The Last of Us Part II - Game Review 

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The Last of Us 2!! The divisive game that was constructed to be divisive because reasons. Here's my review for THE LAST OF US PART II!
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24 jun 2020



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Eesa Khan
Eesa Khan 4 dagar sedan
I rlly want to get lou2 but everyone says it's bad but the first game was so good and I want more
Josey Strife
Josey Strife 18 dagar sedan
Jeremy Jahns the game is about Factionalism and how much fucked up shit your willing to let Ellie do just because she's on your side you know the us versus them mind set the same mind set that seems to have gripped the US for the last four years
Biennial Nguyen thij
drew durnil
fateh chahal
fateh chahal 22 dagar sedan
hallmark movies 2019
ash charizard
ash charizard 25 dagar sedan
This game is the kingdom of the crystal skull of video games tho that movie is much better.
Abdullah Sabir
Abdullah Sabir 29 dagar sedan
Just finished it now and thinking it might have replaced mass effect 2 as my greatest game of all time
Marcus Drake
Marcus Drake Månad sedan
It’s like kill bill without actually killing bill
ScheffCityVibes Månad sedan
People who got upset about having to play with Abby so much that they disliked the overall game wouldn't last in the apocalypse 😂
Justin Smith
Justin Smith Månad sedan
Ever since he reviewed this game I've stopped taking his reviews seriously. He just some guy that sees things and doesn't see things. He didn't see this game. At least for what it was.
Jorge Diaz
Jorge Diaz Månad sedan
At least the cast didn't make a fool of themselves like the cast of game of thrones
Jeremy Munene
Jeremy Munene Månad sedan
I also thought the pacing and story of the game could've been better. That being said I loved the gameplay, graphics and dialogue.
Steve Fettuccine
Steve Fettuccine Månad sedan
I am in the minority with this game. I could not see Ellie's story ending any other way. At first I was pissed off playing as Abby. However the way they humanized her, and as Jeremy said, put effort into her world, friendships and even colour palette, it made a huge difference. I applaud Naughty Dog for making such a bold statement within the first 20 minutes of the game (and another at the end). Well done.
Manas Grover
Manas Grover Månad sedan
Hate to tell you you are wrong but you are...lol
Akiraspin Månad sedan
Naughty Dog making you kill dogs after insisting that you will never have to kill dogs. Dogs.
Austin Justin
Austin Justin Månad sedan
Awesome game just finished it love u ellie and abby 😘
Gabe Villarreal
Gabe Villarreal Månad sedan
Trophy hunters scrounging through ever inch of every map to upgrade every weapon: “It ain’t much, but it’s honest work.”
husni al-riyami
husni al-riyami Månad sedan
I love the last of us 2 more than one
MG3 16 dagar sedan
@Aron what are you talking about there was no mini golf in the game wtf?
nico s
nico s Månad sedan
Gonna say right now if you don't want spoilers, DO NOT read the comments section.
King Kweku
King Kweku Månad sedan
The game play was very good, the ending didn't make sense to me..returning to find Abby and fight her again only to let her go after the final fight was pointless..and Im not homophobic but I totally dislike the homosexual scenes...i dont know what the world is turning into now.. most tv series, movies, even some commercials, all have some kind of homosexual scene and now Video Games..and thats straight disgusting!!! and disrespectful to myself and others who are heterosexual...
Harrison117 Månad sedan
"bubabababa, hey what the fuck! Thats spose to be cheese cake factory! This games ruined." - Dunkey
fat man
fat man Månad sedan
they try to make us like abby sooo hard man. but that fails, because instead of feeling remorse for several EVIL things she does through out the story, abby continues on as if nothing happened. but when ellie does some evil things - things that you, as the player had no hand in controlling - she gets demonized. ellie kills a pregnant person displays extreme remorse when she discovers she’s pregnant. abby goes to kill a pregnant person, is told right before that she’s pregnant, and says “good.” *good.* and abby doesn’t fucking lose sleep over it, she is absolutely fuckin fine. making you play as her for 10 fucking hours is some dogshit man i hate her as a character already, so having to do shit i hate with a character i hate just made me wanna stop playing
MrMejia187 Månad sedan
The game was just average for me and that is the most disappointing part after a 7 year hiatus. It's just not what I was expecting, it felt like a Part III especially with all the Abby. :( Gameplay was fun tho.
