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Christopher Nolan gives us his take on a spy thriller. Here's my review for TENET!


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1 sep 2020



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Son of the XII legion
Son of the XII legion 18 timmar sedan
Robert Pattinson really stole the show in this while John David Washington was utterly mediocre.
Enzo Sperandio
Enzo Sperandio Dag sedan
I couldn’t last until the second half of the movie. I tried twice listening to this horrible plot, left the movie theatre after 45min. Money back please
Alejandro Núñez
Alejandro Núñez 2 dagar sedan
I'll be honest, I didn't like the movie, it feels extremely pretentious and unnecessarily confusing
Nathan Gonzalez
Nathan Gonzalez 2 dagar sedan
I just saw it, I don’t think it was for me
John Panicola
John Panicola 2 dagar sedan
***SPOILER WARNING*** * * * * * * * I consider myself a moderately intelligent moviegoer, and i didn figure out he was fightng himself in the airport scene and it was the wife jumping off the boat pretty early on. The sound mixing was god awful. The reasons why the protagonist would endanger his mission for a woman he just met.. seemed silly. Didnt learn enough to care about the characters motivations. Thought Pattinson and Branagh were great, Washington...just ok..a bit wooden. My question(s) is this: Why were there the two teams (red/blue) in the end, i mean i know one was going forward, one was going back...but why? Who were they fighting? Why were they fighting? What were they doing? How did that change anything? Did anyone hear anything besides explosions? I have many more but will wait to see if this isn't buried under 10000 comments. Looked great, shot great, movie should have been 4 hours long..maybe it would have made sense...sound was a HUGE problem.
Blaze The Movie Fan
Blaze The Movie Fan 2 dagar sedan
Wasn't a fan, but glad you enjoyed it.
FREE WILL DEFENDER 2 dagar sedan
The movie was great, it made my head hurt
utkarsh akhouri
utkarsh akhouri 3 dagar sedan
Nolan to Ludwig: I like your score so much, it will be louder than the dialogue
Sam Nogalagan
Sam Nogalagan 3 dagar sedan
Just saw it would say it’s a “good time, adderall definitely required”
sebastian gomez
sebastian gomez 3 dagar sedan
I just watched and you’re right about the sound mixing, it was weird, great movie though
Patrick S.
Patrick S. 3 dagar sedan
Dead on with sound mixing. I had the same issue. Could not hear the dialogue half the time.
Paul Courtemanche
Paul Courtemanche 4 dagar sedan
I feel that this needs to be seen more than once to make sense a la the matrix
Jayk 5 dagar sedan
I didn’t think I’d like it that much but I really enjoyed it ngl
Jay Gee
Jay Gee 6 dagar sedan
I had trouble hearing voices in the action sequences. Need subtitles
Ojai Doge
Ojai Doge 6 dagar sedan
I agree with Mr. Jahns, I also hope we get a sequel. I think Nolan totally set this one up for a Subsequent Moviefilm. (btw I can *not* wait to hear your thoughts on Borat 2) Hopefully this one is successful enough for the studio to greenlight another one, if Nolan has an idea in mind for where that story could possibly go.. anywho Here is my personal Nolan chart rankings as of 10/23, in descending order of preference - The Dark Knight Inception The Prestige Tenet Batman Begins Interstellar Memento Dunkirk The Dark Knight Rises Insomnia I wouldn't rule out Tenet potentially climbing higher up the charts once it's out on 4K UHD and I can watch it with subtitles. I don't think I can blame the projectionist for the dialogue being completely indecipherable in multiple spots of the movie, during the four screenings I caught so far in four different theaters..(please leave all judgements in the comments section of another video 🤫🤭✌️)
Ascendo Tuum
Ascendo Tuum 6 dagar sedan
Tenet looks like garbage. And, I'm a huge sci-fi fan.
WJ ZAV 7 dagar sedan
No, it wasn't you or a drunk projectionist Jeremy. The sound mixing of this movie was really that bad for everyone.
Jesus Campos
Jesus Campos 7 dagar sedan
Im going to say it Altgough I enjoyed TENET I was disappointed by the main plot of the whole spy missions that felt really cliched but with the added syfy element kinda made it work. Not one of Nolan's best.
