The Invisible Man - Movie Review 

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A remake/retelling/reboot of the Universal Monster/H.G. Wells THE INVISIBLE MAN. Here's my review!


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26 feb 2020



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B L O O M 6 dagar sedan
Nice, I can't wait to watch this movie 👍
Ralphhh V
Ralphhh V 8 dagar sedan
Loved the movie but Elisabeth Moss is a good actress but my criticism is that she is supposed to be this beautiful woman that this man is obsessed with but they chose an unattractive actress. It was just not believable for me. i can think of 30 other women who would have been a better fit for the role. 🤷🏻‍♂️
me mumbami
me mumbami 19 dagar sedan
smooth criminal
Nightfall 25 dagar sedan
Very nice touch with the ghost Jeremy behind Jeremy.
Nightfall 25 dagar sedan
The dark universe is still happening.
Darko Dimeski
Darko Dimeski 28 dagar sedan
Worst movie ive seen
icemann1419 28 dagar sedan
This was definitely an awesometacular
Witch Inspired
Witch Inspired Månad sedan
Still don’t who the invisible man is lol. Though I think Cecilia is the invisible man. Is it really about the boyfriend? Or is the title meaning just her transforming. It’s great.
Andrea lee
Andrea lee Månad sedan
Idk what moss would do but she has the suit
Andrea lee
Andrea lee Månad sedan
Omg Elizabeth banks is taking over invisible women But Elizabeth moss has a better orgin story n honestly moss should reprise her role
Andrea lee
Andrea lee Månad sedan
I definitely loved it n didn't want it to end
talulad Månad sedan
This movie had a great concept but poor execution. There were things that worked., but the things that didn’t really took me out of it.
arthurcurry2003 Månad sedan
Bull)$$@; , it’s greatly executed!
Chef Banjo
Chef Banjo Månad sedan
A toast to the last movie I saw in theaters. I was watching the news before I went to see this, and I remember the anchors were talking about this virus that popped up and was becoming a big deal in Wuhan province, and I thought, “Man, that’s really terrible for them.” Y’all remember that too?
TheTruthiest Månad sedan
Glad I didn't listen to these over-rated reviews and watch this in the theaters when it came out. At least I could fast-forward through most of the predictable parts from home. Elisabeth Moss is one of the worst actresses and she proves it here with her terrible over-acting, practically screaming "I'm going act like a crazy person so you have no reason to suspect I'm being gaslighted and we can keep this shitshow of a movie rolling along!"
robk1990 Månad sedan
After watching this movie I can 100% agree with Jeremy on this one- highly entertaining; it’s intense stressful and made me jump a fair few times. I could easily see Jeremy putting this on his Top 10 by years end
GamE FrEak
GamE FrEak Månad sedan
But i have to agree this movie is very good. She played the stupid paranoid clueless battered wife perfectly. The first hour this film made me sympathies with people around her. One moment i thought it's all fake n she abused so far that she made up every shit. Other moment when we saw stuff happening where we can see the fourth person in that room doing evil shit. It given me goosebumps. That's why this movie is perfect. But I do wonder if u really create something so incredible. Do u really use it to torture Ur wife or do some incredible shit that the world never seen before. invisibility like this if a person can create how the hell he wasted this amazing shit with her. It doesn't even make sense for a brilliant guy like this.
GamE FrEak
GamE FrEak Månad sedan
What more fascinating is she didn't hesitate to take the money. I was blown away when both sister jaw dropped knowing they r getting money like this. Before that both sister act snobby n talking shit n when lawyers let them know every month 100thousand dollar there jaw dropped. Perfect greed is shown there in that scene.
GamE FrEak
GamE FrEak Månad sedan
Opening scene for this film is so stupid. So brain dead. So bad. All of those crap can be solve by one phone call 911
Om Patel
Om Patel Månad sedan
He probably disabled the camper cause he is invisible and has sneaked into the same cell as her. It doesn’t sound crazy that he disabled the cameras.