Tyler Pierce
Tyler Pierce Månad sedan
luke combs
TIM NOT HOME Månad sedan
Just bought this game I haven't played the first one just ordered it gonna have to wait until I've played the first GAD DARN IT
TIM NOT HOME 16 dagar sedan
@MG3 I've played first then second and I facking love them except I had to play as the incredible hulk with a ponytail LOL
MG3 16 dagar sedan
It'll be worth playing the first one than the second one in my opinion
COD GOD Månad sedan
This is what you get in a devilscape world
Alex Pana
Alex Pana Månad sedan
So, you play the first part of the game as Joel and Ellie in the village establish everything, then they save Abby, you play as her, humanize the fireflies for a few hours, after get some flashbacks of Joel and Ellie,another few hours showing the infected are still a threat, Abby again with the airbender and her/his story, humanize her some more, cut back Joel and Ellie on a path to forgiveness and father/daughter moment (tears), cut back to the moment they save her, she realizes everything, moment of rage, kills Joel out of the blue, SHOCK, then she regrets everything, lets Ellie live, third part of the game Ellie is going for REVENGE, badass murders everybody on Abbys team and in the final act she realizes how futile everything was, all the murders, lets Abby and airbender go, and then goes back to Dina and the baby...guitar song
BdDaBomb Månad sedan
It could all be so simple
Evyatar Shpilman
Evyatar Shpilman Månad sedan
This game could be amazing if it finished with Ellie and then Abby story could have been a DLC and the ending as well... too damn long for no reason!!
Indoors 2 månader sedan
Fealt like he was playing the last of us 3 ...I think even if it was the last of us 3 people would of been pissed off , it's like bringing out uncharted : the lost legacy as uncharted 4
JohnstasBACK 2 månader sedan
This was an excruciatingly awesome follow up to the first game and went above and beyond what a sequel can do. Sorry if you can't understand that.
JohnstasBACK 2 månader sedan
He literally didn't touch on ANY of the main themes of the game, elaborate on the gameplay, and is completely ignorant to the world around him. This game is super contemporary to our quarantined race war.
JohnstasBACK Månad sedan
@A Honest Opinion The game's themes perfectly reflect the current economic climate -- or didn't you notice? And if you think that a fucking rope was the only thing they improved on from the first game there's no point in continuing replying to you.
A Honest Opinion
A Honest Opinion Månad sedan
Just because a game has themes doesn't automatically make them worth talking about or make the game good. As for the gameplay, there's literally nothing new to it, aside from a neat rope physics engine.
Nikko Enrile
Nikko Enrile 2 månader sedan
the daily show
Natalia Pierry
Natalia Pierry 2 månader sedan
Suerte13 2 månader sedan
If you felt the need to make a spoiler review then you probably liked it more than sale price
InnerRise 2 månader sedan
Abby quest is LINEAR too........ I dont think that was the word yoy were looking for.
Samurai Kibiji
Samurai Kibiji 2 månader sedan
Just finished and loved the game so much. One of the most bold and impactful narratives I’ve experienced in a game BUT I totally can understand folks feeling differently, I just wish it wasn’t for the reasons they are.
Bailey Charlow
Bailey Charlow 2 månader sedan
This game is so so good
AKM FORTNITE 2 månader sedan
NoahTravels 64
NoahTravels 64 2 månader sedan
My opinion The Last of Us: Awesometacular The Last of Us 2: For Rent
Arvind Wee
Arvind Wee 2 månader sedan
Most people could predict that Joel's death would be the driving force of the game so that isn't the problem. Now coming to the way he died and some other aspects of the story are supported by weak reasoning (not wrong reasoning). The change in narrative theme from hope (1st game) to hate and despair (now) goes against the previous fan-base and is directed towards a new audience, which isn't wrong, but then they shouldn't have baited the previous fans with the fake marketing of the game(suggesting the adventure of Joel and Ellie). The MOST INFURIATING thing about this game is how easily Abby got her revenge, how the events conveniently placed Joel on the "tee" for her to take a swing. If the game was marketed as an anthology, and Abby actually put some effort in hunting Joel that would have been fine too. VERDICT - THIS GAME IS FOR EMOTIONAL MASOCHISTS.
