The Boys: Season 2 - Final Trailer (My Thoughts) 

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Season 2 of THE BOYS is only a month away! We have a final trailer, so here are my thoughts on it!
Watch the trailer here: selosk.info/class/video/g4NpyH5-l46Vu58.html


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4 aug 2020



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Simps Sit Down
Simps Sit Down Månad sedan
People always ask who’s Jeremy but not how’s Jeremy
Juan Arocha
Juan Arocha Månad sedan
Manny Månad sedan
Called that Pinocchio joke. 👍🏼
Mr Snakes
Mr Snakes Månad sedan
Gagor Kay
Gagor Kay Månad sedan
the sires doing the same thing that show in the sires
Tejaspianist Kannan
Tejaspianist Kannan Månad sedan
Jeremy's become so slow talking damn
HisVirusness Månad sedan
Karl Urban as Kano. Finally, someone I'm on the same page with.
Nick Kelly
Nick Kelly Månad sedan
I take it from watching this you have not read the comic. If that is so then good because they have changed so much. Bad because you would love what they are going to do with Stormfront. Changing him to a younger woman is a big twist but hopefully she will have the same shall we say character flaws as the comic.
Dark Cabbin Productions
Yeha they better not make her more present than home lander he was my favorite character
Dallin Månad sedan
Honestly, something I want to see at some point in The Boys is the Seven fighting each other like in Captain America: Civil War. They’ve definitely built up to it a little with both Starlight and Queen Maeve arcs.
kemuael 2 månader sedan
Stormfront is a male in the comics, ill pass.
Sy A
Sy A 2 månader sedan
Jensen Ackles as Soldier Boy. Thoughts?
Afif Gbeili
Afif Gbeili 2 månader sedan
Suuuuuper excited ;)
Duo West
Duo West 2 månader sedan
Honestly, I want Homelander and Stormfront to have a Gus/Walter kind of dynamic. I want them to both constantly one up each other.
masato_magik 2 månader sedan
"parents if you let kids watch Pinocchio at a young age this is as normal as it gets" huh... It all makes sense now
Ziinx 2 månader sedan
Interesting fact: Stormfront is also the name of a Nazi/White Nationalist forum.
Zechariah Boswell
Zechariah Boswell 2 månader sedan
I noticed that we are seeing Jeremy slowly descend into madness. He grows more and more unstable as this quarantine continues
Jun Moreno
Jun Moreno 2 månader sedan
I love the comic is the show close to the comic book?
William Smith
William Smith 2 månader sedan
I like the boys
Akil-da-lion 30
Akil-da-lion 30 2 månader sedan
Why does this show change every strong man from the comic, into a woman for the show? JUST WRITE A NEW FUCKING STRONG WOMAN CHARECTER!!! The invisible man in the first season doesn't exist in the comic, but they made him up for some reason. Do that again. I almost don't even want to watch this season.
monkey mind
monkey mind 2 månader sedan
I was LOVING THE SHIEET outta Banshee and The Boys and only here now I see...
SentryAero 2 månader sedan
Did he say The Last of Us DLC @:13 seconds? I can’t find that anywhere
Mr.Johnny_Raincloud 2 månader sedan
LMAO I haven't watched a Jahns vid in a yr or so....hahaha damn he looks different. When did John Wick start hosting this show
MrTeCuro 2 månader sedan
Blasphemous woooooo!!!! you doing a review on The stir od dawn dlc?
L Jj
L Jj 2 månader sedan
Metal Pizza Dude
Metal Pizza Dude 2 månader sedan
David Espejo
David Espejo 2 månader sedan
Nice beard BTW
Veritas Syfer
Veritas Syfer 2 månader sedan
Far Cry: The Boys
TheCreepypro 2 månader sedan
still looks good I can't wait to see it
hsquadgaming 2 månader sedan
1:47 “He did Laser them titties!” Lmao the way he said it! 😂
Luis Santander
Luis Santander 2 månader sedan
I think jeremy is going for the John Wick look for when the next one is coming.. so he can review the film as John Wick himself.. 🌝👌🏻
Cameron Youngs
Cameron Youngs 2 månader sedan
Jeremy.. haircut :) you look nice with a nice haircut
nickabocka number 9
nickabocka number 9 2 månader sedan
Are you going to review Black is king on disney plus ?
