The Boys: Season 2 - Episode 5 (My Thoughts) 

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This video is longer than expected, but hey, I have thoughts on the season thus far. Here are my thoughts on THE BOYS: SEASON 2 - EPISODE 5!


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18 sep 2020



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Baron Of Hell
Baron Of Hell 3 timmar sedan
I think season 2 is great so far.
Courtney Tillman
Courtney Tillman 5 timmar sedan
Maybe it is just me but I am finding all...or the majority of the characters are very very whiney. I can't stand Hughie God he is the whiniest
Kaine Brooks
Kaine Brooks 14 timmar sedan
So I’m finally catching up on The Boys and I’m watching Jeremy’s video after I finish each episode. And I agree that this season just sorta feels, I don’t know like a nothing season. Don’t get me wrong; there’s a lot going on but at the same time nothing is? And I kinda think it works perfectly. I mean you take it from Vought’s perception. They’ve just been hit with two big blows, and they’re in damage control. And they’re not really doing much, just tryna act like business is usual until they can properly get on top of it. I may be wrong, but I’d say these next three episodes (6, 7 and 8) will ramp up and we’ll get that feeling we did in season 1. I’m hoping so anyway 🤷‍♂️ Edit: Just cause I feel like I overcomplicated my comment; I mean I feel like all the chips are in place now. Like we just watched a very long winded set up and shit will finally hit the fan in the best way
Jared Locke
Jared Locke 4 dagar sedan
I'm only this far into the show and it's definitely hard to see where it's going. I'm also thrown by how easily the boys and Starlight walk around freely. They're wanted by the a company with better servailance than the government, text with a member of the 7 who is chipped, but everyone basically goes where they want when they want no problem. Weird
rob Henry
rob Henry 6 dagar sedan
Man... I thought the person exploding heads was going to be Vought... I thought that would have been a great plot twist... leaving a great threat alive... a bigger threat being Vought Why would he make his lover immortal... but not himself I was disappointed in it not being him
Chris Chavis
Chris Chavis 6 dagar sedan
Idk I think season 2 is pretty great! Season one was all about shock factor and it being different and making fun of comic book movies and season 2 is actually progressing when it comes to story! What I’m saying is I love Jeremy’s reviews, but can’t agree with you on this review!
Elijah Gemmill
Elijah Gemmill 6 dagar sedan
I like season 2 quite a lot so far, but he makes some good points
Scott Isitt
Scott Isitt 6 dagar sedan
I agree. I thought Season 2 was pretty aimless compared to the first season. Character motivations didn’t make a lot of sense in the second season, either. I think it finished strong, though. That said, I still love the show and looking forward to Season 3.
Tavin Bothel
Tavin Bothel 6 dagar sedan
They talk about the heroes having public perception points in the first season
FinnYourHuman 7 dagar sedan
alot of ya retards are just saying he's hating but ya not addressing the valid points he's making about the drop in quality of the writing lol
DamienNightwing 7 dagar sedan
I don't like how its not following the excellent source material big time. So many changes and things sped up but the TV show is not bad. I am worried about the showrunners trying to do TOO MUCH current triggering America stuff vs just creating good stories.
Phantom Prism
Phantom Prism 8 dagar sedan
Wait did they confirm for sure that Becca was raped and didn't just cheat?
Nasif Farhan
Nasif Farhan 9 dagar sedan
Dk man season 2 is still pretty fun for me
fewntug 9 dagar sedan
Watching episodes 7 and 8 tomorrow, but I like the idea of them having to remove a bunch of Homelander's scenes from Dawn of the 7 bc of the controversy.. if they think about it. But yeah, there does seem to be an issue with the negotiation Billy tried. We'll see what happens.
Miguel Miranda
Miguel Miranda 11 dagar sedan
My problem with Vought believing billy's bluff is: if he has a trumph card why was he going to fight Black Noir (a losing battle) alone 20 seconds before? It seems like a horrible bluff that no reasonable person would believe
nolan both
nolan both 12 dagar sedan
They wont kill butchers wife because they dont want the kid to grow up without a mom, the whole point of it is to raise him different that homelander so he doesnt grow up nuts
Lazav Dimir Usurper
Lazav Dimir Usurper 12 dagar sedan
I mean not all humanity is united , yeah sure there is evidence that homelander is killing dudes left and right but when has evidence ever stopped people from believing? Flat earthers exist, climate change deniers are a thing, we have atheists and god fearing people. So I think the pace is believable, the one thing that urked me as an ex machina though was lady liberty and how Malory knew it was somehow ginna help them.
