The King of Staten Island - Movie Review 

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Pete Davidson stars in this Judd Apatow film about a directionless guy trying to find...well...some direction. Here's my review of THE KING OF STATEN ISLAND!


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14 jun 2020



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Playing W Gaming
Playing W Gaming 4 dagar sedan
the ending of this review was great
Meg Fabbri
Meg Fabbri 10 dagar sedan
I know technically this is old stuff because in 2020 four months is equivalent to four years, but I suddenly thought, "Still haven't seen King of Staten Island... I wonder if Jeremy talked about that?" Jeremy: "I like Pete Davidson, we need dark humor!" I wasn't sure if this would be one of those reviews with a lens similar to mine, but it is and I'm hype to hear it's got some good qualities despite being too long. Aaand lost my shit at the antidepressants section, both yours and the movie's comments on that are almost too relatable. lol
Holly Hargreaves
Holly Hargreaves 21 dag sedan
I love Pete
Jordan Joestar
Jordan Joestar 24 dagar sedan
Shout out to his step dad, legendary comedian Bill Burr 👏
Caleb Strife
Caleb Strife 25 dagar sedan
I payed 1$ for the dvd because my local movie rental place unfortunately closed down. I got like 4 movies that came out this year for a dollar each
NobleChief20 Månad sedan
Remember when this was long haired Jeremy
Augustus Månad sedan
This was great movie.
JoE KeRr
JoE KeRr Månad sedan
Hey Yo, Serpico! Good review, thank you
Troy Blyden
Troy Blyden Månad sedan
love you man
Alex Macdonald
Alex Macdonald Månad sedan
Now I've seen a shit load of movies, and I almost always agree with Jeremy before I even watch his videos, but i found this movie to be a masterpiece from start to beginning. I realize that's not an opinion everyone is going to have, and I'm assuming that the reason I feel like this is because I find this movie more relatable than any movie I've seen in the past and the characters seem to have way more depth than most of the movies coming out recently, especially Pete Davidson and Bill Burr's characters (they f*cking killed it). Also mega props to you Jeremy for admitting that you're on anti-depressants and fighting the stigma that can sometimes be associated with them. Overall great review and I'm glad you're doing well Jeremy, keep the great content up!
The 910toParis
The 910toParis Månad sedan
I love this movie so much 🥺
Kerry Smart
Kerry Smart Månad sedan
Really liked the movie. Even though I thought it went on a bit longer than it should have, I was still expecting a little bit more at the end. Bill Burr making out with Marisa Tomai made me look away for some reason. I'm a fan of both, but I think listening to Bill Burr's podcast twice a week took me out of it, but that's on me. Pete Davidson done a great job playing Scott (his real dad's name). His 'girlfriend' shone too. A Londoner pulling of that accent was impressive. Hope to see more of her. 7.5/10
Cesar Valle
Cesar Valle 2 månader sedan
The movie was trash and Pete not once became a likable character.
Christian McMahon
Christian McMahon 2 månader sedan
I don’t think Pete plays himself I think he plays a stereotype of what he is. On paper he’s a stoner pot head with no direction. Pete is a comedian and a star on TV. Yes he’s a stoner but he definitely has direction in life
ComicWriter 2020
ComicWriter 2020 2 månader sedan
Fun fact: the actor for Igor was the actor for Rico on the Disney channel show Hannah Montana. I only know this because around that time the show was still a thing, I was in school and watched Disney channel to sleep. I no longer do this but I have solid memories of it
Matthew 2 månader sedan
Hard to find a more relatable movie lately that deals with reality like smoking weed and continuing a cultural-habit even after it stops providing the same positive feelings.. And dealing with just being confused about how to function and somehow turn passions into a stable career without any role-models, after leading what may feel to be a traumatic/difficult life. Making big mistakes along the way because of ignorance and being lost in your friends' mistakes too.
Sick Slick
Sick Slick 2 månader sedan
This movie was trash. Pete aint even funny. Why is he even famous?
Vits Vicente Torres
Vits Vicente Torres 2 månader sedan
*Mild spoilers ahead* When Scott began to get along with Ray's kids, I was expecting another subplot where Claire gets angry at him and says something along the lines of "Why are you a good big brother for them when you never were one for me?" Did anyone else predict that?