Carlos 2 månader sedan
Thanks for the review. Appreciate your perspective. Personally really loved it. It might be my favorite game in forever.
mary lewallen
mary lewallen 2 månader sedan
young dumb and broke
Ismail 2 månader sedan
Idea I made a year ago for the last of us 2: You start as Joel, eventually he goes in this building & 3-5 hours after game begins: So a building explodes and Ellie, realizing Joel was in said building, digs through rubble, then gives up, though Joel crawls through the wreckage and Ellie helps him. Some foreshadowing will happen here and there if you pay attention. Either late or mid game (or 3-5 hours before game ends) she gets ambushed by bandits who attempt to rape her. She struggles and screams to Joel for help, he proceeds to stand in place, with a horrified look on his face, like he's unable to do anything. A bandit says, "who the hell you screaming at bitch?" Ellie then comes to realization and flashbacks to a scene showing a dead Joel with one of his arms blown off, in the building wreckage, but hallucinates Joel coming out of said wreckage. She hallucinates other moments to sort of cope with his death. Example: certain characters being confused and looking at her weirdly when interacting with Joel. She then snaps out of it, grabs her switchblade to kill the bandits. She stabs the last bandit repeatedly till she then starts crying. Joel puts his hand on her shoulder. Ellie yells at Joel saying that she "failed him" & Joel saying something like "there was nothing you could do, don't blame yourself". They have a little chat, say their goodbyes, & as Joel gives a little chuckle, turns the other direction, and as he walks into the distance, fades into nothingness. Ellie curls into a ball a cries her eyes out for a minute, and proceeds with whatever she was doing. Foreshadowing examples: -If paying attention, you may realize Joel's clothes look unusually neat, despite being 25 years after the event, & being, idk, months after the explosion, I guess? -When interacting with Joel, some characters will act confused and look at Ellie weirdly. -Joel seemingly talks to others normally, but talks to Ellie in a calm tone of voice and hardly yells at her, like she's some child. -in a couple levels when you separate from Joel and reach your destination, he'll get to the location first as if he seemingly warped there. Ellie eventually asks how he does that, he simply replies, "found a shortcut". Something I thought of about a year ago, some stuff I thought of later on. What do you think?
Bretton James
Bretton James 2 månader sedan
Funny your MGS2 review doesn’t have the same description. Bias much?
Jorge kasanova
Jorge kasanova 2 månader sedan
You forgot to say it is dog shit.
Christopher Knox
Christopher Knox 2 månader sedan
“All the time you spend trying to get back what’s been took from you, more is going out the door. After a while you just have to try to get a tourniquet on it.” -No Country For Old Men Never has a quote been more relevant than with The Last of Us 2, Where two women violently grope and slash into the void, without realizing how loose their own tourniquets are, without realizing how much they’re bleeding out, bleeding out of loved ones, bleeding out their souls, bleeding out-in a very literal sense-of their entire lives. This is a story about the art of letting go. We’ve all heard the Spanish proverb that revenge is a dish best served cold, and we usually interpret this to mean that you’re more likely to get away with it with some substantial distance between you and the original act, or perhaps the person you seek to pay back will have their guard down after a long enough interval, but I believe the original author also meant that, if you wait long enough, you probably won’t seek revenge at all, which will save you from, not least of all, the damage you’ll end up doing to yourself. SPOILERS! Consider the following: After their final brawl on the beach, when Ellie let’s Abby up from the water and tells her to “Go”, then follows that with, “Just take him,” she is NOT talking about Lev. FLIP There are two sides to every story, and It is appropriate that Abby’s collectibles are coins, because this story has metaphorical coins spread throughout the game. one example is that Abby is the flip side of Ellie. Even their names are similar: A-BB-Y … E-LL-IE, children of a murdered father, children of stolen childhoods, children who must learn together that digging for revenge leaves the hole within themselves, and the thing you think you’ll find at the bottom of all that digging is never enough to fill the hole it took to get there. The only thing at the bottom of that well is more falling. FLIP Joel told Ellie that if he had it to do over again, he’d