Matthew Satin
Matthew Satin 12 dagar sedan
I mean to be fair there wasn’t a ton of public reaction when a train ran through Robin
Salem Abualrous
Salem Abualrous 13 dagar sedan
I disagree I believe season 2 is as strong . But respect your review and your opinion ! But I strongly suggest the comic to read or at least get a simplified summary.
catdog 14 dagar sedan
Oof. This review makes you look bad Jeremy. I thought you were a professional movie critic, what happened?
Viktor Pichon
Viktor Pichon 14 dagar sedan
Disappointed in this review...wasn’t accurate at all
Diego Castillo
Diego Castillo 14 dagar sedan
You should watch Umbrella Academy
AHMED ALBOHAMAD 14 dagar sedan
Man you can see on youtube what American soldiers did to prisoners in aboghraib prison in Iraq...People just move on to the next hot topic, no fucks given...The show illustrates that perfectly.
sean hurley
sean hurley 14 dagar sedan
I feel like Jeremy completely missed the mark on this one
Andor Robotnik - El Friki con Barba
Yes Jeremy, in real life after a celebrity or politician does something shitty people still love them. It is ridiculous but it is real.
ASK2286 15 dagar sedan
I agree, watched this episode last night and was so disappointed. Feels like nothing has happened this season, I was looking forward to Homelander going on a killing spree on the crowd that they'd teased, thought things would finally go wild, but it was only a fantasy. so disappointing.
BigMikeBell1 15 dagar sedan
I thought Season 1 was awful and this season is much better.
AbnormallyNormal //
AbnormallyNormal // 15 dagar sedan
This show gives me the same feeling in happy moments that game of thrones did in the first 4 seasons. I don’t want to be happy for the characters, because if they’re happy, they die
Sam Hawes
Sam Hawes 16 dagar sedan
I'm so glad someone agree's lol. I thought it was just me that wasn't as into season 2 as I was 1. It's certainly not bad but it feels like the show has lost a bit of magic.
Yeghia Elvis
Yeghia Elvis 17 dagar sedan
Low budget trash
The Push Back with Godordarwin
I don't want this to be long but I have 3 points to make in agreement of this review& it could get "wordy". 1. Three of the plot points from season 1 have come to light and until jj said it I didn't even notice how it removed the tension. If this is how it would play out in reality that's fine but I don't feel it was replaced with anything as compelling. 2. The ongoing imminent threat of WWHD (what would Homelander do?) is severely undermined by Ep 5. If the only character looking over Starlight's shoulder for the entirety of the "road trip" of Ep 4, that's not great season 2 writing. That's just transference from good season 1 writing. 3. Lastly part of the push & pull for me from season 1 was how can the Boys have compelling conflict against Supes. They managed to pull it off but so far in season 2 there's been 2 confrontations between Boys & Supes, the first one they really don't explain how they escaped & the second one as Jeremy says , felt contrived & nonsensical. I haven't watched Ep 6 yet but so far I do agree that this season isn't hitting me as well as season 1.
SonOfTheShogun 11
SonOfTheShogun 11 17 dagar sedan
This season has been shockingly great up to this episode. Really don't know what Jeremy is talking about......
gatordonttakenoshiat 17 dagar sedan
For me this season is pretty boring. The character arch’s just go around in circles. Butcher is just becoming annoying as a character. I struggle to get through an episode without losing interest
Mr. Bobby Wright
Mr. Bobby Wright 18 dagar sedan
Jordan McMichael
Jordan McMichael 18 dagar sedan
I disagree, aside from the butcher ark. This season is pretty good
Microburst500 18 dagar sedan
He might not ripped off someone's face, but he for sure put a bomb in someone's ass and that's not too chill either. Objectively speaking I guess though
Griffin Rogers
Griffin Rogers 19 dagar sedan
I disagree sir but to each their own
Pussy Apostle
Pussy Apostle 20 dagar sedan
Weak season
Luke Smith
Luke Smith 20 dagar sedan
Dude what the hell are you talking about. There is literally cellphone videos of cops killing people and people still support them and we still love cop movies. Multiple athletes have been accused of rape and murder and maintained their popularity.
NyX 20 dagar sedan
Completely disagree which is rare, but this review shows how spoiled people are these days. Whoever is handling The Boys is doing Great.
NyX 20 dagar sedan
Glad I'm not alone, these comments are good
Julian Walters
Julian Walters 21 dag sedan
I think the fact that the eps come out weekly is working against this season. It should’ve been done the same as season one, all eps dropped at once. Now we’re going ep by ep and Jeremy is having to comment on an incomplete story instead of reviewing the season as a whole. I must state that I’m not against Jeremy all opinions are valid, I love his stuff, so entertaining regardless 😊 I’m actually saying it’s actually almost unfair on him because of what I mentioned.
