The Last of Us Part II - SPOILER Talk 

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Now I dive into the spoiler-ish things. This video came across more negative than I intended, but GOOD NEWS!....2020 is almost half way done!
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27 jun 2020



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Ashhh 18 timmar sedan
I actually love this game, but I agree with Jeremy's point about Ellie becoming a mother and realizing Joel's perspective, they definitely should have done that at least.
Kyle Mercy
Kyle Mercy 22 timmar sedan
I wanted her to kill Abby but setting up for the show I would prefer to see both of them in the show
Michael Westmoreland
Michael Westmoreland 2 dagar sedan
The point you made about the inevitable power struggle and abuse is pure magic. Sincerely. No hyperbole. That's a level of forsight you just don't see from a lot of people, and a deep one at that. Well done, sir. You ever get the wild hair to write game plots, let us know. Wouldn't mind seeing what you came up with.
cfordone 12
cfordone 12 2 dagar sedan
The first thing I did when I got to play Abby was jump off the cliff lol. Because I just KNEW I was gonna hater her.
Vault of the Future
Vault of the Future 3 dagar sedan
I absolutely loved this game but I wouldn’t blame anyone for hating it. I just love moral ambiguity and felt touched by all sides of the story, especially with Lev. And the gameplay was so dope. I’m on Grounded+ Permadeath Rn lmao
Ranbir Singh
Ranbir Singh 4 dagar sedan
RDR2 has a depressive ass masterspiece of an ending , so depressive endings arent bad
JMN128 5 dagar sedan
I’m part of the minority that didn’t think the first one didn’t need a sequel. I absolutely love it, but I think the ending is good the way it is.
Vararuchi Misra
Vararuchi Misra 6 dagar sedan
Right IT DID NOT STICK THE LANDING.............................AT ALL
Fabio Hennecke
Fabio Hennecke 8 dagar sedan
"she should have killed abby" ist not a matter of opinion (contrary to many other aspects of the game). It is just misunderstanding the point of the story itself. There is a cycle of violence. The old Seraphite that didn't fight back against Owen was the first one to break this cycle. His behaviour mirrors back and continues to influence people fpr the better. Owen wants to reignite the fireflies. Owen eventually makes Abby question her violent ways. But only the second circle breaker, Lev, who is arguably the only real hero of this story, stops the killing when she stops abby from killing dina. From this moment on Abby does not want to continue. When she does not want to fight Elli in the ending, she is exactly mirroring the beheaviour of the old Seraphite Owen mentioned. Finally and to the point: Elli obviously could have killed Abby. But she understood this would not achieve anything. Joel is dead, everything lost is lost. Elli and Abby both lost nearly everything. So she stops. And finally accepts defeat. The fight she had in her when she watched Joel die, the fight that kept her going is over. Only now there is hope. A dim light, for sure. But from killing Abby she wouldn't have learned shit. If there is ever a third part, a redemption arc or a trauma healing story or whatever it may be; it would only be possible because this simple act of mercy. Not because it undid all the violence and terror Elli caused before. It did not. But because every redemption has to start somewhere.
01101110 01110000 01100011
The major problem with Ellie finally learning that killing Abby wouldn't achieve anything is that it should have occurred much, much, *much* earlier in the story, before killing literally thousands of people to get to her and having *more* than enough time to reflect upon this during the time she spent on the farm. The fact that it occurs at the very end, after she (voluntarily) lost everything she cared about and quite literally only had this single act of vengeance left, after having a flashback of the person that she loved who was brutally murdered in front of her eyes by the same person she is about to kill, while presumably in excruciating pain from the fingers that she had lost, again due to the person she is about to kill, all of these incredibly powerful motivators...for her to just stop right there is not only anticlimactic and unsatisfying on so many levels, it is downright illogical and terribly written. The simple fact that Ellie let Abby go in the end means that all of the people that Ellie killed along the way died for nothing and Ellie should have easily understood this since she believed that all the people that died in order for her to get to the Fireflies in the first game also died for nothing because of Joel's interference.
