The Batman - Official Trailer (My Thoughts) 

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Another trailer for an anticipated DC movie. Here are my thoughts on the 1st trailer for THE BATMAN!
Watch the trailer here: selosk.info/class/video/bpupxLJ1xXeEqGg.html
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22 aug 2020



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Braxton Walden
Braxton Walden 6 dagar sedan
I don’t think Joker will show but definitely feel maybe a gang of thugs waiting for Joker to either escape Arkham or something like that. Also this Batman may still be dealing with trauma, though I hope it’s not “Oh my parents ded boohoo” I hope it’s something substantial if that’s the case. Also did I see Hush in there with glasses or am I blind? Lol
Geeks andTechs
Geeks andTechs 8 dagar sedan
Will Catwoman have a whip and will the Penguin fly around on an umbrella?
lololol lolol
lololol lolol 2 dagar sedan
She will probably be lesbian
Andres Losoya
Andres Losoya 10 dagar sedan
I agree Wright should’ve been Lucius
ArcDevErik 16 dagar sedan
Yaser Asaad
Yaser Asaad 24 dagar sedan
من ماهر موصلي 😂❤️
djglobol 25 dagar sedan
You ready for the hidden twist? First clue in the trailer “LIES”. This movie is about Nightwing taking over “The Batman” mantle. The thugs said “Who the hell you suppose to be?” (Because Batman is dead) “I’m vengeance” he couldn’t say “l’m Batman” because he doesn’t have the courage or confidence yet on becoming the new Batman. The movie is about Nightwing overcoming the mental and social obstacle of becoming Batman. For now he is “The Batman” trying to fill in Batman’s shoes. Oh yeah. Robin/Nightwing rides a motorcycle. In the trailer there’s the motorcycle.
Frankie Big Rings
Frankie Big Rings 25 dagar sedan
I havent watched much of the dceu but we cant reboot batman again if would be bettee if they kept this in the dceu as a prequal or as dick grayson becoming batman after bruce dies
Cash Lannister
Cash Lannister 27 dagar sedan
Me after I see Robert Pattinson in this trailer: "Perhaps I treated you too harshly."
APM M 28 dagar sedan
Love the channel jeremy but you look like tom hanks in castaway 😊 wilson 😅
Dylan Duncan
Dylan Duncan 29 dagar sedan
I like to think it’s a prequel to the Ben afflack explains the vicious behavior
Rasm0s 21 dag sedan
Sorry to burst your bubble... But it’s not. Gordon is black in this movie, and white in the dceu
Reverend E. Williams
Best Riddler movie is Zodiac. Not until this trailer did it hit me like a bolt of lighting that the Riddler is essentially the Zodiac Killer....
Anal Insidemea
Anal Insidemea Månad sedan
themadking 2
themadking 2 Månad sedan
Finally someone said it SEVEN vibes all over the trailer
Batman Gotham’s Guardian
I bet the whole movie will be about Batman getting all the riddler Trophys
Ozybeastias Månad sedan
Rasputin reviews the Batman trailer.
CeeWorld Månad sedan
Does anyone know if he ever made a video showing his recording setup? His videos look really studio’ish
Michael Highline
Michael Highline Månad sedan
So how does everyone feel about rumors of the court of owls being in this movie
P C Månad sedan
*A local weed dealer makes a sale* Batman: 2:20
Amir Murray
Amir Murray Månad sedan
Great review but jim carey riddler was perfect !!..especially for 1995..and that whole cast was great..i still think kilmer is the best batman after keaton
nathaniel baeza
nathaniel baeza Månad sedan
Please review the devil all the time
aaa aaa
aaa aaa Månad sedan
Jeremy 2020 aka biker Jesus
Meh Månad sedan
Maybe scarecrow thugs because they look like skeletons skeletons are spooky and scarecrow is spooky so yeah flawless logic
dan hunter
dan hunter Månad sedan
Bro I’m so gd excited for this movie
Falk Flak
Falk Flak Månad sedan
They never showed the makeup because a) its a comic book character and doesn't need that and b) it would've looked silly - look at Pattinson
Mrsushi1011 Månad sedan
Glad they are going with some different villains. I like joker but they gotta give joker a bit of a holiday lol. We need to see clayface , deathstroke, dead shot, firefly, manbat, two face, ivy and Mr freeze. I know they have done freeze before but they can do better with the character. But I'm glad they are doing riddler and penguin
JRGProjects Månad sedan
I'm out of the loop....pandemic beard?
