The Boys: Season 2 - Episodes 1 - 3 (My Thoughts) 

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THE BOYS is BACK!...well, 3 episodes of it anyway. Here are my thoughts on it, and that.
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8 sep 2020



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James Day
James Day Dag sedan
Just finished episode 3, so came here to hear Jeremy’s thoughts. Honestly, bit let down. Don’t feel like he could’ve put any less work into this video. Didn’t say anything of substance. Basically just complaining about not being able to stream every episode. Feel negative even writing this since I’m still able to consume Jeremy’s free content at the end of the day. Maybe my expectations were that I would receive a full analysis? I don’t know. Looking forward to arching the rest of the season though!
Nelson Hooper
Nelson Hooper 3 dagar sedan
I waited to binge the entire season all at once and I got to say I'm happy I did. They like I would have lost interest waiting week by week
GamE FrEak
GamE FrEak 6 dagar sedan
I binged watch Season 1 whole n now this three episode. This is an amazing TV show. Amazon n SONY really made an amazing TV show here. Love everything about this. Stormfront is an annoying bad character. Homelander n Stormfront is perfect for each other but I don't think they will get along. I'm with Homelander of course. Destroy her..
GamE FrEak
GamE FrEak 6 dagar sedan
This new Social media Stormfront is really a bad character. I already hate this Social media SOB character. How he killed Kimiko brother really made me mad. That guy had this amazing power but he just grabbed this BITCH in the end n this how he died. This monster is such a perfect fit for Homelander. But I think they will never get along. I'm with Homelander of course
MetalWingedWolf 6 dagar sedan
Ignored these videos until the second season was out. AND. me and the wife watched all of it together. Looking forward to enjoying these finally.
RuffShots 8 dagar sedan
Waited til all the eps dropped, binged all of those, and now I'm binging all your videos on S2
BJT005 9 dagar sedan
First time I ever down voted one of your videos. You didn't even talk about the show just complained about the change in format, if anything you as a youtuber should be happy because it's more content for you to talk about in a time where not many new movies are coming out. If it bothers you so much just wait till it's finished then binge it.
Hector Ortiz
Hector Ortiz 14 dagar sedan
Lol im glad im not the only one that thought it was a dick move to put three episodes instead of the season
Pirate Style Jutsu
Pirate Style Jutsu 18 dagar sedan
No need to touch on Hughie’s mental state or Kimiko and her brother, just complain about the stupid release schedule.
Preface 18 dagar sedan
Release it week to week and you can get people to sub for 2 months of Prime instead of One
BrianFillups 19 dagar sedan
Riiiighhtt.... Kale.. ☺️🤣 Drove to Portland from Utah for that fucking kale.
Dan Olson
Dan Olson 19 dagar sedan
Greatest non-review review ever?
Etnoscope 19 dagar sedan
waited for all episodes to drop here comes the binge :)
Riddhish Thakare
Riddhish Thakare 20 dagar sedan
"she's from portland' Amazing
Too Many Lies
Too Many Lies 20 dagar sedan
0:33 OMG couldn't agree more. They said they did it because they wanted people to really think about the episodes because there's so much packed into each one, but after watching the first 4 I'm not seeing it. Not to say that I'm not enjoying it and that I don't think the story is engaging. I just don't think it's so mind blowing to have to wait a week after each episode.
D Cabral
D Cabral 23 dagar sedan
Nooo, I hate what they are doing. I will be waiting until all of it is released, so I can watch the entire thing in one sitting if I want. I hope the majority does the same thing, and I hope Amazon doesn't do this again. This was what made Netflix and other streaming services a viable thing!
Jessica Rudolph
Jessica Rudolph 23 dagar sedan
Just try to review DARK on Netflix, if you want all episodes at once. Here you´ve got all seasons out now.
Russell Martin
Russell Martin 25 dagar sedan
Held off for nearly a month so we had a few to binge. Liking where it's going, agree it's a dick move to go to weekly releases
Silvya Wambui
Silvya Wambui 28 dagar sedan
Hehehehe I binged six episodes...glad I did. Cause ep 6 was good. I'll wait for 7&8 to come out and watch them together
joexxxx95 28 dagar sedan
Why haven't you done a review on Dracula on Netflix, 3pt episodes...
anonymous gus
anonymous gus 29 dagar sedan
I really like the way the videos are being done I actually went backwards because I just found the channel.
adin merriman
adin merriman 29 dagar sedan
I didn't realize how much happened in the first 3 episodes until I watched this
Reto Berna - Sawyer
Reto Berna - Sawyer Månad sedan
Love the weekly drops.
