The Prestige - Movie Review 

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Now let's review a captivating film about rival magicians, directed by Christopher Nolan. Here's my review for THE PRESTIGE!


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11 maj 2020



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ANTI-SATAN PRO-LIFE 11 dagar sedan
This was a pretty ok movie 🎥
Txawjhlub Lao
Txawjhlub Lao 21 dag sedan
Watch predestination with sarah snook and ethan hawke
ScreenHax 22 dagar sedan
I really believe that this is a contender for best movie ever made.
Hussein Yassin
Hussein Yassin Månad sedan
please review Forrest Gump
Sergio Godinez
Sergio Godinez Månad sedan
This review was really confusing to listen to with you trying to avoid all those spoilers. From someone that hasn't seen the film, it just seemed like an aimless review. Props for trying, though. I know about the spoiler, but I still want to see the film for the first time. Maybe I will soon.
InvincibleBoris Månad sedan
The Prestige came out in 2006, actually, but I still agree with all your points.
Javylrod Månad sedan
I watched The Prestige because of this video. I blindly bought a 4k copy just based on Jeremy's recommendation and Nolan's track record. It's now one of my favorite movies of all time. Thanks for that, Jeremy.
Nathan Derrick
Nathan Derrick Månad sedan
The one takeaway that I have from this movie is the sound mixing
Kevin Porter
Kevin Porter Månad sedan
Yup one of my favorite Nolan films. So good.
the Idea Sensei
the Idea Sensei 2 månader sedan
We need the spoiler review
Neonmirrorblack 2 månader sedan
This movie got ho-hum critical reviews, but I really enjoyed it. I wouldn't say it was my favorite Nolan film though, regardless of whether or not it is actually his best.
Buck Moore
Buck Moore 2 månader sedan
One of the best movies of all time for me.
Rómulo Romero
Rómulo Romero 2 månader sedan
The ad is too long
joexxxx95 2 månader sedan
You should do law Abiding citizens
joexxxx95 2 månader sedan
I saw it went it came out. My friends and I couldn't stop talking about it for weeks. It's in my collection forever...
joexxxx95 2 månader sedan
You should have done a spoiler video.
Ahmed Kareem
Ahmed Kareem 2 månader sedan
Thank youu for the spoiler free🙋🏻‍♂️
Prabal vasudev
Prabal vasudev 2 månader sedan
David bowie❤️
Shapoor Painda
Shapoor Painda 2 månader sedan
Bird box
Mike W
Mike W 3 månader sedan
Spoiler? Try to put yourself in Hugh Jackman's character's head. The lengths he was willing to go were insane. He wasn't even himself anymore, was he?
loodlebop 3 månader sedan
I watched this movie because my friend said it was his favorite, I see why, it's genuinely masterful.
TheHotBoi 3 månader sedan
Just finished watching this movie. Fucking reaaalllly good!
mngbb11 3 månader sedan
That "leap" the movie asks you to take, is just too far for me. Completely ruins the believably and immersion of the film, its like watching a WW2 movie then Captain America appears out of nowhere
Nick 3 månader sedan
“This movie is a magic trick.” All you really need to know.
Ty Sylicus
Ty Sylicus 3 månader sedan
Okay. Haven't seen this as an adult yet. Definitely going to watch it again !
richono 3 månader sedan
So this convinced me to finally watch it, i already knew the main spoiler going in, but it was still an incredibly enjoyable film
kmetzz1 3 månader sedan
I have seen this movie twice and still do NOT understand the ending 😞
Emcy Osias
Emcy Osias 3 månader sedan
If you know Christopher nolan You Will Not watch a Movie Review First
Saibot 3 månader sedan
I am so sad that you didnt do a spoiler review, seemed like deep down you wanted to do it and there would have been more to talk about.
444TheChosen One
444TheChosen One 3 månader sedan
One of the most underrated movies ever
Nappy Gamess
Nappy Gamess 3 månader sedan
Glad you gave this movie some love! Can you please do it for memento too? Christopher Nolan does such a great job, all his movies are worthy of being the best
Thomas 4 månader sedan
It's my favorite movie.
Colin Snyder
Colin Snyder 4 månader sedan
Can you do a pt. 2 spoiler review for this movie. I’d love to hear your discuss the twists and aspects of the film
Jared Olson
Jared Olson 4 månader sedan
This was way better than the illusionist
Darra 4 månader sedan
Christian Bale played identical twins and that's how he did his magic trick. Hugh Jackman's character cloned himself to do it lol
Ikhwan Ridzwan
Ikhwan Ridzwan 4 månader sedan
So so worth it. One of the few rare moments that a youtuber or in this case Jeremy that has definitely share a gem. I'm a fan of Nolan and knew about his previous work but this recommendation has really made my day! Thanks Jeremy! Ur doing a big service!
