The New Mutants - Movie Review 

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A movie that was delayed twice before it was 2020. Here's my review for THE NEW MUTANTS!


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28 aug 2020



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Kenny Williams
Kenny Williams 10 timmar sedan
Lockheed? Oh you mean Spyro?
Tiago Barbosa
Tiago Barbosa Dag sedan
I agree with some of what you said but Berto is not an asshole. He’s just a womanizer because he can never actually finish it. The movie is ok, the horror parts are the best. Wish there was more of it.
Xo_amber 133
Xo_amber 133 2 dagar sedan
The filmmakers described the film as "a haunted-house movie with a bunch of hormonal teenagers," and cite the works of horror storyteller Stephen King and teen drama filmmaker John Hughes as an influence.
Darryn Walker
Darryn Walker 3 dagar sedan
Worst movie ever, Jesus Christ what a waste of time and money
TheRaptorGaming 7 dagar sedan
Hey, for people out there-- the director Josh Boone (not sure of the spelling) but he is a fan of the horror master Stephen King and he'd been directing his new limited tv series based on ST's book The Stand and it's kinda why The New Mutants is a horror movie than a superhero movie and if I may, I'll love it. Although, the execution of the story wasn't perfect but-- it's more like an EH than a WHOA but still, somehow, I--because I'm an ST fan--loved it.
Edward Reeves
Edward Reeves 11 dagar sedan
Am I the only one who actually liked this film?
warren lamar
warren lamar 13 dagar sedan
2:30 not that there COMPLETE SHIT! LOL HA!
samragi ayer
samragi ayer 13 dagar sedan
Where can i watch ?
josh72456 16 dagar sedan
I've seen it this evening I thought it was so bad.
Michael Ivanov
Michael Ivanov 17 dagar sedan
What happened to your face?
Cindy Espíndola
Cindy Espíndola 18 dagar sedan
I saw this movie with a couple friends just becasue the cinema was finally open and we wanted to go XD The smileys reminded me so much of creepypastas it was funnier than it was scary or interesting
1mezion 19 dagar sedan
I would love to see the movie with the backstory of illyana specifically her time in limbo
uncharted7again black king
Wow guess i wont be seeing this in theaters lol
uncharted7again black king
For the first time jeremy u had me in tears at 2:16
Thefemalearrow 20 dagar sedan
Fun story: this film’s first trailer is so old, I wasn’t a Pink Floyd when it came out. I remember hearing “Another Brick in the Wall Part 2” in the trailer and thinking that it was awesome. And slowly, but surely, I became a Pink Floyd fan
LyricalWax 21 dag sedan
I really wish you did a spoiler review and and really ripped into how trash it was
White Noise
White Noise 21 dag sedan
The original Trailer looked awesome ! Then Producers fucked with it..
Chico 23 dagar sedan
They always have to add a gay character for nooo dan reason
Anas shah shah
Anas shah shah 24 dagar sedan
Amazing Super Fantastic
Animemangafan 27 dagar sedan
TBH, I think I pefer the Superhero cause I think a lot of horror movies suck.
Fred Page
Fred Page 27 dagar sedan
I saw this yesterday. Enjoyed it. Still not entirely convinced it was actually released and not delayed again.
GT Thomas
GT Thomas 28 dagar sedan
It's safe to say that Maisie Williams and Sophie Turner are part of 2 franchises that went to 💩💩💩💩
Leo Murillo
Leo Murillo 28 dagar sedan
I disagree, this was a really good movie.
Alan Imrek
Alan Imrek 29 dagar sedan
Just got outta the theater. Worst Marvel movie ever, bottom 10 movie of the year. 2/10
Jake Stone
Jake Stone Månad sedan
I obviously know what beat you feed
HD Pictures
HD Pictures Månad sedan
Honestly I think the movie is really good. It works better as a thriller/mystery/drama than a horror movie. I liked all the characters. The action was fun when it happened. I enjoyed the “scary” sequences. The acting is great and I was never bored-Probably because I’ve seen literally all the advertising for this movie so I knew what kind of movie they were giving us. I think people are being a bit harsh on it. Maybe people were just expecting something different to what we got. I hope this movie ages better with time. 8/10
Mark Hellner
Mark Hellner Månad sedan
Jeremy, you’re starting to look like James Brolin from Amittyville Horror.
