The Boys: Season 2 - FINALE (My Thoughts) 

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THE BOYS Season 2 has wrapped, so let's talk about the finale!


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9 okt 2020



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1's Bundy
1's Bundy Timme sedan
Supes can die kimeeko is basically they version of wolverine .... she can’t be killed
Cash Lannister
Cash Lannister 4 timmar sedan
This episode kinda blew my mind...pun intended, haha. Also, Jeremy, can you please review Jaws?
AFAN OFPEANUTS 6 timmar sedan
Season 2 9/10
AFAN OFPEANUTS 6 timmar sedan
Season 1 8.5/10
Zechariah Smith
Zechariah Smith 7 timmar sedan
I know the first season gets some more points, but I liked both alot.
Damian Billbrough
Damian Billbrough 11 timmar sedan
They've said The Deep in S3 will mostly be fighting against the Church and others like that, so I dont expect him back in the Seven yet.
HyperNova 12 timmar sedan
She was there for like 8 years so she probably found some way to escape years before
Anthony Petronis
Anthony Petronis 13 timmar sedan
def leppard
P L 22 timmar sedan
Both A-Train and especially The Deep is mainly there for comedic relief.
nicole 23 timmar sedan
act up
Jeffrey Alvin
Jeffrey Alvin Dag sedan
I skipped almost all of the stupid church arc
The Donutvan
The Donutvan Dag sedan
The Church of The Collective reminds me so much of the Jehovah’s Witnesses and it’s fookin scary
yungpalos Dag sedan
The irony of storm front hating black ppl while her power set is the most common among black ppl in comics
CritticalAngel Dag sedan
do I watch The Boys? No, will I watch the shit outta this review still? Fuck yes, for Jeremy.....I also plan on watching The Boys eventually, should I probably not watch this? Nah, cause I got ✨shit memory✨ so it’s okay
M_Auto_Detail •
I give it a A- an amazing Show
Ivan Garcia Ramos
Can you and Chris Stuckmann do a video together? Thanks.
Blacksand Dag sedan
I'm guessing, (and I haven't read the comics fyi), that Victoria Neumann is like Rogue and at some point got Cindy's power.
Pirate Style Jutsu
Pirate Style Jutsu 2 dagar sedan
I know Congresswoman Victoria is a duplicitously evil head exploder... ... but I still think she’s kinda sexy. 😅
Magesh M
Magesh M 3 dagar sedan
Season 2 sucks
Christian Pena
Christian Pena 3 dagar sedan
The deep got the plane video for Maeve remember
Tanuj Thakkar
Tanuj Thakkar 3 dagar sedan
Stomfront: come here ryan Ryan: take this Nazi bitch
the killet
the killet 3 dagar sedan
500th dislike muhahaha 😭😭😭
the killet
the killet 3 dagar sedan
Yikes 🥶🥶🥶🥶that facial hair
Welter Dallard
Welter Dallard 3 dagar sedan
I think the Deep wasn't useless this season. I think out of all the characters, he's getting the slowest burn in terms of character development. I haven't read the comics so I don't know where the show'll go, but I think the neglect shown to Deep this season was so he could harbor and ferment some new intense motivation for his actions next season. He's tried being a dick, he's tried reform, and he's been screwed over both times (the former being his own fault). I don't think he's gonna snap next season but I do think there's gonna be some strong stuff in the works for the character.
Jared Locke
Jared Locke 3 dagar sedan
Definitely weaker and kind of sloppy. Homelander eneded on a really weird note by jerking off on top of a building... so there's that
Dee O' Brien
Dee O' Brien 4 dagar sedan
I wonder did becca use what butcher set up about getting over the big wall ryan was too little to go over first before she went running through the woods and tunnels or whatever... just as an idea as they are pretty astute with stuff like the? Peut-être?
UnNuclear 4 dagar sedan
Becca never left because she thought Vought would be able to keep Homelander in check.