I cant imagine this is the Batman I wanted for so long, beside Ben Affleck Batman will return in the flash,I'm looking for this.
Maddie Raye
Maddie Raye Månad sedan
it’d be cool if this bruce wayne became batman bc of what joker (2019 version) did. like if that joker became some criminal celeb and even though he’s gone, he’s still respected and batman has to deal with these fanatics still obsessed with joker’s movement.
Keith Jackson
Keith Jackson Månad sedan
I'm not that hyped, but I will keep an open mind. In my humble opinion, Ben Affleck made the best Batman! As I said before though, I will keep an open mind.
Lee Chang
Lee Chang Månad sedan
The boots seemed to be from the riddler though
Drathan Nake
Drathan Nake Månad sedan
Fiddle Diddle how bout a Riddle
dcoog anml
dcoog anml Månad sedan
My man is on trending, right where he should be.
Jennifer McFetridge
Jennifer McFetridge Månad sedan
Can’t wate
xxbabyxx Månad sedan
Those dudes are probably penguin followers.. Lol the makeup look penguin-ish
black jack
black jack Månad sedan
Agreed on most things. But Gotham is my favorite show ever
seeni gzty
seeni gzty Månad sedan
"I'm all outta silly puddy... let me make some more! LIKE THIS!!!!" 😅😅😅
dcoog anml
dcoog anml Månad sedan
for the 30th time after a “sick” joke
Miranda Summerset
Miranda Summerset Månad sedan
I love how DC can take big budgeted films like joker & batman but make them have this special indie type vibe to them They feel raw & real
bouytt guyt
bouytt guyt Månad sedan
Teaser trailer. The film is only 25% to 30% filmed yet.
Kevin Bhantooa
Kevin Bhantooa Månad sedan
Good vid JJ
seeni gzty
seeni gzty Månad sedan
I wasn't excited for this, but now I'm hyped. Thank you Jeremy it means a lot.
Jedislayer Månad sedan
Read dark victory. You’re welcome.
Mr. Cinematic
Mr. Cinematic Månad sedan
Go watch my batman video brah
I am so glad they're finally making Riddler and Penguin main villains!!!!
bouytt guyt
bouytt guyt Månad sedan
Batman combo sequence...x,b,rb,b,rt,rt,x,x...
Pall Daze
Pall Daze Månad sedan
Dc's Daredevil remix.
Mr. Edward Hyde
Mr. Edward Hyde Månad sedan
Jen B
Jen B Månad sedan
Side note, Jeremy your hair is amazing!
Geoff DB
Geoff DB Månad sedan
you look like you could make a convincing live action jesus
Toon_cosplay_guy 79
Toon_cosplay_guy 79 Månad sedan
Gotham real is worth your time dude you wont be disappointed
Pacific Blue
Pacific Blue Månad sedan
Another freaking batman reboot? Creatively bankrupt. They're still working on a re-release of the last batman movie with Ben Affleck. What's next, another Joker reboot?
Jonay Arrocha
Jonay Arrocha Månad sedan
Lucius Fox will be played by Jackie Chang👌😂
عبدالله العويس
I really hope they stop shoving more joker shit down our throats, other batman villains are infinitely more interesting than a mentally deranged clown blowing up some building for the 30th time after a “sick” joke
ethan bob
ethan bob Månad sedan
I bet he only says “I’m vengeance” in the trailer and he actually says “I’m batman”
Mui Le
Mui Le Månad sedan
So good for the most
Grenczner Mark
Grenczner Mark Månad sedan
you've became a neanderthalean since I last watched you...WTF
Blaze The Movie Fan
Blaze The Movie Fan Månad sedan
I wasn't excited for this, but now I'm hyped. Thank you Jeremy it means a lot.
PaX Ruiz
PaX Ruiz Månad sedan
Patterson... RESPECTED??? BY Who? exactly
Dr Thuganomics
Dr Thuganomics Månad sedan
I liked the thriller detective vibes a la Zodiac/ Seven .