Simon-peter Williamson
On your point of using stuff to help and then weaponize. In black ops 1. Reznov made a similar point. He asked "can you trust your leaders to destroy it? Or do you think they will use it? The flag may be different but the methods are the same" this was a conversation discussing what to do with the nova 6 poison gas. But reznov is warning the main character that this is how humans are. Both he and the main character know that the gas cannot be allowed to exist but a county and politicians would undoubtedly have use for it. No matter which flad they bear
Griffin Embry
Griffin Embry 11 dagar sedan
Jeremy is definitely being an asshole in this video
Tony Ward
Tony Ward 13 dagar sedan
Major disagree with you on this one Jhans. Ended up loving Abby and her crew as much as the rest of the cast. Also using the killing of dogs as a detractor is bollocks, if you were being serious.
disneyjunkie19 13 dagar sedan
Hm. I don’t think TLoU2 is meant to be a story about getting your revenge. I think it’s about forgiveness, and how damaging that lead up can be. That’s why we got that last flicker of memory of Joel that resulted in letting Abby go. Ellie and Joel ended at the beginning of rebuilding their relationship when Ellie began to try to forgive Joel. And that was enough. Also, Abby’s section in the game was the only fulfilling part. She bonded with Lev and that trumps the bloody path Ellie was creating any day of the week for me.
Josey Strife
Josey Strife 14 dagar sedan
Jeremy Jahns the game is about Factionalism and how much fucked up shit your willing to let Ellie do just because she's on your side you know the us versus them mind set the same mind set that seems to have gripped the US for the last four years
Aaron Cruz
Aaron Cruz 17 dagar sedan
Bro when I played against Ellie as Abby I let Ellie kill her too 😅😅😅 I stepped on the trap mines and all
NELLIE'S WORLD 18 dagar sedan
Or halfway through the game.. Ellie has to watch Dina's baby which she goes on a run and never comes back and after 10 or less years her son and wllie go after abby the person who killed her talking out everyone she loves and goes bk to jackson which the reat of the game takes place at and joel dies in ellies arms and abby killed him and ellie knows y and ellie kills abby and then lives the rest of her and her sons life on a farm like dina wanted too that would of been better
Willy 1
Willy 1 18 dagar sedan
13:00 I did the same thig
terranark 21 dag sedan
I think this was the story that had to be told. Ellie for the first half of the game leaves a good portion of Seattle dead. Then Abby(you deserve to die for killing joel) has got her own scenario which equally leaves her in a mess. In the end Ellie gave everything for revenge and it didn't pay off. Which in reality in a world like that is most likely true. It was a bold move to make you play as Abby (nothing you do can save you from what you did to joel), I hated it but I'm glad it went there. If anything i think naughty dog wanted people to talk a lot. So well done
01101110 01110000 01100011
We didn't even get to see if revenge would pay off for Ellie because she didn't get to have it. Conversely we get to see Abby get her revenge on Joel and the only reason that didn't pay off was because she and her group were dumb enough to leave witnesses. The lesson therefore isn't that revenge doesn't pay off, it's that you should never stop halfway when doing something horrible, a sentiment echoed throughout the game. Also, something being bold doesn't automatically equal it being good. Forcing you to play as the antagonist and experiencing things from their point of view is hardly revolutionary, it has been done in game for a very long time, but when the antagonist doesn't actually have any redeeming qualities at all and you are then forced to fight the beloved protagonist with them then you get to situations were people simply stop playing the game. So what is more important here, being bold for the sake of boldness, or doing your job as a developer and making people continue to want to interact with your product?
Draka Shrakenburg Productions
Shut up
Arian msn
Arian msn 22 dagar sedan
For me a total disaster (4/10) The Game should end there. Thank you
Shaun Wright
Shaun Wright 23 dagar sedan
Did Rian Johnson direct Part 2?