Hesham Elsherif
Hesham Elsherif 4 dagar sedan
The deep, he is the one who got the video on the plan
Schmidteren 4 dagar sedan
I liked season 1 a lot more. But season 2 was not bad. Still interested in the show.
paty boy 26
paty boy 26 4 dagar sedan
My favourite moment of season two was when stormfront starts talking about white genocide and homelander, the most evil character in the whole show, just has an ehhhhhhh I don’t think sooo face through the whole thing😂
Asif Iqbal
Asif Iqbal 4 dagar sedan
He got a whale killed, so yeah that was funny.
Andrew Olsen
Andrew Olsen 5 dagar sedan
I think Becca escaping then and not before was because of wanting to keep her son safe. She knows once she escapes her life is on time limit and someone is gonna find and probably kill her and her son. But with her son gone she doesn't care about her own life, she just wants her son back.
jamie kirkman
jamie kirkman 5 dagar sedan
dan bongino
Norm DePlume
Norm DePlume 5 dagar sedan
The Deep like Aquaman is mostly useless.
Isaac Alonzo
Isaac Alonzo 5 dagar sedan
Finally binged the whole season 2 last night and I'm glad I waited. Becca escaping was indeed weird since she had no tools or phone to reach Butcher, but the kid blasting Stormfront was just amazing. This season further proves that even the invincible Homelander has weakness deep inside his insecurities.
Elijah Gemmill
Elijah Gemmill 5 dagar sedan
1:08 same reason she didn't leave with Butcher, because she wouldn't have been able to take Ryan with her.
Hollywood Multipass
Hollywood Multipass 5 dagar sedan
Really appreciate what this guy says. He motivated me to
truth seeker
truth seeker 5 dagar sedan
Glad the nazi got burnt alive
Cho Vue
Cho Vue 5 dagar sedan
Love the deep and his adventures! From the whale to the flounders to the Fresca! Every scene had me laughing!
nicomal 5 dagar sedan
Please review Raised by wolves, it is great. The production is amazing, the actors are great and the story is fresh.
Senor Studly
Senor Studly 5 dagar sedan
Are you trying to turn into movie review Jesus?
Daprod 6 dagar sedan
I thought for sure that church leader dude was important and had a hand in pressuring vaught with the exploding heads thing then it turns out to be the chick who exploded his head. That was the biggest surprise to me this episode. Also i know laser eyes are strong and all but how did he fry stormfront so easily? I knew compared to homelander shes weaker overall but not THAT much weaker. She should be able to fight a good fight and tank those laser eyes for a bit but homelanders son completely fried her! She looked fucked up! Honestly i was hoping the power dynamic was a little bit closer like maybe he put a hole in her stomach or chest and it caused her to drop the mom and be incapacitated for a bit. Idk and also talking about power dynamic from season 1 idk why homelander couldnt lift that plane. He made it sound like it was too much for him and i never understood that. Sure he aint superman but given his durability id assume him going down with a plane would be a piece of cake. Also how did a couple of homemade bombs hurt black noir? Im so confused about that given what i know! I love this show but sometimes i feel like things happen that are inconsistent with their powers.
Black Titan
Black Titan 6 dagar sedan
S2 finale > S1 finale
NoThank Yu
NoThank Yu 6 dagar sedan
The Deep is so much more redeemable than A-Train or Lamplight. He is a massive douche who sexually assaulted a bunch of people, but I don't think he has intentionally killed anyone and his career wasn't faked like A-Train, he is the best aquatic hero. He is a really naive idiot, but when it comes to fish he grieves over their death and even tries to rescue them.