Daniel Filippus
Daniel Filippus 2 månader sedan
why do you paint your hair black, release the aging, and show us the power of grey.
Jessy Jay
Jessy Jay 3 månader sedan
Love the review. I will never rent a movie for $20. and I softly despise anyone who enables this horrible possible future.
Maddy 3 månader sedan
Personally, I actually really felt for Pete's character. I found myself enjoying every moment of this film and when the movie ended I just really wanted more. I was genuinely invested in every part of it.
Charles Hepburn II
Charles Hepburn II 3 månader sedan
watched this last night. It was good, but way more dramatic then funny IMHO. There were a few funny moments, and it was a quality production, but I thought it could have used more comedy. I give it a B.
Briana Struss
Briana Struss 3 månader sedan
I was surprised how unlikeable they made Pete Davidson. I like the risk they took with that. Bill burr was amazing. This was his best role so far.
Brumel's Parakeet
Brumel's Parakeet 3 månader sedan
What happened to your hair? So dense!
Lance Flair
Lance Flair 3 månader sedan
One minute advertisement. You're selling yourself out
MsCarameLibra 3 månader sedan
Wha....this movies literally pete being pete REALLY....PETE HIDES THE PAIN OF LOSING HOS DAD THROUGH COMEDY....this movies just a big ass NO DUH and FUCK hes my age...
ButtoningPuppet 3 månader sedan
Washington gang
snop6176 3 månader sedan
Would love to watch it but I'm not paying 20$ to rent and I dont have friends. Especially with the covid. Cant hangout with people
Gil Uno
Gil Uno 3 månader sedan
Get a haircut.
Ricky Summer
Ricky Summer 3 månader sedan
Blues and purples ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) we live in the same pocket, bröther
Chris 3 månader sedan
I would have subbed for this video alone
ZiMarts 3 månader sedan
.. So i watched this movie first 40min and idk if i should keep watch it bcz its 2h long and its a bit too much so i came here to find out if movie is good or not or get any rating.. I think that ill just dont watch it till end..(edit: wtf i diddnt even find any rating in comments..................................)
Lane W Wright
Lane W Wright 3 månader sedan
I just watched this movie. It sucked. Not worth the money. If you want to see 20 something thugs smoking weed. Trying to figure out life. Then this movie is for you. It's story was bad. I give it a 6 out of 10. The acting was fine. I didn't like it. I guess it's not meant for my demographic. I'm 32 and moved on past teenage angst a long time ago. Not worth the money. Don't waste your time on this film.
Keelan 3 månader sedan
Listen, dark humour is needed, it's not for everyone that's fair, but everyone deals with shit differently, I've had loved ones die of, well, you fucking name it, but I still make those jokes, yes I mourn them, yes I feel bad, but I bring a smile to other people's faces, so that out balances my pain, and makes me happy, so in a way I'm healing myself and also others, if that makes sense
Aerielle Mitchell
Aerielle Mitchell 3 månader sedan
Your hair is lookin' good.
COC CHAMPS 3 månader sedan
Fkers just want likes how about talk about this movie
848 W6sq3
848 W6sq3 3 månader sedan
More hollywood garbage, old rainbow people , some Indi movie not watch , feel good movie mad from some worst people on earth ..... hollywood
Adam Freeman
Adam Freeman 3 månader sedan
Films so good as long as it needed to be
Creative Learning NYC
Creative Learning NYC 3 månader sedan
Just watched this movie. Wasn't sure what to expect, but I really liked it.
embryonicaristotle 3 månader sedan
i thought it wAS good
Josh Haylock
Josh Haylock 3 månader sedan
Loved it, could've been double the length it was, breat film
Dillion Johnson
Dillion Johnson 3 månader sedan
Jeremy... You the best g. Too real
Guitar Serenadior
Guitar Serenadior 3 månader sedan
Your Mom.
Myragor 3 månader sedan
I dig your Serpico look, seriously.
Typ hier naam
Typ hier naam 3 månader sedan
Really loved the movie,5 stars ⭐️ ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Erik R
Erik R 3 månader sedan
Medicare with weed Jeremy. It combats the coronavirus and at least you feel good.