Shaun Wright
Shaun Wright 23 dagar sedan
The best part of The Last of Us, was Ellie and Joels relationship.....people loved it.......so the first thing the developers do is destroy it, to shit on us, then it goes woke, and thus will go broke (what a badly paced game with a terrible story line, unlikable characters.....and they destroyed the franchise)
Shaun Wright
Shaun Wright 23 dagar sedan
Abby's arms were ridiculous
Lord Gestrüpp
Lord Gestrüpp 23 dagar sedan
Sad thing is the switch stuck the landing for me, although i love Ellie's character I thought Abby's story was much better in this game. But the gimmick still fails to carry my experience of Tlou2, it's just not enough and I just don't think the rest of the game is good enough.
Borhan Firouzi
Borhan Firouzi 23 dagar sedan
That was exactly the same thing I did when I faced ellie playing as abby.😂
Karison Cunanan
Karison Cunanan 25 dagar sedan
This is definitely a close-minded review.
Obi Wan Kenobi
Obi Wan Kenobi 25 dagar sedan
jeremy i like your takes a lot but you had some pretty bad ones in here the fireflies were all about defying the government in the first place people who actually would use it for power. it’s not a complicated as your making it seem there shouldn’t be any theories about how joel was entirely right. stop trying to think outside of what the game is screaming at you. he was right and he was wrong but you would do dishonorable things to save your loved ones. i would’ve killed everyone in that hospital in a heart beat to save ellie doesn’t mean that i’m right to do that.
01101110 01110000 01100011
The thing is, Joel WAS entirely right to do what he did. The whole "save the world vs. saved your loved one" pseudo-conundrum at the end of the first game was objectively one of the weakest parts of that story as it realistically (from a medical perspective) made absolutely no sense and it invited so many ancillary questions that anybody with a working brain should have asked themselves. The "how certain are we that the Fireflies wouldn't use the cure to gain power" was just one of many of these questions, along with "how would they produce and distribute the vaccine", "how would a vaccine even work against a fungal infection", "how likely were the Fireflies to obtain a vaccine with the limited resources they had", "why would the Fireflies think about killing and dissecting Ellie first and not run extensive tests on her", and the list just goes on and on. And even when we ignore all of these question you are still left with a simple situation: Joel was simply doing his job as a parent and protecting their child from a bunch of shady individuals trying to harm her. That is what the whole situation essentially boiled down to. You can't help but think of things outside of what the game is telling you because of the nature of the situation and limited amount of information that the game offers you begin with. It was meant to be a "thought provoking" moment, but one that falls flat under the lightest scrutiny and the entire second game is based off of this premise.
Abdullah Sabir
Abdullah Sabir 26 dagar sedan
What setting did you played at ,for me it was one or two bullets at most and i done for.
Nova 26 dagar sedan
I felt the same way. The ending was good but really freaking depressing
Abdullah Sabir
Abdullah Sabir 26 dagar sedan
Just finished it now and thinking it might have replaced mass effect 2 as my greatest game of all time
Manuel Corredor
Manuel Corredor 27 dagar sedan
Am i the only one who loved the game?
Supremebean303 19 dagar sedan
Draka Shrakenburg Productions people are so used to fairytales and can’t appreciate raw and real storytelling.
Draka Shrakenburg Productions
@Supremebean303 and thankfully there aren't
Supremebean303 25 dagar sedan
I loved it too lol. There isn’t many of us I guess lmao.
Adit Mohsin
Adit Mohsin 27 dagar sedan
“We’re all an asshole to somebody” truer words have never been spoken
Toolio Jones
Toolio Jones 28 dagar sedan
Revenge eats at people. Makes sense she went back after Abbey. I didn’t want to see how it ended when playing as I thought Abbey would die. Think she was more likable in this game. Probably could have had Abbey die and it would have been much grimmer
Justin Smith
Justin Smith 28 dagar sedan
Ellie killing Abby would have gone against everything this game was about. I was rooting for her to NOT kill her after playing as Abby...I think that was the fucking point. Terrible take IMO.
