The Boys: Season 2 - Episode 4 (My Thoughts) 

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The Boys Season 2 is half way over, so here are my thoughts thus far.


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13 sep 2020



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Carlos Zavala
Carlos Zavala 2 dagar sedan
The thumbnail is spoilery
XxYataxX 3 dagar sedan
Mother's Milk short name is Momi. 0,0
Deniz Demir
Deniz Demir 14 dagar sedan
LOL "would you??"
Stretch29 14 dagar sedan
Best line in this season thru 4 episodes was A-Train after starlight says there are bigger things than money: “That’s cause you grew up with it”
DJ Burks
DJ Burks 15 dagar sedan
"Question for the philosophers"
Michael Davies
Michael Davies 16 dagar sedan
no question
james Little
james Little 16 dagar sedan
You forgot to mention the A-Train situation which was a little bit of a shocker. I believe in a future episode that he will turn good!!!
C. Roman
C. Roman 17 dagar sedan
What was the atrocious camera work in this episode? It was so amateur I felt like they used the camera footage shot by a random crew member to be smuggled off set and leaked before the series even aired. It was terrible. I couldn't even focus on the episode. WTF happened!?
Mani Pippiri
Mani Pippiri 18 dagar sedan
Well they kratosed him instead of joeling him
Salem Abualrous
Salem Abualrous 18 dagar sedan
The comic Jeremy they trying to get it to the comic after they diverted.
Ryan McMillan
Ryan McMillan 21 dag sedan
I think Becca was bluffing when she said she would kill herself in front of the kid, because a little bit after that she says something like "he'll only buy that once" so I don't think she would actually do it, she just had to think of something drastic on the fly so Homelander would spare Butcher.
Jordan McMichael
Jordan McMichael 23 dagar sedan
Would you?
Mark_ _Whitfield
Mark_ _Whitfield 24 dagar sedan
This episode killed the series for me. Bye
TheVosack 26 dagar sedan
I died when you said "would you?" That's some funny shit right there
Chaotic Loki
Chaotic Loki 26 dagar sedan
I always knew you were on the right side of history. I thank you for all that you do!!
joexxxx95 28 dagar sedan
Why haven't you done a review on Dracula on Netflix, 3pt episodes...
The Art School Rejects
JJ is starting to look like a middle aged Gandalf...love it!
CINNEMA Månad sedan
Butcher was getting annoying to me at the end of season 1 and especially the beginning of season 2 because all he ever cared about was his wife and it was getting stale. I’m happy he finally got to talk to her and now he can hopefully start developing more as a character and stop abandoning the boys who are actually trying to do good instead of being selfish and whining about their wives.
Emerald Archer
Emerald Archer Månad sedan
Erik Kripke, you have failed this genre.
T.n.T Forever
T.n.T Forever Månad sedan
Lmao i was 2020ing 🤣🤣
Altó Keyz
Altó Keyz Månad sedan
She love abuse apparently and the fact she had super baby is prolly TURN ON TO ANY WOMAN no matter the price
rose novel
rose novel Månad sedan
4:41 exactly! That's what I was thinking
Joshua Barber
Joshua Barber Månad sedan
Jeremy Jahns V Impressions: Dawn of NAILING IT
Matt Månad sedan
Not knowing the comic book so not sure how good this is, but feeling they will find Homelander's weakness through his son. Definitely agree that Butcher's arch feels like it ended in the middle of the season, so I hope they figure out a way to recover.
Curtis Månad sedan
Off Shore Comedy
Off Shore Comedy Månad sedan
I love how butcher's arc freaks Jeremy out more than homelander forcing a man to shapeshift into the woman that he killed so he can bang her/him also Homelander's just the best/worst
Haven't read the comics, maybe someone who has could tell me if on the comics Hughie achieves such level of stupidity?
yerboi Viloria
yerboi Viloria Månad sedan
I read the entire The Boys series and the ending twist is just crazy. If that twist occurs here, Black Noir has a much much bigger role in this show.
Drew Lindo
Drew Lindo Månad sedan
yerboi Viloria I just read what the comics ending twist is. Totally explains the “burn in truth” moment in the season premiere...
