TENET - New Trailer (My Thoughts) 

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Another trailer is out for Christopher Nolan's backwards time mystery TENET! I give you my thoughts....as well as take up half of this video telling you about my Interstellar story....Indulge me.
Watch the trailer here: selosk.info/class/video/gmihzZeFqJ-azIU.html


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22 maj 2020



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touchoflight12 Månad sedan
Waiting for your Tenet review jeremy!
Eddie Avinashi
Eddie Avinashi Månad sedan
Somehow it seems like watching Tenet would break JJ's brain. I know this because my brain was shattered. Thankfully, I'm... _detrevni._
Lenin Frank
Lenin Frank Månad sedan
Love sage mode Keanu Reeves 👍👍👍
Asher Wilkins
Asher Wilkins Månad sedan
This movie is literally the 'Bill and Ted thinking to just leave the keys so their past selves can unlock the jail door, but taken to the fullest extent and it's amazing for it
Who Cares
Who Cares Månad sedan
Been watching this channel since TFA and I definitely wanna see tenet now
Ryan Jansen
Ryan Jansen Månad sedan
The cosmos! I wish I retained more from that I was always blazed
Yajie Liu
Yajie Liu Månad sedan
Normal people: "Oh, it's a Nolan movie." Me: "Awwww, it's a timey wimey movie!"
LeekFam Månad sedan
Bruh this movie is so confusing
Kay Cannon
Kay Cannon Månad sedan
Awe!! Jeremy Grew:)
Vadim Deylgat
Vadim Deylgat 2 månader sedan
I’m lucky enough to live in Belgium where Tenet just released today. I’m so looking forward to Jeremy’s review of this one. Big warning though: do not watch the final trailer that WB dropped this week as it contains spoilers.
MONETONDRUGS 2 månader sedan
new trailer JJ
Michel Cyriac
Michel Cyriac 2 månader sedan
Most of Nolan's original film scripts are always dealing with "time" 1. Memento is a time loop. 2. Inception works with relativity in a dream. 3. Interstellar works with general relativity. 4. Dunkirk uses time scaling, three related events that occurred over different time spans. 5. TeneT - Time palindrome?
Logan 2 månader sedan
Inception was the first movie that i watched and got to know that i am a sci fi movie lover and researched about great sci fi movies on the internet and watched alot of them
klaas 2 månader sedan
TENNET is just as back and forward as TENET right?
Adel Elalem
Adel Elalem 2 månader sedan
Kojima and Christopher Nolan are the same person
Sean 2 månader sedan
What🤦‍♂️🤔☹😒👎💩🆗He's just a movie director 🤷‍♂️🙉🆗
It’s Mike
It’s Mike 2 månader sedan
Inception was space manipulation, interstellar was time manipulation, and Tenet will be a combination of both
akki Shelke
akki Shelke 2 månader sedan
Spoiling Christopher Nolan movie is very complicated. I just can't wait to see it.
HELPME100 3 månader sedan
I missed seeing you, I like the new look. 😁👏🏿
Luke Schroter
Luke Schroter 3 månader sedan
Jake Oletsky
Jake Oletsky 3 månader sedan
Jeremy, can you make a playlist of videos and shows to watch to help understand the cosmos?
maymakvm 3 månader sedan
Interstella is one of the most overrated and shit movie! If you see a planet full of water, just don't land there! Also, you just wasted how many years in minutes? How can humans move to settle into that world? Just doesn't make sense...
Cole The Incredible
Cole The Incredible Månad sedan
They needed to go to that planet to collect data you blockheads. People like you really piss me off with your numnutz intellect
Anfield Legends
Anfield Legends 2 månader sedan
Lol. That scene is true tbh. Why tf going into the planet full of water😂
ethan gill
ethan gill 3 månader sedan
hellboy 2 was that movie for me
wheredidileavemycell 3 månader sedan
TeneT is a brilliant because it is palindromic...a functional example of the subject matter
Major West
Major West 3 månader sedan
Sator Rotas
Maxx Doran
Maxx Doran 3 månader sedan
Christopher Nolan isn’t just a director. His films are an event to experience! He’s the best director of our generation, masterpiece after masterpiece
Trevor Jensen
Trevor Jensen 3 månader sedan
Jeremy, Christopher Nolan, and time, goes so well together as he seems obsessed with the idea. I want to see the film, but because my state hasn't opened up the theaters, I wonder HOW I will see this film. My T.V. cannot do a film like this, justice, so, do I wait? I don't know. Something else interesting, is this film is the FIRST film where Christopher Nolan and Hans Zimmer are NOT collaborating. I am interested to hear the music by Ludwig Goransson, and how it will change the style of the film. Ludwig won his oscar for best original score for Black Panther, which is far less electronic type of scoring than Hans Zimmer. So, I wonder if Nolan will want Ludwig to score the music similar to Hans's heavily electronic, ostinatto phrasing style, or if he will let Ludwig score the film with a more theme-driven, orchestral driven score. Jeremy, what say you?