Humberto Sandoval
Humberto Sandoval Månad sedan
After 6 months of not going to public places for entertainment, all I can say is I was waiting so much more. Over and over again I gave it the chance to amaze me. Never happened, it was so boring and even worse because every time it failed to call my attention I increased my expectations, like saying to myself :"oh, that's simple and predictable, but it could lead to a really good twist like *imagination running wild*". I'm convinced Hollywood, Disney, Fox and those companies now only make movies for kids. Maybe that's been always the case!
Ishpreet Singh Arneja
nathaniel baeza
nathaniel baeza Månad sedan
Please review the devil all the time
Hamaa7 Månad sedan
doesnt one gril have a portal? but they dont use it? huh?
Sup Jay
Sup Jay Månad sedan
Cant help but stare at the bald spot under his nose
bc_77 Månad sedan
This very well might be the worst superhero movie of all time.
Anisia 8
Anisia 8 Månad sedan
Something was telling me it going to be my favourite movie especially since I know the characters for the comics. I was looking forward i couldn't wait and....I m disappointed. Especially since they postponed the movie so much to make it perfect, after i watch i don t understand what they did more.
doug clark
doug clark Månad sedan
A perfect description of my sons and my reaction. My wife who hates Marvel and just wanted to get out of the house however asked if all of the other films were like this. We said no and she was disappointed....christ.
Jelani Reid
Jelani Reid Månad sedan
So she’s basically just scarecrow
L0ST S0UL Månad sedan
A worse scarecrow*
Ron Simkins
Ron Simkins Månad sedan
So Jeremy exactly in what theater did you see this movie. I went to a matinee where two masked people actually watched the movie while being well over 200 feet apart, So we didn't catch Covid! And I paid $9 for the show. Will theater owners actually survive?
the demon5
the demon5 Månad sedan
i kinda liked the movie
David A
David A Månad sedan
I chose this movie over Tenet because it looks more interesting. That said, I went in only with the old memory of first teaser trailer I saw back in 2017... so I honestly had no idea what to expect. I didn’t have high expectations for it as I would for the new James Bond movie, but to be honest it was much better than I expected.
Kristiana Voutsinos
Kristiana Voutsinos Månad sedan
2:08-2:17 I was cracking up! 🤣 2 thumbs up for this review!
lindamarina Månad sedan
I’m at the point where there is nothing else to watch at my local theater and no one is going to my local theater and I want to try to help my local theater so I’m taking all precautions etc etc and just trying to watch whatever seems bearable.. it was O.K.. not the worst movie ever like all Most January movies..
Frederic Asselberghs
I personally enjoyed the movie. I dont think the acting was bad but the storyline could have been better. I agree with your 50/50 assessment but I wouldn't be surprised that originally it was ment to be way more scarier (especially if you are using Magik as a character) but due to the fact that it suddenly became part of another company they made it more mainstream therefore killing the original intended plot.
Sir Young
Sir Young Månad sedan
This review was dead on. I thought the mov movie was going to blow me away but it was just blah mainly because of the story for me
AnymorAnime Månad sedan
Gonna see it. Because my girl wants to
Luke Redmond
Luke Redmond Månad sedan
i think the review was bit harsh i thought the characters and how was shot was done fairly well yes the reveal of Dani powers was obvious but the teen angst and the way they pull together i dont get way this movie is getting so much hate its better than quite a few of the other xmen movies
Daniel Williamson
Daniel Williamson Månad sedan
I went to see it today. Good, not great.
Omegaroth666 Månad sedan
It totally rode the Logan wave....for way too long, fell off its surfboard, and drowned...then they dragged out out of the ocean and said, "Here's your fucking movie".