It's Titan Gaming
It's Titan Gaming Månad sedan
Awesome hairstyle sir
Iltffny Månad sedan
"im working on the name" lol that was a good one
I agree with those who state this is going to be the best Batman movie made yet. That's the thing with Batman, dark, gritty, brutal, limitless, all in all realistic! And of course I want him to kill because if he doesn't when he obviously has to, then he is another villain, no better than the others. Killing in and of itself isn't always and necessarily "bad" as long as you're killing true criminals such as the Joker who is infinitely dangerous and "an unstoppable force" just like mentioned in The Dark Knight movie. The so called "moral code" isn't pragmatic and must be broken whenever absolutely necessary. In my book Ben Affleck is forever going to be THE Batman. He was dope and I love the fact that he did what he had to & knew that he had to do it. So here in the new upcoming The Batman film, if the Riddler kills corrupt politicians, then I think that realistically he is doing a public service. Unlike the majority of the pathetic human species, I don't respond or react to trailers with sentimentality or instincts but with thought.
Brandon Lambert
Brandon Lambert Månad sedan
Sorry Jeremy probably not Joker thugs, more than likely either Penguin thugs or Court of Owls followers
Angel Cepeda
Angel Cepeda Månad sedan
Cuz the Riddler's costume looks exactly like the Spider-Man Noir costume but just in Black 😂😂😂😂 I think Spider-Man kills in this world as the noir version of Spider-Man😂😂😂😂😂 how Do You Like Me Now suckers you guys didn't think about that
Angel Cepeda
Angel Cepeda Månad sedan
I think the person in the beginning with the tape is Spider-Man the noir version I think Batman is going to fight Spider-Man the noir version this Spider-Man could exist in this Batman world Batman versus Spider-Man the noir version 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
maxphilly Månad sedan
I am vengeance is a good answer it's not missing anything unless you expect something else. As a hardcore batman dude I would prefer the whole phrase but everyone else would be ok with just I am vengeance.
1 23
1 23 Månad sedan
Idk why a lot of people missed that the other thug in the makeup has two faces referencing two-face
A Villarreal
A Villarreal Månad sedan
You talk waaay too much... and when you don't you're not reacting. Garbagé.
YouTube Channel Reviews
Batman Forever was the first Batman movie I ever saw. We got it on VHS for free somewhere as part of a promotion. I liked it. A lot. So you can imagine how I felt when I first saw The Dark Knight. Looking forward to this one as well!
alida flus
alida flus Månad sedan
I’ll admit it looks way better than, I thought it would.
Anthony Lavdas
Anthony Lavdas Månad sedan
Gordon all of a sudden got a tan.. so tired of this woke bullshit. Can whites have anything anymore?
Rasm0s Månad sedan
Bro... it’s just a skin color. Stfu.
Chubless The Bear
Chubless The Bear Månad sedan
I think Jeffrey Wright's makes a perfect Gordon I'm curious as to why you think he should play Lucius?
vik saggu
vik saggu Månad sedan
So that scene at 2:18 ... are we sure Batman didn’t kill him?
alida flus
alida flus Månad sedan
I think they are penguin's thugs.
A Starry Eyed Life
A Starry Eyed Life Månad sedan
Why does Jeremy look like Keanu Reeves?
skrounst Månad sedan
I pray to the movie gods that this movie is rated R. WE NEED a realistic hero movie, and it's hard to do that when a movie isn't rated R, because life is rated R. Its hard to be scared of, or threatened by villains when the stakes (The injuries or deaths of people) are hidden, or cut away from at the last second. Look at "The Wolverine", it made the previous xmen movies look like a kids birthday party.
saumya joshi
saumya joshi Månad sedan
Who else is here after rob tested positive for covid
chief 1 redwolf
chief 1 redwolf Månad sedan
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Brain Snipe
Brain Snipe Månad sedan
tbh robert pattison looks like more of a night wing
BigStew83 Månad sedan
Gotham was all around good, except the kid playing Bruce Wayne
J Cerezo
J Cerezo Månad sedan
On god he was like a little bit of jerk😂
zygas25 Månad sedan
mook: who are you? Batman: im coronavirus
TWT Animations
TWT Animations Månad sedan
holy shit John Wick is a youtuber
Thor Odinson
Thor Odinson Månad sedan
“The closest thing to we’ve gotten to a Riddler is a saw film” Gotham Riddler: am I a joke to you?
