The Hunt - Movie Review 

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A film deemed "controversial" for reasons unknown, other than the fact that it addresses the social bus fire we're in. Here's my review for THE HUNT!


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13 mar 2020



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Danielle King
Danielle King 21 timme sedan
its about social and politica issues but mainly its like if you put all of social media in a field and gave them guns....and arrows...and knives...and grenades...
Nanashi Dag sedan
Bro Garrett was such a racist ass hole
Nanashi Dag sedan
Such a funny good movie, can't believe so many people have a big black gigantic black dildo up their ass about it
MrGAMECATCanaveral 4 dagar sedan
Didn't see the trailers, really enjoyed this movie.
Karezza Kundalini Kenosis
The fight at the end ruined the movie.
Tridium Master
Tridium Master Månad sedan
This movie is great and spot on. Im a libertarian and on the right side of the spectrum and my buddy is a Democrat more on the left spectrum but neither one of us is extreme left or right and we loved this movie. We laughed at both sides of this movie and thought it was spot on. Good review brotha.
SkyTwerp Månad sedan
Mike Hunt
samhain2099 Månad sedan
My favorite Battle Royale movie would be of course Battle Royale
Joseph McMurray
Joseph McMurray Månad sedan
The fact that this movie caused controversy from both political sides tells me it did it's job well
93bendzsi 2 månader sedan
The beginning started out so fun and wild, the moment the main character appeared tho is where it all went downhill hard.
Geoff Bercovich
Geoff Bercovich 2 månader sedan
A completely pointless and quite innane review, gabbled at the viewer at 100 words per minute, all of them nothing but hot air. One, the star, Betty Gilpin, was superb. Two, the theme should have been clear to the most limited intelligence. Three, The movie was unique in one sense. Instead of the tired and worn theme of the right wing thugs doing bad things to liberals, the theme was reversed. Rich, petulant, 'liberal' vengance seekers, hunting 'deplorables' just because they posted things on the social media which the petulants thought deserved that they should die for. I give this movie a '10+' and I watched it several times, each time getting a bit more of the humour and satire. I often feel reviewers set out to look for a movie victim and then try to think up something negative to write about it. This one was a case in point. A mindless review, 'full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.'
Jacob Staten
Jacob Staten 2 månader sedan
It's just not a very good movie. I have to wonder if part of the controversy was staged to give it more attention than it deserves. This isn't dark humor. It's edgelord humor.
Sherwin Celeste
Sherwin Celeste 2 månader sedan
I don't care about the negative comments about the movie beacuse I'm not american and I enjoyed the movie so much.
Aaron Marsh
Aaron Marsh 2 månader sedan
If you’ve not seen Glow you’ll love Betty Gilpin in it, would love a review of the series.
Wojtysław L
Wojtysław L 2 månader sedan
I'm seeing it tonight, I bought the ticket twenty minutes ago! :d
marcelo b bertoni
marcelo b bertoni 3 månader sedan
I love it. It so dumb in a way too. The leftist Athena creates a situation were she hunts people because people think she does, and when she does she blame the people who thought she was hunting people. I love when they said not to use a kimono because is appropriation, so dumb too. The biggest reveal in the movie is the best. *spoiler warning* Its the wrong girl. hahahaha
Jake Lonergan
Jake Lonergan 3 månader sedan
“You can’t just lecture them...” Somebody should tell this to Netflix Productions. I was entertained by The Hunt.
EndlessWonder 3 månader sedan
I love this movie! The comedy and tragedy keeps you on your toes! "Deplorables" was a giveaway for Hillary Killary....Athena ...the name means "Goddess". It was so true to life in many ways!
Olorin 3 månader sedan
This movie is dumb. Cheap satire that makes all the obvious jokes. Predictable. Gore for the sake of gore. If you're into that kind of thing you will love it. Betty Gilpin was pretty good. Still a waste of time.
No Fuckingway
No Fuckingway 3 månader sedan
Ad "rich white liberal elites capture people to hunt them for sport" You: not sure which side is which.....
Talking Thunder
Talking Thunder 3 månader sedan
Best part was the girl getting her brains blown out.
William Charboneau
William Charboneau 3 månader sedan
3:45 “This is not really a ‘Battle Royalle’ movie..” I think It’s a ‘Most Dangerous Game’ movie.
str8ballinonyou 3 månader sedan
I watched bloodshot and the hunt back to back and I felt the opposite. where the hunt was the more meh movie to me,but definitely not bad and the plot twist at the end and the main lady were the highlights.
