The Boys: Season 2 - Episode 7 (My Thoughts) 

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THE BOYS Season 2 hits us with episode 7, and yeah, worth talking about for sure! Here are my thoughts!


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2 okt 2020



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Ohem F. Gee
Ohem F. Gee 15 timmar sedan
Jeremy really needs to get out of the American bubble and learn the difference between liberals and leftists
Ivan Garcia Ramos
Ivan Garcia Ramos 6 dagar sedan
Can you and Chris Stuckmann do a video together? Thanks.
xXcamp heroXx
xXcamp heroXx 7 dagar sedan
Pewdiepie legit gotta shout out in this episode lol
Pirate Style Jutsu
Pirate Style Jutsu 7 dagar sedan
Looks like Fat Neil finally snapped.
Geahk Burchill
Geahk Burchill 8 dagar sedan
Jeremy struggling with the fact that 30% of Americans do not give a single fuck how bad Donald Trump gets.
RandomName 8 dagar sedan
Rather than homelander, I feel like stormfront should have taken the biggest media back lash. Her introduction made her seem like a social justice warrior and that seemed to be her media angle to gain public approval and attention. So when she started collaborating with homelander I’m surprised people didn’t say wtf is this girl doing. Especially when she started championing nationalist stuff
RandomName 8 dagar sedan
Yo I’m so dumb, my first thought when he made that red hearing pun was that it was a play on red herring (like a bloody misdirect), luckily a second later I realized it was a game of thrones reference
Ronny Grewal
Ronny Grewal 10 dagar sedan
chris brown
Julio reviews
Julio reviews 11 dagar sedan
Man that fucking ending was mind blowing
ripseeze 11 dagar sedan
excellent point on the universe feeling inconsistent!
FinnYourHuman 12 dagar sedan
your quick to call out right wing movies or shows with the propaganda they have about the left but when its the left propaganda about the right then na thats just a representation of right wing
DamienNightwing 12 dagar sedan
Hate BUTCHER'S wife in the show. Don't like her. She is not HOT enough and she is a horrible mother to that kid. Comic book version wins this match up EASILY!!!!! That was a awful TV decision to change that story arc from the source material.
Lam 13 dagar sedan
I heard Jeremy say how Black Noir's identity is spoilery AND THEN immediately googled his identity. Dont know why though.
Heart Heart
Heart Heart 14 dagar sedan
johnny bravo
johnny bravo 15 dagar sedan
Csi miami reference was brilliant
Calvin Holli
Calvin Holli 16 dagar sedan
Ehhh homelander was pretty right wing season one too
Steven E
Steven E 17 dagar sedan
I only tuned in to hear your thoughts on the opening....... thought it was very powerful
Steven Hughes
Steven Hughes 17 dagar sedan
I agree there would’ve been a good bit of backlash, but I think it would have been much more limited since as far as the public know there HAVE been foreign super terrorists. It feels a lot more like the sway of a populous as seen in Germany back in the 30s. Mindestens von dem das ich in der Schule sturdiert habe!
Russell Martin
Russell Martin 17 dagar sedan
Mmm.... dunno that I agree about the supes being "entertainment industry" and therefore taking a stance dividing his base. To me the better comparison is Homelander etc are given the same importance as the Military - defense. Who harps on about the military more? Right wing. Not to mention it seems to me there's a huge right wing bias when it comes to the MSM, which Vought plays into.
Traore Semedo
Traore Semedo 18 dagar sedan
You should watch emergency awesome ... He explains a lot of your questions... detaild... Love your videos by the way
Whoopity Scoop
Whoopity Scoop 18 dagar sedan
In Voughts defense Jeremy, who is going to break into a skyscraper full of SUPERHEROES? Lol do they really need state of the art security?
Frankie Big Rings
Frankie Big Rings 18 dagar sedan
Tbh he was already right wing his big part of capes for christ and stuff. The pray the gay away abd other things ya know
john doe
john doe 18 dagar sedan
I just watched it all for the first time, and to me, it really felt like Vaught was filling in for fox news as the more right-wing. While media leans "left" (more center if anything), Vaught has been coded to be far more right-wing news, as they never really hosted the clear AOC fill in character, clearly pushed for the believer stuff in season one and broadcast Stormfront and Homelander's immigration platform. Plus, like idk Homelander always seemed like Moderate Republican presenting in political ideology, plus as an allegory for superman, who grew up in rural farmland, it'd make sense he'd be more right-wing.