Bailey Charlow
Bailey Charlow Månad sedan
Fantastic game
Full Comic Alchemist
At the end I was like ok I can take being kicked in the nuts 10 times 5 for Abby 5 for Ellie but Jesus the game then turns you over and fucks you. Such a bad ending just for being so relentlessly awful, like it eludes a lot of shit with lev being chosen as a wife and all. But you know what happened to him and Abby in that place, I was like I appreciate the ambitiousness of the project and it's epic but when Ellie is stuck in the trap and gets stabbed again, I'm like what the actual fuck trap is bad enough in the sun do we need to go there. Then Ellie comes home to nothing, would have been better if Ellie died and at ended like Gladiator with her walking up to the farm in her own heavenly vision, then we'd be like she's at peace. I needed a lot of episodes of Firefly, chocolate and a warm beverage after that.
Austin Parker
Austin Parker Månad sedan
For me the ending was perfect because Ellie finally stopped making bad decisions. Even though she didn’t get her revenge and lost everything important to her she won back her humanity by not killing Abby. So while the ending may feel sad there is a undertone of hope for Ellie. Now that she’s finally let Joel go she can move on and figure out what kind of person she wants to be.
Jamal Foster
Jamal Foster Månad sedan
0:52 I laughed so fucking hard
Steve Fettuccine
Steve Fettuccine Månad sedan
I don't get the hate for this game's story. Ellie ended up alone. Literally the last of us. And the one tie left to Joel, through her guitar playing, she could not do. She let her lust for revenge consume her and in the end, nothing. No family, no child, no home, no music.. just emptiness. Her moment of humanity and objectivity kicked in with Abby and that was it. When I was playing the ending, I was like.. "NO!", because slashing Abby to shit was brutal. I felt for that character. So I'm glad she was able to fuck off and leave.
Steve Fettuccine
Steve Fettuccine 6 dagar sedan
@01101110 01110000 01100011 respectfully disagree.
01101110 01110000 01100011
There are multiple problems with Ellie leaving Abby alive. At that point in the game we see that revenge was literally the only thing she had left, her resolve to get revenge seemed stronger than ever as she even left the love of her life to accomplish this mere weeks ago, she massacred her way through an entire city just to be able to track down and finally kill Abby, she had a flashback of the person she loved as a father who was brutally murdered in front of her eyes by the very same person she was about to kill...all of this for her to just suddenly stop and finally decide to grow a conscience. Not only was it incredibly anti-climactic and unsatisfying on so many levels, it is downright illogical and terribly written. Her moment of humanity and objectivity should have kicked in before this, way, way, *way* before all of this and before she killed hundreds if not thousands of people, all of whom died for nothing. She had more than enough time to reflect upon this, especially during her time at the farm, but the fact that she didn't paints her character in a very negative light. Of course, this was just one of many reason why the story in this game is terribly written and why people dislike it so intensely.
luca cassandrini
luca cassandrini Månad sedan
Well, actually it isn't that Ellie didn t killed Abby then after a while she changed her mind and went after her. At the theater Abby spared Ellie, not the other way around, so to me it makes sense that Ellie kept holding a grudge and went after Abby when Tommy told her he has found her.
luca cassandrini
luca cassandrini Månad sedan
That said, in the Ellie boss fight I did exactly as you did and let her get her revenge xD
Shulin Kohli
Shulin Kohli Månad sedan
I don't think many people noticed this but the end is actually happy as she learns it's time to let it go and move on or the cycle of revenge will continue and her family doesn't abandon her because ellie is wearing Dina's bracelet when she visits the farmhouse which she didn't when she left she isn't carrying any weapons which she would've if she came here directly and also she doesn't call out Dina's name as she doesn't expect her there as she knows where she is she is just here to go through Joel's stuff one last time and move on.
Arian msn
Arian msn 22 dagar sedan
Or the cycle will continue??? Do you know how many people died in this Game? This people had friends and families too right? So Ellie did not broke the cycle. It's the OPPOSITE.
Bryan Asare
Bryan Asare Månad sedan
2:07 Okay but Joel single-handedly doomed the world. Every death after the end of the last game is on his hands. Not to mention all the sorta fucked up shit we see him do in the game. I still love him, but he's a step beyond "everyone is someone's villain."