TJ Jordan
TJ Jordan Månad sedan
Yeah, using Gotham as an example is not a good choice
Darragh Hynes
Darragh Hynes Månad sedan
Also Die Hard With A Vengeance?
God Of Vader
God Of Vader Månad sedan
this riddler is actually my favorite
mikea hiooi
mikea hiooi Månad sedan
“Let. Me Make. Some more.” “LIKE THIS!” 😂😂😂
Stetson Lott
Stetson Lott Månad sedan
He broke his arm, not his jaw. You notced he drops the machete after he does so. Lol he most likely broke his jaw on the ground.
Ryan _SC
Ryan _SC Månad sedan
I think they are penguin's thugs.
Randy Miles
Randy Miles Månad sedan
He should shave the beard
To Bal
To Bal Månad sedan
Jermy basically is with the KLAN. He gave them a a 90% rotten apple score. Sad. Thought he was a good guy. Im vengeance!
mikea hiooi
mikea hiooi Månad sedan
“Let. Me Make. Some more.” “LIKE THIS!” 😂😂😂
Mark Payne
Mark Payne Månad sedan
Darker and more violent... Yeah... That's just what we need with all the riots, people being murdered, businesses being burned down, violence unleashed everywhere... No thank you.
chinchinabook Månad sedan
People seem to forget that they showed the eye makeup with the masks off in Batman & Robin near the end.
Farmer Larry
Farmer Larry Månad sedan
Good to see both those kids come out and end up being pretty legit.
Collin Sissom
Collin Sissom Månad sedan
Lakieth Stanfield for the Joker in the third movie!
Sam T
Sam T Månad sedan
based only on one trailer, it looks like _The Batman_ might be my favorite Batman movie... the greater focus on detective work seems particularly interesting to me.
Javier Ferreira
Javier Ferreira Månad sedan
why would jeffrey wright make a perfect lucius fox?? hmmmmm....... dogwhistle much?
saiyanprince Månad sedan
It looks good but I don’t like Bruce’s new hairstyle!🤷🏻‍♂️
Soooo, Are you growing it for the Charleston Heston planet of the apes reboot?
Foba Bett
Foba Bett Månad sedan
Hey Jeremy, why haven't you made a video about Chadwick Boseman passing? Just curious, because you like much of the rest of the world loved the movie and Chadwick. He was an amazing actor and he will be missed. RIP KING.
Foba Bett
Foba Bett Månad sedan
Uhgggg, this guy again. Look buddy I already told you I don't have any spare change for you, I gave it to that guy over there. Now please move along cilantro.
Basil Månad sedan
@Foba Bett ? I don't think you know what settle down means
Foba Bett
Foba Bett Månad sedan
@Basil LMAO 😂 settle down basil.
Basil Månad sedan
@Foba Bett you seriously think someone that gets thousands of comments a day is going to read them all? that's cute
Foba Bett
Foba Bett Månad sedan
@Basil I'm sure Jeremy can respond for himself.
MegaMan9590 Månad sedan
_"I'm all out of silly puddy...So let. Me make. So more. _*_LIKE THIS"_* Fucken Jeremy. 😂😂🤣🤣💀💀
Hunter Sykes
Hunter Sykes Månad sedan
Michael Keaton is Batman
A SPOOKY WD WING G Månad sedan
Gotham season 5 was sorta cringey
Anomaly Månad sedan
Robert pattinson looks like rebirth batman
LessCommonKnowledge Månad sedan
Robert Pattinson is on fire. The Lighthouse, Tenet, The Batman.
SciFirst MovieTalk
SciFirst MovieTalk Månad sedan
Fantastic reactions! I was a bit apprehensive about this movie to say the least...... until I watched the trailer! Looks like this should actually be pretty good!
SciFirst MovieTalk
SciFirst MovieTalk Månad sedan
@xoobo vola True!
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