The Old Guard - Movie Review 

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A group of immortals welcome a new immortal, and get hunted by non immortals. Here's my review for THE OLD GUARD


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15 jul 2020



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Kimchicracker 18 dagar sedan
Wasn’t bad. I’m interested to see how they explore their backstories more. There could be a sequel that explores their time during world war 2 for example. Lotta potential.
james Little
james Little 20 dagar sedan
John the actor who playing the villain is Dudley Harry mad cousin from Harry Potter!!!
J-H P Månad sedan
Just saw it. Good movie, terrible music. It was cheesy and it didn't match the stakes at all.
Tamar Mebonia
Tamar Mebonia Månad sedan
John Wick and The Old Guard are sequels to Sweet November. I know they're not, but just imagine!..
Greg Allen
Greg Allen Månad sedan
You were right again. I just watched the Old Guard. Liked it.
Greg Allen
Greg Allen Månad sedan
Brilliant. You said so much but nothing at the same time. Genius.
Riko Robinson
Riko Robinson Månad sedan
To each his own, but this movie was poorly written and the actress that plays Nile had some god awful line delivery of dialogue that was already pretty shoddy.
Dwayne Brown
Dwayne Brown Månad sedan
Now I plan to watch Highlander. "I have exactly blood of 👑"
templargfx Månad sedan
was that a little critical drinker jab at the end there :P
NekoGrace 79
NekoGrace 79 Månad sedan
Well now I want to know what show..... I enjoyed the movie. I enjoyed Andy and Booker’s relationship/friendship. And I THINK there is a misdirect with Andy’s alleged “dying” 😉
Marley Angilau
Marley Angilau Månad sedan
The show is forever the main lead is loan gruffudd
DA Official
DA Official Månad sedan
its a 70 mill dollar movie that plays like a cheap B movie as where a movie like upgrade had 5 mill and plays a 100 times better.
Faisal Månad sedan
Was he referencing forever tv show?
Ladykyra101 Månad sedan
Oh yeah, that creepy serial killer from the X-Files. "Somewhere, beyond the sea..." 😖
Ladykyra101 Månad sedan
OMG! Now you're singing the song? I miss Highlander so much. Why Richie, why?! 😔
Ladykyra101 Månad sedan
Yes, Yes, Yes! Duncan McLeod of the Clan McLeod. 😍😍😍
ProdigiousATea Månad sedan
Haven’t seen this movie yet but very surprised
Sin Månad sedan
I just watched this movie and it was really enjoyable...and wait... 3:25 I'm really interested in what that show was...was it "Forever"?
Guillaume Parola
Guillaume Parola Månad sedan
Soundtrack was so terrible...
Jeffery Ogbiti
Jeffery Ogbiti Månad sedan
"Silicon valley looking villain.." 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Oh NO! I said my Opinion!?!
I like the movie I want more of it (I don't want the sequel to be the obvious "i'm back but I hate you now for blah blah blah cliche cliche". - The Dialog was horrible - Some things are just stupid like a Marine shooting herself in the foot (literally) - A lot of moments of why wouldn't you just do this or that? - The betrayal was obvious and also didn't really make sense. - Some of the character building doesn't add up for example: "We dream of each other until we are together" but yet they are all shocked when she tells them about her dream.
Mari SP
Mari SP 2 månader sedan
I'm loving the Queen reference 😂
Wout 2 månader sedan
Foreverrrrrrrrrrrrr ❤️
S. M.
S. M. 2 månader sedan
I liked the choreography. And Mattias Schoenerts. He steals almost every scene. 👍
Alex Ledesma
Alex Ledesma 2 månader sedan
bust down tatiana
Noble Penn
Noble Penn 2 månader sedan
Jeremy. In the 9yrs I've been watching your reviews THIS is the first one I disagree with you on? I'm shook! I would rather have a remake of Highlander. It just felt like it went on too long. Definitely thought it was going to get an "Alcohol required" rating. NINE YEARS! That's almost pre-philp DeFranco shout out! That said if I had to disagree with you about a movie I'm glad this was the one.
Brian Egendorf
Brian Egendorf 2 månader sedan
Charlize Theron: "People use to worship me as a goddess"....Me: "I still do!"
4th Horseman
4th Horseman 2 månader sedan
This movie was boring and the plot was horribly uninteresting. Don't understand why people liked this but hated the power project, which was a good movie for the most part.
Rahul Satpute
Rahul Satpute 2 månader sedan
Yes, John Wick can definitely do that!!