Hollywood 412
Hollywood 412 18 dagar sedan
I quit my job at a hospital and came back a year later and found out all my codes and emails never got deactivated so this was believable to me 😂😂😂
El'amin mochichi
El'amin mochichi 19 dagar sedan
Stormfront: 👁👄
Kilgore Trout
Kilgore Trout 19 dagar sedan
Seeing an advertisement for a delivery service (that isnt available within 400 miles of me) deliver delicious Indian food (that doesn't exist in my town... or any town for 100 miles) makes me jealous
tjzini 19 dagar sedan
I don't know. Homelander's numbers were going down with the public, Stormfront says, let me handle it. She's got the whole nazi thing with propaganda and really good social media people with memes and such. They are both darlings with "their" people. To him, that was good enough.
Ben Dal
Ben Dal 19 dagar sedan
What the f was Stormfront's plan? Step 1.Becoming popular while hiding her shameful nazi past because everyone hates nazi. Step 2. Step 3.. 4th reich ?
C T 19 dagar sedan
Spoilers for idiots. Don't go online if you want to be spoiler free about anything.. I ignored this rule and didn't see TFA the 1st week and saw HanSolo died because parasite Harrison Ford demanded it so (100% fact~research it!) People playing with fire who got burnt atleast learned not to do so anymore ;D
jgould30 20 dagar sedan
I told you earlier in this season that the kid was first natural born sup and it was a big deal. Duh
Trash 20 dagar sedan
Postmates was mentioned in this
Andor Robotnik - El Friki con Barba
Maybe this will help make sense. Marvel Studios is very Left wing PC BUT, Chris Pratt is the kind of guy who finances convertion teraphy churches. People who want to enjoy their media wihtout thinking of morals are A LOT
Kashim 20 dagar sedan
Red Hearing.... Okay I genuinely laughed at that. Hahahaha
Sushant Shanbhag
Sushant Shanbhag 20 dagar sedan
I don't if anyone noticed but boys have the greatest power of all plot armour.
iDroneFilmz 20 dagar sedan
Who would joke about a man or woman with super powers...
100 Ethlest
100 Ethlest 20 dagar sedan
The last episode is crazy
EinSophistry 20 dagar sedan
Ah, yes, Chekov's Almond Joy.
Spencer Humphreys
Spencer Humphreys 20 dagar sedan
prediction (spoiler): This black noir actually died (or will die), and Vought will replace him with the comic book version without saying anything.
Beatsmith Audio
Beatsmith Audio 20 dagar sedan
Brandon Reed
Brandon Reed 20 dagar sedan
The only way to resolve the super human situation in that world is to allow everyone to get the Compound V shot, like the 2nd Amendment but for super powers. It's similar to the situation in the show "The 4400".
Brandon Reed
Brandon Reed 20 dagar sedan
Jeremy going full Moses with that hair and beard. 😆
Christopher Skiera
Christopher Skiera 21 dag sedan
It’s the guy in the suit who leads the church of the collective who can blow up heads his villiain name is Alistair adana
Anup H.
Anup H. 21 dag sedan
is Edgar, he a supe too
KUZYRII 21 dag sedan
Orange man bad, mkay.
oneradlad 21 dag sedan
"Someone got fired...", yeah.. Lamplighter
L Jj
L Jj 21 dag sedan
My guess is lamplighter’s still worked because he was still a trusted member of vought
Zsolt Turcsanyi
Zsolt Turcsanyi 21 dag sedan
I love korma and naan:D
jose rodriguez
jose rodriguez 21 dag sedan
Keep america safe again sounds stupid and is a really obvious and bad callout to trump. Like if you wanna shit on trump do it smart...
Eagle's Might, G 37
Eagle's Might, G 37 21 dag sedan
That's what happens when the left is allowed to write for a good show, It starts off good but eventually you starts seeing all the inconsistencies and then it turns into crap. They can't even vilify the right realistically in their own show. The left's bias is so transparent you can see them right through their characters. Season 3 is going to be another victim of "get woke go broke".
Dillon oickle
Dillon oickle 21 dag sedan
2 theories ive seen for the head popper is the leader of the cult, thats why shockwave gets popped so he cant replace A-Train and the other is the leader of vought to protect the company.
Keith Grech
Keith Grech 21 dag sedan
I feel like the only one who's kinda on Homelanders side about not lying to your kid. What Becca did to Ryan was fucked up. He needs to see the real world. Dont fucking lie to your kids. I may have a personal problem, and I still hate Homelander, but staying in that prison was not best for Ryan. Dont lie to your kids.