make the same choice to stop her fatal operation, but this, too, is a lie, because it mistakes his very nature, that he never had a choice at all. His daughter was taken from him by men in uniform during the outbreak, and although he did everything he could to keep Ellie at a distance all throughout that first game, she got to him. Shortly after that, men in uniform came to take Ellie as well, and that was something that Joel was incapable of allowing. Ellie needs to understand this, but she’s too caught up in her own need for her life to have meaning or some kind of fulfillment. Here, too, is another found coin for us to turn over and examine, because (if you’ll recall) we as the player of Joel at the end of The Last of Us, are also victimized in this way, since we are forced to kill Abby’s father in that operating room. We have no choice; the game will let us spare everyone in that room, but Abby’s father will not let us pass (let’s play videos abound on SElosk of players attempting to get Ellie out of that room without killing anyone, but the developers make us kill Abby’s father). FLIP There are hundreds, possibly thousands of little coins for us to collect (I could fill a book with them), but here are a few: Tommy shoots Manny in the head, Abby shoots Jessie in the head. Joel kills Abby’s father, Abby kills Ellie’s father Tommy is reluctant to pursue Joel’s killers, Tommy is hell-bent on it. Ellie stabs a pregnant Mel in the throat, Abby cuts Dina’s thr- Wait… This is where the cycle is broken. It is in this moment-with the knife to Dina’s throat-that Abby truly begins to let go. Indeed, it is appropriate that Lev and Yara are called “scars”, because, like scars, what they give Abby is the capacity to heal. Ellie isn’t so lucky. She is tormented beyond that time, because she is struggling with the art of letting go. If Ellie had not visited Joel on his porch just before his death, she almost certainly would have finished Abby off on the beach, but the flickering image of Joel sitting on his porch was Ellie’s moment. By confronting Joel and admitting her willingness to taking the path to forgiving him, she is able to begin to let Joel go, which means she is now able to let Abby go as well, hoping that by doing so (“Just take him”) Abby will take that part of Joel with her (the part of her relationship to Joel still tormenting her). This game is a flawed masterpiece, but the flaw isn’t in the story. It’s flaws reside mostly in the fractured, meandering way that the story is told. It is nested with the sin of a wilderness of flashbacks (at least one is a flashback within a flashback!) It is a game for which opinions and the final analysis, like revenge, are best served cold, lest we become tormented by how we perceive the way we were wronged.
Jay Toronto
Jay Toronto 2 månader sedan
oh why
Biniam Gaming
Biniam Gaming 2 månader sedan
I would have preferred a game about Abby kidnapping Joel to torture him and Ellie trying to get him back and Abby dying in the end. Most disappointing game of all time
Tim Lester
Tim Lester 2 månader sedan
5:56 - I actually think that this was a miscalculation on part of ND. Ellie has SO much personality in the first game, she's a wise cracking shit talker who is always keeping others on her toes. In this game she's a plank of wood.
_iconformed_ 2 månader sedan
Why would she be? She isn't a child anymore and from Ellie's POV of the story she's grieving the death of Joel throughout the entire game and also suffers from severe PTSD endgame. Anybody that loses a person closest to them which was also horrifically murdered in front of their very eyes isn't immediately a bundle of joy that tells fart jokes like they did when they were 14. It mirrors real life.
SicParvisMagna123 2 månader sedan
You're right about Ellie, albeit for the majority of the game. After the winter chapter and particularly by the end she's a lot more withdrawn and solemn after all that's happened to her. Her willingness to resort to violence notwithstanding, I think her personality remains consistent going into TLOU2.
Super A.J.S.
Super A.J.S. 2 månader sedan
I understood that John Wick reference.
RayTheRealPlumber 2 månader sedan
Have Ellie wake up in the car still in her hospital gown where Joel just rescued her from the operating table in the Last of Us and tell Joel she just had the worst dream; Have Ellie check her hand to see if she still has all of her fingers. Then have Joel tell her it was the drugs they used and will they will soon wear off. Then have Ellie ask Joel what happened with the Fire Flies. That is what the Last of Us 2 is and how it should be dealt with. A Nightmare that should be treated as such and forgotten in the Last of Us 3 to save the franchise.
