The Boys: Season 2 - Teaser Trailer (My Thoughts) 

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A teaser trailer for THE BOYS SEASON 2 has hit the internet, so in these hours of the A.M., allow me to spend a couple minutes giving my thoughts on it!
Watch the trailer here: selosk.info/class/video/mYt52aSi34GqzH0.html
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9 jul 2020



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sumith siriwardhana
sumith siriwardhana 10 dagar sedan
doug stanhope
soupramayem emeraude
lil dicky
Robert parks
Robert parks Månad sedan
Empire reference,awesome. Rp
Billy Butcher
Billy Butcher 2 månader sedan
I think Micheal Bisping could play a good Kano.
CHIRANTH JAIN 2 månader sedan
Getting major Craig Ferguson vibes
DargorV 2 månader sedan
Still not available in canada ugh -_-
Kyle Campion
Kyle Campion 2 månader sedan
I think it was a surprise to everyone the first time they watched it can't wait till season 2!!!
Venom Overlord
Venom Overlord 2 månader sedan
i hope the boys kill more heros them killing transparent was one of the best parts
Alan Tenney
Alan Tenney 3 månader sedan
Dude how is it the comic does more for current social issues than the show? I love the show but if you have read the comic OMFG does it deal with every "woke" issue we currently face with a more realistic face!
Lebwon Goku
Lebwon Goku 3 månader sedan
The things you do for love Homelander pushes the kid...
ThatCrazyBitttcchh X
ThatCrazyBitttcchh X 3 månader sedan
Why do you look homeless my guy 😂
Danjo Nicdao
Danjo Nicdao 3 månader sedan
I thought that We Didn't Start the Fire was a good choice for the trailer Don't you ever besmirch Billy Joel
Challenger Delta
Challenger Delta 3 månader sedan
Please watch Midsommar
Japhet Ross-Fagundes
Japhet Ross-Fagundes 3 månader sedan
The song in the trailer was Billy Joel which is a throwback to Hughie and Robins last conversation.
Vespene Gas
Vespene Gas 3 månader sedan
Jeremy? You really let yourself go. Get out of Cali before you turn Jeremy the Brown.
Luigi Bros.
Luigi Bros. 3 månader sedan
Speaking of superheroes, Jeremy is looking more and more like a washed up Metroman (Megamind) each video that passes. The robe definitely helps
Abdulrahman Al-Holi
Abdulrahman Al-Holi 3 månader sedan
Are you ever going to make “The man in the high castle” seasons 3 and 4 review? I’m interested to see your opinion on the ending.
Jalen Ikezeue
Jalen Ikezeue 3 månader sedan
The only Thing I want Is Black Noire Having more screen Time
magic reborn
magic reborn 3 månader sedan
You guys in the comment, you are the real heroes
Eternity 3 månader sedan
Everytime he says: “it’s a blur, maybe a dream” The ppl running the simulation: 👁👄👁
Mobin Best In The World
Mobin Best In The World 3 månader sedan
Wow! Such depth 😒
Belnick6666 3 månader sedan
the show is for girls or beta males only, they forced karl urban to be "k" uckolded by homelander who slept ejaculated into karl urban wife for years untill she gave birth to homelander son, hopefully karl urban wife dies first
BladeWing the Chroma Shogun
Metroman? Is that you?
Matthew Howse
Matthew Howse 3 månader sedan
I know what you want what you really really want.
Shauné Blom
Shauné Blom 3 månader sedan
Me watching season 1 “I love this show feels so familiar to me” Me finds out it was developed by Eric Kripke “aah makes sense” I’m in for another 13 seasons 😂
Zachary Steffens
Zachary Steffens 3 månader sedan
Review Eurovision
The Irish Potato
The Irish Potato 3 månader sedan
I agree. He is kano.
iron1528 3 månader sedan
Oh no. Jeremy's losing his mind.
Braxton Stelly
Braxton Stelly 3 månader sedan
I’m glad they finally dropped a trailer because I was starting to think I dreamed this whole show
Lord Edegaru
Lord Edegaru 3 månader sedan
We have the same taste. I cant wait for Cobra Kai season 3.
ΩMEGA 3 månader sedan
I literally had the same thing happen. Watched the entire thing again with a friend after he came over.
