The Raid 2 - Movie Review 

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Well, THE RAID blew my mind, so let's dive into the sequel. Here's my review for THE RAID 2!
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18 maj 2020



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Toni M
Toni M 8 dagar sedan
i hate drama movies, so that why The Raid 1 is the best movie of all time
big kahuna burger
big kahuna burger 10 dagar sedan
Great movie even better than the first
spadePerfect 14 dagar sedan
I really like The Raid 2 but I could only ever finish it the 1st time I watched it. Every other time I think it loses so much pace at the half way mark I just zone out and stop watching. I was amazed by the plot and the world building that happened in The Raid 2 but just like you said - it can't beat The Raid 1 in terms of rewatchability.
Psycho_ Ravager
Psycho_ Ravager 22 dagar sedan
Please watch Apostle and Gangs of London. It's Gareth Evans' latest works.
Billyjoe Jenkins
Billyjoe Jenkins Månad sedan
Review starts at 1:10
Reza Firmansyah
Reza Firmansyah Månad sedan
The raid director make a new series You should review gangs of london
Mevoki Månad sedan
The editing of this review gave me aids
Rustythesuperdehero Månad sedan
The kitchen fight scene is the best fight scene I've ever seen, its perfect! you feel every hit and when Yama actually kills Prakoso at the end Yama looks genuinely distraught about what has just happened
Nakeeb Hussain
Nakeeb Hussain Månad sedan
U gotta watch gangs of london same director did that tv show its kinda good
Gordon Jeffrey
Gordon Jeffrey Månad sedan
Raid 2 for me. Absolutely glorious. But damn, that neon light tube in the neck.... DAMN!! The Raid still holds a fond place in my heart.
Marco Vazquez
Marco Vazquez 2 månader sedan
Review the night comes for us
Ray Murtadho
Ray Murtadho 2 månader sedan
You should watch the night comes for us on netflilx. Its by the same team that did the raid. It might not be on par with the raid, but its still pretty enjoyable nonetheless (fair warning tho, its gorier than the raid franchise).
John Duffy
John Duffy 2 månader sedan
That scene when he throws him through the window and the camara is upside down because trhe bad guy is upside down and the camara turns with the bad guy gets up. awesome
Ryan 2 månader sedan
It's funny you mentioned Mortal Kombat in this review... I'm playing it on my other PC screen as I'm watching this video.
さくらヤミニ 2 månader sedan
I wanna see ip man actor vs iko uwais!!!
amit nagpal
amit nagpal 3 månader sedan
I watched both raid movies thanks to Jeremy. The kitchen scene. I was clutching my stomach. LEGENDARY.
Teejay Mackk
Teejay Mackk 3 månader sedan
Do a review for the wrong Missy on Netflix
Maddy V
Maddy V 3 månader sedan
The fight right before the kitchen fight is my favorite, it gets very raw and hits harder emotionally towards the end. Don't know the reason for that but I love it 😄
Bateman61405 3 månader sedan
I watched both these films back to back the first time I watched them. Loved the first.....didn’t really love the second. However, having watched the first one about 7 times I went back and watched the second and i enjoyed it so much more. The opening ten mins get you into the story and tie up loose ends from the first. IMO the first is still better for the simplicity of the story and run time. I don’t want to have to commit to a 2.5 hour action movie. The first one is so much more rewatchable.
David Manning
David Manning 3 månader sedan
Mad dog was a badass and all but, the assassin in this one took on an ENTIRE club full of people before getting killed. He wasn't as built up to as mad dog but damn dude was a LEGITE bad@$$.
blah blah
blah blah 4 månader sedan
Am still beating my self for taking to long to watch this move..what a thrill
Elias Redux
Elias Redux 4 månader sedan
I did like the review thx
Geraldo Octavius
Geraldo Octavius 4 månader sedan
Please Review Night Come For Us
Gabriel Watson
Gabriel Watson 4 månader sedan
The Raid 2 is the Max Payne movie we all deserved!