Michael Miller
Michael Miller 2 månader sedan
Lol wait! Whaaaaat???? The hardest part was killing the dogs? Really man ahahaha Killing the dogs is the easiest and funniest things EVEEEER in a game LMAO Nothing gave me greater pleasure, than to kill thise stupid worthless dogs hahahahahah The WORST thing about this game and it ALMOST feels like a tie. ... Between killing my boi Joel and being FORCED to play as a character you HATE and would rather kill just as much as the stupid annoying dogs LMAO 😂
thatpower 2 månader sedan
holy shit you're edgy
Tyson Bull
Tyson Bull 2 månader sedan
The last of us two is like red dead 2 but you don’t *kill micah*
Arian msn
Arian msn Månad sedan
@Hank Elliott forgiveness??? After we killed hundreds of people? Make sense.
severath19 Månad sedan
@Hank Elliott It seems like Abby had more to gain from this then Ellie though. Abby started this, and ended it on her terms.Ellie got the short end of the stick. There were better ways to go about this. This felt heartbreakingly disappointing, as an understatement.
farkick2.0 Månad sedan
@Hank Elliott they could have done that point better without making Joel stupid
Hank Elliott
Hank Elliott 2 månader sedan
You’re clearly missing the theme of the game. The theme is forgiveness. Not revenge.
* Hyz
* Hyz 2 månader sedan
aww what a poor dude he's crying because ellie killed a dog aww poor crybaby it's ok baby it's ok
Ash Fuller
Ash Fuller 3 månader sedan
I actually enjoyed the game and I agree that this feels like a part 3 and not a part 2, also this game went on far too long
Biniam Gaming
Biniam Gaming 2 månader sedan
I don’t think you enjoyed it if you think it’s too long. You wouldn’t want it to end if you liked it
Yafet Kibrom
Yafet Kibrom 3 månader sedan
I think fallout 4 made desensitized towards killing dogs
gabriel mendez
gabriel mendez 3 månader sedan
I personally could not disagree more, absolutely loved his game, and they improved on many many things in terms of gameplay from the first one, including graphics, NPC’s are a lot smarter in combat, the atmosphere is dialed up to 100, the scrounging adds to the desperation of the characters and the intensity of the combat as resources are scarce, it’s all about realism, and the story completely worked for me emotionally, with dozens of brilliant moments throughout,
Kody blair
Kody blair 2 månader sedan
Well said
Lisa Leyendekker
Lisa Leyendekker 3 månader sedan
message in last of us 1: life turns to crap, but you can always find hope message in last of us 2: life sucks and will go on sucking
Adrian Sandoval
Adrian Sandoval 3 månader sedan
I hated Abby all the way through the entire game.
Chris C
Chris C 3 månader sedan
7:45 worked for majoras mask
Silent Hunter
Silent Hunter 3 månader sedan
Not a bad game I think all the hate just comes from people who haven't or just won't play the game. Its just sad that so many people hate on it, its got a good story Im currently replaying it to get the platinum its really easy to get, is it game of year material? Maybe not Ghost of Tsushima or Cyberpunk 2077 are just better contenders mainly Cyberpunk there's just too much hate for TLOU2 for it to be consider game of the year. But the first one hands down was Game of the year they're even making an HBO tv show out of the first game due out in 2022.
Bjorn Blackman
Bjorn Blackman 3 månader sedan
Killing the dogs is what bothered you?! It's not like they wanted to play catch. So I take it you let the dogs eat you a whole bunch of times. Fuck dem dogs.
Thomas Mattiello
Thomas Mattiello 3 månader sedan
It’s sad when a Fast and Furious movie does a better character send off than a Last Of Us game
tfw you eat rice
tfw you eat rice Månad sedan
@Tom Moriarty I'm pretty sure these ideas could be applied to the FF movies.
Tom Moriarty
Tom Moriarty Månad sedan
@Thomas Mattiello respect your opinion bro
Thomas Mattiello
Thomas Mattiello Månad sedan
Tom Moriarty Hey Tom I’m glad you liked the game, I really am. Even though I personally didn’t like it, I am not going to demean anyone who did. Having said that however, I do think Joel’s send off could have been better. I get that nobody in this world is safe, but I just don’t buy that Joel and Tommy would give out their names and where they’re from to a group of armed strangers when they both know that a lot of people want them dead. The Joel in the first game would never do that. I feel like they dumbed Joel Down just so they could kill him off. And the F&F movies are just dumb fun, yes. However when it came time to do a send off for Paul Walker, they nailed it.