Greg 3 månader sedan
Also look into Dr. Michio Kaku professor of theoretical physics co-founder of string field theory and Physicist Brian Cox.
okir rama
okir rama 3 månader sedan
Tenet is when u put Nolan to direct back to the future
Dino S. Dominic
Dino S. Dominic 3 månader sedan
3 "problems" with Nolan one might have. #1 hand to hand combat. #2 Lack of emotions. #3 The damn bland Bladerunner 2049-like posters.
Shaun 4 månader sedan
The guys you mentioned in this video are frauds. You have to do more digging. Truth is stranger than fiction. They are liars.
Bill Gates Aladdin
Bill Gates Aladdin 4 månader sedan
"If you dont know that much about something, know enough to know that you don't know that much." Thats actually a really nice quote. Lol
Chief Wiggum
Chief Wiggum 4 månader sedan
2:33 Jeremy going unJeremy
ALSAHAFI13 4 månader sedan
Look up: "Maxwell's Demon." A diagram of the theory is drawing on the white board in the shooting range/lab.
D'andree Lovelace
D'andree Lovelace 4 månader sedan
Jeremy do you believe that Inception and this film could possibly bein the same universe
Sach!n 4 månader sedan
The Big Lebowski and True detective Season 1 changed my worldview upside down. Now I know devils don't come from hell beneath us.
spinz186 4 månader sedan
I gave Jeremy shit for comparing interstellar to 2001 in his interstellar review and he was not happy
Максим Чех
Максим Чех 4 månader sedan
5:30 I can highly recommend a book called "Coming of age in the Milky Way"
Dip St8
Dip St8 4 månader sedan
text stellen
text stellen 4 månader sedan
You're a douchebag. Of corse there are still thousands of nuclear warheads, so that still is the number one scenario for WW3.
Stephen Bove
Stephen Bove 4 månader sedan
bro what you seek is jesus not science
Wilson Wambugu
Wilson Wambugu 4 månader sedan
Jeremy if you like Interstellar can you please review Dark on Netflix! It’s the perfect story that deals with time (past,present, future)
LiK 4 månader sedan
Interstellar was great until the ending. I’m hoping Tenet lands on its feet.
Half-Life Scientist
Half-Life Scientist 4 månader sedan
I started appreciating proper research when I was building a digital replica of the Titanic and realized how much misconception surrounds the ship and its legacy
Dan Farias
Dan Farias 4 månader sedan
How could you make a video talking about Christopher Nolan's craftsmanship and time going backwards and not mention the genius of Momento. If anything, it took him 19 years to find another way to create a film about time going backwards
Eric Gustin
Eric Gustin 4 månader sedan
do a review of VIDEODROME!! james woods at his absolute best. cronenberg did an amazing job with it and so few people know about that movie. R.I.P. JOHN SCHNEPP. (one of his favorite movies as well)
Srinivas Chilukuri
Srinivas Chilukuri 4 månader sedan
In this video, time goes twice fast. So a 12 minute review is done in 6 minutes.
protagonist the
protagonist the 4 månader sedan
For me, it was seven and inception.
Densil Grant
Densil Grant 4 månader sedan
Hands down this dude is the only sensible reviewer on you tube ,agree or disagree with him,you get food for thought and as it should be without being pretentious about it he lets you move forward too decide if you felt a show or movie was cool to you or not.
Gabriel Watson
Gabriel Watson 4 månader sedan
Interstellar is still my favorite movie of all time. I would recommend you watch a movie called "Peaceful Warrior", and it should change your life too, if you pay attention.
rafael perilla
rafael perilla 4 månader sedan
Are You the "Philosopher from The Matrix? Are you in part four? Predestination please please.
Shon Parker
Shon Parker 4 månader sedan
Peacful Warrior was a film that impacted my life. It changed me for the better and started me on a path of mindfulness. Love that film!