ThisGuy1219 4 månader sedan
I saw no less than 3 different properties this movie seemed to inspire: Deadpool (car fight), Sleeping Dogs (all of it, undercover, etc), and John Wick (bar fight, hall fight some how reminded me of him vs. Ruby Rose)
XL 4 månader sedan
Watch and Review Headshot and The Night Comes For Us it had the same actors in it and twice the action. Yes, I said Twice the Action💡💡💡💯
muhammad dwi cahyo
muhammad dwi cahyo 4 månader sedan
Next movie to review = the night come for us
Malcom McLeod
Malcom McLeod 4 månader sedan
You're just now watching The Raid 2? Have you missed The Night Comes For Us?
Alfa Omega
Alfa Omega 4 månader sedan
iko Uwais is an absolute beast and brilliant martial artists..👊🏽 Need to see more of this guy. Also who’s the other little guy from the first raid? The one who got betrayed. Think his also in John wick 3. 🤔 another brilliant fighter!
Carlos Alvarez
Carlos Alvarez 4 månader sedan
The Raid 2 sucks!!!!!!!
Jordan Singh
Jordan Singh 4 månader sedan
Check out “It Comes At Night” it’s basically like a (non-superhero) comic book movie with some of the actors from the Raid movies.
Cody Wash
Cody Wash 4 månader sedan
0:52 04:43 04:50
Craig Murray
Craig Murray 4 månader sedan
The lead actor and director made a movie before The Raid films called Merantau which is brilliant as well.
luckystriker 4 månader sedan
The Raid 2 is the greatest action movie ever imo.
Adhimas Ilham
Adhimas Ilham 4 månader sedan
You should watch The Night Comes For Us
hteekay 4 månader sedan
The Raid 1, Just like John Wick 1, no nonsense, dive straight into action. Just like you've said, very rewatchable. Not saying the sequels of both movies are bad because they try to expand the world behind the 1st, just saying that both 1st movies are the essential pure action flick that we can get now
Lords of the Long Box
Lords of the Long Box 4 månader sedan
You should review "Furie"...Vietnamese Martial Arts action flick.
PhantomKitten 4 månader sedan
While I like the fight scenes in The Raid 2 more, I feel like I can just watch them online. The Raid 1 however, strives on it's simplicity, and the fight scenes work much better in context. My favorite however, is actually The Night Comes For Us, which you gotta review.
drew cifer
drew cifer 4 månader sedan
I prefer the raid 2. Both are amazing but I feel raid 2 being longer with more story and character development makes it an overall better movie. Plus the action builds up. Each fight becomes deadlier and more impactful as they go along. Plus it introduces a bunch of solo characters with their own styles.
Tommy Thounaojam
Tommy Thounaojam 4 månader sedan
You're wrong Jeremy. You're dead WRONG!! Raid 2 is.......... AWESOMETACULAR! I think it deserves a rewatch and re rating
ShadowKingGamerArt 7
ShadowKingGamerArt 7 4 månader sedan
ShadowKingGamerArt 7
ShadowKingGamerArt 7 4 månader sedan
I know real martial artist
mcnitequil headstobed
mcnitequil headstobed 4 månader sedan
Jeremy can you do a review of the horror film The Wailing?
Duo West
Duo West 4 månader sedan
Also. It's good that Harry's supports mental health. Always having razor burn and facial cuts kind of bogs down the mind.
Menacing Threat
Menacing Threat 4 månader sedan
Arkham Asylum😍 love that claustrophobic feel
GiggleZenMaster 4 månader sedan
Awww. We didn't get "SPONSORSHIP!!!!". but, that perfectly balanced line and flip of the razor is magic.
MrMaskedMan 5 månader sedan
Has jeremy jahns review or watched the Crank movies?
TIME PASS 5 månader sedan
Raid 2
mira arafat
mira arafat 5 månader sedan
have you watched attack on titans? it is amazing
Garry Mixon
Garry Mixon 5 månader sedan
Raid 1 is the shit. Best action flick.
killablaq 5 månader sedan
You killed that John Wick 🤣🤣🤣
AirJones313 5 månader sedan
Big Fan of your movie Critiques. Now that you're a fan of "The Raid" series, definitely check out "The Night Comes For Us". You will not be disappointed.