01101110 01110000 01100011
Did he now? Have you seen the extent to which humanity has recovered in the second game compared to the first? They have giant settlements with water, electricity, food and people seem to be able to live relatively normal lives inside of them. Did you see how little of a threat the fungal zombies posed to humanity in the second game compared to the first? You quite literally only encounter zombies if you go looking for them inside long abandoned buildings and subways. Did the world in TLoU2 seem more doomed than the one in the first game? No, in fact it was quite the opposite. Joel's actions didn't doom anyone, it only got a bunch of people angry and determined to kill him, but that's about it. Ellie's immunity was also relegated to an inconsequential detail that only ever got brought up twice and didn't do anything to influence the story in the sequel. To be able to claim that Joel doomed the world to begin with you would have to be able to answer a series of questions that are never addressed, let alone answered, in the series. Would the Fireflies, a bunch of glorified terrorists, even be able to produce a cure, would they be able to distribute it, would they even offer it freely, and so on. If you are unable to answer these questions with any kind of certainty then the whole "every death is on Joel's hands" idea falls flat.
Juan Arocha
Juan Arocha Månad sedan
I dont like this game, but I'll admit the faction war was cool
Eddison Graham
Eddison Graham Månad sedan
for some reason it seems like jeremy is floating in this video
Dash Man
Dash Man Månad sedan
I think you make some good points and to each their own, and your idea for Part 2 still would have worked and no one would have complained, but I personally wouldn’t have loved it as much as Ioved this game. It just sounds like a sequel I’ve already played before, I’ve never experienced anything like LOU2. That’s just my opinion, I dig your reviews a lot, been a fan for years haha 🙌🏼
husni al-riyami
husni al-riyami Månad sedan
Dame you are good
TIM NOT HOME Månad sedan
I think the game is still brilliant I admit was pissed at playing as Abby but this game has awesome moments of brutal extreme violence and moments of jaw dropping astonishing beauty 9out of10
Vararuchi Misra
Vararuchi Misra Månad sedan
PERFECT ur review made so much of sense.. i agree with all the points u made... u killed one of my fav characters in the most gruesome way... nope i cant back... Neil Druckman messed up the story..... better screen writing ws required.
M U Månad sedan
I couldn't wait for this game to end! I was so tired of the boring cutscenes and time wasted on missions that didn't matter.
MrMikemontei Månad sedan
I think elli was too young to understand.
Jh5578 Månad sedan
I did the opposite in the ending, letting Abby beat Ellie.
run the jewels
Shahzaib Mirza
Shahzaib Mirza Månad sedan
even if after playing as abby you want to still kill her... the game just dint connect with you and that is totally fine. everybody has different views on life. i got a lot out of this game and can kinda sort of understand why some one else wouldn't. the parallels between abby and joel and ellie to some degree are uncanny. they are different sides of the same coin. naughty dog attempted something that i haven't ever seen video games do and yes a lot of it relies on the back of you connecting with abby . if that fails the game fails for you tremendously. if it succeeds its an experience like no other.
cbcastle Castillo
cbcastle Castillo Månad sedan
Didn’t like the gay
Brian James
Brian James Månad sedan
Cats suck
BenJamin Clare
BenJamin Clare Månad sedan
The last part of the game was completely and utterly pointless! At the farm happier and with a family... Leaves the farm to kill Abby... Finds Abby and saves her life from the brink of death... Tries to murder/drown Abby again... decideed she couldn't do it and let her live... results in her going back to the farm... 2 fingers short and the house being complete abandoned... Completely worse off from when she first left...I mean come on😵😵 What an ending
Sketti Sauce
Sketti Sauce Månad sedan
Just finished my second play through, and it’s still amazing. I’ve never played a game that caused so many emotions. I’ll admit that some story elements are hard to believe, and throughout I felt too many similarities with Uncharted 4, but the game is still top notch Naughty Dog. I don’t hate their plot decisions, or the characters. Can’t wait for Part 3 to come out and be amazing, and then everyone goes back to Part 2 like “damn this game fucking rules, maybe I was too butt hurt to appreciate it before”
Mr. Suzuka
Mr. Suzuka Månad sedan
I did the same exact thing when It came to Fighting Ellie as Abby. Watched abby die a few times and said "yup! Ill take that, the End"
Christian V Chacon
Christian V Chacon Månad sedan
The ending wasn't totally dismal. Ellie's arc was to accept what Joel did and it ended with a sense of Hope.