Samuel Sea
Samuel Sea 2 månader sedan
Palm Springs review when?
GalgYchan n
GalgYchan n 2 månader sedan
i have not seen season 1 yet and he already spoiled it fuck
Kaveh Teimory
Kaveh Teimory 2 månader sedan
This is the best superhero show ever!
om pawar
om pawar 2 månader sedan
What are my thoughts about trailer that I can't watch this show with my friends and family without they saying things like "you watch this ..","I can't watch this anymore" and im absolutely going to love the show.
ReinVa 2 månader sedan
Jeremy can you review the Nicolas Cage masterpiece "Between Worlds"
Ramiro Belmares
Ramiro Belmares 2 månader sedan
Phoebe White
Phoebe White 2 månader sedan
I feel like you don't take requests but hey- its worth a shot! Can you review the Umbrella Academy? Its one of my favorite shows and i'd love to hear what you think! love your reviews lol
Michael Rhima
Michael Rhima 2 månader sedan
Hi Jeremy, Pls review Watchmen Tv Show!
IndieMan !
IndieMan ! 2 månader sedan
Hey man. Could you review the film HEAT (1995) by Michael man. I just watched it and fuuuuuck its one of the best films ever made
Roland Boss
Roland Boss 2 månader sedan
That wale scene remains me of Hancock. When Will Smith threw that whale back into the sea.
Pete Zajot
Pete Zajot 2 månader sedan
Still not a fan that they made Storm Front a chick... don’t know if it really was necessary...
ADI FOR REAL 2 månader sedan
Why do I feel this season end again with a cliffhanger ☹️
lilith Files
lilith Files 2 månader sedan
What if Erin Moriarty or the other actors got infected by COVID-19 on set should I not worried or should I believe there super powers will protect them
JGui 2 månader sedan
Jeremy looks and sound happy AF. Awesome dude. Keep it up.
Matt K
Matt K 2 månader sedan
God tier show
Matt K
Matt K 2 månader sedan
The boys > umbrella academy
Lurkai 2 månader sedan
Thank you for being awesome Jeremy
Pirate Style Jutsu
Pirate Style Jutsu 2 månader sedan
*Comment about Jeremy’s hair and/or beard*
stevetadaO 2 månader sedan
Soon enough Jahns is just going to be a head of hair talking with hand gestures...and i am fine with that.
TiagoWazzup 2 månader sedan
I just hope homelander son does not have any powers. That would really damage his ego and make some pretty cool scenes
Jkjkjk 2 månader sedan
Jeremy should review the new movie, Yes, god, yes.
jugadug 2 månader sedan
jeremy you really needs a hair cut and shave
mickeal wise
mickeal wise 2 månader sedan
What’s with the caveman look?
Alex Sebastian
Alex Sebastian 2 månader sedan
You should put no spoilers in the title if it's no spoilers just so I can watch your vids man
Matt Evans
Matt Evans 2 månader sedan
I'm hoping it turns more into a 'friendly' rivalry between Homelander and Stormfront. The two of them sort of working together would truly be terrifying.
Allan Northern
Allan Northern 2 månader sedan
I no longer have to sign up for SElosk Premium to see Cobra Kai season 3 instead just Netflix Hell yeahh
TheKingOfRuckus 2 månader sedan
What "blasphemous DLC" is he talking about?
Caleb Lail
Caleb Lail 2 månader sedan
Me: Blasphemous DLC for wha... oh
Bruce Jenner
Bruce Jenner 2 månader sedan
i saw the trailer and almost blew a load in my pants. i can't wait
Miles Trombley
Miles Trombley 2 månader sedan
Spoiler maybe: Stormfront is supposed to be a Nazi.
chuave892 2 månader sedan
Great video!! I saw the last season of cobra kai and I think they took it too far with the last fight. Like ok I know you can fight but they didnt react like normal people. Like if they where out of themselves and startet a fight to kill or something.
Michael Badanjek
Michael Badanjek 2 månader sedan
Is every meta human in this universe a masochist. Like is that one of side effects when there given the formula and get there powers?
Iron Gamer
Iron Gamer 2 månader sedan
Jez have you seen the documentary "Dominion" ?
Sean Finn
Sean Finn 2 månader sedan
You look like Sam Jackson in Pulp Fiction.