AntonDuhGr8 2 månader sedan
I don't know who that other main chick was besides Charlize but that was HORRIBLE casting! Lmfao that chick can't act for shit. Almost ruined the movie.
Noe Ramirez
Noe Ramirez 2 månader sedan
Charlize Theron should be in the Matrix if they ever reboot it.
Francisco Fausto
Francisco Fausto 2 månader sedan
Did anyone notice how her axe looks like a STAR WARS TIE-fighter?
LWDrumz 2 månader sedan
We watched it tonight and loved it!
alucard croft
alucard croft 2 månader sedan
Review the legacy of kain games, preferably defiance. You're a popular guy pal, with your influence square/crystal dynamics might consider carrying on with the story.
Edward Bibillio
Edward Bibillio 2 månader sedan
It sucked.
UK Media Warrior
UK Media Warrior 2 månader sedan
Yep, an above average Highlander movie, lol:) But only above average because it obviously got more money spent on it, the story is just as mundane. It's as if someone said 'Lets do our own Highlander movie!' and someone else said 'Oh, I know this limited comic book called The Old Guard that's exactly that.' ... 'Cool, so we have immortals and swords?' ... 'Yep, but the swords aren't really there for anything, they don't need them, but it will look more like Highlander if we give our guys edged weapons!!'. The acting is ok, the music is terrible, the plot has more holes than a block of Swiss cheese and it ticks all of current societies diversity check boxes in the characters, LOL.
lghali dokgo
lghali dokgo 2 månader sedan
What s the show
Alexander Graetzer
Alexander Graetzer 2 månader sedan
New Amsterdam?
Shanoriya Robinson
Shanoriya Robinson 2 månader sedan
Some of the shit that you stay is good just baffles me because I’m watching this right now and it’s fucking horrible
Leslie Robinson
Leslie Robinson 2 månader sedan
I liked it, an was entertained. A sequel would be cool.
Afif Gbeili
Afif Gbeili 2 månader sedan
5/10 Movie
meowpurpur 2 månader sedan
I love this version of immortality. You can die, you feel the pain, but you still come back. Which is why I also love ajin.
UK Media Warrior
UK Media Warrior 2 månader sedan
It's exactly the same in Highlander.
Zeken 2 månader sedan
you should do highlander the search for vengeance review
MrChickster12 2 månader sedan
Other shire movie .... I always finish every movie I watch..... tempted to change that approach 10min.... 20min etc . Lols like I have to stop watching new movies they are all shite. Christ the CGI’d the plane taking off 37 min in... seriously up in the top ten pointless poor CGIs.
anonymous 101
anonymous 101 2 månader sedan
it's Highlander 2.0
Epic Rhino Films
Epic Rhino Films 2 månader sedan
The Old Guard I feel like I’ve seen 3 or 4 other movies like this on Netflix before. It felt like a very straight to Netflix movie in my opinion. I say that in a negative way. If this movie had been released in theaters, it definitely would have been a passed over forgotten movie in a few weeks or a few months. I still feel like especially sense it was released on Netflix, this will be a very easily forgotten movie. The middle of the movie was particularly drawn out and felt very slow to me. The action an editing in the action scenes seem a bit rough and cut for actors that can’t fight very well. Only the shots with Charlize Theron where cut and edited well but the other characters had confusing cuts and edits making it hard to tell what movements where happening. I will say that I did love Dudley from Harry Potter getting tossed out the window at the end with the girl grabbing him and healing after hitting the car in the street. I was pretty disappointed after watching this movie especially after hearing several very positive reviews before watching the movie. Everything about this movie including the lighting and color palette and dialogue and music choices all felt like a straight to streaming type of movie.
Kevin Raper
Kevin Raper 2 månader sedan
2:08 Be amazed my wife and I will have been married for 30 years in February and yes it took a lot of patience. on her part
THe Cinema
THe Cinema 2 månader sedan
Very nice talking
IT TAKES TWO REVIEWS 2 månader sedan
It would make a great show.
TG5455 2 månader sedan
"Silicon Valley villain looking motherf**ker." That's just so funny when you said that. 😆
harry dixson
harry dixson 2 månader sedan
Hey Boss, Ok Boss, yes Boss. Boss. Boss. Boss. You got it Boss.
TACOzzz 2 månader sedan
This is the quote “That woman has forgotten more ways to kill than entire armies will ever learn.”
Maximo Bejaran
Maximo Bejaran 2 månader sedan
What canceled show is Jeremy talking about?
