The Boys: Season 2 - Episode 6 (My Thoughts) 

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Episode 6 of the 2nd season of THE BOYS is out, and ends up hands down being the most fun i've had this season. Here are my thoughts on it!


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25 sep 2020



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Carlos Zavala
Carlos Zavala 2 dagar sedan
Thumbnail is spoilery
Utracia1 3 dagar sedan
Haven't seen the next two eps but does Gus from Breaking Bad know about this whole plan? As he isn't of the "master race" it makes me wonder.
webjaker 5 dagar sedan
It's not just sickos, in the comics Homelander is cloned from Stormfront
Noob TNA
Noob TNA 7 dagar sedan
the wiggles
Suzy Syrett
Suzy Syrett 9 dagar sedan
Lamplighter: endless kids birthday cake candle lighter. Clear role to fill in the 7. End of.
David P
David P 10 dagar sedan
So now the Boys, the group not specifically the show, is fine with killing children? They've taken in Lamplighter, who apparently has killed kids, and they are led by Butcher that detonated a BOMB knowing there was a baby in the same room. These are the people we're supposed to cheer for and get behind?
jacob pickens
jacob pickens 15 dagar sedan
the only reason why they think stormfront is homelanders mom is because in the comic storefront is a dude and is homelanders dad
kisha00 15 dagar sedan
Spoiler warning: So you will not even mention starlight kill an innocent man like it’s nothing?
Chad Bradbrooke
Chad Bradbrooke 16 dagar sedan
In the comics, The Homelander was grown in a lab from genetic material collected from Stormfront (who was a guy in the comics). Even if they go that route in the show (and there really isn't any indication that they are planning that), it wouldn't really make her his mother.
____ 18 dagar sedan
Architects and engineers often have go-pros. He could be that.
Kenneth Kum
Kenneth Kum 20 dagar sedan
Why is iceman now pyro? LOL
Julian Flores
Julian Flores 23 dagar sedan
Apparently I was too high cause I didn’t notice the dick
Mr. Bobby Wright
Mr. Bobby Wright 23 dagar sedan
10x less dislikes on this one compared to the last ep
Marcus Greger
Marcus Greger 24 dagar sedan
So why was Cindy able to rip down the door of all the other cells, but could not escape her own cell without help?
Rashad Heyward
Rashad Heyward 24 dagar sedan
Nathan Michael
Nathan Michael 24 dagar sedan
Le's be honest this episode boils down to a 50 foot penis
Ryan Alex
Ryan Alex 25 dagar sedan
Look at the comics, and understand why we would think that
Jarl Lillebø
Jarl Lillebø 25 dagar sedan
The Ashmore twins are honestly really good actors. Lamplighters remorse over the shit he's done was totally believable. Shawn is quite a bit better than his brother Aaron tho, imo. Aaron's chosen the rather uninteresting romantic characters like Troy in veronica Mars or Jimmy Olsen in Smallville. Shawn goes for the nuanced super folks :p
jordancollins444 25 dagar sedan
Fav episode
MWJ 26 dagar sedan
No mention of the 7 porn? For shame!
MWJ 26 dagar sedan
Who had "super dick strangle mother's milk" on their 2020 Bingo card?
L H 26 dagar sedan
I thought the nazi thing was pretty lazy writing.
bruh bruh
bruh bruh 26 dagar sedan
Wheres the next episode
Anthony Kalorib-Kerr
Anthony Kalorib-Kerr 26 dagar sedan
Do episode 7!!!!!
Mack N
Mack N 27 dagar sedan
I didn't think it was adults getting tested on, but it going wrong as kids? And alot of them have been locked up since they went offmarket
Maverick Creations
Maverick Creations 27 dagar sedan
Episode 7: You'll see Karl Urban as Wolverine in this episode and you'll hear a hint of Wonder Woman's theme music for Maeve. Homelander shares an interesting view with his son. One of the Supes has a kryptonite and Lamplighter lends a hand. (He's full on fire this episode!) Oh. Also, we have a finale akin to kingsman without the rainbow colours. Hopefully I haven't given spoilers. P.S Hughie is given an option between Starlight and Porn.