John Dean
John Dean 2 månader sedan
You got to check out the umbrella academy. I just started watching season 2 and it's awesome. Please review this!!!
Aleksandar Radovanovic
Aleksandar Radovanovic 2 månader sedan
Esposito was also in season 1 😇
H TW 2 månader sedan
Review umbrella academy its amazing highly recommended
Alex Baird
Alex Baird 2 månader sedan
what you mean did you say last of us DLC
Milkshake Barrage
Milkshake Barrage 2 månader sedan
I know, Pinnochio is too much for children, I'll be a responsible adult and make them watch Alien, Predator, Jurassic Park, The Thing, and naturally Elvira: Mistress of the Dark.
Asuna Chan
Asuna Chan 2 månader sedan
Can't wait. ☺️💕🇵🇭
TheHalfSuckedMango 2 månader sedan
Why does Jeremy look like my drunk uncle in this lmao
Copyrightme81 2 månader sedan
I refuse to believe your hair is real.
Hoka Turki
Hoka Turki 2 månader sedan
Homelander actor as reverse flash would be the best flash casting ever made which really doesn't say alot but I really hope he gets to be reverse flash in the flash movie
Mahad Barre
Mahad Barre 2 månader sedan
I can’t not see Homelander as the Reverse flash.
The Herald
The Herald 2 månader sedan
Love this show, glad to see hype for it
christine paius
christine paius 2 månader sedan
Watch some Malayalam movies... please
Raymond Shivers
Raymond Shivers 2 månader sedan
Correction, raise it.
Raymond Shivers
Raymond Shivers 2 månader sedan
You need to lower your Ritalin dose.
Mr. Bobby Wright
Mr. Bobby Wright 2 månader sedan
OMG! I thought it was just me that was scared of that damn whale from Pinocchio! I always loved watching the movie as a kid but the scenes with the whale would always freak me out had nightmares for years haha
Mr. Bobby Wright
Mr. Bobby Wright 2 månader sedan
James Brown
CABLE 715 2 månader sedan
Kids, don't watch Pinocchio, watch the Boys.
Time 2 ROWCO
Time 2 ROWCO 2 månader sedan
Damn. I didn't see it until now. When he called the guy the plays Homelander "Eobard", I just said "Daaaaaaaaaamn that's purfekt".
Kaden Lynn
Kaden Lynn 2 månader sedan
Your starting to look like Mark Wahlberg
Vincent Thendean
Vincent Thendean 2 månader sedan
Wonder if this Stormfront's going to have the same... beliefs as the comic one.
Dilson Camacho
Dilson Camacho 2 månader sedan
I just hope that they kept true to the content and storm front is still a nazi.
Gloria Magrettte Esther Boyd
Breaking News, the boys looks like it's going to be great! Yea, that's some real news.
jason ross
jason ross 2 månader sedan
Why does this channel exists? You say absolutely nothing of worth.
You’re in The matrix
You’re in The matrix 2 månader sedan
I have a bad feeling about this but I hope it works out.
nina knox
nina knox 2 månader sedan
He did lazer them titties 🤣🤣best thing I heard all day
ry g
ry g 2 månader sedan
dude spoilers(even those shown in the trailer) in the thumbnail isn't cool. i want to go into season 2 fresh without knowing homeland Gunna laser the social media chick.
EnsignRedSquad 2 månader sedan
Get a haircut!!!!!
Ron Jackson, Jr.
Ron Jackson, Jr. 2 månader sedan
Giancarlo Esposito is in everything, and I'm not mad about that.
Stanley Posey
Stanley Posey 2 månader sedan
Why is he trying so hard to be funny, is he on speed or Meth SMDH.
clarence knight
clarence knight 2 månader sedan
Hey Jeremy watch the animated movie Deathstroke: Knights and Dragons it's really good.
LTheHitmanC3 2 månader sedan
Should be. Ughhh I wanted Karl Urban as Kano...
Tara Tarani
Tara Tarani 2 månader sedan
Hair...sooooo much HAIR lol :P
Anay Basu
Anay Basu 2 månader sedan
What was the song in the beginning of the trailer. I need it
Mikey B
Mikey B 2 månader sedan
A new season of Umbrella Academy drops and you are reviewing The Boys trailer.... for shameeee Keep up the good work. Love your reviews
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