Patryk Kuffel
Patryk Kuffel 21 dag sedan
In some ways I agree it's weak and others it's compelling. I agree that the side quest of Komiko and Frenchy is absolutely useless but I like the mystery behind Storefront because there's something wierd going on with her character. At first I thought that older lady in the picture with her (probably her mother of grandmother) was Liberty but apparently not. Idk shy but I'm sorting to like A-train's character a lot. I think he's going to have a redemption arc but we will see. I think Maeve recruiting the Deep is also going to be very interesting.
Kendra Hundt
Kendra Hundt 21 dag sedan
Honestly, after watching episode five I feel the exact opposite. I felt like the character interactions were interesting and the tension palpable. And the action scenes we got were amazing. However, I will admit I’m not sure where the story is going with Frenchie and Kimiko. Also Maeve’s only personality trait this season seems to be her sexuality. At least until the end of this episode where she asks for the Deep’s help. Overall, I feel like things are coming together.
Andy Avila
Andy Avila 21 dag sedan
BIG disagree on this being a weak season. Loving the shit out of this season!
Calvin Wang
Calvin Wang 22 dagar sedan
There are a lot of inconsistencies. like everyone knows up to a certain point, if there are too many people in part of a conspiracy, the conspiracy will come out. How do you have so many super heroes running around with so many parents giving consent then not have it come out? it would of made so much more senes if vaught did so without consent to babies with genetic make up suitable for compound v or something
just1desi 20 dagar sedan
That part was a little iffy, but if you think about Harvey et al and the number of non disclosures and payoffs for actual rape that were able to fly under the radar for decades you can kind of see how it could happen.
zeusbacchushades 23 dagar sedan
Fly 2 is awesome!
Bearded Ringo
Bearded Ringo 23 dagar sedan
I like this season and know everyone has their own opinions. I wish you'd dive into the episode more though for a review
joexxxx95 23 dagar sedan
Why haven't you done a review on Dracula on Netflix, 3pt episodes...
Hazza Online
Hazza Online 23 dagar sedan
Some really good.pointe being made in the comments section i hope jeremy reads them i like season 2 so far and am enjoying it hopefuly ends with a bang and my god I wished that homelander scene was real.
reconghost5 24 dagar sedan
The thing with Frenchie and the Female is actually a plot line in comics if i recall. Its been a hot minute since I red the comics.
LOKITYZ 25 dagar sedan
There are a lot of conveniences to move the plot forward for this season IMHO. They also spend a lot of time on uninteresting points. One of the biggest examples is how easy it was for Starlight to break into Stormfront's laptop. That's borderline retarded considering how tech savvy she's supposed to be. Your child's name as your password. And regarding uninteresting points, the whole Collective Church and The Deep thing isn't really well done. And Homelander is starting to get away with shit too easily at some points, just to make him more menacing. There are some clear weaknesses here and there for me, but overall still enjoyable and intriguing....
Frog 25 dagar sedan
Definitely agree, i feel like the writers don't know where theyre going with this anymore
Michael Andrews
Michael Andrews 25 dagar sedan
Personally Season 2 is better but ya know, opinions. The Boys also has an overarching plan and plot moving between seasons, so don't worry they definitely aren't making things up as they go.
Kyle Campion
Kyle Campion 25 dagar sedan
Episode 3 was really good but I do agree with your opinion about season 2
Charles Ahweyevu
Charles Ahweyevu 25 dagar sedan
Season 2 is definitely better than Season 1. Wth are you talking about Jeremy lol. I love the depth in each character now and better action gore scenes imo.
tjzini 25 dagar sedan
I don't think this season is as weak as you believe. You brought me around on Lucifer but not here. I do think you are right and they should have released it all at the same time. I didn't start watching it until after episode six dropped. "Iceman" being "Pyro" I'm not so sure about. It conflicts me. I'm interested on where the exploding heads gal is headed and what she is going to do. Maybe the head of the corporations will have as dynamite death as he did in Breakin' Bad?
Deprimada 25 dagar sedan
You're a bit sheltered if you don't realize how common it is for the public to underreact to horrible news coming out about celebrities.
Sun RA
Sun RA 25 dagar sedan
So, there's several problems with The Boys. Not as many as Preacher had, but still. One of the main problems is that there's no faith in the source material. Whether it's the times or the directors trying to do their own thing, they threw away too many plot points in the first season, and broke even further from the comics. If they'd tried to follow the comics, or have a coherent plot instead random different stories, this could go for at least six seasons. But again, they decide to blow their main load, make everyone weirdly sympathetic instead of straight up assholes.. Well, still watchable.