James Minni
James Minni 7 dagar sedan
1) interstellar 2) inception 3) memento 4) the dark knight 5) the dark knight returns 6) Batman begins 7) the prestige 8) Dunkirk 9) following 10) insomnia ? Tenet I haven’t seen it yet, but I’m sure I’ll like it. Christopher Nolan simply does not make bad movies. He is one of the very best directors and a favorite of mine.
SubjectToStrange 9 dagar sedan
I ordered my hotsauce an hour from now.
J.A.W. 10 dagar sedan
I fell asleep after about 10 minutes and walked out after about 30. Boooorring. Wooden acting by the Twilight boy and the black guy. Disappointment.
PVTfluffy 10 dagar sedan
Haha I always agree with this guy
Fiddlesticks! 10 dagar sedan
5:23 a sequel? You mean a prequel
Zefram Cochrane
Zefram Cochrane 10 dagar sedan
Uh hey, how about an Inception sequel first...then we can talk about Tenet.
INSPIR.ED 11 dagar sedan
I hope he makes a prequel that takes place in the future.
alexisgc33 11 dagar sedan
I'm a Nolan fan and usually love his movies. I avoided everything about Tenet before watching it last night. For me, it was far from his best work. I don't have a problem with it being complex or needing to watch it more than once to fully understand it. To me, my biggest problem with Tenet is that nothing is really personal or meaningful for the characters. We barely get to know them or even care about them. My whole thought the entire movie was why does The protagonist care or have to loose? What's at stake for him? One of the reasons given in the movie is to "save the world" which to me is extremely generic and cliche. The other is that he seems extremely vested in the girl and her son but why? There's no real love story or deep connection there at all. That's where this movie really lost me. Yes there was really cool things to look at and the score was amazing but I didn't walk away feeling any deep connection between the characters nor did I care for them much. In Inception, Dom is trying to get home to be with his children. And he carries the burden of his wife killing herself because of something he did. A father reuniting with his children if the mission is accomplished or going to jail for life if he fails gives great motivation and shows the consequences. Tenet has none of this. It's pretty much a guy trying to save the world bc it's his job. The consequences is the world ending, okay I get it... But it doesn't really matter if we don't care about anyone on screen. The main character really has no other goal or anything to loose other than just doing his job.
John Panicola
John Panicola 2 dagar sedan
I feel very similar to what you just described. Also it helps if you can hear what people are saying.
Zach Yaple
Zach Yaple 11 dagar sedan
Christopher Nolan is a sellout, a hack! This movie proves it. Really a black James Bond? TRY HARDER
bdpchamp 12 dagar sedan
I honestly felt John David Washington’s performance felt weak, his lines felt as if they were being read off the page with nothing added to them, he didn’t come across as the suave, smooth talking, always has a rebuttal badass that he was meant to be, and was written to be. Just didn’t sell the role at all for me personally. Aside from that, I couldn’t understand so much of what was being said by some of the actors due to the sound mixing that it took me out of the film several times. With all that being said, the set pieces, stunt choreography, and cinematography were top notch. Insane level of quality in those departments, and the full circle aspect of things were very fulfilling. Also, seeing Pattinson in his role this movie, made me excited as fuck to see him as Bruce Wayne. Don’t know why, but I’m willing to buy it so much more now.
Henry Toloza
Henry Toloza 12 dagar sedan
I'm so glad I only see trailer 1 and nothing else now . Ever since deadpool trailers spoiled most jokes I decided to avoid everything after trailer 1 and I loved this movie my brother who's extroverted fell asleep but I didn't loved the inverted car chase
J S 12 dagar sedan
Confusing to the point of unenjoyable.
V1NDICT1V 13 dagar sedan
My honest opinion on this movie is this. Leaving the theater after watching Inception left me with questions about the characters, the overall state of mind that Hobb has at the conclusion, lessons learned for each member of the squad, and what was to become of the man who accepted a lie that his father loved him and that he wanted him to live his life the way that he wanted, what was to become of this man. See with inception, there was a heft that came with each of its characters and development of them as well as the plot. The plot was complicated, yet not so convoluted to the point where the viewer was left with questions about the plot itself, most of us understood what was happening, it was more of understanding the deeper side of the psyche of the characters (hence, the ever so infamous question, is Hobb still dreaming at the end of the movie.) With this movie, I felt as if Christopher found that the success of Inception hinged on the fact that some of the plot points being complicated made the movie enjoyable, but that isn't the case. Tenets major problem is that there are extreme complexities within the rules and regulations of how the world works, and these complexities are thrown at us at a blistering speed that nearly robs us of the enjoyment of an easy going movie experience. Don't get me wrong, damn near every Nolan film has some sort of depth and has its own twists and turns, but Tenet just felt as if Nolan wanted to make the most complex, convoluted, and hard to follow story in recent memory, and in that he succeeded. But where Inception shined with character, and development, Tenet completely lacks these same traits and feels more like a giant meal with too many things added to it, yet has no flavor at all.
