The Haunting of Bly Manor - Review 

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So, it's different than you might think, but certainly worth talking about. Here's my review for the NETFLIX series THE HAUNTING OF BLY MANOR!
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14 okt 2020



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Matt Timme sedan
Bly Manor has some hefty metaphors about losing someone to dementia or Alzheimers threaded throughout.
Ty Timme sedan
Amazing kid actors and a show that comes together to be- well you know:)
Beth Hague
Beth Hague 3 timmar sedan
I think it kept the feel of the book, which is marketed as a horror, but in reality is a love story between miles and the governess :O
Beth Hague
Beth Hague 3 timmar sedan
I think it kept the feel of the book, which is marketed as a horror, but in reality is a love story between miles and the governess :O
Cade Quillen
Cade Quillen 4 timmar sedan
The Haunting of Hill House is one of the best pieces of horror I've ever seen. Watch it!
Carmen Cabrera
Carmen Cabrera 6 timmar sedan
Love the longer hair on Jeremy
Camden1313 10 timmar sedan
Totally not about the movie...but why are you looking so good lately Jeremy...loving the longer hair.
Errold Tumaque
Errold Tumaque 14 timmar sedan
Hill house kept me engaged. I fell asleep trying to watch Bly and got lost multiple times
deathsdoor07 19 timmar sedan
Good time... if you're drunk?
Sheryn Saheli
Sheryn Saheli 19 timmar sedan
Rudy Simmons
Rudy Simmons Dag sedan
Not scary at all and fails as a "love story". Just plain corny, it gets hard to sit through after the first couple of episodes. Hill House was great though.
icy31 Dag sedan
For someone who get's scared easily and therefore not a big fan of horror tv shows and movies this was the right amount of horror for me..The Hill house was too much for me, and surprised Jeremy did not see it. I am sure he would like it more than Bly.
iHX Dag sedan
I really liked the first 4 episodes and afterwards it got boring
Tyler Hood
Tyler Hood Dag sedan
I mean considering Hill House wasn't really scary at all either save one or two episodes I didn't expect to get scared. Still a good show.
Soporte Compumas
The story of the sisters was more compelling than the whole season.
Jason Woods
Jason Woods Dag sedan
I thought it was shite.
I love the hair!!!
Xavier Jones
Xavier Jones Dag sedan
The gap of skin peeking from his mustache makes me upset
Lalo Lopez
Lalo Lopez Dag sedan
The show was perfectly splendid :)
Think Money
Think Money Dag sedan
Perfectly Splendid !
Ronald Burgess Jr.
Ronald Burgess Jr. 2 dagar sedan
Classic ghost stories are usually love stories.
rose rose
rose rose 2 dagar sedan
the acting was terrible!!!!
Guille Bajinay
Guille Bajinay 2 dagar sedan
I CRYED THE FUCK OUT with the last episode!
I J 2 dagar sedan
The lesson to take away from this......... Don't let your stuborness trap you, learn to let things go and move on.
Steven Ray B.
Steven Ray B. 2 dagar sedan
Please watch haunting of hill house, you will love it dude.
Rupert Murdock
Rupert Murdock 2 dagar sedan
It was an absolutely horrible show. Do a review on The Queens Gambit. It is absolutely fantastic, from the DP work, to the set design, and the performances and directing. It is phenomenal and blows Bly Manor out of the water.
Coffee Pot
Coffee Pot 2 dagar sedan
You absolutely need to watch Hill House now. I know this video didn't get a ton of views but Hill House is an incredible experience
monster796abs 2 dagar sedan
dont watch this, go watch HILL HOUSE, its like waaaaaaaaaaaay better
Orange Mountain
Orange Mountain 3 dagar sedan
Many of the great characters (excellent casting) could not save this for me, for me this will always be known as The Haunting of Boring Manor. By the time this started to get a little interesting I was too bored and just didn't care anymore, it was one of those that I only finished it because I was a few episodes deep. To those that liked Boring Manor just ignore my comment, it's perfectly okay that I have a different opinion than yourself.