Arian msn
Arian msn 22 dagar sedan
@Austin Parker hopeful??? HAHA my ass.
Austin Parker
Austin Parker Månad sedan
The Rue Morgue It’s hopeful because Ellie finally forgives both Joel and Abby and moves on. She’s no longer plagued by her own guilt and doesn’t feel the need to go after Abby. Her path of revenge only brought devastation and loss. She finally lets go and can now have a fresh start. That is hopeful. It’s also hinted that Ellie is with Dina & JJ bc she’s wearing Dinas bracelet.
The Rue Morgue
The Rue Morgue Månad sedan
A sense of hope? She literally lost every thing she had in the end, and the person she chased that caused Ellie to lose all those things is still alive at the end and gets away scott free with a person Abby cares about and still has. That's the most depressing ending I've seen in a game in a while.
kilroy987 Månad sedan
Abby's side either works or it doesn't. Whose mind was actually CHANGED after playing as Abby? Who didn't see that revelation coming? It didn't matter for me - on Abby's side, I only wanted to see ONE thing - some moral challenge or quandary that weighs enough on Abby to make me realize her decision to kill Joel was based on being a flawed struggling human and not being a calculated cold blooded murderer. And the story did not hand that to me - instead, it said, "want to hate Abby? Too bad. She doesn't kill any dogs. Now play fetch with this one." Give. me. a. break.
JamesHLanier Månad sedan
That's not true at all. She explicitly tells Lev that the entire reason she's helping them is because of her own guilt. Not to mention it's shown that her relationship with Owen was destroyed by her obsession with revenge. Her entire story is a struggle to find redemption she probably doesn't deserve after committing an atrocity.
cringemonkey 507
cringemonkey 507 Månad sedan
John Wick: kills the guy who killed his dog and all of his henchmen in between. Beatrix Kiddo: kills the guy who killed her fiancè along with presumably her daughter and all of his henchmen in between, despite knowing her daughter's still alive. Similarities: both are hell bent on revenge and gets the job done. The guilt is there and shaped them to be a new character. Ellie: spared the girl who killed her father figure and killed all of her henchmen in between. Despite killing almost everyone involves on her father figure's killing, she didn't finished her job leaving her in an incomplete cycle and her character would stay on that state of anger and killing again would be a walk in the park for her. This is seen because not finishing what she supposed to do, would only makes her PTSD even worse and makes her even more broken in the end. What a way to end a cherished character. A waste.
EleCticCOokie Månad sedan
Jeremy wrote a better game in 2 minutes than Neil druckman wrote in 7 years
Luar D'Andrea
Luar D'Andrea Månad sedan
Let me guess, Jeremy didn't like it.
innerbloom Månad sedan
well he has standards so obviously not
Clara Flament
Clara Flament Månad sedan
Luis Giler
Luis Giler Månad sedan
I disagree that she never sees Joel's perspective. She does at the end realizing that Abby is Lev's Joel and that's why she lets her leave.
Nick Gurr
Nick Gurr Månad sedan
My guys, stop worrying! This game is Non-Canon.
saint-turbo12 Månad sedan
Bruh. I don’t know how many times I let ELLIE get her revenge on ABBY 😭😂😂
Aml 2020
Aml 2020 Månad sedan
Ellie is already's natures way of giving immunity to humanity, her children and future generations of her line would probably be immune.
lid1013 Månad sedan
Respectfully disagree with your view of the ending. On the surface it seems like Ellie has nothing left. But I think at the very end she is in a better place than she was on the farm with Dina and JJ. On the surface she was happy but in reality she was consumed with revenge and her obsession with Abbie and getting justice for Joel. She in a sense "lost herself" when Joel died, just like the lyrics that she repeats multiple times in the game, "if I ever were to lose you, I would surely lose myself" When she sees the image of Joel while strangling Abbie, that is the moment where she snaps out of it and in sparring/ forgiving Abbie, she is able to forgive Joel for what he did in the first game. This is the closure that she needed, that she was never able to get even when it seemed like she had everything on the farm. Forgiving Joel and reminiscing about their final conversation perhaps gave her some peace, knowing that she let Joel know that there was hope in repairing their relationship. Her setting down the guitar at the end, the one thing that ties her to Joel, means that she is finally able to let go and move on. So while sad and bittersweet, Ellie does not lose everything, she regains "herself", the one thing she needed to move on and she is definitely a stronger person at the very end.