Batman 27 dagar sedan
Spot On
Cas Ual
Cas Ual 27 dagar sedan
gay guy here: sentient dick was best
Yash Dalal
Yash Dalal 27 dagar sedan
Why did Walter White sound like Batman?
Akhil Bhardwaj
Akhil Bhardwaj 27 dagar sedan
wait till u watch ep 7
Vyshnav 27 dagar sedan
Almond Joy >>> Kryptonite Change my mind ☕
You think i'm funny?
You think i'm funny? 27 dagar sedan
i think people heavily underestimate the amount of power the church of the collective has, especially after watching episode 7
André 26 dagar sedan
[minor spoiler; sort of] waaaaait so that's why [that thing] happened with Marathon too? So A-Train could... holy fuuuuuck
Legacy Lad
Legacy Lad 27 dagar sedan
The new one is really cool
JMM 27 dagar sedan
I remember saying the mother thing before they banged and now it's even more ewww
leather face
leather face 28 dagar sedan
Only fuck. Jeremy and I think just alike. When I was watching i was like, "This reminds me of the end of Cabin in the Woods" and also the part about Iceman and Pyro in X-Men. 😂😂😂. But yea this episode is finally what I've been looking for
LogicWorldz 28 dagar sedan
Ironic iceman playing lamplighter lol he had a good part this episode hope he teams up with the boys again this season
SuperRedarmy123 28 dagar sedan
funny that cindy kind like akira anime movie
joexxxx95 28 dagar sedan
Why haven't you done a review on Dracula on Netflix, 3pt episodes...
Lamis Badra
Lamis Badra 28 dagar sedan
Jeremy please please watch peaky blinders and give a review. Please please pretty please 🥺🥺
Oliver Fletcher
Oliver Fletcher 29 dagar sedan
But how could that woman rip doors off the cells outside but not inside the cell
Josh 29 dagar sedan
Favorite part of this episode is easily the background on Frenchie and Lamplighter
DR DESKTOP 29 dagar sedan
Yup....every series downfall...
Kaveh Teimory
Kaveh Teimory 29 dagar sedan
Nick Walker
Nick Walker 29 dagar sedan
If Cindy pimple popper could rip down the doors, how was she locked up in a cell with a metal door?
T Mac
T Mac 29 dagar sedan
To me, the way it was edited and shot, it felt like Stormfront was trying to blowup Homelander. It was weird and confusing.
Red Inside
Red Inside 29 dagar sedan
Jeremy is slowly turning into a hispter hobo
OmniKing 29 dagar sedan
Totally unrelated but why does every comment under a comment is a spoiler?
A Fetts
A Fetts 29 dagar sedan
This episode has finally brought me back into the series. I know there has been a lot of building, but man this season has just felt like a drag for most of the time. The first season balanced the action, drama, suspense, character building, and plot better than this season.
Alberto Restrepo
Alberto Restrepo 29 dagar sedan
This show is changing the way I look at sex xD
SuprFlare 29 dagar sedan
I am gonna just call Cindy “Old Eleven”. Easier that way.
Kusanagikaiser999 29 dagar sedan
BTW Jeremy....not the Force, the girl is literally a walking AKIRA reference, watch that movie, you will get it.......also Eleven, she even look like Eleven grow up XD.
Austin Huber
Austin Huber Månad sedan
Some thoughts on “kingdom” the zombie show on Netflix would be awesome.
Patrick 74
Patrick 74 Månad sedan
You should really watch The Expanse, I know you'll like it since you liked Firefly and GoT so much.
LOKITYZ Månad sedan
IIRC, the fat guy with the huge dick seems to be a reference to that Russian Superhero from the comics. Forgot his name, it was Motherland or Red Something or whatever. Not sure. Looks just like him, though. Was kinda excited when I saw him, but turned out that it was just used for a joke. A bit disappointed, but that's fine, just a fun little thing...
boom91602able Månad sedan
Only two episodes left? What could they possibly accomplish to make it worth while
BIGBODY Månad sedan
I like what the show did by making some of the heroes not plain out evil assholes like the comics I actually like A-train, lamplighter etc.
noleal08 Månad sedan
@Jeremy Jahns I think you should check-out Raised By Wolves on HBOMAX. It's quite an interesting series
0803r67067 Månad sedan
Dude. U gotta review Kung Fury. It's a unique short movie with 80s vibe. Like if u guys agree
vedomedo Månad sedan
The thing about the actor playing Lamplighter was the exact thing I said when we saw a glimpse of him in a previous episode, on the phone, holding a lighter.
