The Month Long October Horror Movie Review EXTRAVAGANZA! 

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Just me announcing a fun, month long onslaught of horror movie reviews!


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1 okt 2020



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Nigel Calloun
Nigel Calloun Dag sedan
Power up!
Ivan Garcia Ramos
Ivan Garcia Ramos 3 dagar sedan
Can you and Chris Stuckmann do a video together? Thanks.
erccool 3 dagar sedan
Didn't really follow that Monday to Thursday reviews now did ya Jeremy?
12canadianboy12 3 dagar sedan
He lied to us, this wasn’t a horror movie extravaganza it was the Scream franchise reviews
Moises Gomez
Moises Gomez 3 dagar sedan
Day #18 Please review Train to Busan
Moises Gomez
Moises Gomez 5 dagar sedan
Day #17 Please review Train to Busan
Moises Gomez
Moises Gomez 6 dagar sedan
Day #16 Please review Train to Busan
Moises Gomez
Moises Gomez 7 dagar sedan
Day #15 Please review Train to Busan Also I got drunk last night because ATTACK ON TITAN IS A GREAT ANIME 🥺
Moises Gomez
Moises Gomez 8 dagar sedan
Day #14 Please review Train To Busan
Moises Gomez
Moises Gomez 9 dagar sedan
Day #13 Please review Train to Busan 😅
Moises Gomez
Moises Gomez 11 dagar sedan
Day #13 Please review Train to Busan
Moises Gomez
Moises Gomez 12 dagar sedan
Day #12 Please review Train to Busan
mici 12 dagar sedan
Review Army of Darness or The Evil Dead. Both are... groovy.
skyefalls81 13 dagar sedan
Most of the films on my "Halloween Watch List" are more Halloween themed, rather than pure Horror Genre flicks. I'm not sure if you'd be interested in reviewing any of these, but I'd definitely be curious on your take of them. Regardless of whether you decide to take a look at any of these or not; keep up the great work and thank you for doing themed review events like this - they're extremely entertaining to watch and I appreciate your insights. So, in no particular order, here are my recommendations: The Addams Family (1991); Gremlins; Blade; Its the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown; Edward Scissorhands; Beetlejuice; Army of Darkness; Sleepy Hollow (1999); Hocus Pocus; ParaNorman; The Craft (1996);
Ben Howell
Ben Howell 13 dagar sedan
American Werewolf in London or Hocus Pocus please!
Moises Gomez
Moises Gomez 13 dagar sedan
Day #11 Please review Train to Busan
Richard Wise
Richard Wise 15 dagar sedan
Moises Gomez
Moises Gomez 15 dagar sedan
Day #10 Please review Train to Busan
Andrew West
Andrew West 15 dagar sedan
Scifi horror! Alien, Event Horizon, Critters, Invasion of the Body Snatchers. Anime Horror too - that's some messed up s&*t.
Ace Diamonds
Ace Diamonds 16 dagar sedan
jeepers creepers.
Winter Forever
Winter Forever 16 dagar sedan
Review the rob zombie Halloween remakes. Review child’s play, or saw movies. The BLOB. I hope you will do all Christmas movies in December!!
Moises Gomez
Moises Gomez 17 dagar sedan
Day #9 Please review Train to Busan
Ellipsis10 17 dagar sedan
Cool effects
ViciousBane 56
ViciousBane 56 17 dagar sedan
Can’t wait to see his horror film review
Sir Mongrel
Sir Mongrel 17 dagar sedan
How about a review of Ravenous (1999 film)?
Moises Gomez
Moises Gomez 17 dagar sedan
Day #8 Please review Train to Busan
Miguel Obregon
Miguel Obregon 18 dagar sedan
I was gonna do this too, until I learned that every movie I wanted to watch and review is on Amazon Prime but I have to rent or buy them :( I'm cheap
Delvirah Sabatini
Delvirah Sabatini 18 dagar sedan
Jeremy, can you do The Wailing? It's a Korean horror movie and gave me nightmares
Lizard King Music
Lizard King Music 18 dagar sedan
Can you review vampires vs the Bronx at some point?
Moises Gomez
Moises Gomez 18 dagar sedan
Day #7 Please review Train to Busan
Arthur paulo sato
Arthur paulo sato 18 dagar sedan
I usually just check if there's any new videos in channels I like, but this dedication deserves lots of subscribing.
Ian Waldman
Ian Waldman 18 dagar sedan
Taking a page out of Stuckmann's book I see
Lamanunez 18 dagar sedan
I dont know if you already are gonna review this but can you do Trick r' Treat(2007)? never seen it but yet i have a mask of the character sam and the character looks cool
Matthew Lopez
Matthew Lopez 18 dagar sedan
Jeremy can you review Attack the Block!?
bernard A
bernard A 18 dagar sedan
How did he shave and then I shave at the start of the video? I assumed he shaved after the video but the rest of his videos are still him with a mane.... 🤔🤔
I am Sovereign
I am Sovereign 19 dagar sedan
Bro, do HOCUS POCUS. I gotta have it🤫
Alex Re
Alex Re 19 dagar sedan
How about the hills have eyes, the skeleton key, get out, hostel, texas chainsaw massacre, the exorcist (the one that came out on the 90's) Child's play. But still October is a fun month and an excuse to play horror games and watch horror movies.