Taser Chaser
Taser Chaser 3 månader sedan
You should watch Dark
Taser Chaser
Taser Chaser 3 månader sedan
Have you watched Dark yet
Laxhoop 2525
Laxhoop 2525 3 månader sedan
I finally read the comics, and Jesus, did they do Huey dirty. The guy was not as sad in the comics.
Crazed Milk Man
Crazed Milk Man 3 månader sedan
I just want more Billy Butcher
Mark Keller
Mark Keller 3 månader sedan
The more I watch the more I’m convinced. Your Billy Whick, John Whick’s brother
JPG1600 3 månader sedan
Getting real beginning-of-the-dark-knight-rises Bruce Wayne vibes from this look Jeremy
Fauzaan Jacobs
Fauzaan Jacobs 3 månader sedan
Great review by John Wick in a bathrobe
Cernold 3 månader sedan
Man all hairdressers are open, you can basically cut your own hair, anyone can cut your hair -this is what I did. You transform into walking talking hair
megan88 3 månader sedan
Sometimes I cant deside if Jeremy had too mutsh coffee or is stirrcrasy. Plus the poor Guys hair starts to look like helmet. Do you know a friend or family how cuts?
Pirate Style Jutsu
Pirate Style Jutsu 3 månader sedan
How the HELL can Homelander get away with fucking liquefying a an American soldier in front of everybody?!
Sophisticated Nebula
Sophisticated Nebula 3 månader sedan
Damn Jeremy, that hair looks goooooooddddd......
Nicholas Dennis
Nicholas Dennis 3 månader sedan
You gonna say that like the boys are back in town, wouldn’t be the perfect song for the trailer.
friggyk 3 månader sedan
Gamb1t 3 månader sedan
His hair is now falling on his face... phase 2 of John wick look is in progress
nesian 94
nesian 94 3 månader sedan
I just realized the two in charge of both groups are kiwi people
JohnShowalter1 3 månader sedan
Anyone wondering if self isolation is starting to get to Jeremy? I'm reminded of Robert Downey in the first Sherlock movie...lol be strong, sir!
ChildOfTheFlower 3 månader sedan
Jeremy, when was the last time you slept?
Kahlbuto MacFarland
Kahlbuto MacFarland 3 månader sedan
FYI, there’s a cut book of the Bible where Jesus pushes a kid off a roof. So the symbolism with Homelander isn’t stopping just yet.
ginsengaddict 3 månader sedan
Kano, Australian. Karl Urban, Australian. Now I want this.
james conlin
james conlin 3 månader sedan
can u do a review of fire in the sky
Baron Barrel
Baron Barrel 3 månader sedan
How does Jeremy look like Metro Man.
J Johnson
J Johnson 3 månader sedan
I'd love to see a review of The Expanse.. I found it excellent
Uriel 3 månader sedan
Timeskip JeremyJahns is awesome
Muhammad Ali
Muhammad Ali 3 månader sedan
Cobra Kai... never dies. (Yes, you said it dramatically too.)
TheBano13 3 månader sedan
Totally forgot Kristen Bell was on Heroes ..
Umar Sattar
Umar Sattar 3 månader sedan
Dude, where is Old Gaurd's review ?????
Rooster Jangles
Rooster Jangles 3 månader sedan
I came here straight from the season 1 review and the difference is ASTONISHING
J C 3 månader sedan
And....This is the Reason why Batman doesn't trust an Alien with a Red Cape from another Planet. No Matter how "Wholesome" he looks.
Craig 3 månader sedan
"Looks wholesome" lmaoo
Don't forget the spice
Don't forget the spice 3 månader sedan
Thank you for quoting Ultron with your beautiful voice. I needed tha- we all needed that. 🙏🏽
Ryan Jansen
Ryan Jansen 3 månader sedan
Have you thought about video game voice acting you’re charismatic enough you should try
Bretton James
Bretton James 3 månader sedan
Rereview TLOU2
Bartandaelus 3 månader sedan
Jesus christ that beard works for you.
Reeta Singhal
Reeta Singhal 3 månader sedan
Watch dark
JW 88
JW 88 3 månader sedan
What kind of shit is Jeremy on?
mcostagirl123 3 månader sedan
This is Quarantine Jeremy
Caleb Atwood
Caleb Atwood 3 månader sedan
You should review Gattaca. A film probably few have heard of.