Atif Ahmed
Atif Ahmed Månad sedan
HOLY SHIT I JUST SAW IT! FREAKED ME THE FUCK OUT! ps: I'm not talking about the movie. If you've seen it too hit like.
Monty Bonza
Monty Bonza 2 månader sedan
I decided to watch the movie because it was rated well but it was disappointing. If you have power to be invisible why would you waste your time and talent stalking your wife? The lead actress took her role too seriously and that also ruined the movie for me.
regotror awespazing
regotror awespazing 2 månader sedan
When Jeremy I am becoming a fan of this direction Me: already I am 😁
Silent Angel
Silent Angel 2 månader sedan
I see what you did around 2:15 Jeremy.... and it creeped me tf out lol
Надя Рубан
Надя Рубан 3 månader sedan
Red Tango
Red Tango 3 månader sedan
This invisible man is a big simp :)) jokes aside, good movie.
Atlas Tennyson
Atlas Tennyson 3 månader sedan
When did people become so easily impressed?
Kickex 3 månader sedan
Predictable af
Bruce Blackwell
Bruce Blackwell 3 månader sedan
This was expression throughout the movie 😱
Orlando DeJesus
Orlando DeJesus 3 månader sedan
That restaurant scene.... Best movie murder of 2020
Srijanraj Bajracharya
Srijanraj Bajracharya 3 månader sedan
can you see the invisible jeremy behind him on his left? or is it just me?
xHelloSushix 3 månader sedan
you really have to turn your brain off, like brain dead turned off...or the movie is just full of shit that can be resolved quite easily.
derek D
derek D 3 månader sedan
Movie was mostly a bore.
Chris Fetsis
Chris Fetsis 3 månader sedan
That awkward moment when everyone likes a movie but you find it bad and whatever you say to defend your opinion gets defeated by the mass
Conspire Music
Conspire Music 4 månader sedan
lol i remember that episode! i gave IM 8/10
tone capone
tone capone 4 månader sedan
I have to leave this terrible horrible man, wait a minute he left me 5 million dollars I'll take it🤦🏻‍♂️
Farid Arfa
Farid Arfa 4 månader sedan
Finally a movie i liked this year lol
Michael Johnson
Michael Johnson 4 månader sedan
This is a major sleeper
Fabiano 4 månader sedan
The ending of this movie is stupid! The movie estabilish that the guy is a genius, and way stronger than the girl. Yet in the end the girl overpower and outsmarts the guy with the stupidiest plan ever!
luis cortazar
luis cortazar 4 månader sedan
This Movie Terrified me. I love it.
Roger Gregory
Roger Gregory 4 månader sedan
I was hoping they would show his shadow somewhere, because there are plenty of lights and he is still a solid physical object. But they didn’t really explain the tech and how it works. Good film though.
xxToXiCxxReCoNx 4 månader sedan
i didnt hate this movie but i didnt like it. i liked a few of the kills near the end and it definitely built tension, but i didnt like the “twist” i guess. and the end just wasn’t satisfying for me. first half was better than the last half in my opinion. 5/10
Rylan Witty
Rylan Witty 4 månader sedan
Imagine if John Cena was in the movie instead of Oliver Jackson-Cohen
Aljaž Pohar
Aljaž Pohar 4 månader sedan
Snaggletooth 4 månader sedan
WOO. YAll really got me lookin for invisible Jeremy.
Nemesis 4 månader sedan
So you're telling me no one smells the bacon or smoke smell probably stuck to that suit. Like I cook bacon and I smell like bacon for the rest of the day.
Jay Mata
Jay Mata 4 månader sedan
Man, this movie was trash.
Dallas Dynasty 007
Dallas Dynasty 007 4 månader sedan
I would have just lived streamed myself the whole time to prove my Innocents
BlackHoleSun1921 4 månader sedan
Anyone else notice the thin silhouette in the background of the video?!?