Jordan Thomas
Jordan Thomas 19 dagar sedan
I’ve never seen anyone who watched One Cut of the Dead to completion who didn’t fall absolutely in love with its charm. Would love to see a review of that! I haven’t seen anyone but Red Letter Media review it
Bill C
Bill C 19 dagar sedan
Halloweentown was a favourite when I was younger. Would love to see your review!
Favian Sanchez
Favian Sanchez 19 dagar sedan
My favorite horror movie is frankenstein 1931 starring boris karloff. Nuff said.
Moises Gomez
Moises Gomez 19 dagar sedan
Day #6 Please review Train to Busan
DrSid42 19 dagar sedan
That's what happens to a man after 6 months without haircut.
Devecz László
Devecz László 19 dagar sedan
Nice getup :D I'm crossing my fingers you'll have a collab with James from Dead Meat. As for horror movies? Eh, Idk if I have a favourite, but I liked the remake of Friday the 13th. The Thing is also a good one.
Daniel Reed
Daniel Reed 19 dagar sedan
Jacob Ferguson
Jacob Ferguson 19 dagar sedan
Itsssss monsssttterrrr madnesssssss
MaverickMarty 19 dagar sedan
Loved the Altered Beast reference, JJ. I would love to recommend giving Silent Hill movie a check/re-check on some weekend day that doesn't clash with your grand plan. Still a favorite of mine for the month.
Yolo Swaggins
Yolo Swaggins 19 dagar sedan
Your eyes are freaking me out dude
Dinitha Gunathilake
Dinitha Gunathilake 20 dagar sedan
Jeremy please checkout John Carpenter’s THE THING!
Dakota Gue
Dakota Gue 20 dagar sedan
What is classified. Like final destination, cabin fever, saw, or Christmas horror stories, Ernest scared stupid, chuck,
Braden Hazle
Braden Hazle 20 dagar sedan
Watch "Trick R Treat" its my favorite good time horror movie.
Carson Hearne Filmmaker
Ummm, where’s the Monday video?
StevetheMan95 20 dagar sedan
5 days into October still no horror movie reviews lol
J L 20 dagar sedan
So when are you going to start doing these?
Zehn Waters
Zehn Waters 20 dagar sedan
Those eyes look good on you.
Jacob Cudney
Jacob Cudney 20 dagar sedan
Looks like Jeremy lied, no movie review today :(
jonpeaden 20 dagar sedan
Do Antebellum
Michael Meyer
Michael Meyer 20 dagar sedan
Review Trick r Treat!!!
Ahmed El Taib
Ahmed El Taib 20 dagar sedan
I love how jeremy slowly transitioned from badass wolf guy to nerdy movie game throughout the video
Ahmed El Taib
Ahmed El Taib 20 dagar sedan
David Hayter's ''Wolves''?
Tyler Carbone
Tyler Carbone 20 dagar sedan
You should review Trick ‘r Treat. I hate horror movies, but I enjoy that one
KermitTheCat 20 dagar sedan
This is awesome because for the second year I'll be watching a new (to me) horror movie everyday for the month of October. All 31 days. So the more obscure the better! Thank you for helming this and I hope you have fun!
Acn productions
Acn productions 20 dagar sedan
Do train to Busan
Chris P
Chris P 20 dagar sedan
Would love to see a re-review of ALIENS.
Moises Gomez
Moises Gomez 20 dagar sedan
Day #5 Please watch Training to Busan
Ty Burton
Ty Burton 20 dagar sedan
I watched this video when it came out, and I’m totally ashamed that I originally missed that Altered Beast reference at the beginning
John W
John W 20 dagar sedan
Foreign: One Cut of the Dead Domestic: Final Destination 5
Richard Tompkins
Richard Tompkins 20 dagar sedan
Can you do a review on "The Blair Witch Project?"
Bruce Crawford
Bruce Crawford 20 dagar sedan
5 days later... still nothing.
Danjoker 20 dagar sedan
@Maverick Creations still nothing 😕
Maverick Creations
Maverick Creations 20 dagar sedan
I think he wants to be like a ghost in Horror movies. The marketing department draws us in with the ghost. In the actual movie, we see the ghost thrice. In any case, the actual week starts today.
Roberto Gomez
Roberto Gomez 20 dagar sedan
Not sure if it counts, but Van Helsing starring Hugh Jackman has got to be my favorite movie to watch on Halloween. Sure it's more action based, but it still have the horror elements of the classic monsters.
Hector Ortiz
Hector Ortiz 20 dagar sedan
Would you be able to do Vampire Vs the bronx?