Brycie Wycie
Brycie Wycie 6 dagar sedan
The Deep got Maeve the footage that saved Butcher
Oscar Garza
Oscar Garza 6 dagar sedan
Nasif Farhan
Nasif Farhan 6 dagar sedan
Man the boys season 1 AND season 2 BOTH were AMAZING😍😍😍
Naughty_ Snuggles
Naughty_ Snuggles 6 dagar sedan
Homelanders weakness = wanting to be loved. Wonder what happens he stops caring lol
Chris Chavis
Chris Chavis 6 dagar sedan
I still like when they release one episode per week, I totally prefer that compared to binging 8 hours in one day or weekend
Jazzmyn Carter
Jazzmyn Carter 6 dagar sedan
I can tell you binging is a bad idea. I watched all of season 1 and the first half of season 2 STRAIGHT THROUGH...12 HOURS. I had to take a break for a few days before finishing it
Stretch29 6 dagar sedan
Kimiko is Wolverine without claws
ripseeze 6 dagar sedan
Enjoyed too season 1 much more than season 2, but season 2 was still good. Anthony Starr is just too good of an actor.
Bapak Malas
Bapak Malas 6 dagar sedan
The boys really ruined marvel movies i rewatched lately. They felt cringe as hell somehow
Savage Dad
Savage Dad 6 dagar sedan
Are you going for the new Wolverine role in the MCU? This would explain the hair do and the beard.
Jon Frost
Jon Frost 6 dagar sedan
Keoma Fernandes
Keoma Fernandes 7 dagar sedan
The humans conviniently surviving sups encounters are getting old FAST. Is it to much to ask for real consequences when the characters make bad decisions? At this point there's no tension in the human side. Also Hughie(?) is a bore, can't take more of him and his romance. Less humans, more sups, thanks.
A Monica Reads
A Monica Reads 7 dagar sedan
deep gave maeve the footage of the plane hehe
braeden martin
braeden martin 7 dagar sedan
This season of the boys was like season 3 of stranger things. Critically probably not as good as season 1 but fuck I enjoyed it 😂 😂 😂
Julian Walters
Julian Walters 7 dagar sedan
The ads came onscreen just as Jeremy was about the punch the screen at the end and I was not happy about this.
braeden martin
braeden martin 7 dagar sedan
I was emotional drained after this episode
Dash Man
Dash Man 7 dagar sedan
I know other people liked it, but I realy didn’t enjoy the Deep/Church subplot this whole season
Bill Whelan
Bill Whelan 7 dagar sedan
Antony Starr was terrible in Banshee ,had no acting range, but he is surprisingly great as Homelander.
Billy Katz
Billy Katz 6 dagar sedan
your bugggginnnnn. he was so good in banshee. that show was also just so good
Bosquez88 7 dagar sedan
Season 1 was definitely the better one.
FinnYourHuman 7 dagar sedan
good season not as good as season 1
DamienNightwing 7 dagar sedan
A-TRAIN and THE DEEP are pretty much useless in the comics so season 2 was fair. I think THE BOYS needs a 10 episode run not 8.
Tareca Hubbard-holt
Tareca Hubbard-holt 7 dagar sedan
Season one was way better. They got a little lazy on season two. Now we have another emotionally jacked up sup cause he killed his own mom. (Poor little dude) Homelander so deserves to be alone and wacking it alone for all eternity. The evil nazi's not dead, she's just hurt badly, she'll just end up locked up in her torture hospital tilll she heals, then they'll have a mess on their hands next season. Hopefully with better writers.