Aging Casually Late Gamer
This would have been more memorable if they went all out and had the outlandish/inhuman looking new mutants from the 90's. Like beak
Alejandro Flores
Alejandro Flores Månad sedan
Is it worse than x men dark Phoenix
Xxx xxX
Xxx xxX Månad sedan
I forgot this movie even on the day of it's released
Oran Månad sedan
My ratings for the x-men movies: X-men: buy it on blu-ray X-2: awesometacular X-men last stand: good time if you’re drunk X-men origins: t minus 1 day X-men first class: awesometacular Wolverine: good time no alcohol required X-men days of future past: awesometacular Deadpool: Awesometacular X-men apocalypse: no alcohol required Logan: awesometacular Deadpool 2: buy it on blu ray Dark phoenix: t minus 1 day New mutants: t minus 1 day
Zman Jace
Zman Jace Månad sedan
Wait, this came out? Shows how much I dont really care.
Juliet Milano
Juliet Milano Månad sedan
Finally got to watch this because I live in Cali, but I mean, I knew going in wasn't going to be the best movie, but it didn't suck, suck. So I mean I absolutely agree that if it came out any other time, I'd be shredding it apart.
Ran Dam01
Ran Dam01 Månad sedan
once again Hollywood had forever to right a horrible wrong... and just didn't.
Blaze The Movie Fan
Blaze The Movie Fan Månad sedan
I will see it, but I'm not excited for it as the X-Men is a pretty bland series.
scot kov
scot kov Månad sedan
making up powers? characters? The new mutants comic came out in 1982, ran for 100 issues. Character's are pretty close to what was in the comics. Magik really didn't show up till later. Demon Bear was in issue 3. There were a few changes in the movie, but understandable because of franchise issues. Overall I liked the movie. Can't really judge young actors for there acting skills, have you seen Johnny Depp, Keven Bacon, and Jennifer Anniston's first movies?
Shane Meredith
Shane Meredith Månad sedan
What's a mutant?
StoryoftheYear02 Månad sedan
I enjoyed it, actually
Hentai God
Hentai God Månad sedan
Jeremy Jahn Wick
Mermaidreviews469 Månad sedan
Yes I finally get to see it lol
Far A.R.
Far A.R. Månad sedan
Jeremy Wick
Diamond in VR
Diamond in VR Månad sedan
It was boring, then cringe, then boring. 1/10 I want my money back
Jason Lee
Jason Lee Månad sedan
Hamid Soleimani
Hamid Soleimani Månad sedan
Why does Jeremy look like a younger new york version of mel gibson
Danny Solano
Danny Solano Månad sedan
I actually really enjoyed the movie
Bryce Storbakken
Bryce Storbakken Månad sedan
Haven’t been to the channel in a while but came back to see what’s up with this movie, gotta tell you bro your beard is awesome
Dillon u sonuvuh b;tch
Everyone should stop watching trailers. In my opinion it’s the reason a lot of movies aren’t liked or surprise you anymore
Blast Radius
Blast Radius Månad sedan
one flew over the breakfast club on elm street
Fuji Bou
Fuji Bou Månad sedan
Let's not forget, teen titans did this too (and better)
Joel Walker
Joel Walker Månad sedan
Marvel has a massive boner for pushing the most boring of characters in their grand universe of possibilities.
MACK Ameer
MACK Ameer Månad sedan
The New Mutants ain’t so bad as mentioned by many, worthy intro of these kids n deserves a sequel for sure 😊
Petra Art
Petra Art Månad sedan
The only reason why I interested in this movie but I haven't watched it is Magik, she is both a Mutant and a sorceress.