Draka Shrakenburg Productions
Uhm no chief. Just no.
Arian msn
Arian msn Månad sedan
It was a terrible story with terrible characters and ended with a terrible ending.
MrMejia187 Månad sedan
I also would like a world with less infected than one without idk..
MrMejia187 Månad sedan
One question is if we had more Joel, where could we go with him? His development was pretty much wrapped up in Part I.
Morgan Williamson
Morgan Williamson Månad sedan
And now that we know that Abby egged on her father to go all Josef Mengele on Ellie's brain! God, this story was such a dumpster fire.
Mayur Sabharwal
Mayur Sabharwal Månad sedan
If Eillie does kill abby in the ending, the game staff would have to think what will happen to lev.
Tal Toker
Tal Toker Månad sedan
“At the very least” she left with a shred of humanity
COD GOD Månad sedan
Evil people made this game this is how the people think very worldly people made this game
smashdead Månad sedan
I think at the End Ellie does not kill Abby because she realizes it is not going to change anthing, Joel wont be alive, and she wont feel better, maybe she would even feel worse, And loosing the fingers is what she got for wanting revenge, Revenge only brougth more suffering in the form of losing one more thing Joel gave her.
Sky Wolf
Sky Wolf Månad sedan
Jeez dude, editing. Clip out the rambling and keep the important parts.
The Nerd Who Loves Entertainment
My Rating For The Last Of Us Series. The Last Of Us Part l - 10/10 Awesometacular The Last Of Us Part ll - 6/10 It Would Be A Better Time If I We're Drunk. "Yeah Now It's A Party." Who didn't die of laughter when your playing as abby and you accidentally die not on purpose but by accident. Trust me, it's way more funnier.
NinTanDao64 Månad sedan
Ellie doesn't get a slice of "at the very least she gets _____" because she spent every last bit of it pushing her obsession for revenge further and further until everyone around her got fed up
AUSTIN DEMAS Månad sedan
I understand your Points I think your game would be awesome. Well an awesome movie.
AUSTIN DEMAS Månad sedan
A good prequel would be the years leading to the last of us 2. Joel’s Alive so the soyboys wouldn’t be mad
AUSTIN DEMAS Månad sedan
Abbey in the end is joel if you kill her lev literally dies. Joel Murdered one of the last doctors, killing her father she had every right to kill him. It was sad seeing him go but it made for a good story. If he lived people would complain that it’s jsut a copy of the first game that always happens. It’s smart, gameplay is fun, imo it’s a very emotional experience, abbeys part can get boring, but once she learns all her friends are dying and her and lev go to her island that’s when it gets good. It’s a good thing she didn’t kill her
hoggath hogg
hoggath hogg Månad sedan
Moral of the last of us 2. If your gonna do revenge make sure you kill everyone.
Hesham Hassan
Hesham Hassan Månad sedan
Great point about making the cure a weapon 👏
Adam Morrell
Adam Morrell Månad sedan
The Last Of Us Part II is the most disapointing sequal in video games history 😢
JohnstasBACK Månad sedan
12:28 Gosh you're such an immature idiot smhh 🤦🏻
JohnstasBACK Månad sedan
9:13 InCORRECT. There's a whole scene dedicated to this. Literally look up on SElosk "Ellie forgives Joel". Game was good. Review was trash.
Simphiwe Månad sedan
@JamesHLanier Because children are a very big deal in the developing of people💭😶. She already decided to forgive him and she has this catalyst to help her understand him and his choice more and form her own. I'm a fan on the non linear progression to her realization but I personally didn't see bits like this explored which is a missed opportunity. Like even if we look at Abby, she literally pulled a Joel at the end of the game (saved two kids and fought an entire organization for them). Like that should be an "oh shit moment"💭😶🤔
JamesHLanier Månad sedan
@Simphiwe Why would that matter? Ellie had already decided to try and forgive Joel before she really gets together with Dina.