Trent Casey
Trent Casey Månad sedan
People didn’t guess lol they just googled it or read the comments
Darnell Smith
Darnell Smith Månad sedan
@Jeremy Jahns I believe you just described my choices in spouses and friends with qoute You're either a shit bag or damaged. You didn't mention the golden girls references, I skipped out on Heroes up til Heroes:reborn, Cindy/sith-magneto may be the one who killed rayna(head of the CIA) and the actress did stunt work in The Strain and contortionist work for "IT", Titans, Cirque de demain, france has got talent, China circus and Love sausage was awesome in the comics(utilizing him wrong) did u catch Stormfronts accent changing to german, how exactly did starlight kill that good samaritan who stood his ground (head trauma can't be caused that severe as close as he landed)
Michael Rousine
Michael Rousine Månad sedan
Love Sausage is actually a decent character in the comic.
jakeman025 Månad sedan
Stormfront: “I’m a 100 year old nazi” Homelander: “ As long as that pussy juzi”
Julian Tapia
Julian Tapia Månad sedan
Love Sausage 🍆
penda Månad sedan
So this is john wick
steven simpson
steven simpson Månad sedan
Please review the ritual im curious of what you thought about it
Chimp Wimp
Chimp Wimp Månad sedan
Hail Hydra
AndyHasFeet Månad sedan
so Stormfront is essentially a - SOUP-NAZI.
Dennis Canfield
Dennis Canfield 29 dagar sedan
I see what u did there!
Pluto Smash
Pluto Smash Månad sedan
The Singing Billy Joel in the car scene will be extremely hard to top for me
OK Peachie
OK Peachie Månad sedan
The highlight of this episode: Me: “ITS A PENIS! NOOOOOOOO” My mom: almost passes out from laughter
Julian Howard
Julian Howard Månad sedan
I don’t know I’m finding it hard to route for anyone, even the protagonists!
murris Månad sedan
can you do a review on Deathstroke: knights and dragons pls it's so good
Harrison Martin
Harrison Martin Månad sedan
I'm pretty sure Lamplighter can do more than burn down wooden doors and turn bodies into ash. Since he can control fire, he should be able to easily put out a burning building easier than any firefighter can.
Emerald Archer
Emerald Archer Månad sedan
Amazon Prime, you have failed this genre.
Jabez Sembegere
Jabez Sembegere Månad sedan
Season 2 sucks. & not in a good kinda way.
Jabez Sembegere
Jabez Sembegere 26 dagar sedan
Kaveh Teimory if you’re watching Jeremy Jahn reviews I’m thinking the same exact thing. Each episode makes less sense. Each episode gets sillier, weaker, nonsensical & dumber. Kripke is an expert at making shows worst every season.
Kaveh Teimory
Kaveh Teimory Månad sedan
How so?!!🤣 explain please!