Ross Mitchell
Ross Mitchell 4 månader sedan
The Roswell movie martain sheen or intruders Budd Hopkins Jeremy keep the reviews going
Brandos Ghost
Brandos Ghost 4 månader sedan
“That movie,” for me was likely Good Will Hunting, when Robin Williams says (paraphrasing), “You’re an orphan, Will. But do you think I know everything about you, what encapsulates you, who you are, because I read Oliver Twist?” It really hit me that most of us tend to have preconceived notions about people based on the surface things. Poor person: must be jobless and angry. Rich person: must be nice. Might just be that the poor guy has a decent job and simply chooses to live humbly. The rich person might have more responsibilities, more headaches and stress than is ultimately worth the wealth. As a teenager, it was an emotional gut punch, as was the film entirely, but that monologue by Robin Williams was quietly intense and subtly emotional. No crying, no yelling, just a confused kid listening intently for what could possibly be the first time in his life, as his previous attempt to thwart Robin Williams’s help failed. But at the end of the scene, even after observing that Williams doesn’t view Will Hunting as a confident man but “...a cocky, scared shitless kid,” he’s still understanding enough to assure Will, “If you want to share with me, I’m all in.” Geez, I’m tearing up just remembering it.
Dylan James
Dylan James 4 månader sedan
The Fanatic made me do alot of research about people with disabilities so I could understand John Travolta a little more. Didnt work a fuckin bit
Harry P. Ness
Harry P. Ness 4 månader sedan
Jeremy it's not Tenet, it's actually French so it's more like "Ten-Ayy"
DJWoody 4 månader sedan
I think this is the next progression in Nolan's fascination with time which we've seen in films like Dunkirk and those other artsy ones I haven't seen.
apachedisco 4 månader sedan
To answer Jeremy's question, The Matrix changed everything for me, and then Inception. Both movies sent me on information quests that are still going on and will only end in my death, (for me).
BigRooster 4 månader sedan
Maxwells Demonn.
Benjamin Flagg
Benjamin Flagg 4 månader sedan
Jeremy. This video is a perfect example why we love you. I didn’t even realize until afterwards that, while you did excellently break-down the trailer and give your thoughts and analysis on it, you also gave us some deep thoughts, a great story, and even a humble life lesson as a takeaway. The best part is I can’t even tell how much of that is Nolan-related or simply Jahns-related 🙂
1Post Daily
1Post Daily 4 månader sedan
Nathan Maclay
Nathan Maclay 4 månader sedan
Fight Club! Saved me from myself.
UrbanLegend131 4 månader sedan
That means going to the inevitable scene of the crime and setting up weapons, traps and gunshots ahead of time that you could utilise as time flows backwards around you.
Dammy Genesis
Dammy Genesis 4 månader sedan
The movie that really boiled my noodles and sent me down the black hole of thirst for truth is The Matrix.
LawyersRFun 4 månader sedan
Not a movie, but it is a story told through a different medium. Kendrick Lamar's "To Pimp A Butterfly" completely changed my worldview and how I sympathize/empathize with other people.
Jvrlucena Films
Jvrlucena Films 4 månader sedan
Breaking bad, it influenced me to really care about filmmaking
Sartaz Aziz
Sartaz Aziz 4 månader sedan
Nolan's movie is accessible to all levels of intelligence. Only, they get different plots from the same movie.
Joseph Pereira
Joseph Pereira 4 månader sedan
Apocalypse now got me into cinema - in much the same way mdma got me into skrillex - but the matrix trilogy + Animatrix was/is my thing
Blake Metcalfe Films
Blake Metcalfe Films 4 månader sedan
Anyone else’s brain hurt after that story?
Palm Grove Software
Palm Grove Software 4 månader sedan
also mega hyped. seen the trip with fortnite being virtual theater to watch it ? :)
Elliot Wilmo
Elliot Wilmo 4 månader sedan
Wouldn't it be mad if Nolan did a Tarantino and linked Inception, Interstellar and Tenet in the same universe?
vamsi ram dhataram
vamsi ram dhataram 4 månader sedan
7/17/20 TENET watches us in theatres!!!!!!!!!!!
Jacob Sanders
Jacob Sanders 4 månader sedan
Shit got deep real quick.
Mario Rugeles
Mario Rugeles 4 månader sedan
Yep. Seeing Carl Sagan's Cosmos is life changing.
gerardo palacios
gerardo palacios 4 månader sedan
el reverso?
Vivian Muliira
Vivian Muliira 4 månader sedan
I think this movie is about 2 characters experiencing time in opposite directions. The one from the future is guiding the one from the past or present. It could be a sequel to inception
Tom Bombadil
Tom Bombadil 4 månader sedan
You wanna read a crazy book about the philosophy behind space/time and how it all works with the concept of relativity, and how they are the same thing, read Conversations with God by Neale Donald Walsch. I promise it is not what you think it is - It is life. changing. Disclaimer: I am not religious.
justkiddin1980 4 månader sedan
For me personally it was the music from interstellar, the making of threw me into a wormhole of organ music...and Hans zimmer..Man that guy has some awesome soundtracks!