Luke Taylor
Luke Taylor 4 månader sedan
I don't think I even knew the double was Hugh Jackman. I'll be damned.
Ankit Bansal
Ankit Bansal 4 månader sedan
This was like history class after lunch at school (zzzZZzz). Speaking too much without saying anything.
Taylor Glover
Taylor Glover 4 månader sedan
I actually really liked this movie. My sister put it on for me my mom and my cousin. My mom and my cousin kept talking so they kept asking questions and we're like shh you gotta watch it. That's a movie you don't watch while drinking you blink for two seconds it's over you missed something lol
VM 4 månader sedan
1:50 I feel that 😂 me too 🥺
Enigma Duke
Enigma Duke 4 månader sedan
You should do a video with spoilers
ansaht4 4 månader sedan
smokin aces. just check the cast.
Hyicrotai 4 månader sedan
Best magic movie ever made, best hugh Jackman performance, best British bale film...illusionist sucked
MercuryCircuit 4 månader sedan
Truly excellent movie. If you haven't seen it yet. Make sure to add it to your must watch list. It is quite brilliant. I've watched it 3 times now and have enjoyed it more on each viewing.
Gabriel Watson
Gabriel Watson 4 månader sedan
Review "Empire of the Sun" some time, it is an awesome career start for Christian Bale
Michael Johnson
Michael Johnson 4 månader sedan
Based on this video, I wouldn't have watched The Prestige. Breaking Bad is not a good reference point for this film, if or no other reason than the simple fact that The Prestige isn't utterly awful.
Heisenbyrd 4 månader sedan
This is the only movie I’ve restarted watching after I finished it for the first time. Sometimes I think it might be my all time favorite movie
Jase D
Jase D 4 månader sedan
One word... Clones. Very relevant in society and possibly the next act in 2020.
Bdubs 4 månader sedan
That was a great Michael Caine!!
NjK 4 månader sedan
I used to prefer The Illusionist, but after hearing about how Jessica Biel/Edward Norton can be behind the scenes, the entire thing feels like a giant vanity project, Paul Giammati had the best character
Prabhat Sharma
Prabhat Sharma 4 månader sedan
Can anyone recommend some great english movies??
suicidesqueeze 4 månader sedan
My fav Nolan. Love Illusionist too.
Lim Chern Pin
Lim Chern Pin 4 månader sedan
I don't know why, I like this movie but I always have fear of rewatching it. The plot is just too painful and cruel to watch.
Mike Butcher
Mike Butcher 4 månader sedan
My favourite movie ever
Carl Grant
Carl Grant 4 månader sedan
I've seen both The Abyss and The Prestige, they are both very good movies. However, both have their flaws. The ending of the abyss is a little too throw away for want of a better way to put it. The Prestige on the other hand had a great ending but in places the situation and writing feels very contrived. But I really do like them both very much.
Ricky Bobby
Ricky Bobby 4 månader sedan
Watched it years ago and didnt think about it for a while... But now I really want to watch it for a second time now. If only it was on Netflix, Hulu, or Prime video...
thedoneeye 4 månader sedan
Soooo much better than 'The Illusionist."
Takoshi Hitsamaru
Takoshi Hitsamaru 4 månader sedan
My favourite movie.
Wesley Edwards
Wesley Edwards 4 månader sedan
Shashant R.
Shashant R. 4 månader sedan
1:00 it starts here
Ansh4 everrr
Ansh4 everrr 4 månader sedan
I am a simple man I see Jeremy I click
Andy Zhu
Andy Zhu 4 månader sedan
I fell asleep watching this movie in the first half.
Lee Archibald
Lee Archibald 4 månader sedan
The prestige is the definition of a film that gets better with more views
RandomMindz 5 månader sedan
since when did John Wick started doing movie reviews?
TheDoubleHELO 5 månader sedan
I hated this movie. There are lots of things about it that--objectively--I like, but it tips its hand early and immediately tries to trick you into thinking it didn't. Didn't work on me, so the rest of the movie was a slog.
Luke Taylor
Luke Taylor 5 månader sedan
If this video taught me anything, it's that I don't know everything about Jeremy.