Namorat 5 månader sedan
As with John Wick, I feel that the sequels offer a lot more in many ways, worldbuilding and choreography especially, but I overall I still prefer the simplicity of the first movies of both franchises.
mark totton
mark totton 5 månader sedan
Non-stop talking is a review? OK
aotcjc@gmail.com 5 månader sedan
odom030 5 månader sedan
Production on “Dredd” started in November 2011, with “The Raid” starting in March 2012. “The Raid“ was released first, which generates confusion, and likely ruined “Dredd’s” numbers. Both are so great, though.
Kayum Miah
Kayum Miah 5 månader sedan
I was saying from the beginning raid universe should join wick universe, and it can happen
A. D Richards
A. D Richards 5 månader sedan
Raid one was vertical raid 2 was horizontal. Hopefully Raid 3 is diagonal.
Niko Lahajner
Niko Lahajner 5 månader sedan
Now, when you experienced both Raids, you might want to check out the movie The man from nowhere. As always, great video.
JGiddins the Father
JGiddins the Father 5 månader sedan
The fight seen between the brothers and mad dog in the first one is incomparable. Best fight scene ever made imo
DerG 5 månader sedan
I totally get your argument in the comparison of the two films. it really comes down to personal preference. I prefer the rythm of the Raid 2. the first one just powers through at an incredible pace but doesn´t suceed to keep it up over it´s entire runtime. plus the way the plot developed, revealing the corrupt squad leader felt stereotypical and forgettable. the second one is more creative, covers a broader spectrum with it´s action sequences and gives you the opportunity to collect yourself together inbetween them. that car chase especially is jawdroppingly incredible with some truly creative camera work (there´s a very interesting behind the scenes showing how they pulled that off). plus the plot is really solid, introduces a ton of new characters, including a nice selection of mini-bosses and a frightening end-boss, and makes me care about the outcome. I can absolutely understand it if one prefers The Raid 1 over the second. They are both masterpieces and two of the most influential modern movies of it´s genre.
szewei85 5 månader sedan
This is the real shit of action🥳🥳🥳🥳
aotcjc@gmail.com 5 månader sedan
Emanuel Marquez Torres
Emanuel Marquez Torres 5 månader sedan
To me Raid 1 and 2 are my favorite action movies!!!
Romy Bonotan
Romy Bonotan 5 månader sedan
JEREMY PLSsss. NETFLIX MOVIE= THE NIGHT COMES FOR US. thats the title. you will like it, it is theM THE RAID TEAM.
Rob Hicks
Rob Hicks 5 månader sedan
What about trainspotting?
Reginald-Malik Hill
Reginald-Malik Hill 5 månader sedan
Any chance you'll review "Way of the Gun"? Dude, Benicio Del Toro , James Caan , Ryan Phillippe, and Juliette Lewis in an action movie! Anyone?
PAIN 5 månader sedan
5:29 accurate
ISAACK MOJICA 5 månader sedan
This is the best Action MOVIE ever made in my Opinion...and the last 25 Minutes are JAW DROPPING!!
AliceaFitness 5 månader sedan
Raid 1 always. 2 is good but 1 is the Genesis and the fight scenes are more intense in my opinion
deykno87 5 månader sedan
So late on this movie review bro!!! These the gems u also need to keep avg movie Goers abreast of
loozy ww
loozy ww 5 månader sedan
get a Letterboxd!!!
2809kev 5 månader sedan
I'd say I prefer the first Raid as a movie, however the kitchen fight in 2 is the best fight scene/choreography I've ever seen. I'm not sure I'll ever see a better fight than that on screen.
Jose Zambrana
Jose Zambrana 5 månader sedan
I prefer Raid 2 over Raid 1. Why? That kitchen fight!!! GoodLawd!
Bumbu Kacang Review
Bumbu Kacang Review 5 månader sedan
Tbh, The Raid 2 has too many character names that confused me a little bit.