Danijela P
Danijela P 3 dagar sedan
omg you must watch The Haunting of Hill House it is so good
Chicconni Chicconni
Chicconni Chicconni 3 dagar sedan
An absolute bag of box-ticking shite. I couldn't stop counting how many box had been ticked per episode I forgot the plot.
Sammy2tones 3 dagar sedan
Spot on review!
Justin T
Justin T 3 dagar sedan
The second half of the series was utter nonsense. Both Hill House and this are just a complete waste of time.
vvvppp19 3 dagar sedan
Can y'all shut up about Hill House already??
Orange Mountain
Orange Mountain 3 dagar sedan
“Crispy kid with the runny egg eyes” T.H.O.H.H.
Carnivorus 3 dagar sedan
Hey Jeremy.. that beard... mwaah magnifique!
Tiberianexcalibur 3 dagar sedan
You could have watched episode 1 and skipped to episode 8 & 9 and you wouldn’t miss a thing.
Don Juan
Don Juan 3 dagar sedan
Hey Jeremy! you should review The exorcism of Emily Rose. I thought that was a good time (Scary time) no alcohol required!
MADCAPMEATSHOP 3 dagar sedan
Dude I'll make it super simple Watch Hill House
Miguel Pabello
Miguel Pabello 3 dagar sedan
First episodes were ok... And then it got boring AF.
H F 3 dagar sedan
hill house is better
Irreverent Bard
Irreverent Bard 4 dagar sedan
Bly manor is a love story... but aren’t the best loves both haunting and terrifying? So yes.. it’s a love story... but also a horror story... a gothic romance.
damien 4 dagar sedan
You should review the haunting of hill house
Mbalenhle Molope
Mbalenhle Molope 4 dagar sedan
Dude watch hill house
Mbalenhle Molope
Mbalenhle Molope 4 dagar sedan
It was weak...very thin. Very predictable at end there. I wanted to watch horror show like hill house not a love story...was very disappointed.
Matthew Mertens
Matthew Mertens 4 dagar sedan
It makes me sad that some people aren’t even aware of the source material that Bly Manor is based on. The original story by Henry James is great and “The Innocents” from 1961 is an utter masterpiece.
Jedi Bunny
Jedi Bunny 4 dagar sedan
If you liked Bly Manor, you’ll really appreciate Hill House. That one’s a real gem!
Jake kil
Jake kil 4 dagar sedan
I thought bly manor was so bad 👎
Harris Lidrapranoto
Harris Lidrapranoto 4 dagar sedan
Its a lot better than the turning
Lain 4 dagar sedan
Show was kinda heartbreaking ngl
The Komic Kid
The Komic Kid 4 dagar sedan
Please watch the haunting of hill house. Much scarier, but also WAY more intense.
sgt scaryface
sgt scaryface 4 dagar sedan
Gonna say it but this video was spot on with my experience with this show. Started watching it and it had some good teasing with horror and was hooked..... and got to the 7th episode and was like "I'm done" after showing its cards and no horror at all. Great love story and absolutely amazing cast and acting.... but I didnt want to waste my time on a romantic drama with a haunted background setting. I wanted scary. Hill house was good till it got all**spoiler**"YOU WERE YOUR OWN GHOST THAT HAUNTED YOU FOREVER AND EVEResh. Leaving the feeling that all their lives were up to fate and they were not in control of anything anyway
Piano Cat Productions
Piano Cat Productions 4 dagar sedan
I feel like the second to last episode should have been shorter, but I do think it is an extremely important episode.
Cody Nunez
Cody Nunez 4 dagar sedan
This season was ass. Dull as a butter knife. The Haunting of Long Conversations.