Coroy G
Coroy G 5 månader sedan
Rick and morty you been pristiged bitch
cats3xxx 5 månader sedan
Some days I think Prestige is Nolan's best movie. Some days, it's Memento and some days it's TDK. His resume is crazy good
bruce wayne
bruce wayne 5 månader sedan
The Prestige is Christopher Nolan's best movie, and its not even close. It was released in a terrible period between Batman Begins and The Dark Knight where not many people knew Nolan. If it was released after 2010's it would have made a billion and would be regarded as one of the best movies in history, which it is.
HighFlyingEYE 5 månader sedan
you dont know everything about me,,,so whadda ya think of that
Joshua Tree
Joshua Tree 5 månader sedan
I like a Merlot too bro. Wine is good stuff 👍
Jared Olson
Jared Olson 5 månader sedan
This was better than the illusionist
Moha 5 månader sedan
Every movie of Christopher Nolan IS one of the best Christopher Nolan movies
Mortadela Furiosa
Mortadela Furiosa 5 månader sedan
Kwel, now review Hocus Pocus! 🤭
gmoney0505 5 månader sedan
Even more low key Nolan movie even more than Prestige is Memento. Please Review that
johndzchambers 5 månader sedan
A highly underrated gem of a movie. I'm glad movie reviewers like Jahns & Stuckmann give this movie the credit it truly deserves.
REAP 5 månader sedan
I would also recommend The illusionist with Edward Norton
manav bhalla
manav bhalla 5 månader sedan
What I didn’t like about this movie was that it uses sci-fi elements as a plot device to further the plot once they get to a point where they couldn’t improve on the tricks.
wkr64691 5 månader sedan
My favorite Nolan movie personally. Love all his films but I hope he does something like this or memento again someday. One of the few twist endings that really enriches the movie on further viewings. Great video!!
Brad Lanky
Brad Lanky 5 månader sedan
I love The Abyss. Only the extended version though.
norrie007 5 månader sedan
I remember when I first watched half the movie. Was on a plane from Egypt to England and looked through the available movies. Saw The Prestige and was instantly hooked. Like I mentioned earlier, only watched like half the movie. Couldn’t wait to get back on the plane to see the rest! Great film
Miss Fontella
Miss Fontella 5 månader sedan
I watched The Abyss as a child and was haunted
megan88 5 månader sedan
Read the book after watched the movie, its just as awsome and heartbreaking
tonystarkironman316 5 månader sedan
Are you watching closely??
alice s
alice s 5 månader sedan
do a review on the greatest showman
Eran Boodnero
Eran Boodnero 5 månader sedan
i listened to the ad in the beginning, which is rare for me, out of respect for that segue
Mask one
Mask one 5 månader sedan
I never seen prison break
ChicagoMadeShow71 5 månader sedan
I’m jumping through Jeremy’s recent videos just to see the haircut’s development.
David Roy
David Roy 5 månader sedan
The Tesla infinite rabbits scene is worth everything
w wyborn
w wyborn 5 månader sedan
who else shat his pants when they realised that was david bowe
Matthew Grantham
Matthew Grantham 5 månader sedan
Great Michael Caine impression lmao
Rufaro Asuquo
Rufaro Asuquo 5 månader sedan
The prestige will always be one of my favourite underrated movies in my top ten
requiemrave 5 månader sedan
I admit...I thought you had reviewed it already, too. So I had to do a double take and look at the date on this video. I feel like I've seen most if not all your Christopher Nolan reviews. So I too am surprised and shocked. That said...good job.
SwRI Rick
SwRI Rick 5 månader sedan
Favorite movie of all time!
Oil Straight
Oil Straight 5 månader sedan
I think the illusionist is a better story. the prestige was better acting.
Sean 5 månader sedan
Wine connoisseurs usually act very high class and they shouldn't have asked you to sponsor since you like to spew F words in your videos.
jasonm921 5 månader sedan
Nolan just makes a good product
SenzupeN 5 månader sedan
The new generation who might stumble on this movie must get pretty excited. Batman, Wolverine and Black Widow directed by Christopher Nolan. WHAT?!
Tijana Popadić
Tijana Popadić 5 månader sedan
one of the rare movies where journey and revelation are of equal quality. all time favorite.
John Benacci
John Benacci 5 månader sedan
The Prestige was the movie that convinced me Christopher Nolan is the greatest director/screenwriter of his generation. Then came TDK, Inception, and Interstellar and now I'm convinced he's the best ever. I'm hoping with Tenet he can save cinema and theaters.
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