Isaac L.
Isaac L. 2 månader sedan
Yeah, pretty mediocre movie for me. Loved the idea. Just wanted more action and I thought the main villain was a wimp. Probably won’t ever bother rewatching it.
Nicolas González
Nicolas González 2 månader sedan
This film's soundtrack choices are... So bad...
Catkids Adventures
Catkids Adventures 2 månader sedan
you havent seen Greyhound starring tom hanks? its excellent
Eagle Eye
Eagle Eye 2 månader sedan
Is "Quantum Leap" the show that you didn't want toreferring?
Parth T
Parth T 2 månader sedan
She has forgotten more ways to kill people than a army can ever learn🙌🙌🙌
Midnight Jay
Midnight Jay 2 månader sedan
The soundtrack, especially the music during most of the fight scenes, was distractingly trash
Moshan 2 månader sedan
punished jeremy
Yasmyne McDonald
Yasmyne McDonald 2 månader sedan
I loved this movie. I find it truly hilarious that it took me until the middle of the film before I could place the villain as Dudley the cousin in Harry Potter. I cracked up for a good 5 minutes and got myself together so I can pay attention to what was happening again. LOL
Laurie 2 månader sedan
This movie reeks of 2020.
Andrew B
Andrew B 2 månader sedan
This movie was trash. And that is an insult to trash.
MageThief 2 månader sedan
I really enjoyed The Old Guard, I wished that they gave me more "lore", hopefully a good worthy sequel will come and will give us just that, but not to much, just a good taste of the lore ;) Now days (not a epidemic thing) I enjoy watching movies at home rather than at the cinema, mainly since I wont be disturbed by a bunch of other idiots that have no respect for other peoples a the cinema.
ThatKidSON 2 månader sedan
Nile was such an annoying character. From the whining, to how after witnessing everything she still doesn't believe the capabilities of the other characters.... and for a trained and experienced soldier she doesnt handle combat situations well
Randy Randleman
Randy Randleman 2 månader sedan
Bryce Runsabove
Bryce Runsabove 2 månader sedan
1mezion 3 månader sedan
Has Jeremy ever showed his whole body on camera for some reason I'm thinking he could be a centaur
1mezion 3 månader sedan
I gotta admit the moment I heard it's a movie with a bunch of Immortals running around i instantly thought Highlander
Day Ko
Day Ko 3 månader sedan
I just felt like it wasn’t well done. The fight scenes felt meh and the actors just didn’t convince me they were elite mercenaries with decades of experience. It wasn’t detailed enough.
C. Wildeman
C. Wildeman 3 månader sedan
Fun movie. I liked it. I'd watch a sequel.
riffbaama 3 månader sedan
My gosh this movie is BAD! And boring and cliche
Peter Hudson
Peter Hudson 3 månader sedan
That movie sucked, but not as bad as this review. this review is a horrible. rambling idiot.
Leticia Vieira
Leticia Vieira 3 månader sedan
Is it just me or the sound track of The Old Guard is kind of wacky?
TheDarthvaderonearth 3 månader sedan
It sucked man
colton meisier
colton meisier 3 månader sedan
Another woke movie great
tintman831 3 månader sedan
Wasn't very good. Just ok
eddie ford
eddie ford 3 månader sedan
I liked it, but I wish it played more with time skipping. Like they rescue the two captured after ten years, out the post credit scene is 50 years later.
Luciano Oliveira
Luciano Oliveira 3 månader sedan
Its a ok movie, almost got too preachy with atheism and gay stuff though.
Timothy Dendy
Timothy Dendy 3 månader sedan
In my opinion theaters should only play Blockbusters and independent films should go straight to Netflix.
Meme Notyou
Meme Notyou 3 månader sedan
I sum up this movie with "It wasnt as bad as I expected to be, but it wasnt good either". The opening scene sealed it in...the fall into a trap, shot by a military TEAM, that once shot ALL TURN THEIR BACKS on the bodies, do NOTHING during the time they are healing and staying with their backs turned doing NOTHING until they hear movement. Why would an entire military team turn their backs...and why would they all just stand there looking at a dark wall. The entire movie is filled with really stupid shit, just like that. So why did I find it not as bad as I expected? Because I expected a bunch of SJW feminist PC bullshit in it and it did not.
Andrew B
Andrew B 2 månader sedan
You had a female lead action hero, a stereotypical white male bad guy and a black female 'saved the day'. How much more feminist crap do you need.