Ryan Galon
Ryan Galon 4 månader sedan
Is there an invert video of this so we see what "invisible" jeremy is doing?
Pancake Lover
Pancake Lover 4 månader sedan
My family and i just finished watching this movie together and half of them fell asleep during it. I was very intrigued and alert the whole time cause you made a good point in this vid that its a psychological type thriller. Not the cliche cheesy jump scare shit that people are used to. Awesome review.
ShutUpZach 4 månader sedan
She could have been smarter like screaming for help in the hall way or marking him or getting in water
Christine Frank
Christine Frank 5 månader sedan
As to the camera thing, I think that adds to the horror element because there is a way to prove she’s right but no one will even take her seriously enough to check.
2,433 Days
2,433 Days 5 månader sedan
It was feminist revenge porn. A straight up big budget snuff film.
2,433 Days
2,433 Days 5 månader sedan
I was rooting for the Invisible Man.
itaketheSQUARE 5 månader sedan
Look at Invisible Jeremy Jahns hidden in the back like a cutie.
Rebecca Sanders
Rebecca Sanders 5 månader sedan
I just thought it was so weird they could not hear him walk or breathe? Especially in the house when he was in the attic. Also how could no one walk against him in the restaurant? Bit unbelieveable. Also very interesting that a genius in optics is a fighter as well.. Did not really like the jumpscares, but it was able to create tension with ease. A very enjoyable movie with interesting twists :)
Andre Sparrow
Andre Sparrow 5 månader sedan
Bad movie...i agree the beginning had me interested then shit just started getting bad. I was so mad when the girl got smacked and blamed the main character when she was 10 feet away. And there were just too many times this movie would be over cause evidence and actions of others show this woman isn't crazy... she's stupid though... really stupid.
Matthew smith
Matthew smith 5 månader sedan
It a weirdly structured and paced movie. Full of suspense and a genuinely scary atmosphere.
Jack Pretorius
Jack Pretorius 5 månader sedan
Hollow Man was better than this.
toolisgod6 5 månader sedan
I like how this guy is so beyond advanced he created a literal invisibility suit, yet his high tech security cameras don't record sound. 🤦‍♂️
Donald Hall
Donald Hall 5 månader sedan
standard woke film. she kills the evil man in the end and smiles for the camera. the SJWs must be so thrilled !
Warrick 3W
Warrick 3W 5 månader sedan
This Movie Was AWESOME!!
Dennis Menace
Dennis Menace 5 månader sedan
The restaurant scene man, shocker. Worth watching the movie for that alone
julia beukema
julia beukema 5 månader sedan
hollow man + sleeping with the enemy = the invisible man
Joshua Marc Allen
Joshua Marc Allen 6 månader sedan
Overall really liked it - but.... what about the cameras in the hospital?
Jared & Daddy
Jared & Daddy 6 månader sedan
When Your red back ground turned invisible. I was waiting for someone or something maybe it was invisible too.
Tru Dis
Tru Dis 6 månader sedan
Anyone ever say you sound a little like Kermit the Frog?
D3hryi183 6 månader sedan
It was a really good movie I was surprised.........
johnnypopstar 6 månader sedan
That's a beautiful little touch at 1:35, Jahns! I'm surprised it survived SElosk's encoding, it's pretty barely visible.
Ian Worsfold
Ian Worsfold 6 månader sedan
I liked that it didnt use music to build the jumpy scenes, no music even more scary!
SlimJim • 23 years ago
SlimJim • 23 years ago 6 månader sedan
This man Adrian couldve been a damn superhero or at least become crime lord. But noooo, he wants to creep around and watch people. Fuckin weirdo
AngryLittleGnome 6 månader sedan
What happened to his background at the end? 😋
Grape Ninja63
Grape Ninja63 6 månader sedan
Review “the platform”
Randy Williams
Randy Williams 6 månader sedan
The ending was stupid as shit. This movie could've been over 40 minutes earlier. There movie made get seem superhuman the entire movie. She cuts her wrist and not only tracks the dude down but went to the other house & shoot his brother. Then get super human strength to out power a man to cut his throat. Shitty movie.