Chris J. Dowdy
Chris J. Dowdy 7 dagar sedan
Victoria Neuman is Stormfront's daughter or granddaughter, and her real name is Adele! Bear with me... Stormfront lies to Starlight about having had an "overbearing" and "snobbish" mother, Adele, who wouldn't let her "perform in hero pageants" or "have fun". However, there were no hero pageants when she was in Germany, and she became the first "Supe'" as a young adult. Stormfront's picture, first believed to be with her mother, "Adele", is really with her daughter, Chloe, who was apparently not a Supe' based on what she tells Homelander and of whom she speaks in German as she lies on the ground (dying?) after Ryan blasts her. Obviously, however, "Adele" is also very important to Stormfront. That name, not Chloe, is her password, and it is doubtful to be the name of a resented matriarch. But... of another daughter? Or of a granddaughter? (Chloe means fertile, btw.) One that is still alive? One that IS a Supe'? One that is fostering the other side of the paranoia war you are trying to create? One that was raised and placed to do just that when the time was right? One that, like you, hardly ages (which is what I think-just wait) OR that was born sometime around or soon after 1979 when (and why) you stopped being Liberty (perhaps to try to create/have and raise another daughter or to oversee the raising of a granddaughter) and a perfect time for you to give a child (baby or not) Compound V as your ideal Supe' (blond hair, blue eyes, multi-powered, invincible) has been or is close to being engineered? Regardless of the latter, that would make Stormfront, most likely, or Chloe (or both) the overbearing, snobbish mother(s) that did not let the daughter have any fun or be in hero pageants, which were around by that time, because she was being hidden, trained and groomed. If that child is Adele, then that name makes sense as the password if not using Chloe. Now... You can just forget about the fact that actresses Aya Cash, Stormfront, and Claudia Doumit, Victoria Neuman, have similar facial features and build and that they are apparently made up to have similar skin tone (and that this probably figured into the casting); just forget that. lol Let's try to lock this down... Victoria Neuman, whose name literally means "victory of the new man", is Adele [adel], German for nobility. (Tell me that doesn't sound like supremacist references.) She WAS rallying the social/political left in exactly the same ways Stormfront did the right. She obviously killed to protect the coup and new market that Stormfront, Klara Vought (German for clear/bright overseer), wanted. After Stormfront is neutralized, Victoria, kills Alastair Adana. She knows that what publicly destroyed Stormfront, her reputation, her cause, her planned coup and the resulting increase in Vought's power and stock prices was intel' that came from his records. Church of the Collective symbol was on the folder. She kills him for revenge; revenge for her mother or "Nana". "Adele Vought" (Ger: Noble Overseer) or not, Victoria Neuman IS "Stormfront" Vought's daughter or granddaughter and now replaces that previous secret power behind and planner over Vought Enterprises. ... or I'm overthinking. lol As to her age or the slowly aging issue, we don't know if daughter or grand' nor when she was born. I think the hint is the end/credits song. Billy Joel's "Only The Good Die Young" may just figuratively refer it's seduction theme to the possibility of Hughie being misguided by Neuman. He did show up at her headquarters on his own he implies because of what he believes she represents and thinks he can accomplish there, and she may be able to take advantage of him. (Perhaps, though, he just wants to keep watch on that "side" while Starlight watches what is supposed to be the opposing side. The song did play earlier in the car radio when he and Starlight discussed her going back to the tower.) Either way, the song title could be implying a link of Victoria to Stormfront (evil that mos' def' did not die young) or, more likely, is referring directly to Neuman herself, whom we now know is NOT good and whom, perhaps doesn't die young, so to speak, because she too, like her (grand?)mother, doesn't age normally.
Sadman Chowdhury
Sadman Chowdhury 7 dagar sedan
I liked season two more than one.
Skeletal Pirate
Skeletal Pirate 7 dagar sedan
Somehow The Deep is gonna end up on top
zack anding
zack anding 7 dagar sedan
Gotta admit, when Ryan refused to go with Homelander and stood behind Butcher instead was crazy intense.
Kelley MacKinnon
Kelley MacKinnon 7 dagar sedan
If Sup's don't die... is Lamplighter really dead?
Deniz Demir
Deniz Demir 7 dagar sedan
I just finished binging both seasons. I really like both seasons equally but I feel like the show can do better. It just feels like things will get crazy as fuck but they never do. I don't know
Jay 8 dagar sedan
The Deep supplied me with many laughs, I hope they keep him 🤷🏽‍♂️
Hazz JL
Hazz JL 8 dagar sedan
Jeremy is quite dumb when it comes to dark stories 😂😂
ASK2286 8 dagar sedan
Questions, how did Stormfront find the group without going to the Cabin first? How did Maeve find the fight, how did she get there or even know it was going on?
