The Lovebirds - Movie Review 

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Another would be theatrical film is released on streaming services. Here's my review for the rom-com adventure THE LOVEBIRDS!


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25 maj 2020



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I Like RED
I Like RED Månad sedan
The couples stupidity is what made this movie funny 😂
riaz zaman
riaz zaman Månad sedan
The piggy backing comment earnt this a like
Gugu Masondo
Gugu Masondo 3 månader sedan
I'm not sure if I like this guy or if I never want to hear his voice again
Val Pulido
Val Pulido 3 månader sedan
Watched it with my girl. She loved it. Had it been in a theater, she would have been ok paying to see it. I agree with Jeremy, it's the chemistry of the two that makes this movie work. The premise of the movie and the little side adventures don't matter, its about a relationship on the rocks, that's it. People who have been in long relationships of a certain age will definitely be able to identify with it, and that's what makes Lovebirds good.
The Popcornpassport
The Popcornpassport 3 månader sedan
wow, really liked this review! it seems like we have a lot of the same thoughts! hope to see more , great review!
Mic Mic
Mic Mic 3 månader sedan
Mr. Wick! You scared the Sweet B' Jesus out O' me!
Sumeiya Aden
Sumeiya Aden 4 månader sedan
Jeremy should add a new rating to his film reviews for Netflix movies like this
linniebrooke 4 månader sedan
You pronounced Kumail's name correctly, thank you. I liked this movie, I really love Issa and Kumail together. Give them any script and I'll like it probably lol
Rasheen W
Rasheen W 4 månader sedan
Would actually like to see a part two to this movie, great chemistry between those two.
Darth Javo
Darth Javo 4 månader sedan
Jahns looks alike Dracula...
Vits Vicente Torres
Vits Vicente Torres 4 månader sedan
I can tell that there was a significant amount of effort when crafting the plot of THE LOVEBIRDS. While the situations aren't that original, the way they're tied together makes for a mostly unpredictable result. Too bad that the 2 protagonists (Jibran & Leilani) weren't written well. They're so unfunny that the movie ends up feeling longer than 86 minutes. If you want your characters to constantly talk about film/TV/music/technology in order to generate laughs, you have to turn those references into jokes. The mere fact of saying them doesn't count. 3/10
enishi4ty5 4 månader sedan
flashpoint paradox-justice league war- justice league dark- justice league dark apokilipse war...
Ivan Daniel
Ivan Daniel 4 månader sedan
0penthaugtz 4 månader sedan
This movie is just a copy of Date Night, with Steve Carell.
Gitanjali Nandan
Gitanjali Nandan 4 månader sedan
Look at your hair!, 😄
Dina Vital
Dina Vital 4 månader sedan
That movie gave me a few good chuckles amidst what's happening in the States right now. It was, as you said, simple and enjoyable. But there's one plot hole in it that annoys my OCD. Why even put the whole yellow envelop scene if it didn't serve any purpose? When Leilani handed the envelop over to her friend saying they were dick pics. At least show me where they handed it over to the cops or something.
Silver D
Silver D 4 månader sedan
I see white hair in your beard man, my boi have gotten older 💔💔
Don Bruno Richard Martínez Olazábal Viavicencios
Master Jeremy, you know what could get more episodes onboard for you⁉️⁉️ BRING BACK THE VLOGS‼️‼️‼️ They we’re so good, and I, for 10,000, miss the,‼️‼️‼️♥️♥️♥️✊🏼✊🏼✊🏼💯💯💯🕊🕊🕊🤘🏼🤘🏼🤘🏼🥃🥃🥃
Anette Juni Pedersen
Anette Juni Pedersen 5 månader sedan
Well true, I'm piggybacking of my friends Netflix, but to be fair, she kept telling me to watch stuff and I kept saying I might start a free trial, so she sent me her password and ordered me to watch 🤣
John JohnRN86
John JohnRN86 5 månader sedan
Watched it last night and this movie belonged on Netflix. I would’ve been pissed to spend money to see it at the movies.
Marco Debart
Marco Debart 5 månader sedan
Datenight ripoff, with worse jokes....GARBAGE
Kacem 5 månader sedan
Movie was trash
James Taylor
James Taylor 5 månader sedan
They were going to release this in theaters, omg ,had to turn it off half way through it's awful.