LongDongJerry Månad sedan
Always remember boys... it's not gay if it's with yourself
nathaniel baeza
nathaniel baeza Månad sedan
Please review the devil all the time
J Rivel
J Rivel Månad sedan
They killed Butcher's purpose for all the fucked up things he did in the comics.
ADARSH P Månad sedan
Andrew Harrell
Andrew Harrell Månad sedan
From an acting standpoint I thought this was the best episode yet.
Nudchalee Kaewjanla
Nudchalee Kaewjanla Månad sedan
3:00 AM
Akash D prince
Akash D prince Månad sedan
I really agree with you.. She should have left that prison. How could she make such a dumb decisions. The first priority should be to get out of that place and go far away from homelander which is good for her, her son and for butcher. She could have figured out rest of the things later on.
Akash D prince
Akash D prince Månad sedan
Cobra kai is amazing..
PI Månad sedan
Beka’s logic was correct. If she kills herself in front of her son and blame Homelander, the son will hate Homelander and his goal would be to seek revenge against Homelander. If she left with Billy and Billy abandons the kid Hollander and Vought would find him. Then there would be Homelander 2.0 joining his father searching the planet to peel the skin off of Billy and Beka.
420 6o
420 6o Månad sedan
Spoiler for the comics maybe happens in the show eventually seriously MAYBE A BIG TWIST IN THE SHOW YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!! Black noir turns out to be a clone of homelander that was made to kill homelander if he went to far but black noir get board of waiting so he dressed up homelander and made him do horrible acts and homelander thinks he did these things and begins to go crazy and when homelander eventually takes over the government black noir reveals this to him and kills him
Shahrukh Alam
Shahrukh Alam Månad sedan
'Would you?' Meaning do I find myself sexually attracted? Fuck no! Hope you do realize this question just might spawn yet another gender preference and species of human and another letter for lgbtqi
Jish Månad sedan
As someone who lives in the NC Raleigh-Durham Area, this episode did my home town dirty.
Johny Wartooth
Johny Wartooth Månad sedan
Wait wasn't stormfront the German super soldier from ww2 in the comic if memory serves me right?
Ryckarduh Ryckarduh
Ryckarduh Ryckarduh Månad sedan
yeah, you might as well ignore that
Mannyr 2424
Mannyr 2424 Månad sedan
I love the show but when you see the similarities to real life it's fucked up...all the Hollywood BS is all for show and money. People eat that stuff up...then u have someone like starlight who knows it's all messed up but doesn't know what to do, actually she knows what to do but doesn't want to die. Which also I'm sure relates to real life with these powerful and filthy rich people
willy tarbeck
willy tarbeck Månad sedan
Would you? 🙂
Czesionyo Månad sedan
I liked 4th episode a lot. But U know what I would like more? Review on Who Framed Rogger Rabbit 😀.
Leaard D
Leaard D Månad sedan
No Jahnn. I wouldn't. Good God that scene creeped me out.
Lord Veedo
Lord Veedo Månad sedan
Can you please review"The wackness" I promise you'll like it
Shafayat Ahmed
Shafayat Ahmed Månad sedan
If anyone has read the comics then you know black noir is gonna be a huge surprise
Keefchaotic90 z
Keefchaotic90 z Månad sedan
I really love that you're reviewing each episode! Love the show and you! Cant wait to watch the next episode and cant wait to hear your thoughts!
Nathan Jones
Nathan Jones Månad sedan
I will say, I would never. That is all
Creagal Månad sedan
Throwing up a Like cuz... dat hair :-D
Snark Månad sedan
bruh if you're scared of Butcher's arc in the show, don't read the comics
gal orkh
gal orkh Månad sedan
SPOILER ALERT: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . black noir is a clone Homelander... at least in the comics.
Dolphin Månad sedan
Anyone else feel like homelander is watching in every single sequence? Like starlight hue at the vending machine gave me literal anxiety. This show is a CONSTANT up and down of emotions.