Akash D prince
Akash D prince 21 dag sedan
Season 2 feels so dumb. Lamplighter burns himself to death but his fingers are good to go for a security check. LOL 😂
Aditya N
Aditya N 20 dagar sedan
It isn't dumb. It's a plot hole. Even the dark knight rises has dumb ,things in between. Nothing is perfect.
matthew taylor
matthew taylor 21 dag sedan
the actor that plays noir has a nut allergy irl so thats where they got that from
reptar_blues 21 dag sedan
Nah. Cindy implodes people while the heads are exploding so either the church is behind it or someone new
Paul Moreaux
Paul Moreaux 21 dag sedan
What the writers don't get is that the left wing is not the underdog. The left wing owns the media and is the establishment. But they play it as the reverse in the show.
devon divine
devon divine 21 dag sedan
Sooooooo, watching fantasy and sci fi as a blk man is definitely interesting. I presume this is what blk guys really into gaming experience. Nothing about a nazi themed racist super hero huh....smh. well white ppl are the writers 🤷🏿‍♂️
Combat Wombat
Combat Wombat 21 dag sedan
To be fair, you wouldn't really need security at a superhero headquarters.
Nick Vanstone
Nick Vanstone 21 dag sedan
Can you review Gangs of London? It came out in the US this week on AMC
kobainage 22 dagar sedan
But if the telekinesis chick were the culprit, how did she kill Raynor from her asylum cell? Because they were killed in the exact same way.
That series is shit, the only reason this guys are reviewing it it's because they're getting paid, I couldn't stand it, so slow and dumb
Aditya N
Aditya N 20 dagar sedan
So you've seen it or not?
W W 22 dagar sedan
At first when the heads started popping I was so shocked but at the end of it I was rolling on my bed laughing my ass off. 😂😂😂
Boredhuman99 22 dagar sedan
Homelanders whole story about is not needing everyone to love. She said you don't need everyone just a few crazy loyal fans
Boredhuman99 22 dagar sedan
To be fair, would you need extra security in the tower where the 7 work and live? A world where super villains only just started to exist
Devin Mounce
Devin Mounce 22 dagar sedan
Think about how connected both political sides were after 9/11 the whole country came together. The head smashing supe raising hell on national tv is The Boys universe’s next 9/11. I think they are going to rally the whole country under a common enemy, “Super Villains”! I mean it makes sense, the best way to bring people together is a tragedy and shockwave dying makes it look like no one is safe not even the supes. So there is that extra fear and in a sense comradery between supes and normal citizens.
Roberto Nome
Roberto Nome 22 dagar sedan
I don't think homelander cares about his appeal to the left wing anymore lol
Brandon Drake
Brandon Drake 20 dagar sedan
Seems like the left wing doesn’t even exist in the show, the only thing resembling it was the gay Maeve bar trying to appeal to left Could be wrong but that’s what I’ve noticed
rich law
rich law 22 dagar sedan
The jumanji writers had something to do with black noirs weaknesses
Solitude Studios
Solitude Studios 22 dagar sedan
How is the fire guy not fire resistant?
David Morales
David Morales 22 dagar sedan
Great analysis, the blue check marks def would be in a up roar and SNL would be having field day that would be cool if the showed their version of SNL mocking Homelander because it would drive him crazy
this show really went downhill
gamefreak3072 22 dagar sedan
I work at a community college (way more than retail) and we still have legacy passwords in the system so it didn't surprise me that often corporate laziness is astounding.
Eric Shaw
Eric Shaw 22 dagar sedan
Lamplighter still has security clearance, Black Noir has a nut allergy! lol. I love this show!!
CannibalWarthog 22 dagar sedan
I did not like that they made the show political. I also don't like how the right = racist in their world and in this.
vdiitd 22 dagar sedan
Just finished binge watching both the seasons... there are lots of inconsistencies in the show, not just the lack of social media backlash within the show as you described. There are lots of scenes where it is difficult to take the leap of faith even within the shows universe. Like, if Madelyn Stillwell could be killed so easily, then how was she able to control the supes to her own will? Then, after the attack on Billy and company in the hospital where the supe baby was kept, there were no consequences, no reaction from Vought? How's that possible? Also, the lack of security at Vought as you described, that was completely unbelievable. The show's concept is really good, the execution could have been better.
Hysteric Eric
Hysteric Eric 22 dagar sedan
This episode is mind blowing.
Ravash Sphinx
Ravash Sphinx 22 dagar sedan
This show is turning sjw faster than the mama joke in the last jedi!
MrBeastboybrown 22 dagar sedan
2:30 Jeremy, I think the reason why he still has clearance is because of easily he still worked for Vot. The testing is part of Vot scheme is it not? He never quit or left. He just was there burn boy for evidence. And I would assume they might drag him if needed to to other locations. So they left his print in the system. Honestly 100% I thought that made sense from this standpoint. Though they wouldve probably removed his handprint when/if he made it to the court case.
danny D
danny D 22 dagar sedan
I did think the whole homelander and stormfront being right wing, was too much on the nose and found it kind of annoying. Especially the "keep America safe again" bid and making fun of sjws. It felt like the writers of the show went a little bit out of their way to insert their pseudo political message into the script.