Simphiwe Månad sedan
He means that she "has" a child now and it's not really explored how/if that would make her understand Joel and his decision more. What would Ellie do for JJ or Dina there?💭🤔
Queensly Bude
Queensly Bude Månad sedan
I agree. We should have been attached to Abby first. It was funny to see some gameplay of people playing as Abby try to kill themselves.
RockCandy0l 2 månader sedan
How many other People/SEloskrs/ Streamers let Elli kill Abby 🤔 This game sucked
Dynamicpea 2 månader sedan
Ellie is wearing the bracelet at the end that Dina gave her. It's implying she already made amends with them and only came back to the farm to leave her memories of Joel behind. You can tell this is true by the fact that this whole sequence is all about Joel. Not about Dina. She is only thinking of her last memory of him that we as players finally get to see and leaves it behind with the guitar. It makes the ending alot more satisfying than the depressing one I initially thought it was.
Thrillseeker8922 2 månader sedan
Unfortunately, the character decisions in this game make no sense. They are forced, just to create space for the game rather than being logical and in-character decisions. And the story consequently suffers a lot from it. As for the whole playing as Abby thing, I'm torn. Albeit it was interesting and refreshing on one side, we're still playing as the character who viciously killed our beloved Joel, a character with whom as a player we went through so much together in the first game. A powerful bond was established between Joel, Ellie and the player in the first game, and that bond was completely squandered in this sequel. I think that's what irked people the most.
Jeremy Riley
Jeremy Riley 2 månader sedan
It also illustrates the world Ellie would have given her life for. Humans enslaving others etc. I wouldn’t want to die for that
crackcorn0404 2 månader sedan
I think Ellie getting a happy ending after going after Abby again would be too fairy tale for this world. Abby spared her twice and Ellie couldn't leave it alone. She had more on that farm than most have in this world, but her obsession, her addiction, ruined it. It took everything from her. Even her ability to play guitar, which was the last gift Joel gave to her.
Andree Tungcab
Andree Tungcab 21 dag sedan
I can say the same for Abby when she confronts Ellie for killing her "friends"...... Abby already had Lev and Yara by that logic.
Peter Parker
Peter Parker 2 månader sedan
Basically this game summed up: "I don't care, you killed Joel"
Tony Ward
Tony Ward Dag sedan
More like the fanbases feelings summed up,which is a shite take.
Explicit Anthony
Explicit Anthony 2 månader sedan
12:20 lmfaooo 🤣🤣🤣
Amz Rebecca
Amz Rebecca 2 månader sedan
It’s funny as well cause with Part 2 the Zombies/ Monsters do not seem very threatening compared to the other human groups so was just thinking why is Ellie still so angry you know?
Amz Rebecca
Amz Rebecca 2 månader sedan
Maybe they’ll do something like Kingdom Hearts and just do like The Last of Us 1.5 or something haha
jas528 2 månader sedan
Just a thought. Was Jeremy's hair style inspiration coming from avengers end game? (Captain America)
jdzencelowcz 2 månader sedan
I didn't dislike the game, the story, or the characters. Everyone's entitled to their opinion, & that's mine.
xoxBkaYxox 2 månader sedan
Well. I was sad when Abby killed him but her revenge is justified. I really liked Abby story as well, overall loved it, I honestly pity those fools missing on this master piece
Arian msn
Arian msn Månad sedan
Masterpiece 😂😂😂 my ass
Simphiwe Månad sedan
Justified is such a peculiar word here. Is Ellie's revenge justified?👀
Don Mizhidor
Don Mizhidor 2 månader sedan
Hey come on man, I liked the game but don't call them fools, they can like whatever they want
boredXsomethingXIDK 2 månader sedan
No sane person would think Joel was in the wrong during the end of the first game. He's not _"toxic"_ or _"evil"_ for saving his surrogate daughter from a group of *terrorists* lol. Who, mind you, have tried this experiment before & completely failed.