Adrian Cabonce
Adrian Cabonce 3 månader sedan
Can you review code geass
Official Filmilen
Official Filmilen 3 månader sedan
The Boys season 2 will be awesometacular
Paul Sommerhalder
Paul Sommerhalder 3 månader sedan
Cool velvet robe Jahns, where u get it?
Sayak Sarkar
Sayak Sarkar 3 månader sedan
Please review dark
gangarollo 3 månader sedan
Funniest thing is that the Girl's actress is also a voice actress for cartoons, she's Kipo and Glimmer on She-ra
Gianluca Pastorelli
Gianluca Pastorelli 3 månader sedan
I like her voice as Glimmer in She-Ra. Actually, all the voice actors are great in that show
David Brown
David Brown 3 månader sedan
I think Jeremy is an extension of my mentality.
Reginald T
Reginald T 3 månader sedan
U should do a review on the watchmen series
Doctor PHD
Doctor PHD 3 månader sedan
this guy has the nicest beard and hair ive ever seen
GDG 3 månader sedan
Please do a TOGO movie review it is such a good movie you will surprised at how good it is
everything is awesome
everything is awesome 3 månader sedan
He has already done that. Just search it.
kagato0987 3 månader sedan
Soon Jeremy will fade into his mane and beard
Mo7emed ragab
Mo7emed ragab 3 månader sedan
You're not excited about tenet??
L17AR15 3 månader sedan
Review "Devils Gate" just watched on Hulu not bad at all.
Steve Rogers
Steve Rogers 3 månader sedan
Umbrella Academy and The Boys getting a second season. *"what a time to be alive"*
Gianluca Pastorelli
Gianluca Pastorelli 3 månader sedan
Well, we saw those coming. The Boys ended with a cliffhanger, Umbrella Academy ended with a "What now?" question. Second seasons were mandatory
Felmax Official
Felmax Official 3 månader sedan
Jaay Jones
Jaay Jones 3 månader sedan
THE OLD GUARD . New to Netflix you should check it out
Andrew Borsh
Andrew Borsh 3 månader sedan
Jeremy review army of darkness come on you know you want to
Lumpy Stilskin
Lumpy Stilskin 3 månader sedan
Careful man, or Abby will look for you with that haircut and beard.
The Camberwell Carrot
The Camberwell Carrot 3 månader sedan
The Boys, Cobra Kai...two shows that don't care about your feelings...love them.
Shashank Iyer
Shashank Iyer 3 månader sedan
If Stormfront in this show is anything like the comics we are in for a wild ride. And there better be Love Sausage
Jason McIntosh
Jason McIntosh 3 månader sedan
Man, he couldn't keep this review on the road... All over the place, even for him...
Victor Rodriguez
Victor Rodriguez 3 månader sedan
do you see the old guard???
Anthony Ospina
Anthony Ospina 3 månader sedan
Nice Ultron Reference
Yoshimi’s Corner
Yoshimi’s Corner 3 månader sedan
Omg!! Please review new Netflix movie The Old Guard!! Please like comment to make it popular 😉😉
George Hillier
George Hillier 3 månader sedan
They used Spice Girls for the season 1 trailer. They should have used "The Boys are Back in Town" for this season!
Jvin Santos
Jvin Santos 3 månader sedan
Jeremy please watch Netflix: Dark 🙏🏻
Mayur Nalawade
Mayur Nalawade 3 månader sedan
How has he not done Dark yet? It's a crime.
JosephTheFirst1 3 månader sedan
Greyhollow 3 månader sedan
u need a haircut
Jonathan Ailsworth
Jonathan Ailsworth 3 månader sedan
Do a video on Only on Netflix!
txsportsfreak02 3 månader sedan
This seems like a good video to make this comment. Jeremy during this slow time you should do top 10 lists. Like top 10 comedies, top 10 horror movies. I think that would be cool. Anyone else agree?
FAN BOYZ 3 månader sedan
Why does Jeremy look like if Dave Seville never left his house?
Ptowndrew21 3 månader sedan
Jermy you are slowly turning into a cave man.
The Spooky Video Void
The Spooky Video Void 3 månader sedan
Jeremy, please watch The Lighthouse
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