Jay Shupp
Jay Shupp 5 månader sedan
I hated this movie. It bored me to tears.
Patrick Guilfoyle
Patrick Guilfoyle 5 månader sedan
Jermery has gone full Coach Steve
Legendary Money
Legendary Money 5 månader sedan
I got some joe from “you” vibes when Jeremy said you can’t hide from me
Lizzy Doom
Lizzy Doom 5 månader sedan
I love your hair like this.
Blake Dahling
Blake Dahling 5 månader sedan
Let's grow Jedi mullets together
cdeuce Riley
cdeuce Riley 5 månader sedan
Flashpoint, Justice League: War, Teen Titans vs Justice League, Death of Superman/Reign of Supermen then I think your ready.
Nozie 5 månader sedan
I watched the movie yday after ur review, I had a good tym even though I knew the plot, the main characters were funny.
john doe
john doe 5 månader sedan
This movie was god awful
Mona Shrestha
Mona Shrestha 5 månader sedan
Justice league dark was good. Should check it out.
Mauro Hervas
Mauro Hervas 5 månader sedan
no amount of product can contain that hair
Bill Clinton
Bill Clinton 5 månader sedan
Jeremy’s hair looks like a skunks ass !
Wolfman7870 5 månader sedan
Jeremy looks like a coked out dirty cop who's been undercover just a little too long but deep down, he's still a good man.
Russell Michaels
Russell Michaels 5 månader sedan
“Batman Ninja” is full tilt insanity, the two animated Adam West Batman movies are a good time, “Batman: Gotham by Gaslight” is pretty sweet, and “Batman vs. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” is fun.
Peeps85 5 månader sedan
DC Animated Movie Universe (DCAMU) order 1. Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox (The best movie in the series) 2. Justice League: War 3. Justice League vs. Teen Titans 4. Justice League Dark 5. The Death of Superman (Second best) 6. Reign of the Supermen 7. Justice League Dark: Apokolips War
Anjali Singh
Anjali Singh 5 månader sedan
Yay! I've been waiting for your review on this movie. Ever since I saw the trailer I wanted to see the movie. I'm glad they released it on Netflix
bobkane27 5 månader sedan
For me... the only DCAMU movies you need to watch to prepare for JL: AW are the following The Flashpoint Paradox Justice League: War Son of Batman Justice League vs Teen Titans Justice League Dark Teen Titans :The Judas Contract The Death of Superman
Svon 5 månader sedan
All the DCAU movies have all been rough since the start with Justice League War. The new JL Dark follows suit and is not worth your time. Thankfully they are ending the New 52 storylines and rebooting the AU series for a new one
Mighty Mad
Mighty Mad 5 månader sedan
Alright... for the DC Animated series: • You gotta with _War._ It 's the legit starting point. • The Batman ones are the most important, 'cause they're really the ones that make the overall plot move forward. • My personal favorites are the ones featuring the Titans... so check that out! • _Justice League Dark_ is pretty decent. Mainly because Constantine is great. • And I guess, evidently, that you have to watch -or rewatch - _Flashpoint..._ ... And that's all I have. Honestly, the quality of this series kept getting worst and worst, as new movies came out, which is why that last one was so jarring, since no one was expecting full on *nihilism* in it! But hey, they all watchable... but a whole lot of them, you only want to watch once.
Timothy Lewis
Timothy Lewis 5 månader sedan
Seeing "Fun time, no alcohol required" Jeremy at 3:55 was kinda jarring.
Uncle Sheogorath
Uncle Sheogorath 5 månader sedan
I don't remember the viewing order for the animated Justice League movies since I just watched them casually, but I can tell you that Flashpoint Paradox is one of the best among the animated and live-action DC movies. Should give it a try if you haven't.
The Artikulate
The Artikulate 5 månader sedan
You must be suffering from cabin fever cause this movie was a suckfest! Worst movie ever. Dude, it's no way you actually watched this and arent completely slamming it.
Bryan Toromo
Bryan Toromo 5 månader sedan
alright start with Justice league war, then go for the flashpoint movie after that make sure you watch both death of the superman movies then you should be good to see Apocalypse
Matt Rhodes
Matt Rhodes 5 månader sedan
As far as I know, for Apokolips War, you need to see; Flashpoint Paradox, Justice League War, Son of Batman, Justice League vs Teen Titans, (Death of Superman is Good, so you can if you want), Justice League Dark, and then Apokolips War
D.M. Wayne
D.M. Wayne 5 månader sedan
This is part of the annoying trend of POC being terrorized by whites movies.