Mike Tucker
Mike Tucker 6 månader sedan
As the audience I felt invisible to the invisible man I was watching him watching her and he THEY Didn’t even know
You think i'm funny?
You think i'm funny? 6 månader sedan
pretty sure there were 2 invisible man.
DarkDylan10 6 månader sedan
Is anyone else seeing the man behind him at 2:35 he is makingus go crazy too xD
Ross 6 månader sedan
so we all just gonna ignore the invisible Jeremy in the background the whole video
Mark Auger Creations
Mark Auger Creations 6 månader sedan
Terrible film
A B 6 månader sedan
No one checks cctv’s. Girl sprays pepper spray on the suite and he for some reason falls because of it. The suite blinks one scene and then works perfectly the other scene. She hides the second suite which basically priceless and he knows that she knows its existence still doesn’t check if its where he left it. And a few other mistakes that turned off the realism of the movie i feel.
a stupid unicycle
a stupid unicycle 6 månader sedan
I can't see invisible james
Battle Born
Battle Born 6 månader sedan
This movie was great
Caesar Yumury
Caesar Yumury 6 månader sedan
The movies is really good
Seraphim190 6 månader sedan
crap movie
Domenico Migliorini
Domenico Migliorini 6 månader sedan
Fuck feminists
Roland 6 månader sedan
If you look closely there is someone behind him in the right , nice touch :)
SuppamayneHustleClan 6 månader sedan
Ian Graber-Stiehl
Ian Graber-Stiehl 6 månader sedan
2:27 Is that intentional. It's not just me right? Y'all see something pass over Jeremy's shoulder too right. Left to right? Edit: 3:21. Okay. I see what you did there. Noice.
Thomas White
Thomas White 6 månader sedan
Who paid you to give this movie a positive review? Soooooo many plot holes, sooooo much nonsense. The movie was stupid to the nth degree.
phyre123 6 månader sedan
Well I liked the build up but I’m not sure it gave me enough of the back story of the relationship. The beginning was super refreshing, then it kinda let me down....
Stressed Seal
Stressed Seal 6 månader sedan
I didn't like the movie, found the writing to be shit. Apart from a few good scenes that really sell the tension my overall impression was bad.
Wayne Smith
Wayne Smith 6 månader sedan
Honestly, I hated this film. It started off well but got more dumb as it went along... Don't even get me started on the security guards and cops in the hospital scene! It did, as you say, build tension at moments, but that wasn't nearly enough to save it from stupidity, imo! Still love you though, Jezzer x
Thomas White
Thomas White 6 månader sedan
You're right and Jeremy for some reason glossed over all the issues with this movie that pull you out of it over and over.
Alex Molina93
Alex Molina93 6 månader sedan
1:59 Johnny Bravo LOL 🤣🤣🤣
Joe 6 månader sedan
This was one of the best movies I have seen in a long time.
Leopold W
Leopold W 6 månader sedan
That phone buzzing sound mimic is perfect, I tried several times couldn't get it lol.
M3athead Gaming
M3athead Gaming 6 månader sedan
Watch the video closely and you will find that he edited himself to the right and sometimes left (its barely visible but its there !) in the background of this review. Is he breaking the 4th wall ? :D Am I the only one that noticed ??
Austin.vlogs 6 månader sedan
Great job the effect behind you
Freak Show
Freak Show 6 månader sedan
i love the invisible man beside you its very clever. noticed it at the end
Eric Fludd
Eric Fludd 6 månader sedan
Movie did it very wrong. She uses her phone to videotape everything in the house for evidence and sends it to the cop. Oh, she didn’t. SMFH
Dave The Rave
Dave The Rave 6 månader sedan
A few people in this comment section are taking the piss outta Adrian, calling him a loser. But for me personally, this is a concept that has always terrified me: being in a room alone, but you’re actually not alone
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