Aayush Vij
Aayush Vij Månad sedan
I'm calling it. Homelander kills Becca, Butcher vows to protect Ryan as some kind of a promise to her but doesn't like him at all. Over time, he comes to have paternal feelings and sees him like his own kid and becomes free from his utter hatred of Supes.
Selene Arzeta
Selene Arzeta Månad sedan
FerretSnot Månad sedan
Hell yeah, I'd bang me.
sterling7 Månad sedan
The show has already deviated significantly from the comics, but I will be curious to see if they maintain Black Noir's identity. If so, without giving anything away, he's way more important than he seems.
Alie Chiasson
Alie Chiasson Månad sedan
I don't think the wife's bargain was contradictory. I think she was bluffing.
Pyroblitz24 Månad sedan
I think Butchers Wife’s mindset is different from what your thinking. She threatened suicide in front of him because she either wants to raise homelander son as someone who isn’t an asshole or scar him so bad that he would never grow to be like homelander and star resentful of him. She even said she didn’t want him to grow up as an asshole like HL. The son was the “winner” in both scenarios. She wants him to grow up a good life as a good person.
Israel Martinez
Israel Martinez Månad sedan
He miss the most logical point. The boy worth billions . They will never stop looking for him . The boy will put them in danger not the other way around .
rusty padlock
rusty padlock Månad sedan
When Season 1 was out this was my favourite show. Now I am watching the Boys waiting for the next episode of Raised by Wolfs and this says a lot. As for Episode 4, I bailed it after 5 minutes. It saddens that this is going to happen with Raised by Wolves too and any other successful TV show or movie as soon as it has been noticed by the mainstream. 4/10 for season 2. What a waste.
Aldier Green
Aldier Green Månad sedan
I would
Josh Currier
Josh Currier Månad sedan
It's become more clear than ever, to me, that Storm Front is meant to satirize the alt-right. Turns out she is just an old school racists brought back in modern times; that's a lot more grassroots, stick it to the man style that resonates with a certain part of the populace.
ken juan
ken juan Månad sedan
While Butcher didn't want Homelander's son he also knew that Vought and Homelander would hunt them down to the ends of the world for the rest of their life...whereas they won't care as much if it was just them.
BordersaneX Månad sedan
I totally would.
Riveriia Månad sedan
It makes sense to me that what they're doing is getting Butcher on board with taking down Vought. The whole show he was more interested in killing homelander, and now in this season finding his wife, they needed a reason for him to say "Ok I'm with you guys we're taking them down so I can be with my wife because they'll never let her go."
Rodrigo Mercado
Rodrigo Mercado Månad sedan
Where’s Spider-Man 2
OrDxOrD Månad sedan
Is having sex with your doppelganger gay sex or just masturbation?
Rue Riddle
Rue Riddle Månad sedan
Rachel Garcia
Rachel Garcia Månad sedan
Review ray with Jamie Foxx
Anubhav Roy
Anubhav Roy Månad sedan
Season 1 was kind of following the comic tropes but this season has absolutely no connection. Let's see what the rest of the episodes bring us.
Tony Howlett
Tony Howlett Månad sedan
Jeremy You have to do a video on The Social Dilemma.
Gumball50 Månad sedan
I understand Butchers wife’s choice. Because in the comics he would DEFINITELY kill the kid because he’s a supe
Asiago V
Asiago V Månad sedan
Dammit ya just HAD to bring Joel into this lmao I just can't escape that freaking game
Nairod s
Nairod s Månad sedan
Do Antebellum
Ethan Månad sedan
Man this season sucks so far
Jeremy..I have a movie review channel...But is not growing up umtil now...Any Suggestions from you could help me out
Hafsa Ali
Hafsa Ali Månad sedan
Review the Umbrella Academy! I’d love to hear your thoughts!