Sun RA
Sun RA 25 dagar sedan
I meant to add, I forgive nearly all of it since they had my boy Terror in it! "Terror." "whuf?" "FUCK IT." *squeaky noises*
Andre Heron
Andre Heron 25 dagar sedan
I don’t think it’s that this season is weak, I think it’s just suffering from it’s weekly release. I’m sorry but The Boys was made to be binged. It’s like a really long movie as opposed to a show imo.
Joogullae 25 dagar sedan
Your occams razor statement about how a joke is taken more serious than a murder is just bad writing. I believe they are portraying how someone will get "canceled", lose their career, get black listed ect these days for something they said a long time ago (usually without context), and how the insane killings of chiraq, LA, N. Y, or the celeb killing someone or a family in a DUI is swept over.
ThatOneKid 25 dagar sedan
Season 2 of the boys is strong and cobra Kai has some cringe teen romance
Alessandro Zaffino
Alessandro Zaffino 25 dagar sedan
Totally agree is weaker than the first!
Connor Macleod
Connor Macleod 26 dagar sedan
I think we're thinking season one is better because we got it all at once, we're having to wait week to week now with season 2, so I know for I want more from each episode
jack squatt
jack squatt 26 dagar sedan
Inconsistent world building? You mean to say that you don't think huge corporations that do shady shit are able to survive after the general public finds out about it? You know, like what happens with nearly every telecom corporation in the world in real life?
Mickey@Kswiss 26 dagar sedan
I agree totally about the consistency! I'll add that The Boys are wanted fugitives yet you see them walking around cities/ towns in broad daylight & they're not even trying to hide at all! I also agree They don't know what to do with some characters, as for Frenchie just following Kimiko is just getting annoying. After the exposure of Compound V, Vought should be having a PR nightmare, worst still there's footage of HL lasering some dude. I agree, the world isn't consistent
Luke Cowley
Luke Cowley 26 dagar sedan
Yeah idk what your talking about. This season is amazing and actually just as good if not better than season 1
Bob Pickleson
Bob Pickleson 26 dagar sedan
3:50 Most of Jeremy’s complaints can be summed up with his naïvety to how the real world is. He keeps saying the show lacks common sense in things, because he expects better of our world than our world actually is. Biggest example was his gripe about Homelander doing well after killing an innocent and Vought doing well after Compound V. Remember when Wells Fargo admitted like a million customers’ bank accounts were compromised and their employees had been stealing money out of said accounts and laundering it? Lmao how many of you still have Wells Fargo accounts? Quite a lot. The bank is simply too big to stand against. Look at the stock pricing of it. They’re not doing any worse than any other bank now. Ezra Miller choke slammed a woman and now his movie is _finally_ being made. Amber Heard cut off her husband’s finger, shit in his bed, committed perjury against him, and ruined his career. Guess who’s still starring in Aquaman 2? Even Jason Mamoa, who I thought was a good man...try to find a single instance where he addressed that. You won’t. His costar cut a man’s finger off and lied about abuse, and he hasn’t said a damn thing about it. Jason Mamoa is as beloved as ever. Jeremy, you’re just naïve to the world and are upset the show is showing you the truth. That’s really what your biggest criticisms boil down to. Cobra Kai is better for you because it’s easier to wrap your head around. It’s a small story about 2 dojos. It’s not the truth of Big Industry.
Laura Martin-Falla
Laura Martin-Falla 24 dagar sedan
Exactly this. Couldn't have said it better.
Andrew 26 dagar sedan
Season 2 definitely raised the stakes for the characters so far, season 2 has much more tension than the first, and Im really enjoying it.
StephonST 26 dagar sedan
After having watched Episode 6, then coming back for his Review of Episode 5.. BOY how WRONG YOU ARE... and how spot on you are with the "The Fly" reference!
JimboCooter 27 dagar sedan
Ok please answer this for me. How did they know where Butcher was? MM says Huey heard a dog over the phone BUT Butcher was in Walgreens or where ever when he talked with Huey! Sorry that drives me crazy 😆
Rashad Heyward
Rashad Heyward 27 dagar sedan
Grant Paulsen
Grant Paulsen 27 dagar sedan
Jeremy is really shit at judging the difference between good and bad sequels. He did the same thing with Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2
Grant Paulsen
Grant Paulsen 27 dagar sedan
Dude season 2 is really strong. This episode was the best episode of the series until episode 6
Tacualeón 27 dagar sedan
Maybe a bit later, but when you said "rip someone face off", all I could think was Nicolas Cage saying "I want his face, off"
Bryce Cross
Bryce Cross 27 dagar sedan
I heard the same criticisms about S2 you made before I binge the whole show up to current. Honestly, S2 isn't as tightly written or concise, but it's still fantastic to me. S1 feels like almost a complete story where they didn't know if they'd get a second season or not. They had to hit the major beats at a breakneck pace. But S2 feels like they know they're getting a Season 3. They're taking their time with plot threads and character development they can pay off later, not necessarily this season.