Kyle Davidson
Kyle Davidson 13 dagar sedan
i see u w the into 🤪
Gantz:0 13 dagar sedan
i found the acting surprisingly bad. the lead and that one indian chic. took me out of it
Liusila 14 dagar sedan
It wasn’t just your projectionist who was drunk!
Charles Baylor
Charles Baylor 13 dagar sedan
But did you enjoy the movie? The parts you could hear at least lol.
Charles Glover
Charles Glover 14 dagar sedan
You aren’t the only one, the mixing sound was the exact same for me and it was annoying throughout
steprockmedia 14 dagar sedan
Sound mix SUCKED in that movie. It's not you. But, aside from the visual spectacle, that movie made zero sense. They changed their own rules about inversion when they felt like it, spent a good chunk of the movie on a heist so "Protagonist" (wish I was kidding) could get an introduction to the bad guy??? What? They jumped from meeting to meeting and then right into a crazy action sequence and then midway in introduced a whole new attack team with Protagonist taking orders and tagging along. What a mess of a movie!!! Cool scenes. Total mess. Don't bother thinking about because Nolan sure didn't.
RocketKal 15 dagar sedan
I never saw any buildup for this so the film was actually so fascinating I went in knowing nothing and I came out happy I took the risk
Benny26 16 dagar sedan
It was a complex, convoluted mess made worse when you couldn't hear what was being said. It had a cool concept without a doubt but poorly executed . I didn't know what the fu*k was going on in that last battle to be honest. Only Nolan film i haven't enjoyed yet. It pales in comparison to Inception or Intersteller, In my humble opinion.
steprockmedia 14 dagar sedan
*** SPOILERS *** You're right - it made ZERO sense. We're attacking at two times??? WHO were they fighting??? I couldn't tell! Why have a team to blow up a random building and another to un-blow it up? Just. I mean. No. Like, our hero tried to freaking shoot himself???? And they jumped from place to place and meeting to meeting with barely any reasoning and no setup. BANG! We're at lunch. You need to go meet someone else. BANG! Here we are. Now run backward!
Dan Dwyer
Dan Dwyer 16 dagar sedan
Sound mixing was definitely poor. That being said I had a great time, it didn’t all work, but I literally about fell out of my chair and literally grabbed the side of my head like 4 times because of how impressed and taken aback I was. I cannot wait to see it again to deconstruct it further. It was the first time I ventured out to the theater in over 7 months and I was not let down.
warren lamar
warren lamar 16 dagar sedan
I must like spy movies. I gave it an A.
Charles Baylor
Charles Baylor 13 dagar sedan
Me too because I gave it an A+ lol.
madisayshi 16 dagar sedan
kwinzman 17 dagar sedan
That's an interesting point, that the trailer could have presented it as a regular spy movie and then during watching the time travel comes as a surprise, rather than the other way round. 🤔
ᗰY KITTY ᑭᗴᖇᑕY
Why is it so hard to say this movie sucked? It was bad, man. Really bad. First movie I have seen since February or March and I fell asleep.
M 16 dagar sedan
Nolan never made a bad movie. His movies are actually ranking from good (Dunkirk, Tenet) through great (Interstellar, Prestige, Interstellar, Batman Begins and DKR) to masterpieces (Dark Knight, Inception)
Asaad Luaibi
Asaad Luaibi 17 dagar sedan
It's time to admit how much Nolan is not a good director nor writer anymore. The movie was a complete failure.