iDroneFilmz Månad sedan
If vought is a white supremacist company why is Gus their CEO. That dont make sense
ThePazack1 Månad sedan
Cabin in the woods is exactly what I thought of in the psych Ward
UK man loves goddesses
Good episode but they'd never murder & fuck in broad daylight because in this universe, *all possible blackmail happens all the time* so they'd definitely end up getting blackmailed S1E01 - The Deep blackmailed Starlight by threatening to get her kicked out of The 7 S1E01 - The Mayor of Baltimore blackmailed Vought by threatening to leak info on Compound V S1E02 - Vought blackmailed a Senator with a video of him fucking Doppelganger S1E03 - Butcher & Frenchie blackmailed Popclaw by letting themselves into her flat immediately after she killed her landlord & offering to clean the crime scene in return for info on Compound V - thus they implicitly proved they had cameras inside her flat S1E05 - Hughie blackmailed Ezekiel with video of a gay 3some S2E01 - Starlight blackmailed Gecko with video of him being an "S & M hooker" S2E02 - Starlight blackmailed A-Train with a forensics report that said Popclaw was murdered & an allegation that she was his GF (which he could try to deny) S2E05 - Butcher blackmailed Vought with photos of a boy & an unproven allegation that the boy's from Homelander raping his wife S2E05 - Stormfront threatened to tell Vought that Starlight gave Compound V to MSNBC & says "You're going to be a big help to me". Starlight threatened to tell the world that Stormfront is a racist previously known as Liberty S2E06 - Queen Maeve tells her GF she's going to show Homelander the video of him on a plane refusing to save anybody (he said he didn't get there in time). "he's either going to leave us alone or I'm going to put it on CNN"
Kaveh Teimory
Kaveh Teimory Månad sedan
You have a problem with that?!😂
To continue the theme of burrowing from other movies. Edgar is Vought (Get Out). Trying to create the perfect body to transfer his mind out of the Edgar body to.
Biluginha Atômica
Biluginha Atômica Månad sedan
Ok i know this is crazy but, hear me out. I might have a "theory" here, like: You all know that in the comics Butcher injects Hughie with compound v (without his consent) to make him "able" to be in their group, right? And right now, our boy Hughie had a near death experience and it's now in a hospital bed. They are all (except Starlight) considered terrorists at the moment, and any person can recognize them by their faces, so that means; they can't wait for Hughie to get better, they don't have time. So, what if Butcher gives Hughie some compound v while he is alone with him, to make him heal himself faster, thus giving Hughie the powers he had in the comics? (you know like Captain America strength, superhuman resistante, etc...)
Biluginha Atômica
Biluginha Atômica Månad sedan
@Space Roamer what do you mean by 4? it's Butcher, Hughie and Starlight (and it's hard to recognize her without the "bimbo suit", the make up and all that stuff)
Christian Månad sedan
Is there a reason why Cindy couldn’t crush her door open from inside ?
Kaveh Teimory
Kaveh Teimory Månad sedan
Maybe she knew she wasn't allowed to leave her cell, until she saw her chance right there!
mikezr1000 Månad sedan
No don't kill him! He only killed your grandchildren because he thought it was you.. That makes a big difference right?
Kaveh Teimory
Kaveh Teimory Månad sedan
That's not the point. Did you even watch the episode? Frenchie said that Lamplighter is already in so much pain and you can't do anything worse to him! So now they're gonna use him against vought.
The Deity Prime
The Deity Prime Månad sedan
Does Stormfront know about Homelanders son?
Sun RA
Sun RA Månad sedan
Stormfront is basically trying to make the ubermensch. That's a pretty good reason to make 'Front a woman. Also, should this have been New Mutants?
Nevan 4
Nevan 4 Månad sedan
This show is amazing
augustusreagle Månad sedan
In the comic if remember right the take stormfront's dna to make homelander
Tiny Rocks
Tiny Rocks Månad sedan
4:06 to be faaair....
let203 Månad sedan
Anyone else think homelanders mother is Stillwell? She was the closest thing to him. Supers do better when raised with their mothers. Does this not make sense?
InnerRise Månad sedan
Sometimes getting "strangled" by diques isn't a bad thing. ...🍆💦😅
ed rosa
ed rosa Månad sedan
Actress who plays Storm front is REALLY good. She seems equal to homelander in both powers and screen presence.
P P Månad sedan
stormfront: I'm really old and racist. homelander: jokes on you, I'm in to that shit!
Melmac101 Månad sedan
Homelander has always wanted a mother figure now he has the perfect mom/lover in Stormfront smh
Foolish Child
Foolish Child Månad sedan
You kind of aren’t that good at reviews
Zack Luke
Zack Luke Månad sedan
when he crushed the dudes head and then they fucked against the wall with blood on their faces. I was disturbed, yet really amused by it.