Israfael D.
Israfael D. 8 dagar sedan
Karl urban and Anthony Starr are both from New Zealand! Amazing actors.
Falco Lord
Falco Lord 8 dagar sedan
The Deep did contribute in a big way, if he didn’t get that plane footage homelander wouldn’t have been blackmailed into letting butcher and co live
hannibalking86 8 dagar sedan
Annoyin video
skator79 8 dagar sedan
At 5:30 the deep did the most important thing in the whole show. He got the video from the wreckage of the plane under water from his fish friends. That was meave's whole plan to take homelander down.
amit nagpal
amit nagpal 8 dagar sedan
Stop looking like Jesus now Jeremy. Barbers have to feed their families too.
Jabez Sembegere
Jabez Sembegere 8 dagar sedan
Utopia & Hunters on Prime are much better shows
Skoora 8 dagar sedan
@1:12 She was probably able to leave the Vought facility because she no longer had Ryan. He was all they cared about.
Zachary Jones
Zachary Jones 8 dagar sedan
Becca’s death was dumb
Bludhaven Gaming
Bludhaven Gaming 8 dagar sedan
i enjoyed season 1 more than season 2 but i do like season 2
Michael Davies
Michael Davies 9 dagar sedan
i feel that this season was a good ending point, in no rush for a season 3.
Chris Keo
Chris Keo 9 dagar sedan
The finally female fight scene..... was extremely underwhelming. Stormfront coulda purple lightning strike and starlight coulda absorbed it and hadouuuuuiken! But nah.... Maive coulda combo's shit with kimiko
Dirty Baker
Dirty Baker 9 dagar sedan
S1 was definitely better. S2 was to set the stage for S3. I'm sure we can expect some great things next year. Love Karl Urban!
InnerRise 9 dagar sedan
The deep got the footage for maeve from the plane. He did something.
AltoClarBear 9 dagar sedan
...through both seasons I couldn't help but think, "Huh, so that's what Zack Morris (Saved by the Bell) would look like as a super hero." I kept waiting, hoping,, begging for Homelander to break the fourth wall just once.
Naszir Charles
Naszir Charles 9 dagar sedan
Anyone know what stormfront was saying in German in the end?
El Nino Son
El Nino Son 9 dagar sedan
You found season 1 better?
Matthew Pritchard
Matthew Pritchard 9 dagar sedan
I f*cking love this show holy shit
Mr. Singh
Mr. Singh 9 dagar sedan
As I love psychology I hate because character, its the best example of oedipus complex in fiction I've seen.
robotcop 9 dagar sedan
seems like the church plot was too "deep" for you
htut80 9 dagar sedan
Shane McDowell
Shane McDowell 9 dagar sedan
The deep got Maev the phone that gave evidence of homelander abandoning all those people.
Rejuvenating Rhythms
Rejuvenating Rhythms 9 dagar sedan
I think Deep is just there for comedy relief. But I wish it wasn’t there to waste time and little character development
Tomi Somolu
Tomi Somolu 9 dagar sedan
Don't be a ..... ☺️🤣
Jacob Chinn
Jacob Chinn 9 dagar sedan
Is Victoria Newman(Congresswoman) the same as the escapee from the sacred Grove place?
Luis Valdez
Luis Valdez 9 dagar sedan
Dude you missed so many points of the show. For example that the Deep go into scientology!!! Like thats such a big deal!
Arrowinaknee 277
Arrowinaknee 277 9 dagar sedan
I liked it but I kind of realized the show has just become super hero’s vs super villains. Especially in the final episode a lot of the conflict was just solved by having one super fight another
Arrowinaknee 277
Arrowinaknee 277 9 dagar sedan
@Kaveh Teimory that they would find interesting way to takedown the supers by exploiting their weaknesses. Let me they did with translucent
Kaveh Teimory
Kaveh Teimory 9 dagar sedan
What else did you expect?!
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