Tom Moriarty
Tom Moriarty Månad sedan
Fast and furious is shit bro. It's for entertainment purposes only, no heart no logic. Just because a certain Vin Diesel says "We're family", it doesn't feel like that. Last of us has that feel. Because they show their relation, every characters vulnerability. Just because a certain Ludacris or Tyrese Gibson makes a couple of jokes doesn't ensure an emotional touch. And last of us is an example why certain stories aren't liable to you to give an emotional sendoff for a character. A person you care for can die horrendously. Deal with it. Because the only thing that matters ahead are your memories of them.
bmaster461603 3 månader sedan
1 is 100% better but still a masterpiece for me
Wasim Ansari
Wasim Ansari 3 månader sedan
the sadness in his voice everytime he talks about the early game decision. why ellie started his journey . thats real pain.
The Gman
The Gman 3 månader sedan
Guys, no spoilers here Joel hates to play golf, just leaving this right here...
Rolando Colon
Rolando Colon 3 månader sedan
Playing it again in game+. Appreciating the game more. I can also see the flaws more but I really am enjoying it!
David Carlos
David Carlos 3 månader sedan
I thought the point was revenge is never ok cause it just leads to more revenge, so it’s just better to forgive and forget
GoodolOzzy 3 månader sedan
Wow another dog complaint. So a dog trained to seek and kill, you'll just let agonizingly maul you! ..they're not real in games. See what the writers did; make us fear them upon first proper encounter. Then the she hulk story arc moves and now we love them because of her, then go back to fearing, then love, then fear...........really just a poorly written game as a whole.
Lebo 3 månader sedan
Hahahahaha. That fuck you and hammer kill were on point. Great review 👌
HawthornMusic 3 månader sedan
I'm surprised that you said the characters you play as; I would consider that a huge spoiler.
Vikrant Bhadauria
Vikrant Bhadauria 3 månader sedan
This game would have been alot better if they magically introduce kratos to this timeline and obliterate each and every zombie in this game instead of adding Abby.
Androo R
Androo R 3 månader sedan
As someone who has beat this game. I really hope no one watches this before playing it because there was a tremendous amount of spoilers you didn’t even try to hide. Fuck this
MansouR 1997
MansouR 1997 3 månader sedan
The last of us II is great 👍 but The Last of us Part 1 is a masterpiece ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Coby DesOrmeaux
Coby DesOrmeaux 3 månader sedan
I started playing this game today. I love part 1 & so far, I guess I’m in the minority. I really like this game and the story....so far.
darkravemaster16 Månad sedan
@Dash Man Lol, at a discounted price. It's not even a year after its release and its already at its lowest price.
Dash Man
Dash Man Månad sedan
TheGreatjon Umber since the games release and the coming months more and more people are loving it. I just think it’s a realy well told and compelling story about loss.
innerbloom Månad sedan
@Grand Mac definitely not in this case
Coby DesOrmeaux
Coby DesOrmeaux 2 månader sedan
Update: on the scars island playing as Abby. Still digging this storyline (I know it’s taking me a while...due to family & work). To anyone who has finished the game, are there any major twists left? I feel I’m close to the end but wished the game ended already (story wise).
darkravemaster16 2 månader sedan
@TheGreatjon Umber if you are a masochist
Nemir 3 månader sedan
Imagine wanting to beat Abby with a golf club after what she did to Joel, and then not noticing the irony in stating that "you cannot connect with that character". Whoever originally said that "all hate is ultimately self-hate" nailed it.... (andthisgamenaileditaswell,yourlosshaters)
Luigi 3 månader sedan
I'm happy you give credit where credit is due in this review. Some reviews are just angry 10 minute rants about the flaws.
Mr Cru2
Mr Cru2 3 månader sedan
Man! I loved this game! Yes it was long, yes there was a TON of looting, and yes a lot of the key elements of the story don’t sit well with ppl, but that is what makes it so good. In real life, ur heroes are screwed up ppl who have done screwed up things in order to succeed. It’s a very realistic interpretation. There is no villain, there is no hero. There are just ppl who have to survive and some of the consequences to that are unsettling.