Emerald Archer
Emerald Archer Månad sedan
Erik Kripke, you have failed this genre.
Sun RA
Sun RA Månad sedan
Billy/Karl is amazing, actually everyone's damn good at their roles. Except Huey. Huey just kind of sucks to me.
ed rosa
ed rosa Månad sedan
I'm not a binge watcher but hate being forced to not binge watch... Does that make any sense?
CINNEMA Månad sedan
It’s week to week so it stays relevant longer and people will continue to talk about it. As an example instead of one video you’re making multiple videos. It’s a smart move on their part and I can’t knock them for it.
spykeso9 Månad sedan
Jermey Jahns looking like Keanu “The Butcher”
Kaleb Rod
Kaleb Rod Månad sedan
I don't mind the week to week, cause I'm busy and an hour a week is fine. Also, if someone spoils it for me it will suck. I read the comics so don't even try
Demitri Taylor
Demitri Taylor Månad sedan
I am pissed that they did that I'm trying to binge watch not sit here and wait for episodes just to come out I want to binge watch
DontMaskTruth Månad sedan
This season has been a snore fest lol cliché after one-liner after wtf are you smoking. The characters are also super weak in motivation. Every person has a crisis in faith, and then suddenly they get a two or three second motivational speech you've heard since the 90s and blah
Ashhh Månad sedan
Loved Stormfront but that “yellow bastard” thing was so extra. The rest of the scene was enough to make her look like a villain, didn’t need the extra “shock” of a line.
sykky 25 dagar sedan
I liked it, it helped me just hate her even more after seeing her killing all those innocent people
Emily Griese
Emily Griese Månad sedan
They should hire you as a writer
Chris Månad sedan
Agh after the 3rd episode I want Homelander to royally fuck stormfront
Whirling Music
Whirling Music Månad sedan
Jeremy literally said Kokomo. My hometown. Wow
Ezinma88 Månad sedan
Please, Jeremy. Please get rid of the coronavirus haircut and Jesus beard. I can't cope. I cannot cope.
Elliot Bateman
Elliot Bateman Månad sedan
Aruba. Jamaica. Ooh I wanna take ya.
nathaniel baeza
nathaniel baeza Månad sedan
Please review the devil all the time
Randhis Ramiah
Randhis Ramiah Månad sedan
Most streaming platform will move on to weekly episodes coz of mandalorian. The boys season 1 was great. So was so many other series. But they stop trending after a week. But the mandalorian trending for months, the hype was real, it spread word of mouth and made more people subscribe.
Axel Barroso
Axel Barroso Månad sedan
I just finished episode 2 and tbh I'm not really liking this season so far
Trepanation21 Månad sedan
JJ. Bro. Fam. Cuh. Dawg. Dude. The title is "Episodes 1 - 3 (My Thoughts)" and you literally just spent the whole six minu-- 4 minutes complaining about the release format, and discussed all of... nothing about what we watched. Why should we bother tuning in here?
Marty Poo
Marty Poo Månad sedan
And then it goes to any other scene and it's like, 'what happened to this fucking show?'
TJ Blaidd
TJ Blaidd Månad sedan
Just finished ep 5. There's a lot of filler and scenes that don't drive the narrative forward at all. When will Stormfront's motivations be explained, for instance. We're half way through the season and know nothing except she's manipulative, passive aggressive and kind of a bitch.
Mr 3 Machine
Mr 3 Machine Månad sedan
Well said! First 2 episodes were quite bad imo, hated Stormfront at first (now I see you were supposed to...), meandering plot, Hughie is so fucking dull...really cringe comedy But its really coming together now after 3
E Chap
E Chap Månad sedan
Kind of disappointed in this season so far. The first one hooked me immediately, this one feels way too slow.
Jason Cockcroft
Jason Cockcroft Månad sedan
Dude..... How did you not mention the scene where they harpoon a whale with a fucking speedboat!!!😂 Greatest scene ever!!!