NReza 5 månader sedan
"The Night Comes for Us" (Netflix) please.
Margareth C.
Margareth C. 5 månader sedan
You might consider watching The Night Comes For Us.
Rafi Putra
Rafi Putra 5 månader sedan
Next: The Night Comes For Us.
Barry Villacarillo
Barry Villacarillo 5 månader sedan
It sucks that there's no Raid 3. Would've been an awesome trilogy. 😔
Nathan Whyman
Nathan Whyman 5 månader sedan
You need to watch gangs of London new series by Gareth Evans!!
K J 5 månader sedan
Its even better than the first one!
The Jokestar
The Jokestar 5 månader sedan
Aye jeremy.. you should check out "ong Bak" trilogy starring Tony Jaa.. that's another action packed movies
Adam Etherton
Adam Etherton 5 månader sedan
Both great films, though the sequel was bigger and better. Better acting too, first one was a bit campy. Not to say that the 2nd was the Deer Hunter or anything.
SaiKo Shenanigans
SaiKo Shenanigans 5 månader sedan
Raid: Neon Bulb sticking out neck Raid 2: Chick railing a guy with a Curved Dildo
Anthony Cole
Anthony Cole 5 månader sedan
Enjoyed both of em but The raid 1 is my favorite
SamaritanPrime 5 månader sedan
For the record, I've been using Harry's razors for a while. Jahns ain't exaggerating.
Boris Godzinevski
Boris Godzinevski 5 månader sedan
The T2 of martial arts cinema.
N Ex
N Ex 5 månader sedan
He didn't give it a rating! It was AWESOMETACULAR!!!
N Ex
N Ex 5 månader sedan
Loved both 1 and 2. Though for me, 2 was a little harder to follow due to being much more complex story-wise and it was a little long. Raid 1 is probably my favorite though for pure enjoyment without having to keep track of too many threads.
Bronwyn SoCal Gal
Bronwyn SoCal Gal 5 månader sedan
And the sad thing about the Raid franchise is that Gareth Evans has gone on record as saying he has no desire to return to the universe. He stated that he feels the story and characters have reached their conclusion. Bright spot though. Some of the Raid stunt teams have moved over into the John Wick franchise.
Andre McDonald
Andre McDonald 5 månader sedan
This literally breaks my action loving heart
yapcityboi 5 månader sedan
Love them both but I watch the second one more..... the fights are better imo and the characters just make it that much cooler
Wahyoo25 5 månader sedan
iko uwais and joe taslim took another project of local superhero in indonesia,i heard its going to fight show too between iko uwais and joe taslim like in TNCFU, fyi, the soperhero they starred Iko as Barda in the a blind from the cave ghost and joe taslim as Mandala.
Angel of Verdun
Angel of Verdun 5 månader sedan
I am a bit surprised you didn’t go Awesometacular on it.
Hung Duong
Hung Duong 5 månader sedan
This movie put Hollywood Movies action to shame. Watch it guys. No exception.
Jason Garcia
Jason Garcia 5 månader sedan
I like both Raid movies but I will admit I prefer the first Raid more than the second
persie PRINCE
persie PRINCE 5 månader sedan
Jeremy now ! The man from nowhere Or flash point
Reign Mack
Reign Mack 5 månader sedan
Preferred Raid 1, think it would have been better Rama died and his Brother took over as an informant in the main role for the sequel.
Deadpool Da king
Deadpool Da king 5 månader sedan
The bathroom scene in raid 2 is my personal favorite from both movies
Benjamin Adiwidjaja
Benjamin Adiwidjaja 5 månader sedan
+jeremy_jahns good news, Snydercut on HBOMAX 2021
Kyle Tunison
Kyle Tunison 5 månader sedan
The Raid was exemplary, but Raid 2 was straight-up ground-breaking for me. The Scorsese-level plot with Raid level action left me absolutely floored. I love both. I own both on Blu. But it's Raid 2 that I prefer. Definitely subjective, but that's my personal preference.
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