Dwight Schrute
Dwight Schrute 3 månader sedan
I’m sorry, but when was this long winded speech at the end of the game that Jeremy was talking about? As far as I remember there was no speech
Factual Opinion
Factual Opinion 3 månader sedan
Only seen the cutscene movie but I fracking loved it more than the original I will definitely buy part 2
Robert Durcan
Robert Durcan 3 månader sedan
Greatest game of all time so...
RAKAN J.r 3 månader sedan
SocialMoth 3 månader sedan
I haven't finished it, but so far I find it on the boring side. The subtle humor from the first one is lacking. I like Dina a lot more than I thought I would, but she's no Joel.
Dylan Grocott
Dylan Grocott 3 månader sedan
Litterally played the second half of the game saying to myself omg I don’t care at every “touching moment” even cracked down the difficulty..
pstchaseki 3 månader sedan
After watching, I feel Ellie’s an out of control sociopathic spoiled brat that obsesses on murderous revenge... And Abby got the short end of the stick thrown under the bus... Abby by far on a much higher moral ground
JLX 256
JLX 256 3 månader sedan
I feel they should've handled the pacing a lot better between Ellie and Abby's seperate stories because it seriously became emotionally exhausting when it got to the midway point before Abby's part. When it got to that I stopped playing for a solid 2 days just to breathe a little instead of rushing the 2nd half.
Ask and Wonder
Ask and Wonder 3 månader sedan
There was victimism, emotionalism, bigotry coming from the actual characters that call everyone bigots around them, a pushed agenda about the redefinition of sexuality (purportedly making male characters look weak) dissipation of the good and evil narrative, a story that tries too hard to be twisty and surprising, more victimism and emotionalism from the characters that make it so hard to sympathize with any characters in this video game, insults and cursing when it is not even needed in the narrative...and what is the worse thing for me, it makes me not want to play my favorite video game of all time ever again: The Last of Us 1.
Colli 3 månader sedan
Paul G
Paul G 3 månader sedan
I managed to stay away from spoilers. But here you are, spoiling that you play as another character for half of the game in the first minute. Not cool man.
Christopher Arauz
Christopher Arauz 3 månader sedan
that one strand of white hair on his beard
arkayen666123 3 månader sedan
"Welcome to CHAZ"
Ashton Turner
Ashton Turner 3 månader sedan
The Last of Us Part 2 took my on a journey I did not expect. It’s an excellent continuation from the first game, and even more tragic and more fucked up than it’s predecessor. Overall, great storytelling and gameplay.
SamsungCool Home
SamsungCool Home 3 månader sedan
Abby: !Joel Miller! Joel: no it's Joel Killer Abby: oh, my bad. Hey guys heal his leg and say thanks, he saves my life
Marmalade Timmons
Marmalade Timmons 3 månader sedan
dumpster fire of a game.
gmoney0505 3 månader sedan
It is never cool to deliberately make a polarizing game. You have basically killed your franchise
Napo ski
Napo ski 3 månader sedan
@Dwight Schrute it's dead
Dwight Schrute
Dwight Schrute 3 månader sedan
Yes they hurt their franchise by splitting the fans, but for those like me who likes the game, the franchise has only been more solidified as one of the greats!
Luke Nolin
Luke Nolin 3 månader sedan
RmD-Motters 3 månader sedan
they turned the goofy, funny, playful little ellie into a depressed teenager who’s forgotten how to communicate with people. which is a small dealbreaker for me because ellie’s attitude and relationship towards joel made the first game for me personally.
Harry Thotter & The Chamber of Thots
People change you know
Noah Smith
Noah Smith 3 månader sedan
I'm glad I'm not the only person that thought this was the third game. It felt like more was needed, not in this game, it was long enough. But, it needed more development to get to this point.
White Tiger
White Tiger 3 månader sedan
Definitely one of the best games ever. Not recommended for those who are too sensitive. You can tell there are so many sensitive people playing this game because a lot of people are butt hurt.