JohnnyCageRock 22 dagar sedan
The entertainment industry isn't left wing. It is inclusive and borderline obsessed with diversity to appeal to more people. They don't care about economics or actual social issues, they just care about profits. And you are right, in the show there would be backlash for taking such a stance.
twelve11 22 dagar sedan
Who else could it be? CHURCH OF THE COLLECTIVE?
Aliya Bolotbek Kyzy
Aliya Bolotbek Kyzy 22 dagar sedan
Maybe they don't bother with security because the most powerful being on the planet live in that tower?
Danny Buell
Danny Buell 22 dagar sedan
I feel like I see it now and it all makes sense, Jeremy is preparing his entire look, glasses hair beard and all for the Cyberpunk review
James Segrue
James Segrue 23 dagar sedan
Chicken korma is great
Foolish Child
Foolish Child 23 dagar sedan
5:09 No no no You don’t understand what has happened in the show
hamiltondrew 23 dagar sedan
Review Netflix move The Devil All The Time with Tom Holland
Arjun Narayanan
Arjun Narayanan 23 dagar sedan
When they shows that the powerful Black Noir is allgeric to nuts, the scene that comes to my mind was Kevin Hart in Jumanji who is allergic to cakes. 😂😂
Jonathan Pacheco
Jonathan Pacheco 23 dagar sedan
I'm loving this season, like the first one it has a bunch of cool scenes I always go back to. I really have zero gripes with it I'm never bored and entertained as hell which is all a tv show really needs to be lol
The real Jesus
The real Jesus 21 dag sedan
Same. Season 2 episode 7 is my favourite episode so far.
J g
J g 23 dagar sedan
"Anytime someone chooses are hard side on a hot button topic, it divides a fan base." Kind of like the writers just did with this show?
paiprguy 23 dagar sedan
Don't know if it's been theorized yet. But I think the "Headpopper" belongs to The Deep's church. If Vought and by extension The Seven go under then, that churches plan to get The Deep and ATrain back in to the Seven (which would get them an influence into Vought and The Seven and the world at large) goes under. Notice too that one of the heads popped belong to that supe that replace ATrain, opening up that spot again and making church leader guy's prediction that they would want them all the more real.
Leonardus Krisna
Leonardus Krisna 23 dagar sedan
What next? Gandalf came from nowhere telling butcher he in the wrong universe?
Walter N.
Walter N. 23 dagar sedan
No Homelander wasn’t hated anymore, Stormfront memes got him back on top.
TonyGMichael 23 dagar sedan
Homelander was given a speech as to why entertainment and merch and all that crap doesn't matter and he bought it,hence why he's now all in~!
Big Boss
Big Boss 23 dagar sedan
i hated episode 7 they killed of vogelbaum and lamplighter.
Big Boss
Big Boss 22 dagar sedan
@RRSmurf Not influencial, but both of them had alot of potential. Lamplighter couldve been given a redemption arc. Vogelbaum was already so good, the only character that didnt fear anyone, not even homelander. And they wasted both of them for shock value. Their deaths may have not caused the show to lose millions of viewers but it did made the second season alot less interesting, atleast in my opinion.
RRSmurf 22 dagar sedan
Yeah two of the most influential and popular characters in the show. They've lost millions of viewers they have.
Big Fudge
Big Fudge 23 dagar sedan
the dude who plays black noir allegedly actually has a tree nut allergy in real life
geoffrobinson 23 dagar sedan
John Noble should have been the main bad guy in the Disney Star Wars sequel trilogy.
preston davis
preston davis 23 dagar sedan
I was also confused by their left vs right analogy. Storm front originally appeared lefty but now she's a nazi .....oh wait that's what Hitler did nvm
Jordan Orlando
Jordan Orlando 23 dagar sedan
I personally think his decision to make this bold choice to participate in the rally comes from when he killed the doppleganger and said "i don't need everyone to love me" and from his strong desire to connect with stormfront and let go of his need to be loved by everyone since he will not have someone who will always love him.
TropicTom 23 dagar sedan
Who’s pippin heads? I think Mr. Edgar is sus.
Christina Guadalupe
Christina Guadalupe 23 dagar sedan
That episode was just wild.
JBrandonMercer123 23 dagar sedan
6:41 Talk show hosts not telling jokes is the most realistic part of that side of the story. Trevor Noah and Stephen Colbert don't do jokes anymore. It's not humor if you're getting applause instead of laughs.
Mr. Alkenly
Mr. Alkenly 23 dagar sedan
I think lamplighter still had clearance because he was still technically working for vought? Im not sure but I felt the same.
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