Eddie Bush
Eddie Bush Månad sedan
Definitely a dick move to not release all the episodes at once lol
V I B E S Månad sedan
How crazy was that Liberty scene tho. Poor fella got his skull super fractured
Optimusprime809 Månad sedan
Maybe I'm a noob, but how can a person be a feminist, but also a racist? It's pretty contradictory I feel. You fight for the rights of one group whilst depriving another group of theirs. Very hypocritical.
Optimusprime809 Månad sedan
@Marcus Kiner Ah ok, I didn't know there was a big SJW community there, I'm not in the US 😅
Marcus Kiner
Marcus Kiner Månad sedan
Dude she’s a parody of SJWs from Portland. The people are racist and think they are the saviors of minorities.
Lord Gaylord Ondor
Lord Gaylord Ondor Månad sedan
I'd do the what Homelander did to Blindspot too.
Craig Norrie
Craig Norrie Månad sedan
100% agree. If I want to binge a show I should be able to. This week to week shit is shit. I hated it when I was a kid before binge watching became popular abd I hate it now.
Abir Hasan
Abir Hasan Månad sedan
This season is complete shit.. watched 5 episode. This season is so slow, less fun, less entertaining, logic less shit.
I typed this comment
Nazi storm(from x-men) .....
Lauren W
Lauren W Månad sedan
Hulu does the same shit with the weekly episode releases lol The Handmaid’s Tale for instance. So I wasn’t necessarily surprised, but definitely disappointed. I thought Amazon wasn’t like that... 🙃🤦🏼‍♀️
AListProductions Månad sedan
I agree binging is the best taking that away sucks! But great episodes so far
Colt 45
Colt 45 Månad sedan
Week to week the wrap up please! Lol
Larry Conger
Larry Conger Månad sedan
I love to binge, keep up the good work
nailzius Månad sedan
You cant grow these whiskers without growing your shoulders bro. Lots of crackhead Wolvie vibez goin
R35 Månad sedan
Basically amazon's "umbrella academy" boy am I getting tired of super heroes
Jose Delgado
Jose Delgado Månad sedan
I love this show its not afraid to offend people if anything it makes you angry but I'm not mad at the writers or the studio its just them making the characters who they are you get angry at the characters like stormfront. It's a brutal world and I like that.
Joe Illingworth
Joe Illingworth Månad sedan
Spreading it out longer to make sure people pay another months subscription
Rachel Garcia
Rachel Garcia Månad sedan
Review ray with Jamie Foxx
Ichsuka Månad sedan
The show is fcking diabolical
Rayza Ramon
Rayza Ramon Månad sedan
Do one Episode week to week.😁
sa-x Månad sedan
benging don't make people talk about for longer, i prefer this style of release, i dont like fo finish awesome series on 2 days.
Callum Knox
Callum Knox Månad sedan
Mudfoot Månad sedan
SOME thoughts on the story would've been nice. There was 3 episodes... Just saying
friggyk Månad sedan
*stormfront is just* 😻😻😻😻
M Månad sedan
Jeremyyyy! How do you have such amazing hair!?? What do you use? And the long hair looks very nice on you.
Andrew William Omlie Jr
That Karl Urban impression was spot on at the beginning
bdonovable Månad sedan
It's time for a-train and the deep to team up! The seven rejects unite!
KingstonLion Månad sedan
Absolutely Nothing happens in 4!! Episodes. I'm so angry with Amazon. No Binge, I'll just watch Netflix for the next few months.
Kaveh Teimory
Kaveh Teimory Månad sedan
Watch the trailer for episode 5. Homelander is gonna kill everybody!!
Mmariankaa Månad sedan
I have only one word to describe this show: *DIABOLICAL!*
Maithree Wimalasekare
Option 3
Burgunbeerd Månad sedan
a weekly release schedule screams cowardice and having no confidence in your own platforms ability to keep people subscribed without one headline show. Same thing Disney+ did with Mando
Gui Caldo
Gui Caldo Månad sedan
I vote one video week-to-week plus wrap-up at the end
Militaires Sans Frontières
When you call a character "stormfront" the fascist / KKK implication is far from subtle
Keelan Månad sedan
Black noir breaking down is possibly the saddest moment in anything I've seen recently, and I can't quite put my finger on why, it just is
Jackskul Månad sedan
Jeremys hair is slightly looking like the main characters hair from the dune trailer he just doesn’t have the beard
Daniel Romero
Daniel Romero Månad sedan
I don't see it as a dick move I like kind of like the week to week format. As always great review
R Månad sedan
Week to week.