NostalgicDouchebagv1.2 3 månader sedan
Best games ever... In your opinion, that's not a fact. The pacing is absolute fucking trash, I get what they were going with the message and theme but they failed miserably because of the conflict between the gameplay and the story, it's what they call cognitive dissonance. It's realistic but realism doesn't mean a good story, that's why historical stories are modified for the current entertainment medium.
Defund Democrats
Defund Democrats 3 månader sedan
The last of us 3 shiuld be Ellie hunting down abby to kill her.
Rogue Matter
Rogue Matter 3 månader sedan
The game was pretty good. You guys are just a bunch of cry babies lmao
Frank 9000
Frank 9000 3 månader sedan
if you found this game 'pretty good' is because your expectations were low to begin with and you're obviously easily entertained, besides don't blame us if your criteria for being so low and Neil Druckman's ability to make a sub par sequel to a 'great game'. obviously, he tried to accomplish something bold (if you can call it that) and instead of that, like a stretched rubber band it whiplashed right back in his face. sure, the graphics are top notch. oh cool ! new 'game mechanics' and new breeds of infected and honestly i couldn't even care less about 'identity politics' in the game, but killing Joel in the first hour into the game and right away introducing to gamers a new playable character that is as spicy and captivating as mayonnaise, i'm sorry but WLF's dialogue became background noise and at that point i stopped caring. so it's not about being a 'cry baby', it's about loving something so much and when you go back for a second serving, all you can taste is rancid milk and forking over 80$ for some people doesn't come cheap, just like if you're ordering something from a menu at a restaurant and after just finishing the meal you can't ask for a refund because you didn't like it. of course you'll be pissed. honestly, i'm not pissed at 'Last Of Us part 2', i'm disappointed like many other fans. - There's a GREAT quote that was said by a Japanese fan : “It’s a story about right and wrong written by people who think they’re always right.” . . . it fits perfectly.
Mahmoud I.
Mahmoud I. 3 månader sedan
You ruined the Abby gameplay twist. Seriously that would have been so surprising.
Selecter jd
Selecter jd 3 månader sedan
You play as Abby twice in the first 30min. Why would someone not understand it was going to happen again?
VGL Gaming
VGL Gaming 3 månader sedan
Ellie was extremely charismatic and charming in the first tlou, they completely remade her character into someone that could be capable of not being as personable as Abby. Ellie was always making jokes when she was with Joel.
Darrell Vlogs
Darrell Vlogs 3 månader sedan
Joel fucking died. When your loved ones die it changes you. All of y’all complaining about the game make no sense, lol. She grew from a 14 year old to a 20 year old. Like wtf lol.
AlbertNeonApocalypse ___
AlbertNeonApocalypse ___ 3 månader sedan
I played this game without any biased, because I wasn't attached to joel and Ellie. I gotta say that I enjoyed it alot. The story was beautifully crafted, specially the play with narrative perspective. I even found Abby's story and character very sympathetic. By the end I felt a repulsion towards the violence, wanted it to stop and have them call it even. It gave me feels.
EagerBeaverBachovski Slovski
ExtremeTalker2000 Very much agree. Was the case with the majority of the deaths in this game. Realistically unforgiving and shocking. I do feel though that Joel's death could've been handled a bit better in terms of how he was put in the position to where he would be killed off.
ExtremeTalker2000 3 månader sedan
Ananth Pranessh I think I liked the way he died because I love it when movies and games don’t follow the ‘norm’. After the game was confirmed and in production I expected Joel to die in a blaze of glory sacrificing himself to save Ellie or some shit like that. But what we got was a bleak, and dark plunge into reality and how it isn’t always like that. I admire them for going in that direction. And it’s not like the fans deserved him to die better, it’s Naughty Dog’s character who they created, they can do whatever the fuck they want.
Ananth Pranessh
Ananth Pranessh 3 månader sedan
@Ehtlam zone in a good way? Pls tell me that you're being sarcastic cuz it was disrespectful killing the most beloved character so soon .... torturing him until his head is sawed open with a fucking golf club ... The fuck bro?
Ehtlam zone
Ehtlam zone 3 månader sedan
I think they killed Joel in a good way
THE DARK LORD 3 månader sedan
I agree with you man. I didn't find anything wrong with this game or the story. Everyone is just tripping balls because of Joel's death.
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