Leveraged 3 månader sedan
Just saw it last night, great movie. A lot of funny lines and great acting by the whole cast.
kione 3 månader sedan
I’m on lexapro too bro I’m with u man
KEE WATSON 3 månader sedan
Have you tried Mary? As in Jane?
xic777 4 månader sedan
perfect movie, really real
Summer Phillipson
Summer Phillipson 4 månader sedan
Holy shit, I take Lexapro and my anxiety manifests in the same way. I'm always certain the worst cass scenario is going to happen and I get paranoid. I've always felt crazy because no one else understood this is like, "you just need to stop thinking that way and relax." Yeah, as if that's not exactly what I want to do. Thanks for sharing what you go through because I get it, and it's nice to hear someone talk about it in a non negative way.
Liusila 4 månader sedan
Man you’re looking old and wise lately. The hair, the beard, the oddly tired eyes. It’s odd because you’re so youthful just as a human.
Luca Nickel
Luca Nickel 4 månader sedan
i watched the movie 3 times already and the third time definitely wasn´t the last. It´s amazing
Lord Walter Stark
Lord Walter Stark 4 månader sedan
Why don’t you just drink like a grown man
Bjørn Are Østerlie
Bjørn Are Østerlie 4 månader sedan
This was pretty funny at 0.5 speed
Azav312 4 månader sedan
Over 2 hours... yeah fukoff! Lol
THE RADIKAL CHRISTIAN 161 4 månader sedan
u do cocaine huh
Joanna W
Joanna W 4 månader sedan
If you don’t mind a critical comment but meant constructive: you come off unauthentic and annoying, because of 3 things: screaming instead of talking, gesticulating like crazy and wearing a leather jacket indoors. There’s more of your screaming and hand crazy movement than actual content of what you’re saying
Zach James
Zach James 4 månader sedan
Dead dad, dead mom, dead brother. At 20 so this movie was bittersweet for me. Makes me appreciate Pete alot more. Cheers to dad's, you all mean more than you know
Akhil Muraleedhar
Akhil Muraleedhar 4 månader sedan
Please do irresistible by Jon Stewart and Steve carell
Twineater lol
Twineater lol 4 månader sedan
Crazy you’re from the pnw...feel like no one here does SElosk or anything online related
Alle Jasso
Alle Jasso 4 månader sedan
You really are looking like Keanu Reeves these days, but it really suits you!
The Deez
The Deez 4 månader sedan
Love ya Jeremy ! ❤️❤️
Luis Olortegui
Luis Olortegui 4 månader sedan
You look like chris d'elia on the cover photo
NailaCafé 4 månader sedan
100 % Must Watch Movie. Really Loved It.
R0BLOXPRO420 , 4 månader sedan
bruh nobodys actually talking about the movie in the comment section
Creative Learning NYC
Creative Learning NYC 3 månader sedan
In that vein... why is the like thumb "grayed out"? Also, I was surprised how much I liked this movie. Felt like a short novel you dont want to end.
David Minor
David Minor 4 månader sedan
Spoilers: Cut the girlfriend and you shave 20 - 30 minutes and you really don't lose anything from the story. She did do a great job, tho. The robbery was kinda cool but also dumb. He already said "I'm out". Just leave it at that. Didn't care about Action Bronson as a plot device, but it's forgiveable. What isn't however is the next day where they're officially getting back together. We don't need that! It's already implied. The acting .... was incredible! Bill Burr and Pete Davidson made me forget I'm watching Bill Burr and Pete Davidson. Frankly the worst was .... Steve Buscemi. And he wasn't bad, just I saw him not his character. Frankly, if he's your worst, GREAT JOB! Everyone seemed to really enjoy working on this and it really showed! Judd Apatow is terrible at pacing, but deserves so much more credit for casting and directing actors. I can't recall a bad performance ever in any JA movie. All in all, this movie is good, but could have been great if JA would ever learn that sometimes less is more.
Julio Soltero
Julio Soltero 4 månader sedan
I like the look Man, you honestly look like the next Wolverine.
Mcky McObvious
Mcky McObvious 4 månader sedan
oh ps. if ur meds make you stable, TAKE THEM!! nothing wrong w/ that
Mcky McObvious
Mcky McObvious 4 månader sedan
i. LOVE. yr long hair.