Syed Fawaz
Syed Fawaz 17 dagar sedan
Glad I am not the only one who thought "What the hell is going on the whole time"
steprockmedia 14 dagar sedan
Well, they broke their own rules minutes after setting them up. Repeatedly! -Trailer: some super spies can reverse time maybe? No! The bullets will have been shot in the future. -OK, got it. So, there's some Stuff running backward. No you don't got it!!!! There's actually a time turnstile and you'll be going backward if you use it. -All right, so time travel. Got it. No you don't! It's not time travel!!! -But we're going back in time to a vacation last month. .....no.
C L 17 dagar sedan
A bunch of people disliking the movie because they didn't understand shit, it's like grabbing a quantum mechanics book and call it a piece of shit because you didn't understand crap.
Stephane Gregory Dan
Stephane Gregory Dan 17 dagar sedan
Tenet is truly one of the worst movies I have seen this and last decade.
C L 17 dagar sedan
Go watch deadpool dude.
regal johnston
regal johnston 18 dagar sedan
Christopher nolan is the most over rated story teller of all time... people think his films are super complex but really he's just very bad at creating and telling a story. His characters are 1 dimensional, his writing is boring and flat, and his story archs are painfully forced and plastic. His latest turd seals the deal for me- tenet... oh my fucking god, what an abysmally shallow mess. I believe his thinking went something like this- "i wanna film forwards motion alongside backwards motion, that would look super sick and epic", and he forced a really REALLY boring story driven by flat characters with zero development and terrible dialogue which is drowned out by A TOTALLY EPIC SCORE around that model and ended up with tenet, a film with so many plotholes you have to just say "ok, so this this is 100% just a visual spectacle, don't look any deeper than that". Reversing the temporal dimension of objects to invert their trajectory through time "*sooo cooool and deeep*" ... but how can he hear what he's saying if they're in different temporal direction? And how come these guys can breath inverted air sometimes? And how come the glass breaks in reverse? I guess they must have inverted the glass before this scene?? And if the glass isn't inverted the why does it fracture in reverse? And why do inverted people repair non inverted glass but they damage non inverted people? Wait, how long have these guys been temporally inverted for to get back to the villains BEST MOMENT IN LIFE! Wouldn't these guys have all aged A LOT by now?! And how much temporally inverted air would these guys need in those canisters to go that far back!? A LOT I AM GUESSING! Unless she went from loving him to hating him in like 2 days flat... Woaaah a backwards man and a forwards man in the same shot sooo cool, tom green did it better 🙄 oh shit, you gonna make me watch this lame fight scene in reverse now? !!BWAAAAAAUUUUM!! Omg ok fine... and another one?! !!BWWAUAUAUAUUAAAM!!! Fuuucking helll make it stooooop... AGAIN!! REAALLY?!?! !!!!BAHHAHAUAUAUAUAUUAUUUM!!!! never again nolan, never again.
starkingbiker 18 dagar sedan
This film was just bad but spectacular to look at
Musicosis 18 dagar sedan
Mindblowing film. Amazing plot.
jeremiah white
jeremiah white 18 dagar sedan
I really didn't like how it was two hours and 30 mins long. I didn't like that the dialogue was muffled and I wish the there was more character development. It was a good watch though.
UNKNOWN • 18 dagar sedan
Neil is blue in hindi, Blue team right. Tenet= Ten neT, 10 minutes 10 mins meet in the middle, Neil, wheeler and serg meet in middle after 10 minutes are over bam
jeremiah white
jeremiah white 18 dagar sedan
How many other people realize that "TENET" is spelled the same way backwards and forwards???
Darren Moore
Darren Moore 18 dagar sedan
Saw it at the drive-in and yes the sound mixing sucked also my head is still spinning
Taylor Moore
Taylor Moore 18 dagar sedan
Watching the movie, I was also thing how cool the behind the scenes must be. I do hope there’s a sequel about the protagonist “meeting” Neil, hiring him, and their friendship growing
The Qoheleth Foundation
Much very Tenet enjoyed I, frankly.
Dragon Bear
Dragon Bear 19 dagar sedan
There’s no problem with the sound in the iMax in Japan
Jeffry Salazar Ureña
Jeffry Salazar Ureña 19 dagar sedan
tenet suked!! no fun and did not get it.. will never watch again👎💩
Will Jacobs
Will Jacobs 19 dagar sedan
It was the worst movie I've seen all year. Absolutely pretentious.