JAY VANG Månad sedan
Am I the only one who had an issue with episode 5 and 6? -the series totally forgot that the team are fugitives -black noir was literally hiding on the FRONT rooftop the whole time. (Thought this was hilarious asf) -vought didn't even ask butcher for evidence -that chick with the "force" power broke everyone out by pulling their doors and smashing it...like wtf u could of broke yourself out all this time??? -didnt Lamplighter say that they were on lockdown and no one was going to get out? And then that Shockwave dude got outside and attacked the team...like wtf? (And who thought that dude who spit acid had the dumbest power ever. Seriously. ) -gosh they really really tried to force the relationship between butcher and starlight. The hospital scene was so awkward. -that nazi betch stormfront keeps all her SECRETS in a big ass box in her room? Lol way to hide your whole plan I mean seriously, whats wrong with this season lol If my info is wrong, please correct me or inform me
Kaveh Teimory
Kaveh Teimory Månad sedan
Well, about being the fugitives, honestly how many wanted people do you know to remember their faces?!
Eden Garden Labs
Eden Garden Labs Månad sedan
My thoughts are the plot holes in this show you could drive a car through lol
Eden Garden Labs
Eden Garden Labs Månad sedan
@Kaveh Teimory the deep riding a whale can catch up with a speed boat lol what would a beached whale was the plan stfu
Eden Garden Labs
Eden Garden Labs Månad sedan
@Kaveh Teimory the boys comic made the point that to beat the bad guys by fighting fire with fire you become the bad guy a truism of the universe fun look into the show however even with the main theme of vaught being racism now doesn't only not make sense it seems to have been written like watchmen to push a narrative not related to the boys universe at all your just being programmed ironically a topic the show itself explores... racism is not a sound business model ...I mean atrian is black and they gave his family the compound V lol even them smashing a robber's head like the police would never find the body ask how his head was smashed... one cell phone video could ruin him but he flys around smashing heads and fucking in alleys it's stupid foreal lol
Kaveh Teimory
Kaveh Teimory Månad sedan
@Eden Garden Labs I disagree with most of what you just said, but I have to admit, this season has been rushed so much and these weekly releases are making it too obvious. But can't you just ignore these mistakes and enjoy the wild ride that the show has brought to us?
Eden Garden Labs
Eden Garden Labs Månad sedan
@Kaveh Teimory the boys dont trust butcher constantly say he is gonna go to far yet mother's milk leave his daughters and wife to help kamiko is a drug dealers lol character motivations all together is a plot hole
Eden Garden Labs
Eden Garden Labs Månad sedan
@Kaveh Teimorystormfront is liberty yet people dont recognize her ??? She was so famous she had to disappear after being racist but only the little girl recognized her from the tv? If she could recognize her years later surely someone else noticed
King Kong
King Kong Månad sedan
They are doing it! *BLACK NOIR* will be the secret Weapon whenever Homelander doesn't cooperate! Remember when Lamplighter, mentioned that they tried to make a compound V for adults? Some have exploded, some have died and some became FREAKS (Like the sith magneto girl). Maybe BLACK NOIR is the same as Homelander but a freak one because he doesn't talk and his personality is weird. And Homelander is the succesful specimen that they created and dreamt that he will lead the supes. Rather than Black Noir who is not really stable. They are just waiting for him to be activated whenever Homelander is out of control.
Eliecer Quintero
Eliecer Quintero Månad sedan
Can you review the devil all the time on Netflix. It’s really good and I want to know your thoughts on it. It has a big crew with Robert Pattinson and the new dude who plays Spider-Man lol
King Kong
King Kong Månad sedan
Broooo, I still don't believe that Lamplighter will be their ally tho. He still seems suspicious to me, maybe he's just the spy from Stormfront and let them gained his trust.
beebeegee Månad sedan
Hey Jeremy what have you thought of Prime's release structure for this season? I have never heard of a show that released some episodes then started a weekly release a chunk of the way through the season, but I'd say I approve of the method! I had always thought Netflix's way of releasing them all at once was too anticlimactic.
Jereny...show me your thoughts about Netflix's Resident Evil Show..its called Infinite Darkness
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