Romario Smith
Romario Smith Månad sedan
Man i wasted $25
chase michael
chase michael Månad sedan
It’s like you didn’t even watch the movie lol
Void Digital
Void Digital Månad sedan
i like that the movie is self aware of having archetype characters
Wolverine Bruh
Wolverine Bruh Månad sedan
I actually really like this movie
Juan Ortiz
Juan Ortiz Månad sedan
Just saw New Mutants. Honestly, it's not as awful as Dark Phoenix but it's very meh and average to me. It has a really damn good concept but the execution was very been there-done that. I kinda liked the romance between Dani and Rahne even though it kinda felt rushed just like the rest of the movie. In the end, i'm glad that i saw it but i honestly won't remember it. Hell i already forgot half of this movie as i'm writing this. If i were to give it a rating it would be a 5/10. I'm fine with Fox's X-Men ending with Logan. It was a perfect ending.
Ben Mullen
Ben Mullen Månad sedan
should have been a Netflix series
Mecha Sandvich
Mecha Sandvich Månad sedan
Not only is this forgotten in T -1 Day, it was forgotten 2 years before it released
Da_Pikmin_Coder Månad sedan
It would've been cool if the 18 demonds that haunted Illya were just regular dudes. Like we keep seeing that there are these 18 masked men doing horrible unthinkable things to her. Wouldn't it have made a deeper impact if they were just... humans? WHY THEY GOTTA BE SLENDER MAN!
Judith SoWhat
Judith SoWhat Månad sedan
The acting in this movie was SO bad. Jesus. Especially the main character. Who put up the cast?
samragi ayer
samragi ayer 13 dagar sedan
Where can i watch this ? Torrent do not have .
Popshot Månad sedan
I think Charlie Heaton and Anya Taylor-Joy were fine.
Anaïs Marcel
Anaïs Marcel Månad sedan
Thank you! I was thinking the same throughout the movie
JadeRoseofChaos Månad sedan
I'm bummed because the movie looked really cool. Of course, I say that as someone who isn't a huge X-Men fan due to not really having read the comics. But the concept of a horror themed superhero movie is cool as hell. I'll check it out when it goes to streaming I guess.
Marcus Bass
Marcus Bass Månad sedan
The chewing gum part lmfao 😂😂😂
Callum Ashton
Callum Ashton Månad sedan
I just saw it and...honestly...I don't know how to feel about it.
HopRat Månad sedan
I was so disappointed in this film, when I saw the trailer I was excited, then I saw it
Gacha and Roblox
Gacha and Roblox Månad sedan
I used to read new mutants growing up but hadnt seen the movie. The comic back then was almost like and i hate to say it, but like a wb superpower show lol. Sometimes they snuck out to do some shit, sometimes there was an issue with the training. Hell they even get an alien robot to help and merge with cypher lol. Would have been nice to see xmen get xfactor new mutants then have fall of mutants and xtinction agenda story archs come up before they hit the mcu
Dimas Garcia
Dimas Garcia Månad sedan
Movie freaking awesome 👏🏽
Ian Kikel
Ian Kikel Månad sedan
I did like the “Logan” tie in with the video of the kids and Laura fighting the guards in the testing facility. That was cool.
Leslie Månad sedan
michael dilone
michael dilone Månad sedan
Hair looks fucking epic bro!
i like your beard
Jo Jo
Jo Jo Månad sedan
wow... what a bad movie. that's all i can say.
Ali Liv
Ali Liv Månad sedan
What happen when ppl don’t try at all consider what X-men stand for I’m just blah 😑 by there movies nothing new don’t waste your money
Aylah Arcangel
Aylah Arcangel Månad sedan
Ngl you look very papi, Jeremy
Dairy GOAT
Dairy GOAT Månad sedan
He looks like a young Rasputin
Taylor Burrell
Taylor Burrell Månad sedan
Not the best ass...
Shag Wellington
Shag Wellington Månad sedan
I saw it last week because I liked the cast. I agree. It was boring. It was predictable. The characters were all stereotypes. Very disappointing. I'd like to see a film that really displays Anya Taylor-Joy's potential.
Bop Money
Bop Money Månad sedan
Bro u look scary
Lonely Lobo
Lonely Lobo Månad sedan
probably better than well, the enitrety of the Xmen fox movies? 'cept perhaps logan?
kokosan09 Månad sedan
I'd rather watch this than Tenet tbh!
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