Str8 Luscious
Str8 Luscious 3 månader sedan
Battle royal meets hard target.. it’s fun AF
Denim Chicken
Denim Chicken 4 månader sedan
The political satire is junk. It’s all there to make the movie seem more important than it is. The movie is somewhat entertains but there’s no point to it.
KB 4 månader sedan
this is the movie in 3 sentences. Hey, i know that actor i saw him in...oh fuk...he just got murdered. Well, that doesn't matter cause there is that actor fro The Mindy Project...oh shit he got murdered too. That guy from Its Always Sunny In Philadelphia differently gonna die.
VigilAntiks 4 månader sedan
The lead actress's expressions were very bizarre, didn't know if she was supposed to be autistic or slightly retarded.
Jennifer Powers
Jennifer Powers 4 månader sedan
Betty is a blonde ripley. Great movie, loved it.
Shepherd2305 4 månader sedan
a movie about hunting and brutally murdering people because of their political views...and they expect it to be funny, its not... this movie is some Stalin shit and should be thrown in the garbage.
Dennis Menace
Dennis Menace 4 månader sedan
I really, really liked this movie :)
Michael Myers
Michael Myers 4 månader sedan
This is like ‘Minecraft Hunger Games’ in real life.
miguedro 4 månader sedan
loved this film!
Brandon Gregory
Brandon Gregory 4 månader sedan
Yeah, it’s definitely said in the movie. The character of “Don” refers to the hunters as “liberal elitists”.
99troubledminds 4 månader sedan
“NO MORE GLASS!!!!” I literally busted out laughing. I don’t know if she said it because she was tired of going through glass, or tired of all the broken glass in the house.
itaketheSQUARE 4 månader sedan
This movie is important in a way.
gentlemanminded 4 månader sedan
Rak Hit
Rak Hit 4 månader sedan
I really don't care about the political content as I see both the far-left and far-right leaning folks in our political system equally moronic and stupid. As the majority of Americans feel because most of us are moderates. So watching them murder each other in a battle royal type game would be pure entertainment. Think I'll rent this movie over the weekend.
God Emperor of Mankind 3.0
define "far left".
Logan Zubin Jacobs
Logan Zubin Jacobs 4 månader sedan
Instead of 'Cat & Mouse' you should have said 'Rabbit & Turtle/Tortoise'! Come on Jeremy, you dropped the ball on that one. Lol. Great review, even better film!
skyungjae 5 månader sedan
How are you making your hands change color?
Norm Carroll
Norm Carroll 5 månader sedan
Loved the movie
Snow 111
Snow 111 5 månader sedan
Have 2 things to say about this movie, Its Awesome, & "You just Done Fucked Up! U have to watch to understand ether.
G.I. Jake
G.I. Jake 5 månader sedan
There was only a 11 deplorables!!!
David Liston. II
David Liston. II 5 månader sedan
I've only seen the trailer and all I have to say is..........I HATE UNIVERSAL!!!!!! Why Universal hate Waspinator?!
Femi Alex Williams
Femi Alex Williams 5 månader sedan
The main actress was awesome.
k kamp
k kamp 5 månader sedan
This movie would of been good if it was actually serious. The humor in this didn’t work for me
N Ex
N Ex 5 månader sedan
Runing Man!
Reclusive 5 månader sedan
Was best movie I've seen in a long time. 5/5 awesometesticles for me!
David Lemons
David Lemons 5 månader sedan
totally unrelated, but since you do old stuff...you should review the 1st Descent
Daniels Odoj
Daniels Odoj 5 månader sedan
Trash movie
Luke T
Luke T 5 månader sedan
Celebrities reactions to covid-19 have made me 100% believe the premise of this movie
angeltread 6 månader sedan
i took this as a centrist movie taking shots and poking at the ridiculousness and absurdity of both the far left and far right. ive seen more than a few ppl say this is right movie but yeah. i didnt get that at all. they say cause the "hero" was right wing, but did they not even see the end... the hero was a mistaken identity... and was really a centrist. with some very strong survival instincts lets say.