Loathe 4 dagar sedan
*spoilers* I honestly felt this story was a bit lackluster at the end when it tried to tie everything all together. They had to use the whole second to last episode to introduce and try to explain the lady in the water (Viola). I felt the reasoning for her haunting Bly was questionable at best. Secondly why would she choose to “possess” Danielle when she doesn’t even remember who or what she is. Also how convenient is it for the story that the kids have no more recollection of any of the events for the final reveal, there’s no explanation for it, it’s just something we’re supposed to accept as the audience. I really liked the acting though and I felt that everyone did a pretty good job. I do have to say though, I’m not sure if it’s just the way she’s written, but I didn’t like how the actress for Danielle always looked like she was about to cry. I get that the character is a traumatized widow, but jeez she was always on edge it was kind of annoying. Conclusion: I liked Hill House better but only slightly because I didn’t like the way that story was wrapped up either, but I feel like it was much scarier and had better psychological horror.
Morrigan Aensland
Morrigan Aensland 4 dagar sedan
For me Bly Manor was garbage, period.
z00mer 4 dagar sedan
This was a good story. Not scary though. Some creepy moments sure, but it was overall a love story. I prefer hill house as it was creepy and some crazy wtf moments. But this was well done and acted very good.
crazyr0by 4 dagar sedan
bly manor 2 out of 10 / haunting of hill manor 10/10 m dont bother with bly manor its so bad .
Anthony Spalding
Anthony Spalding 5 dagar sedan
I think if you watched hill house and went into this with any of those expectations you're going to be left disappointed. It's not the worst thing I've ever seen. It was a competent series. I just won't remember it in t minus 1 day
Sean Mann
Sean Mann 5 dagar sedan
An American idea of what Britain is like. Henry Thomas was awful. Kids annoying.
Joseph Brillon
Joseph Brillon 5 dagar sedan
Dick Swanee
Dick Swanee 5 dagar sedan
The only real issue I had with the show was that I felt it could’ve been 6 or 8 episodes instead of 10...I really enjoyed it but it definitely dragged in a few episodes. It was a very good spiritual sequel to Hill House. 10 episodes just got a little long
D. G.
D. G. 5 dagar sedan
Bored to tears with it. I'm sure there will be a surprise ending but I'll never find out.
Zed Ax
Zed Ax 5 dagar sedan
Such a nice way to say this lovestory sucks.
Jamie B
Jamie B 5 dagar sedan
Bly Manor>Hill House
Rob Kosky
Rob Kosky 5 dagar sedan
Haunting of Hill House is a genuine Horror masterpiece. You HAVE to watch it.
Ralphieee 5 dagar sedan
SPOILERS!!! Arent we gonna talk about Flora getting married to Greg Sestero? One of the greatest actor of all time?
Master Yoda
Master Yoda 5 dagar sedan
I liked the characters in Bly Manor more but the story of Hill house was better.
king of the Mawds
king of the Mawds 5 dagar sedan
Seeing another scotsman strangled and dragged away brought back memories.
rih xxx
rih xxx 5 dagar sedan
Bly Manor requires a bit to fully unleash its greatness. And it is great, compelling and really sad tbh. But I'm glad I watched it. That being said, Hill House being similar in some aspects is co.pletely different, and better overall as a haunting series. You should check it out. It explores ghosts in a cool way too!
Farmer Cadman
Farmer Cadman 5 dagar sedan
9 episodes 1-4 absolute snooze fest literally couldn’t stay awake to care 5-9 meh ya get hooked but I feel like it’s a disappointment
K J 5 dagar sedan
Watch Hill House! Its so fucking good. I liked Bly Manor but Hill House is on another level!
Horror And Coffee
Horror And Coffee 5 dagar sedan
I had a sense Bly was going to be a bit like it turned out. Hill House held that same kind of aura about it. I hope they keep making stories like this one.
Hobba bobba
Hobba bobba 5 dagar sedan
I actually really liked it, it was different to the first season. It wasn't what I expected but it was still great.
Shane Cordova
Shane Cordova 5 dagar sedan
izze powell
izze powell 5 dagar sedan
All these comments are about hill house but this show is amazing.