Mmariankaa 20 dagar sedan
My favorite horror movies thus far are: IT Hereditary A cure for wellness (horror/thriller) The Babadook 1408 US Get out 🤓
chogyam headroom
chogyam headroom 21 dag sedan
HEY, you should give HE NEVER DIED 2015 a watch/review...think you would like it.
Chris Prestipino
Chris Prestipino 21 dag sedan
1. Shutter island 2. The Kill List 3. The Shining 4. Hereditary 5. Alien
Movie fan 2000
Movie fan 2000 21 dag sedan
Some horror movies to review *A Nightmare on Elm Street *Halloween *The Shining *The Thing *Summer of 84 *An American werewolf in london *Psycho *
Gérann Gerber Channel
Jeremy you look awesome!! Next time you should dress up like Dracula!! I lost count on how many horror movies I like, because there are so many!! Jeremy please review the following: Halloween - 1978, Friday 13th - 1980, Hellraiser - 1987, Horror of Dracula - 1955, Scream - 1996, A Nightmare On Elm Street - 1984, Frankenstein - 1931, The Wolf Man - 1941, Arachnophobia - 1990, The Exorcist - 1973, Child's Play - 1988, The Shining - 1980, The Texas Chain Saw Massacre - 1974, Jaws - 1975, Candyman - 1992, The Fog - 1980, Dawn Of The Dead - 1978, The Others - 2001, Poltergeist - 1982, The Thing - 1982, Event Horizon - 1997, Alligator - 1980, Christine - 1983, Cujo - 1983, Jeepers Creepers - 2001, Misery - 1990, Village Of The Damned - 1960, The Ring - 2002, The Grudge - 2004, When A Stranger Calls - 2006, The Fly - 1958, The Mummy - 1932, Carrie - 1976, The Babadook - 2014, The Bird - 1963, Psycho - 1960, V/H/S - 2012 etc.
Ghostthred 21 dag sedan
"month long movie review" *Videos only 3 minutes long* LIAR!
Todd Knaperek
Todd Knaperek 21 dag sedan
LOL Altered Beast...haven't seen that sequence in decades.
Red Head Media
Red Head Media 21 dag sedan
Nice John Wick costume. Gloves are a weird touch though
Christopher Nunnery
Christopher Nunnery 21 dag sedan
Review Gremlins...or is that a Christmas movie?
Pedro Cruz
Pedro Cruz 21 dag sedan
The hauting of hill house season 2 will be out soon, watch season 1 please.
Moises Gomez
Moises Gomez 21 dag sedan
Day #4 Please review Train to Busan
The Joker
The Joker 21 dag sedan
The Shining is my favorite. You should definitely review that.
Rayman17578 21 dag sedan
You should review The Amityville Horror 1979 I honestly really like it it scares the shit out of me
Rayman17578 21 dag sedan
Jeremy sold put hes a shapeshifter now them eyes 🤣🤣
Dillion Johnson
Dillion Johnson 21 dag sedan
I bet he's talking about 13 ghosts when he said he liked it but rewatched and it didn't hold up lol
Jayden Ross
Jayden Ross 21 dag sedan
PLEEEEASE do a re-review of Nightmare on Elm Street (2010)
Eric Saffell
Eric Saffell 21 dag sedan
Dog Soldiers! Not enough people talk about Dog Soldiers, that's a fun werewolf movie. The damsels in distress are actually a bunch of dudes who know how to fight and they still get their asses handed to them.
Devan Vieira
Devan Vieira 21 dag sedan
I hope you get to The Babysitter, fun horror with a cool aesthetic
Luis Santiago
Luis Santiago 21 dag sedan
The howling reborn..lol
Alexandru Arnăutu Vraciu
Nice hair cutt, dude! 😎🤘🏻🎸
Laura Durecka
Laura Durecka 21 dag sedan
I'm genuinely very excited about this.
Raul Montejano
Raul Montejano 21 dag sedan
Jason X lol!
Brian Nuxoll.
Brian Nuxoll. 21 dag sedan
Train to Busan
Luana Arturi
Luana Arturi 21 dag sedan
For some reason I enjoyed House of Wax and The Cabin in the Woods but I'm not the biggest horror fan.
Uncle E's Living Life
Critters, Critters 2, Shocker - recommendations
Hira Mohammed
Hira Mohammed 21 dag sedan
Review Lovecraft Country please!! It's horror/sci fi👻
Oscar Sorto
Oscar Sorto 21 dag sedan
You should do "idle hands" so Bad that is good ! And it's perfect for october!
Johnny Brull
Johnny Brull 21 dag sedan
Saturdays are for the boys haha
Secret Identity Subliminals - S.I.S
Do "Cold Prey" ,-)
Max Sterling
Max Sterling 21 dag sedan
Please tell me you're going to review jaws 3D?
Scream - Movie Review
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Spider-Man - Movie Review
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