R Månad sedan
Butcher is one of the most despicable people in the show. If he got killed I wouldn't blink. The actor is great though.
Fida Meer
Fida Meer Månad sedan
I thought the weekly release schedule was because of people like me who are on 30 day free trial lol
Nando Yale
Nando Yale Månad sedan
Aruba, Jamaica oh I want to take ya Bermuda, Bahamas come on pretty mama Key largo, Montego baby why don’t we go
neutral kontrol
neutral kontrol Månad sedan
who seen them chadwick pictures with the jesuit thorns and "hidden hand"
AJW Månad sedan
Pretty sure you could’ve just waited for the season to finish airing my guy
Thermal Ions
Thermal Ions Månad sedan
That's not how the SElosk algorithm works though. Five weeks time (assuming 8 episodes) will be too little too late to get the videos promoted.
matthew robinson
matthew robinson Månad sedan
Sometimes binge is not the best thing and leaving you wanting more without a chance to have immediate gratification is better. Also the other networks for the fall have almost nothing to put on with alot of shows shut down with the pandemic. Netflix does all at once because it is different but with no network shows they can pull people along.
Rowena Pascual
Rowena Pascual Månad sedan
Jeremy I'm glad that I'm not the only one who thought: Three? Just three episodes??? WTH Amazon!! But then I paused & said, Ok just three episodes. I won't be up until 7am!! So I fired up watching the show with my mug of ice cream & enjoyed "The Boys"! Homelander is pretty disturbing in his delusion that he can be the perfect dad given the fact that he raped Butcher's wife & is literally terrorizing her & her son. Butcher is a favorite character with MM coming in close. I will say that I was excited to see Giancarlo Esposito as the Vought CEO because he's such as excellent villain!! I can't wait to see what The Boys do to Vought & The Seven!!
NSAgent Månad sedan
Yeah I'm pissed, like who's bright fucking idea was it to release weekly?!?! 😡😡😡
Who Knows U
Who Knows U Månad sedan
I don't watch the show but if I was paying for what ever streaming service it's out on and they change the how it was being released then they'd give me my money back and I mean every penny I had paid them! Shit is different now people,I pay for streaming services just for 1 damn show on it so I want to see how that serious ends and if 8 happen to start watching something else fine if not fine so when they fuck with my way of watching to tell me that they fucking own my ass and will continue to mind fuck me at well 8 say hell no you just fucked up give me my money back all of it from the day I bought that show on payment plan but I get to stream them not watch them when you say I can not this weekly bullshit to play mind games and keep them stringing along
The Variety Vendor
The Variety Vendor Månad sedan
War624 Månad sedan
Stormfront is legit that snake in the grass that you're not expecting. Homelander though, always has that seething rage behind his eyes, like he's always one second away from snapping and killing everyone around him. You really see in his face how he's just losing it. Anthony Starr crushes that role. A funny thing my best friend commented on, is how much his thin lips actually make his facial movements even more unsettling.
MeRKiiNGz Månad sedan
This season has been so slow paced and hardly any action
Christopher Parker
Christopher Parker Månad sedan
Kokomo won my like. Lol
Alan Levesley
Alan Levesley Månad sedan
The guys making the show have been quoted as saying they’re releasing episodes weekly this time as a way of keeping those ‘water-cooler’ conversations about the show going for longer. As someone who personally likes to watch an episode at a time I get it and I’m okay with it. But I can see that if I had been of more of a binge-watchy mindset - yeah, that would have peed me off too. And as for Stormfront 3 episodes in? W. T. Actual. F. Just when you think the show can’t find any new ways to shock you more, they pull her out of the bag (bearing in mind I’m unfamiliar with the original comic source material).
VOODOO VIBES Månad sedan
Carlito's way?
Tenaz Månad sedan
2:30 button
Gradi Dodo
Gradi Dodo Månad sedan
Jeremy this is the best you’ve ever looked *pause*
Luis Santander
Luis Santander Månad sedan
When the kid of Homelander got angry it kinda reminded me of the kid on Brightburn.. 😯
Earl James Williams Alingasa
The episodes being released one at a time was a creative choice, IIRC. It isn't Amazon's choice. Also, it doesn't really bother me that they didn't release it all. It gives something new every Friday. People getting annoyed by this is kind of strange considering that's how many shows have been for a long time.
GladiustheDrifter Månad sedan
I need episode 4 review.
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