Something like a zombie
Hill House is scarier but Bly Manor feels more...dreadful, by the end.
Media Pedia
Media Pedia 5 dagar sedan
THANK YOU for the forewarning. Honestly feel like I would’ve enjoyed The Village and Crimson Peak if they were marketed as what they actually were.
Anu Chauhan
Anu Chauhan 6 dagar sedan
You think we can get him to notice this comment so he can ACTUALLY WATCH HAUNTING OF HILL HOUSE . PLEASE
Jord McGorry
Jord McGorry 6 dagar sedan
Just finished the haunting of bly manor...one word...BORING!
Drew Alan
Drew Alan 6 dagar sedan
Despite my appreciation of this series. I highly recommend you watch the predecessor, haunting of hill house. Also created and directed by mike flannagan. It is, in my opinion, the better of the two. However, bly manor is very good and an excellent adaptation of a few of Henry James original works.
MiNa ChAn
MiNa ChAn 6 dagar sedan
Perfectly Splendid!
Jaimee Rindy
Jaimee Rindy 6 dagar sedan
Dude. You have to watch Hill House.
Tyler King
Tyler King 6 dagar sedan
You need to watch haunting of hill house
Alex Bradley
Alex Bradley 6 dagar sedan
Bly Manor was for me the best series i've seen on netflix, 100% right it's not really a horror - more of a gothic ghost story - the last episode was one of the best things I've watched.
10521577A 6 dagar sedan
Spewing useless brain vomit stops at 1:47. You're welcome
Ivan Garcia Ramos
Ivan Garcia Ramos 6 dagar sedan
Can you and Chris Stuckmann do a video together? Thanks.
Andres Mugueta
Andres Mugueta 6 dagar sedan
Loooooved Crimson Peak. It got tons of hate because it wasn't what people expected, but it wasn't bad by any stretch of the imagination
Julian Legros
Julian Legros 6 dagar sedan
Please watch The Haunting of Hill House, you wont regret it.
Na Man
Na Man 6 dagar sedan
the haunting of the hill house is my single fav season of TV!! It's amazing, Jeremy!!
Nerdish 7 dagar sedan
I just finished Bly Manor last night and I really, really, liked it. I had gone into it knowing that romance was going to be part of it, so I knew what to expect. The story still managed to break my heart though. I already can't wait to rewatch it because I think this will be better after a second viewing.
Bobby Boyton
Bobby Boyton 7 dagar sedan
I didn’t finish the whole thing. But every one keeps saying there literally no “haunting”. But I just watched a grudge ring looking girls drags a dead guy out of the house in creepy fashion ????? So.....
Thomas Moriarty
Thomas Moriarty 7 dagar sedan
This was horrible
Maegan Foret
Maegan Foret 7 dagar sedan
You have to watch hill house! If you thought this was great omg you are gonna think hill house is amazing!
Denise Garcia
Denise Garcia 7 dagar sedan
Oh Jeremy, you should totally watch Hill House. I watched Bly Manor first and loved it, but Hill House was just spectacular. There's an episode that is mainly told through a couple of long takes and it is SO well done 😭👏
Insomniac Potato
Insomniac Potato 7 dagar sedan
bro really everyone's saying it and I agree, Watch Haunting of Hill House
Cindy Heson
Cindy Heson 7 dagar sedan
Hill House will not be a huge waste of your time like this series was ..you definitely need to watch The Haunting of Hill House
Stereo Guns
Stereo Guns 7 dagar sedan
This show was so ass .. spoiler alert 1: ghosts has Alzheimer’s and strangles anything in her path 2: they scissor 3: bf hit by a truck goes on to be Elijah woods
Febri Marpaung
Febri Marpaung 7 dagar sedan
Man, the last 2 episodes of Bly Manor makes me cry
ChrisInDC 7 dagar sedan
Shut your curtains and watch Hill House my god man!
atlas pigment
atlas pigment 7 dagar sedan
It was great.. but i also liked the other adaptation "the turning "
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