Aleks Hammond
Aleks Hammond 4 månader sedan
My favourite theory I've heard (so POTENTIAL SPOILER I guess) is that the plot will be palindromic, and so the first half of the film will be the same as the second half, but what was going backwards the first time is now going forwards and vice versa
Polly Sey
Polly Sey 4 månader sedan
Fight Club broke down the idea of what is what we value and why.
Polly Sey
Polly Sey 4 månader sedan
One of your best videos. This transcends SElosk movie talk.
Chad Rose
Chad Rose 4 månader sedan
Nolan makes my head hurt and I LOVE IT!!
ttim2011 4 månader sedan
missmimi610 4 månader sedan
For me, it was The Big Short that “broaden” my horizons on how part of the capitalistic “system” works. I than spring board off of that movie and researched the information that I did not know. It’s now one of my top fav movies.
Godzilla 4 månader sedan
Nolan's thing has always being time, memento, inception, interstellar, dunkirk are all about time, going slower (inception), going backwards (memento), going at different speed (dunkirk) and the relativity of time itself (interstellar). When I found out that TENET was about time I just said, yep that's a Nolan's film.
RJ Elouaid
RJ Elouaid 4 månader sedan
I wish my hair grew as quick as yours
Jake Szoszorek
Jake Szoszorek 4 månader sedan
I love that theory of the future affecting the past!
TupacTheFrog 4 månader sedan
Jerehmy do u need someone to talk to, I’m here
Emma thea
Emma thea 4 månader sedan
HooksandBeats 4 månader sedan
I wonder if the family guy episode about reversed time inspired Nolan lol
Pdx 0116
Pdx 0116 4 månader sedan
I feel like Tenet is going to be the beautiful love child of Interstellar and Inception. But I have absolutely no idea what that would actually look like.
GiggleZenMaster 4 månader sedan
Gattaca. Simply because of the comment "I never saved anything for the swim back". Kinda like the unforgiving minute which, was a quote until recently I had misunderstood. There is no guarantee that you will be even able to make the swim back. So holding back or not putting in effort the here, the now, the minute you do have is not efficient. Those who do rise. As even if tired, they still swim with all their energy whereas those who hold back may not develop the mental toughness to keep swimming when they are pushed to the limit. Idk. maybe that is just the dumb ramblings of a madman. But that is my subjective interpretation.
Top Rated Films
Top Rated Films 5 månader sedan
How you add video clips without problem in copyright
A Good Movie To Watch
A Good Movie To Watch 5 månader sedan
Jeremy ...I think TENET is a method to go into the future and when u reached the destination you start traveling back immediately to where you started..what u say.
Thanos the Farmer
Thanos the Farmer Månad sedan
Just as Ace Ventura demonstrated in that mental hospital.
Adrain Acha
Adrain Acha 5 månader sedan
I love Christopher Nolan
Ruben Aeneas
Ruben Aeneas 5 månader sedan
I read that due to the issues caused by the coronavirus in 2020, Christopher Nolan pushed the release of Tenet to last year.
Michael Berezny
Michael Berezny 5 månader sedan
Such a movie for me was Man of Steel. I disliked it so much that it made me want to better be able to express why I disliked it. And that research led me to your channel, and Mr Sunday movies, and Movie Fights etc. And in the end I became much more educated about cinema.
Zefram Cochrane
Zefram Cochrane 5 månader sedan
When I watch shit like this with a dude in his late-30's with seemingly godly hair who's also really fuckin' awkward and goofy but funny but also really fucking smart and wise and analytical of great films (barring the ones I occasionally disagree with), it's nice to know there's a dude kinda like me out there who managed to at least get somewhere good in life, kinda gives a bit of hope you can reach that kinda level one day as a nerd. Since I just turned 23 there's luckily still a lot of time. And keep shit coming. For the past 3 years before my brother or I go watch a movie, we check the spoiler free score on IMDB, Metacritic, Rotten Tomatoes and, of course, here to see if it's worth our time. Seriously man why don't people do like us? It takes like 5 mins and potentially saves you a $15 piece of shit you otherwise would've watched like After Earth. Unfortunately I got drunk for that one. But I had better judgement while stoned with The Conjuring 2. That was a pretty fuckin' good sequel, just like all the new Star Trek sequels. I lost my train of thought.
Construction Design Tools
Construction Design Tools 5 månader sedan
for me that movie was: SECRET LIFE OF WALTER MITTY
Ashraf Darwisha
Ashraf Darwisha 4 månader sedan
same here!
Holy Materia
Holy Materia 5 månader sedan
The Matrix was that movie for me. It got me really into philosophy, metaphysics, and the nature of reality. And I actually ended up majoring in philosophy. Still my favorite movie.
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