santiago calderon
santiago calderon 6 månader sedan
The movie really reminded me of black mirror's episode white bear
HoopleHeadUSA 6 månader sedan
GLOW is solid tbh. Plus I love Alison Brie
Mister Ranksz
Mister Ranksz 6 månader sedan
i was sooo freaking confused so maybe i sure learn some politcis and then rewatch but i do know betty gilpsin is naked in glow and glow is awesometacular
Colonel Dirk Urkel
Colonel Dirk Urkel 6 månader sedan
I liked the beginning but as soon as the main character showed up I was basically done. That was a weird main character. Her going from confused and in a daze to cracking weird jokes. Her character had as much personality as a saltless pretzel. This was a weak movie. The message was just........blah. It’s like throwing mayonnaise all over the room to make the point that the room would look good in white, it was stupid. The ending was weird too.
superfurryfox 6 månader sedan
Just watched this, very drunk. I love boobs
Darkwing Dave
Darkwing Dave 6 månader sedan
Never SEEN Glow? FUCKING shame on you. That show is super badass. In that show, there isn't just one lead... Everyone is the lead. It's sooooo good. Give it a chance. You will NOT regret it!!!!
Yolo Masta 69
Yolo Masta 69 6 månader sedan
Glow is so good, i was glad she was the lead in this movie
J. 6 månader sedan
I freaking loved this movie.
Erik Ramaekers
Erik Ramaekers 6 månader sedan
My favorite movie of the year.
Cytron1515 6 månader sedan
Saw this a couple of days ago and it's shame it's no longer in theaters because that's where I would have had a "blast" Loved Betty Gilpin in this. Didn't even know who she was until i saw this. The was a perfect blend of gory action and comedy.
Captain Love Bug
Captain Love Bug 6 månader sedan
Just watched this last night and I loved it! Totally got "ready or not" vibes.
CannonHeroBrett 6 månader sedan
i just finished it i enjoyed it alot just straight fun.
Blaze The Movie Fan
Blaze The Movie Fan 6 månader sedan
Great review.
Facts_ NoFiction
Facts_ NoFiction 6 månader sedan
This movie was pretty bad, borderline terrible. I stole the perfect description from someone. " It's a movie that's trying to hold up a mirror to modern America and show us that we all need to come together or we're all going to go off the deep end and do something we really regret. Right message, wrong movie."
With Expectancy
With Expectancy 6 månader sedan
I loved HARD TARGET!!❤️
Railtracer222 6 månader sedan
Spoiler Alert I was so mad when Dennis died
Brandon Hopkins
Brandon Hopkins 6 månader sedan
This movie was terrible lmao
Tom Ta
Tom Ta 6 månader sedan
Very entertaining.
Miranda Summerset
Miranda Summerset 6 månader sedan
Glow on Netflix is such a good show Definitely check it out Jeremy
Action Scott
Action Scott 6 månader sedan
This movie makes perfect sense for this time it’s like SElosk Comment Section The Movie 😂😂😂😂
LEE ROSS 6 månader sedan
Come on Jeremy it’s not social commentary it’s social programming the film is designed to manipulate the view or unconsciously into being prepared to be violent against one another at some later date or time as chaos descends upon our country I wish you could acknowledge some of the Subliminal programming and agendas in the movies your review
Connor Astran
Connor Astran 6 månader sedan
I personally think all the political stuff was is just a red herring. It's purposefully distracting you from the message of the original story this is based on "the most dangerous game" was telling at the time. Which was a story of the rich using their power to oppress the poor. That's exactly what this movie is doing. It's just a bunch of rich people venting their frustrations out on a bunch of people who have less power than them and merely use politics as a way to justify it. Spoilers for the last part* That's the whole point of the twist at the end where they got the wrong Crystal. In their whole search to find people to kill you would think if it was purely for a political reason they would be thorough enough not to make a simple mistake as getting someone with the wrong name. But no they couldn't be bothered because it wasn't for any ideals. That's why when someone who didn't fit into their worldview was put up against their ideals. She was able to metaphorically and physically show how empty and unpractical their politics are as well as their own conviction to see their actions through. Which is why the villain at the end goes for the gun instead of continuing to fight her like she oh so badly wanted. In the end she was still just a rich and out of touch person who panicked when things weren't going her way. If you need any more convincing the main character gets away using the villain's private jet on a private airstrip connected to a fully furnished mansion in an Eastern European country.