Christian Bunke
Christian Bunke Månad sedan
I actually liked that they didn't stall him meeting his wife, again. If you think about it, it's the best way for it to make sense why he would want to take down Vought. Sure if he could he would kill Homelander in a second for what he did to Becca, but he knows that's impossible, so escaping with Becca is the only win he can get at the moment. Her refusing to leave gives him the motivation to want to take down Vought along with the rest if the group who cares more about taking down Vought then the Seven. Sure the Seven is a part of it, but unlike Butcher, they don't hate supes, they hate particular supes who they know are a danger to the world. Although I will say it was shortsighted of Butcher to dismiss the kid, I get that for the story they are telling they need Butcher to get back to the group. But I was half expecting him to lie about being okay with the kid but in reality, only thinking about the kid as both a way to get back at Homelander. And if he raised him and figured out his powers he could possibly be their best bet against Homelander if he's turns out to be equally powerful. Yes in reality that tactic would be difficult to achieve, it's not like they could find a place to hide and train the kid, but I think it would have made a slightly bigger impact of her choice to change her mind about leaving. Realizing that Butcher wasn't interested in being an actual father figure but rather a weapon. If he had said something like "I'm not gonna blame a boy for his fathers actions, and if he's a part of you then I love him to" and then when he brings up Ryans powers, having seen the heat vision at least then have her realize what is plan would be. Calls him out on it, saying that she understands but that no matter what, he's her son and the problem has been Vought all along. You would have something slightly more in character rather than her just having a realization off-screen, while also giving Butcher a goal, taking down Vought so that they can no longer afford to keep her in that prison.
JFB Månad sedan
"We have to ask ourselves....would you?" Lol. That kills.
GM J Månad sedan
Butcher was a lost cause. Showing that he is just a loose canon is just realism. Going with the good guy/cool guy vibe at this point would be very strange.
ruthwik podila
ruthwik podila Månad sedan
Haven't you watched enola Holmes. We need it's review.
P.D. S
P.D. S Månad sedan
She alluded that he would KILL the kid and he agreed
Seafaringnovels Månad sedan
Star Wars Mandalorian. It’s already day two since the trailer for season 2 has been launched. Jeremy must be held up somewhere. Probably something important. I’ll wait. As Yoda would say. Patience, young one.
Steve Rogers
Steve Rogers Månad sedan
you look like keannu rieves
jessica butler
jessica butler Månad sedan
karim khansa
karim khansa Månad sedan
Your butcher sounds like a british batman
Bakkian Månad sedan
Hey, are you going to review Spies in Disguise? I just watched it and it was a pretty good movie.
friggyk Månad sedan
*i lUV this show, it really has that message about companies and superhero branding and money and shit,,, **cough cough** the mcu !*
Psycho_ Ravager
Psycho_ Ravager Månad sedan
I seriously think there's something more between Homelander and Becca.
thaboiinblue Månad sedan
MAYBE... Butcher will still wanna kill Homelander because because of what Homelamder did, he can’t be with his wife and have the life they should have had (without children conceived... that way).
Jaskinia Męstwa
Jaskinia Męstwa Månad sedan
I don't think I would...
T-Virus Terrance
T-Virus Terrance Månad sedan
Stormfront is awesome!! Granted, she's an a hole, but she's still a good character. Homelander is my favorite sup, but she's up there. As far as the humans go, Butcher is my favorite. Love the season thus far. TERRANCE OUT
noah london
noah london Månad sedan
LOVE LOVE LOVE The Boys!!! this episode,,,a weeeee too much slow drama however...
J P Månad sedan
game of thrones season eight warning!!!!
Sunt Strain
Sunt Strain Månad sedan
time to shave and haircut dude, forget about covid
Chuck Balkin
Chuck Balkin Månad sedan
Its not gay if its with yourself. 😏
Johnny Stob
Johnny Stob Månad sedan
Can we take a moment to appreciate Jeremy’s impression of Butcher?!
amelia craig
amelia craig Månad sedan
What do you mean, "something happened..." and "his entire reason for his warpath is basically not there right now"? What are you talking about? His wife finally verbally stated TO HIM and to the audience that she was raped by Homelander. I think the rape of his wife is reason enough to continue the vendetta. Her words "he raped me", still not definitive enough for you, huh?
HorusHeresy1982 Månad sedan
Dude you're starting to approach bearhood. I thought my hair and beard was manly but I cannot approach your level of caveman atm. Need a trim =P
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