Ross Bunnell
Ross Bunnell 5 månader sedan
Highly recommend: Wonder Woman (2009), Under the Red Hood (2010), Justice League: Doom (2012), The Dark Knight Returns (2012, 2013), Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox (2013) and Batman: Assault on Arkham (2014) 👍 Most of the others are fine but not overly memorable 😉
Marlin Gaara
Marlin Gaara 5 månader sedan
Just watch them all mate, it the best DC have to offer at this time. I would rate most of them no alcohol required, with a couple of buy on blue-ray
Taylor jay
Taylor jay 5 månader sedan
My boyfriend and I watched it earlier today and we loved the banter and stupid shit that kept happening. I’m happy they put it on Netflix cause I can’t see myself driving to go see it 🙃😭
_ PHIVE_ 5 månader sedan
Jeremy doesn't wear socks when he makes these
Rocio Acosta
Rocio Acosta 5 månader sedan
First of all I was wolverine 😱 were we can go and say if u can be the nxt wolverine.. second I have my sister netflix acc lol
Robert Pattison
Robert Pattison 5 månader sedan
Aquaman is lame.
Arie Acosta
Arie Acosta 5 månader sedan
You should watch the show Dark Netflix.
Man vs Tv89
Man vs Tv89 5 månader sedan
Starts with flashpoint
Clutch Cake
Clutch Cake 5 månader sedan
I usually hate cosplay, but you are pulling off a badass looking Hugh Jackman Wolverine. 👍
JubeiSenpai 5 månader sedan
This movie was so boring it is criminal. Holy cow such a snore fest
Blue Thunder73
Blue Thunder73 5 månader sedan
Dude your hair is too distracting. Remove that Chewbacca hair wig.
Ben Ross
Ben Ross 5 månader sedan
Saw Apokolips War and it was great! Major infinity war and endgame vibes. I haven’t seen all of the animated movies in that chronology but I’d recommend Flashpoint Paradox, Justice League War, Justice League Dark, Son of Batman, Batman Vs Robin, and Teen Titans vs Justice League to get the jist of Apokolips War. Also I’d recommend Batman Hush, you don’t really need to see it but it’s an amazing definitive Batman story and my personal favorite in the canon.
Jesse 5 månader sedan
Jeremy, what the hell are happening to your videos!? Fahrenheit 11/9, Hot Pursuit, Return of 90s mom's jeans, etc
Soul Warfare42
Soul Warfare42 5 månader sedan
Jeremy should review the IP Man franchise
dill unboxing
dill unboxing 5 månader sedan
The movie was. Boring not good. No matttter on Netflix or not
Ricardo Diaz
Ricardo Diaz 5 månader sedan
The bare minimum you need to watch are: JL War, JL vs. Teen Titans, and JL Dark. Oh and know that Batman and Damien Wayne have difficult relationship. Now if you wanna watch the best of New 52 movies, it's JL Flashpoint Paradox.
John Rush
John Rush 5 månader sedan
Jeremy please do justice league dark apokolips war Please please God
Mojo jojo
Mojo jojo 5 månader sedan
loving the hair !
Saman Moeen
Saman Moeen 5 månader sedan
Hellthy junk food wants to do a collab!!!!
DarkcIoud1111 5 månader sedan
The only ones that are really important is Flashpoint, JL:War, Son of Batman, Justice League Dark (somewhat optional), Justice League vs Teen Titans, Batman: Bad Blood, Death of Superman/Reign of the Supermen, and that is about it. There are a bunch of other movies in that continuum, but you don't really need to see them to understand the whole story; even Justice League Dark isn't really required as only Constantine has a major role in JLD:AW and they flesh out his character pretty well.
Julian Hall
Julian Hall 5 månader sedan
He should change A good time no alcohol required as Hugh Jackman in wolverine
Matthew 5 månader sedan
Jeremy can you please watch and review “Adopt A Highway”? It’s awesome
Vipin Negi
Vipin Negi 5 månader sedan
03:57 how come this is not a meme yet?