Joshua Mohajer
Joshua Mohajer 4 månader sedan
JEREMY WE LOVE YOU. And to whoever reads this, know you are loved too :) This is a difficult time, we need to be together now more than ever
Sir RedRaven
Sir RedRaven 4 månader sedan
Pete Davidson is basically the white version of Tyler the Creator
Johnny Perez
Johnny Perez 4 månader sedan
I feel like the movie just ran out of time. There was no real point or conclusion to the ending.
smoky_burrito 4 månader sedan
ight i like what ur saying and i opologize if it’s a condition or something but move your hands less it’s distracting
ethanarc 4 månader sedan
I swear for a second at the beginning of the video I thought Jeremy was wearing a fedora set back on his head 😄
S P 4 månader sedan
you're a brave young man....and hilarious. this movie wasn't for me but this review was top notch
Andrew Yacos
Andrew Yacos 4 månader sedan
Rare love the movie, not the star. This works well, watch it.
Penjuan 360
Penjuan 360 4 månader sedan
I feel like the movie should’ve been longer
S Pastor
S Pastor 4 månader sedan
Dawg, yo’ hair needs it’s own review.....that Serpico shit gotta go.
Yaaoo 4 månader sedan
Great movie I laughed hard
Mark Cahill
Mark Cahill 4 månader sedan
Did I actually see a child’s play 2 poster in the film ?
Lewys Monroe
Lewys Monroe 4 månader sedan
You know who you remind me of Jahns? Saul!
woodzy 4 månader sedan
Pete and bill are hilarious ,but the film wasnt that great , i would have liked to have seen the angle of pete training and bieng a fireman and understanding what it takes to do so , making him understand what is real life fathers mentality.
Riac007 4 månader sedan
You know who else really wants the movie to be a little shorter? Harvey Weinstein. Is that company you want?
Riac007 4 månader sedan
Just saw this movie. I really liked it
AwesomeBen45 4 månader sedan
When Jeremy said the Lexapro thing I literally yelled and said ME TOO
Milo101 lookup
Milo101 lookup 4 månader sedan
You were the SElosk movie review guy. Now you're the " I'M gonna be the commercial try to sell you bullshit guy"
brodie ward
brodie ward 4 månader sedan
I'm surprised this movie is so well liked. If they actually showed how tormented he was, then it might have been good. He really just came off as a spoiled sociopath stoner. His whole redemption is that he watched TV with his mom, and waits 3 hours for a girl. What a freakin hero.
Nick Milligan
Nick Milligan 4 månader sedan
It is one of those movies that the people who can relate to the story seem to enjoy it more than those who cannot, as someone who is on antidepressants, struggling to find purpose and also in their 20s it is definitely a movie I enjoy becuas eof the similarities and connectability to my own life.
Leather Hitman
Leather Hitman 4 månader sedan
Glasses on= Chris Evans/Glasses off= Wolverine 🤣
Ryan Ng
Ryan Ng 4 månader sedan
video starts at 1:05
Night Cap
Night Cap 4 månader sedan
Did u start getting deep into coke? It seems like it.
Commenter 10
Commenter 10 4 månader sedan
Who wins in a fight, the king of Staten Island or the king in the north?
Josh Morris
Josh Morris 4 månader sedan
Jeremy, I’ve been taking Sam-E. It’s a natural substance for depression and increases the serotonin levels. It’s helped a lot, and doesn’t have as many side effects as some anti-depressants. You should look into it for yourself, obviously, so don’t take my word. My mom is big into supplements and this has helped. Not sure what you’ve been through/are going through, but I understand feeling absolutely hopeless, without purpose, like there’s no point to life-I self medicated with opiates for years. Anyway, your channel brings a lot of ppl joy. It’s a welcome escape, and makes ppl feel like they’re a part of something fun, even if it’s escapist entertainment. In other words, you rock, and I’d listen to your opinion over any mainstream critics.
GAMER GIRL 4 månader sedan
Just fcking tell me movie is good or not !! I don’t have for all that crap to waste another fcking 7 mins 🤨
Joe’s manifesto
Joe’s manifesto 4 månader sedan
Love this movie
Pinkie Pool GamerBrony30
Pinkie Pool GamerBrony30 4 månader sedan
I'd might actually rent this movie
J BAIN 4 månader sedan
Ayyyyy, you started Lexapro this year too? Medication brothers!
Erich Von Molder
Erich Von Molder 4 månader sedan
Yuck, Staten Island. Have you ever been there?
Jose Mendoza
Jose Mendoza 4 månader sedan
Nobody is talking About 911 we don’t care it cOVID-19.
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