Christian Carlan
Christian Carlan 19 dagar sedan
This movie is prisoner of azkaban with science instead of fantasy. They even have a giant time turner lol
Mohamed Abdulrahman Hussien
Tenet Inception Interstellar Insomnia Dunkirk Memento Prestige
michael birhanu
michael birhanu 21 dag sedan
I cant wait for the Blu-ray so I can watch the movie in reverse, end to beginning .... I'm sure there is some story there
Vin Nayar
Vin Nayar 21 dag sedan
Nolan's films ranked... The dark knight Memento Inception The prestige Insomnia Batman begins Tenet Interstellar tdkr
Vin Nayar
Vin Nayar 21 dag sedan
Nice action sequences, good soundtrack, very simple story made extremely complex for no reason.
Vin Nayar
Vin Nayar 21 dag sedan
Lmao yes jeremy why tf does nolan do that?!?! The sound mixing in his films are so bad
Vin Nayar
Vin Nayar 21 dag sedan
This movie was more style than substance.
Vin Nayar
Vin Nayar 21 dag sedan
Can someone tell me why the sound is shit in nolan films
Master Peace, The True Dracoslaying King
Honestly the most confused I've ever been in a cinema. I got the concept, I just got really lost with who was backwards and who was forwards and how a certain explosion would work. Basically it kinda hurt my head, still a good movie though.
Minh Luu
Minh Luu 22 dagar sedan
TENET spelt backwards is TENET
NotoriousPigeon Productions
Even in scenes without that bass heavy music, characters mumbled *so much* and it was just a nightmare to listen to.
corthew 22 dagar sedan
The thing about Tenet, (and this is from watching the trailer...haven't seen the movie yet), is that it must be really hard to follow in a single sitting. It struck me as a movie that wouldn't do well at the box but will be a cult fav on Blu. I assume though that the general opinion of those who saw it at theaters will be, "I must get this when it comes out so I can make more sense of it".
away to sleep
away to sleep 16 dagar sedan
Well of course it’s not making a lot of money in the box office because of the pandemic I don’t think a lot people are going to movie theaters right now so maybe there just watching in their homes
Bruno Williams
Bruno Williams 22 dagar sedan
The movie was awesome. I have no idea how some of the shots were filmed???
accidental madness
accidental madness 23 dagar sedan
I haven’t seen the movie but imagine using the reverse woosh tech on other things
Obi wan Kenobi
Obi wan Kenobi 23 dagar sedan
I wonder if you watch this movie backwards would it make sense
Jordan Gate
Jordan Gate 23 dagar sedan
It's too bad such an epic movie got underrated from covid limiting it's grossing ability. & critics expecting inception, the godfather or the whole marvel universe from every 1 Christopher Nolan movie. There was so many beyond epic moments in this movie
Hyicrotai 23 dagar sedan
This was the most confusing movie I've ever seen my friends had no idea what was going on. The audio was nuts Really messed with ya. But the plot wasn't that great. But I like the lead hes a good actor. Not the best Nolan film though.
Fizzbear 23 dagar sedan
The opening scene felt so much like a dark knight movie, I almost felt like bane would step out at any second!
natasha Ponda
natasha Ponda 23 dagar sedan
I’m with you on the sound !!
Beatsmith Audio
Beatsmith Audio 24 dagar sedan
Reversing the audio for the outro music.. respect for the continuity.
Natalie Kula
Natalie Kula 24 dagar sedan
I agree with you on two counts: this film definitely feels like it could lead into a sequel in a really organic way (not tacked on, but also not overly hinted at) and the sound mixing SUCKED. Nolan films tend to feel very technically dense - characters talk about concepts and theories that THEY are very familiar with but the audience isn't, and for the most part the audience just has to keep up. I don't mind this, but in this film, characters would exchange vital information that explains what they're going, why they're doing it, and how it all works and 70% of it was muffled. So instead, things are happening and I'm not sure if they're meant to happen this way, if this was already explained, if this is part of the plan or not, if I'm looking at a gaping plot hole...