Candie P
Candie P 5 månader sedan
I watched this with the family in our makeshift movie room and I was very underwhelmed. The arguing bits went on just way too long for my liking. 😐
Mansour TheGreat Mbye
Mansour TheGreat Mbye 5 månader sedan
the movie was just Meh.... wasn't bad, wasn't good. but I think if you like both of them you will enjoy it more.
Jay Marshall
Jay Marshall 5 månader sedan
Ok Jeremy you need to watch justice league flashpoint 1st then JL War, then JL Atlantis, then JL vs Titans then last JL Dark. These are where some of the main players in the new JL continue their story line.
williecatch9 5 månader sedan
I know people have said this to you already but here’s one more: I really appreciate your channel. It’s a big help in times like this because I am a big fan of movies. The mortal kombat review was the video that sealed it for me 😂. Keep it up bro. I’m happy to support this channel.
SVisionary 5 månader sedan
Didn't care for the SJW moments - but meh. Wife and I enjoyed it all the same.
Frank Goita
Frank Goita 5 månader sedan
Lol spot on review. I felt the exact same way.
Tyla Van Der Meer
Tyla Van Der Meer 5 månader sedan
Anyone seen Dispatches From Elsewhere? 👍🏼👌🏼
Al F
Al F 5 månader sedan
For the DC animated movies leading up to the new Darkseid one, start with Justice League Flashpoint, then Justice League War
xLucky Sinz
xLucky Sinz 5 månader sedan
Jeremy is really, really handsome.
Salty 5 månader sedan
Please review The Death of Stalin on Netflix!!
Henry Skillz
Henry Skillz 5 månader sedan
Well this made not want to watch this
Purple Mamba
Purple Mamba 5 månader sedan
Can I please get a Justice League Dark: Apokolips War review. Long time viewer with a first time request.
ASMR CITY 5 månader sedan
Issa Rae is life. Makes this lockdown so much easier.
Scott Casey
Scott Casey 5 månader sedan
He likes everything during this lockdown. Regular times, this garbage is a waste of time.
Matthew's Movie Review
Matthew's Movie Review 5 månader sedan
I'm LOVIN Jeremy's hair! I also LOVE that Jeremy continues to critique films so diligently in these times of the pandemic! He is one of my many inspirations to start my own movie review channel to put more analysis out there and continue the very essential skill of film critique and analysis!
First Name Last Name
First Name Last Name 5 månader sedan
Comments: 90% Jeremy's hair 9% keeping the hair for cosplay 1% about this movie...
Dominic's Creative Films
Dominic's Creative Films 5 månader sedan
3:09 Did I just get called out? XD
Christer Myrberg
Christer Myrberg 5 månader sedan
You should do Escape From New York/L.A.
Michael Finley
Michael Finley 5 månader sedan
Thank you for these reviews, Serpico!
Johnathon Richard
Johnathon Richard 5 månader sedan
so is he actually gonna do Apokolips War or are we just gonna be left with blue balls?
Steven Santoro
Steven Santoro 5 månader sedan
Aundre Robinson
Aundre Robinson 5 månader sedan
👀 how he know 😆
Gaming Insanity TH
Gaming Insanity TH 5 månader sedan
Watch justice league war, Son of batman, batman vs Robin, and justice league dark.
Victor Kain
Victor Kain 5 månader sedan
Ok. Took me a couple of days to streamline this. 1) Flashpoint Paradox 2)Justice League War 3) Teen Titans vs Justice League 4)Death and Return of Superman 5) Justice League Dark 6) Justice League Darkseid War. That cuts over half the movies, but gives you the meat.
Neesha Shah
Neesha Shah 5 månader sedan
a little random, but i HIGHLY recommend "Fleabag" PLEASE do a review for it, more people need to see this show, it's such an easy binge too, the entire show only took me like 4 hours to get through, 2 seasons, 6 episodes each at only a little more than 20 mins!
Viram 5 månader sedan
Guys if u don't know let me tell u this was a movie review of Love birds movie.
Jamaicangurl81 5 månader sedan
I'm mad "Bean bag b!tch" did not make it to the film...
Spartak Moshofidis
Spartak Moshofidis 5 månader sedan
JL war, son of batman,JL vs tean titans,JL dark,death of superman,reign of supermen,JL apokalips
Spartak Moshofidis
Spartak Moshofidis 5 månader sedan
and there is couple more bad dont watch them !!!
Rusindo 5 månader sedan
Jeremy has great hair
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