Jai Cilento I LoveThatGuy ʕ•ᴥ•ʔߛ ̋ l Verified l
Charlie Guerrero
Charlie Guerrero 7 månader sedan
Jamie please review Unorthodox from Netflix
Ladonbeats66 On IG !
Ladonbeats66 On IG ! 7 månader sedan
It’s a great movie my favorite so far
COMMANDRofAWESUM 7 månader sedan
Is Jeremy serious? In the first scene of the movie, the murderers are texting about how they hate Trump and refer to people as deplorables. The people being hunted are portrayed as people who watch Hannity and love guns. It’s clearly obvious which are supposed to be which.
Ghudzilla Sabado
Ghudzilla Sabado 7 månader sedan
Careful Jeremy. You could be on the sequel 😏
SCharlesDennicon 7 månader sedan
Disagree, the bad guys are clearly progressives, and it goes beyond the use of the world "deplorable".
christianrapper 6 månader sedan
SCharlesDennicon that reply tells me everything I need to know. You guys are funny sometimes and you can’t even see it.
SCharlesDennicon 6 månader sedan
@christianrapper Progressive are either extremists or extremists in the making.
christianrapper 6 månader sedan
No. It’s extremism. You can tell by the main character and who lives.
SCharlesDennicon 7 månader sedan
Too many jump cuts.
Big K
Big K 6 månader sedan
@SCharlesDennicon I only counted 57....yup totally normal for Jeremy.
SCharlesDennicon 6 månader sedan
@Big K No, not really. The guy just doesn't do THAT MANY jump cuts, generally. At the very least, it's the first time that I find it noticeable.
Big K
Big K 6 månader sedan
You must be new
toorpat 1
toorpat 1 7 månader sedan
don't waste your time on this crap
Douglas Diggins
Douglas Diggins 7 månader sedan
This movie dunks on everyone
Rich B
Rich B 7 månader sedan
You are a poet, Jeremy. Exceptional review.
Jin Nij
Jin Nij 7 månader sedan
It a funny movie love it.
anime1996 7 månader sedan
Movie is more comedic than serious it's fun like tucker and dale vs evil
Wikanda Kitana
Wikanda Kitana 7 månader sedan
It's like the same 200 clowns that dislike all your videos. Its ridiculous. It's weird. Must've pissed some people off en masse. Lol. Not me tho dog I love ya.
Gian Marco Serra
Gian Marco Serra 7 månader sedan
i thought the movie was great. People who didn't enjoy it are most likely either super-right or super-left or just cannot stand violence. The movie is just as extreme as all the caricatures it presents so it was also quite poetic in that respect
Calvin’s Comics & Coffee
Dude saw this film holy crap it was bad life Jeremy I usually agree with you the main character was terrible there was no acting skill in there whatsoever like wow Tht was bad
ViciousBane 56
ViciousBane 56 7 månader sedan
Just saw it yesterday and I really liked it
Rytecz 7 månader sedan
It was ok but weird as I was watching it everything that happened (except for the final fight) felt strange 6/10 pretty meh
Riley White
Riley White 7 månader sedan
Great movie. Like the Purge but without the heavy handed political lecturing. The only character who was objectively in the right was the one who didn't take a political side, and everyone else was just a flawed human acting on their own personal agency. No one's politics drove any of the action - even Hillary Swank's character was ultimately motivated by nothing more than a mere need to take revenge on people whom she felt slighted by. Two dicks up!
CryptoAnarchy 7 månader sedan
Just watched it last night, I loved it so much! I haven't laughed that hard at a movie in quite some time.
Reviews From The Beyond
Reviews From The Beyond 7 månader sedan
Not Hard Target but the one with Ice-T ... Can remember the name but yup comment section n stuff.
Tabs T
Tabs T 7 månader sedan
After watching this movie I don't know why they banned it. I thoroughly enjoyed it.
Caden 7 månader sedan
If u wanna see the movie for free drop your twitter or IG (I got you)
Oji Torres
Oji Torres 7 månader sedan
Basically Pubg the movie
John Doe
John Doe 7 månader sedan
'Surviving the Game' is the best people hunting people movie
KevinShultz 7 månader sedan
I loved it..This satire is a bomb. Uncomfortable for spineless SJWs..😂
Reginald Levy
Reginald Levy 7 månader sedan
is it a cat and mouse game?..... i got more of a tortoise and the hare kinda vibe
Garbage. Ruined my quarantine and chill.
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