Soorya Kiran
Soorya Kiran 24 dagar sedan
Well inception won an Oscar for sound mixing
Soorya Kiran
Soorya Kiran 23 dagar sedan
@tallzeez I think some of the theatres remixed it cos I could hear all dialogues clearly
tallzeez 23 dagar sedan
Inception was nowhere near as bad as Tenet in my opinion
TheSpiderman7285 25 dagar sedan
If you're a person says 'awesometacular' you're likely too dumb to understand this movie
Claire 25 dagar sedan
i felt like my eardrums were being blasted even when there weren’t explosions/gunshots happening and i still couldn’t understand a word they were saying
Big O
Big O 25 dagar sedan
Deadest movie ive ever watched in my life
Jane Hutchins
Jane Hutchins 25 dagar sedan
It wasn’t the theater. I had to wear earplugs or I would’ve left. My head my absolutely pounding by the end of the film.
Nico Reveco
Nico Reveco 25 dagar sedan
Tenet amd inception could be in the same universe. No the sound mixing wasn’t just your theatre. I live in Sweden and here was the same problem.... Nolan will never win an avademy in sound design
Ninja 25 dagar sedan
The intro is perfect
Bawngtim Kh
Bawngtim Kh 26 dagar sedan
I didn't like this movie. I was lost and confused most of the time. Things were happening and I did not understand why. I thought it was a cool concept and original but poorly executed. The final scene where they had the red team and the blue team, I did not get what was happening how they got there.... I don't​ know. I just finished dark on netflix and I am kinda done with time travel movies I mean everything is going to happen the way it always happened. I went in looking for a psychological thriller maybe if you go in for a spy movie you will appreciate it more.
Yomarnt 26 dagar sedan
Thank God they have subs in my country cause damn.
Nicolas Acosta
Nicolas Acosta 26 dagar sedan
Watched it, and holy shit the sound mixing is shit. The music would drown out the dialogue and even in quiet moments it was hard to understand the dialogue. Does Nolan have a fucking hearing problem?!
Vasakhi 26 dagar sedan
Am I the only one who thought that the loud score in the background was intentional?
Nicolas Acosta
Nicolas Acosta 26 dagar sedan
Maybe intentional but was still shit. With a high concept like this it needs explanation and when you can't understand the characters you start losing interest. This fucking movie was just SOUND,that's all it was. Didn't understand anything, I didn't know why the characters were doing the things they were doing because I couldn't understand the dialogue. Nolan needs to get his ears checked.
Mohamed Alaa
Mohamed Alaa 26 dagar sedan
Just saw the movie today. It's shit.
Cersei the Cat Plus 5 Others
Legit I rank it 1st
Jacob Fair
Jacob Fair 28 dagar sedan
Tenet was a terrible movie in my opinion! I like Christopher Nolan movies, but this was trash... Pros: music is really interesting; I even listen to the soundtrack on my phone acting is spot on the idea of inversion is cool Cons: there is really no story to pull you in (the screenplay writer needs to find a new job) the end fight scene...the "good" guys are shooting at...someone I guess...rarely showed the enemies very poor job of explaining what's going on (there is a painting that is fake, go talk to this guy about it, now kill him; I mean...don't, or else everyone will die, but then do it anyway) seriously, just save your money
Nappy Gamess
Nappy Gamess 28 dagar sedan
Please review memento maaaan
je tt
je tt 28 dagar sedan
when i started to watch it i was like cool this actually pretty good, but then I as I watched more it justgot fucking crazy, the whole conception of the loop, him fighting himself, his friend not saying anything, its just crazy, and in All honesty, I think the blonde guy is the son of the girl.
NotsoJoe Rogan
NotsoJoe Rogan 29 dagar sedan
Even though this movie was confusing as fuck, at least it was original unlike most of hollywood
Mark_ _Whitfield
Mark_ _Whitfield 29 dagar sedan
I wish I could invert the two and a half hours I lost on this junk movie. There was no character development at all. None. The lead actor was mediocre at best and certainly did not have the presence to fill a super spy role. Robert Pattinson and Kenneth Branagh we're the only positives. I wasn't impressed with the effect of playing things backwards. Actually seem kind of cheap to me.
Nicolas M
Nicolas M 29 dagar sedan
I hated it. It's poorly shot. The time bullshit just DOESNT WORK if you think about it for more than a second. You are constantly thrown in action pieces where you don't know why the fuck you are there and what you are supposed to accomplished. It was a 5.5/10 top.
MUNCH B E A T Z 29 dagar sedan
Spoiler alert: the mixing of the sound was part of the plot.
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