynn
Roz Wynn 17 dagar sedan
One of my favorite movies. I watch it every couple of years. Billy Zane owned this film.
Witz 17 dagar sedan
This movie scared me begezus outta me as a kid...
MEOW 17 dagar sedan
Get a haircut! :P
DarthRevan 17 dagar sedan
Jeremy just wanted to pass along this cool fact from my childhood back around ‘98-‘99( I was born 93) there was this haunted house my dad helped out at that was all Tales from the Crypt stuff. There was even the crypt keeper there that introduced you inside. Thought you might like to know! Happy Halloween!
Mike's Book Reviews
Mike's Book Reviews 17 dagar sedan
I always enjoyed this flick. Billy Zane just hams it up so wonderfully.
Brezzy 1815
Brezzy 1815 17 dagar sedan
Lmao I know chase money use to always be yelling this
Ron Foster
Ron Foster 17 dagar sedan
I love Demon Knight and it's cheesy, schlocky goodness.
Rubedo Jr.
Rubedo Jr. 17 dagar sedan
Billy Zane will always be "The Phantom" to me :).
Jason Wells
Jason Wells 18 dagar sedan
Billy Zane is amazing & would be perfect as Lex Luthor even still today. He was really great in a show called Mad Dogs & don't forget he was in The Boys (For only a second but he was there damn it) .
Jeff Mousseau II
Jeff Mousseau II 18 dagar sedan
I know ya said you already laid out all of your movies, but Books of Blood is amazing imo. The Wolf of Snow Hollow is pretty decent too, if only just for the star.
Daniel Winter
Daniel Winter 18 dagar sedan
I loved this movie when it came out. Not sure how I would feel about it today.
Daniel Winter
Daniel Winter 18 dagar sedan
Thanks Jeremy. You're right. Billy Zane made this movie. That's why I loved it.
Cory Holt
Cory Holt 18 dagar sedan
Kriptkey is more of an ahhh ha ha at beginning, he he he affter the middle with tiny mix at the end with more dry throat croak through out. But good impression AGKH HAHA HA_ HEHEHEH -HEHEAHH LL
Mr-McKillin 18 dagar sedan
1998 movie Phantoms with Ben Afleck is a good horror that flew under the radar.
k van
k van 18 dagar sedan
Bordello of blood?
Miles Trombley
Miles Trombley 18 dagar sedan
Tales from the Crypt is basically Goosebumps for adults.
C D 18 dagar sedan
Billy Zane was great in Dead Calm too!
SciFirst MovieTalk
SciFirst MovieTalk 18 dagar sedan
Wow! 80K views for this movie - awesome! I'm certainly doing something wrong! Anyway - great review as usual and a great oddball choice - love this movie and a great additional to the Tales from the Crypt franchise!
jaggededges 18 dagar sedan
This is one of my favorite movies, all around great story, acting, and special effects.
1 BlackAnt
1 BlackAnt 18 dagar sedan
Isn't just me or is Jeremy starting to look like Rob Zombie? Lol
Zac Gobel
Zac Gobel 18 dagar sedan
I have never been happier...this is my FAVORITE horror movie of all time. Im NOT joking...its a childhood fave, among the usual best, but i loved the Cryptkepper as a kid so i rented this movie AND bought it at a flea market...and everytime i wantd to play with my resident evil figures...i watched this movie on repeat plus i used the ghostbuster firehouse for the figures too.... the best 90 min ever
Mike E
Mike E 18 dagar sedan
Keanu Reeves.
Mr.Nobody 18 dagar sedan
His character in community was great
Dustin Bailon
Dustin Bailon 18 dagar sedan
Phantom. That is all.
Brett Thomas
Brett Thomas 18 dagar sedan
Billy Zane and Jada carried this film, much respect 👍👍👍👍👍
ThrowItAway 18 dagar sedan
LOVED this movie. CLASSIC!!!
Robert Frost
Robert Frost 19 dagar sedan
Billy Zane had 2 super quick cameos in The Boys SSN 1 as himself. I really wish they had cast him for a real role rather than the Comic Con joke.
mrIlovethe90s1 19 dagar sedan
Love the intro
Trent M
Trent M 19 dagar sedan
One of my all time favorite horror movies. It all came together for this one...then crashed and burned with bordello of blood.
sTEALtooth 19 dagar sedan
I actually saw this in the theater :) yeah, I'm old.
Sam Loomis
Sam Loomis 19 dagar sedan
This horror film is awesome
Brad Silvers
Brad Silvers 19 dagar sedan
Hello boils and ghouls
Jenn J
Jenn J 19 dagar sedan
Session 9 review
Brutally Honest
Brutally Honest 19 dagar sedan
Alright Jeremy, where's the review for Bordello of Blood? I know you've got it.
Dagon Briggs
Dagon Briggs 19 dagar sedan
This flick wasn't the best, definitely not as good as the series but I actually enjoyed seeing it in the theater as a kid. Back then I wasn't so worried about details and things that I can clearly see these days, but it did have its time and place🤣
Mr. Nice Guy
Mr. Nice Guy 19 dagar sedan
I loved the show and i remember going to see this in theatre when i was 12, it was awesome.
Doug Moncada
Doug Moncada 19 dagar sedan
I watch this every October. This is the movie I recommend around halloween if you're looking for something fun, and not too serious. Also the voice actor of Roger Rabbit is in it.
Scrooge McBuck
Scrooge McBuck 19 dagar sedan
The last tales from the crypt movie wasn’t bordello of blood it was ritual
Lance Salvosa
Lance Salvosa 19 dagar sedan
I literally just finished watching Demon Knight a few mins ago after checking out your review. This was such a great time. Thank you for this recommendation, Jeremy. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Stay awesometacular!
Smarty Baby TV
Smarty Baby TV 19 dagar sedan
U should get into voice acting ur good at it lol
Jimmy White
Jimmy White 19 dagar sedan
Practical effects almost always outweigh CGI effects and stand up to time better
Adyan Husain
Adyan Husain 19 dagar sedan
Jeremy you have to watch Haunting of Hill House
mark t
mark t 19 dagar sedan
This movie gave me nightmares as a kid! The little boy turning into a demon
Gérann Gerber Channel
Gérann Gerber Channel 19 dagar sedan
Love the entire 'TFTC' franchise!!
Alexander Adonyae
Alexander Adonyae 19 dagar sedan
Loved this movie back in the day💯💯 and this movie is waaaay better than Bordello of blood 😒 which came out back in "96"
thescrybe 19 dagar sedan
One of my favorite films. Loved the Tales from the Crypt series also. I wish we'd get another film and a new TV series.
Warrick 3W
Warrick 3W 19 dagar sedan
Tales from the crypt was 1 of my fav shows. I totally enjoyed this movie
Shinzenbi 19 dagar sedan
Zane was my favourite part of the film, saw it repeatedly just for him. That scene when he loses his shit outside had me rolling. He's both terrifying and seductive, I completely get the fear and the temptation of joining him.
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