Abbie P
Abbie P 3 månader sedan
Can you do a spoiler talk about this one
Paola Strange
Paola Strange 3 månader sedan
Two questions: why you are wearing Keemstar beard? Why you talk like you are drunk?
Dave Vern
Dave Vern 3 månader sedan
It's so woke. 5 character. 4 are gay and one is a traitor .. all baddys are men . It sux. Total Highlander rip
Joe Congdon
Joe Congdon 3 månader sedan
It was flat. The acting was bleh. The story was predictable. The bad guy was more generic than what's his face from Venom. I watched it last night and I've forgotten what his name was. I like women bad asses but I like it when it's something about their femininity that actually. With Trinity it's her love for Neo that motivates each other. With Ripley in Alien it was the fact that she was truly terrified and she was conquering her fear. Both Trinity and Ripley are irreplaceable as actors and as women.... Charlize Theron's character Andy is completely replaceable. There's nothing except gruffness and stoicism with her. She could be a guy, girl young old doesn't matter. All bad guys are just goombas to her. It's not necessarily CT's fault. I wish there was something she could have bought to the role that made her more unique. Andy is not really a clever thinker, strategist or even wise with her friends. AND FOR BEING 2000+ YEARS OLD you would think she would know the weight of a gun without bullets in it. When you play a game with God mode on you remove any risk, conflict and personalities isn't needed. So to put risk in this movie the writers had to put in some amazing coincidences and then remain vague on everything "a good question... For another time" I hear maz saying. Honestly this movie reminds me of Michael Scott trying to show how progressive he is. By doing so you see that he's actually a bit of a looser. He's so for women that he takes them to Victoria Secret. He's so for gays that he kisses Oscar in front of everyone... The Oscar threatened to sue. You get the idea. So with this movie it has to show: women's empowerment, big pharma bad and gay rights, it feels incredibly forced and it takes time away from the questions that should be asked. What questions? If you can't die are you really alive? What would you do with all the time in the world? If there is no change in you can their truly be growth in character? If you're an eternal being why not conquer a morally reprehensible place like the DRC and set up new system of government that you could oversee for centuries? If you wanted to end your life wouldn't you research ways to do it? Biggest question though They seem to stay the same age as when they first died. If they had not died then would they just keep on ageing until they died naturally ... "A good question... For another time"
charles hall
charles hall 3 månader sedan
I would've like to see this movie in a theater.
Nithin Ravi
Nithin Ravi 3 månader sedan
This movie was fun !!
ferofax 3 månader sedan
John Wick is gonna get so pissed off when he realizes these people won't stay down. Andromache's crew are gonna get so pissed off because they've never died to a pencil before. Quynh meanwhile is generally just pissed off. Iron Maiden deep under the sea for 500+ years kinda does that to you.
zetar0b0t 3 månader sedan
This movie was surprisingly awesome. Best movie all year to be honest.
partyinthetardis 3 månader sedan
I really liked the romance. I usually don't like relationships in actions movies, but they seemed really sweet, and it felt like it added to the plot/character development
mbali nhlapo
mbali nhlapo 3 månader sedan
You are not being kind of a dick
Julian Burmeister
Julian Burmeister 3 månader sedan
Yeah, Jeremy casually quoting Queen is nice!
Corpse Playground
Corpse Playground 3 månader sedan
i liked the movie but the music they used did not fucking match the scenes
This Guy
This Guy 3 månader sedan
I lost interest after the agenda became to pushy. The film had potential and I'm hearing it's based on a comic series... so maybe just a bad adaption?
Big Nash
Big Nash 3 månader sedan
Stg I thought this was a Highlander joint too!!!! 😂😂😂😂 Love that franchise btw!
CMort 3 månader sedan
4:23 the new lane
punkypower 3 månader sedan
Would’ve love to see what they could’ve done if they had a bigger budget
Muhammad Ali
Muhammad Ali 3 månader sedan
Immortality is like playing GTA San Andreas with the God mode cheat... Awesome for half an hour then just boring so no immortality for me thank you very much
Adam 3 månader sedan
I like that you said “GTA San Andreas” instead of “GTA V”👌🏼. GTA V is a decent game but San Andreas will always be the GOAT 🔥.
AJ Cee
AJ Cee 3 månader sedan
Brad Dourif's daughter also played a weird role in Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency. She was the killer who believed that she was meant to kill everyone that she killed.
S 3 månader sedan
It’s a shame it won’t be out on dvd some people can’t afford Netflix an the internet together
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