Alex Moudgil
Alex Moudgil 27 dagar sedan
i agree. not neaarrllly as strong
Jay Un
Jay Un 27 dagar sedan
Season 2 is way better than season 1 so far
Tyler Gaylord
Tyler Gaylord 27 dagar sedan
I think you’re missing the point of the fact that large corporations like Vought are untouchable to PR scandals. In real life if something like compound V leaking would happen it’d be forgotten by next week. We think the public will care but we don’t end up taking action if it bothers convenance.
Hawer 'mRg
Hawer 'mRg 27 dagar sedan
i still like more in the comics the boys takes some little shots of compound V to fight against super heroes, but here they fight by blackmail?? like what?
cartmann227 27 dagar sedan
Think again Jeremy
Michael Grainger
Michael Grainger 28 dagar sedan
Season one wasn't perfect, not such a fan of the Jesus episode
Ebiegberi Adonkie
Ebiegberi Adonkie 26 dagar sedan
Really bad episode, forgettable
JIM SLIDER 28 dagar sedan
In which planet do you live? Corporations have done awful shit, yet they remain unscathed: pharma, oil, tobacco.... why would Vought be any different? Also, Homelander killed a civilian ON A FOREIGN COUNTRY!, That has happened multiple times with the military, yet nobody in America seem to care much about it... hence 9 points!
Tamika Davis
Tamika Davis 28 dagar sedan
You lost me when you said season 2 was weak...you OBVIOUSLY DON'T KNOW SHIT ABOUT THIS SHOW NOR THE COMICS💯
PoeticSonic 28 dagar sedan
they won't kill his wife because they want the kid to grow up and not be a psycho, hopefully even hate homelander and eventually kill him. best case scenario is that when the kid is adult, homelander kills his mom and he kills homelander which would make him easy to control. it's like in the comics and what black noir ends up doing. btw i like how they are taking things, you said what you said because you didn't read the comics. they did exactly what you said you were hoping they would do with the tension but it was a shitshow in then end. most people who have read the ending hated it.
Jamare'a Gray
Jamare'a Gray 28 dagar sedan
holy shit ... for once I don't agree with you jeremy
GIOOO! 28 dagar sedan
Nah season 2 is better
GIOOO! 28 dagar sedan
Remember homelander doesn’t want to kill bec he wants his kid to have a mom
B R 28 dagar sedan
Episode came out on 9/11 and this video was 9:11 long
Chuma 28 dagar sedan
True with the blackmail alternative but Vought is trying to avoid creating another homelander atleast moralwise
TheObjective 28 dagar sedan
I'm loving season 2. Is this one of those complain about every damn second season channels?
RsDrPowers 28 dagar sedan
Are you on your phone while watching episodes? That would explain quite a lot of your thoughts.. they've explained several things you have mentioned. For example, they kill Becca & give the kid to Homelander... yeah... but they wanted the God-Like superhero to grow up with a mother so he can be controlled and not raised by a psychopath?
Matt 28 dagar sedan
Season 2 turned into: Homelander = Republicans Storm Front = Democrats Neither one cares 2 shits about the people. They are all out for themselves.
Margie Medina
Margie Medina 29 dagar sedan
You’re overly critical. This season is pretty entertaining and I can’t wait for S3.
Yung Shirley
Yung Shirley 29 dagar sedan
This episode was pretty cool
Yung Shirley
Yung Shirley 29 dagar sedan
... I thought season 2 has been pretty good
Joseph Escobar
Joseph Escobar 29 dagar sedan
Not here for this video seeing as I don’t have Amazon BUT please man, do The Devil All the Time 🙏🏼
NeutronBlack NeuB
NeutronBlack NeuB 29 dagar sedan
Just finished episode 5 about to watch episode 6, episode 5 was... meh, the only scenes that were good were the Kimiko rips a man's face off and Homelander lasering a crowd of protesters. Other than that it was pretty underwhelming
Ryan Racioppo
Ryan Racioppo 29 dagar sedan
Jeremy would nail a Billy Butcher cosplay
DontMaskTruth 29 dagar sedan
Jeremy Janhs, best writer on the Boys writing team!
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