The Raid: Redemption - Movie Review 

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I've been getting requests to talk about this movie for years. Does it live up to the hype? Here's my review for THE RAID: REDEMPTION!


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29 apr 2020



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Toni M
Toni M 11 dagar sedan
Everyone who said John wick is better than the Raid just like a kid who said Vikings series are better than Game Of Thrones
Alex Valdez
Alex Valdez 19 dagar sedan
Loved The Raid 1 and just recently watched part 2. The sequel is just as great or even better but in its own way. It’s a bit more character driven but still utilizes all of the elements in the greatest ways like the first one. Can’t wait to a 3rd installment.
Count Noalaf
Count Noalaf 25 dagar sedan
Probably my favourite action movie of all time
Solar Wind
Solar Wind 29 dagar sedan
It took you how many years to finally watch it?
-PRIOR- - Månad sedan
Bro, really bro, you did not metion how fucking kick-ass the soundtrack by Mike Shinoda was? Anyway, The Raid 2 also awesometacular!
Liftmeup 2 månader sedan
Please do a review of the Hurt Locker
Kevin Sepulveda
Kevin Sepulveda 2 månader sedan
Music has Mike Shinoda from Linking Park! So there's that Mr. Jahns 😉🤟🤟
The Light
The Light 2 månader sedan
I've now watched both RAID movies. I've watched IP MAN series to the last one. Grew up watching Jackie and Jet li movies, and Bruce Lee old movies. I've watched a lot of martial arts movies, but even though I loved The Raid series, I still feel like Tony Jaa's ONG' BAK series is the best martial arts movies I've ever watched as of yet
Jussi Hippi
Jussi Hippi 2 månader sedan
If you like Raid, you should check out 'The Night Comes For Us'. Yeah, it has no plot to speak of, but the action scenes are brutal af. It's another Indonesian film with couple actors from the Raid.
Ankul Upreti
Ankul Upreti 3 månader sedan
Review Oldboy (2003). It's awesome.
LJ Moore
LJ Moore 3 månader sedan
Ikos uwais is the best martial arts actor right now, second to Bruce Lee
MG224 MG224
MG224 MG224 3 månader sedan
I went to the theaters to see this movie when it came out. Always thought is was underrated. Was about 10 people in the theater when I went. Glad it finally got the recognition it deserves in my opinion.
amardhall3112 3 månader sedan
Sucking review
GgordoNR 27
GgordoNR 27 3 månader sedan
Gonna be real, I’m not a huge fan of this film I think it’s a solid movie to watch, but i didn’t find it anything more than just an action movie and everyone loves to overhype it like it’s a masterpiece
Boris Bornakiss
Boris Bornakiss Dag sedan
cuz it is!!😀
Bateman61405 4 månader sedan
Saw dredd after this. Dredd doesn’t have shit on this movie IMO. I almost fell asleep during dredd
Joshua Danielson
Joshua Danielson 4 månader sedan
You should review 13 assassin's
Hugo Esparza
Hugo Esparza 4 månader sedan
The raid its an awesome action film . fights scenes are amazing. Plus the bad guy with the attitude of im a bad guy both im not gonna kill with my gun you have the chance of walk away if you have what it take to walk over me that's badass villain
welshmikeable 4 månader sedan
This came out before Dredd
Seth Adams
Seth Adams 4 månader sedan
Great movie. I would recommend you watch District B13. The story telling is not as good as in The Raid, but it definitely has entertaining fight and action choreography. 👍
Rizal Rhamdhan
Rizal Rhamdhan 4 månader sedan
now imagine you watch it in Theater
M F Bagwan
M F Bagwan 4 månader sedan
Best Action Movies Ever made till now The Raid, The Raid - 2
Geraldo Octavius
Geraldo Octavius 4 månader sedan
Please Review Night Come For Us
Bintang Jiwa
Bintang Jiwa 4 månader sedan
Black J
Black J 4 månader sedan
The best action movie of all the time The raid and the raid 2
Gabriel Watson
Gabriel Watson 4 månader sedan
Review "Equilibrium" please!
Kenny Hoskins
Kenny Hoskins 4 månader sedan
You have to see John Woo movies, particularly his Asian movies. Watch The Killer, Hard-Boiled
Reo 4 månader sedan
has he watched Ong Bak yet?
XL 4 månader sedan
The Raid 2, Headshot, and The Night Comes for Us .💡💡💡
Sophia Argana
Sophia Argana 4 månader sedan
It's kinda funny that he haven't seen many great movies in the world
ShadowCaster3214 4 månader sedan
Please review Kung Fu Hustle🙌🏽 You won’t be disappointed. Super goofy and corky at times and doesn’t take itself too seriously and the action is awesome.
eneresolong 5 månader sedan
You exist? With this many views? You say nothing of value....the music by mike shinoda? The director? The guest appearances the stars have made in star wars or John wick or litterly one useful fact or incentive to watch this or anything you do. Fuck you man seriously I hate that people like you exist. Cjoke on my salt you lazy useless scrub
dflowers30 4 månader sedan
Jealousy is not a good trait
Ajit Nagarkar
Ajit Nagarkar 5 månader sedan
If you like The Raid, you'll love the action in The Villainess!
MEK WI MINGLE 5 månader sedan
well john wick 3 was certainly inspired by the raid 2
tateblaze80 5 månader sedan
Can somebody explain to me the extras that make bluray worth it over digital?
M. Zia Akhtar
M. Zia Akhtar 5 månader sedan
RAID 2 pls
Kaze ID
Kaze ID 5 månader sedan
- The Raid : Redemption - The Raid : Berandal - The Raid : Shadow Legends Such a great trilogy
Vivek Balan
Vivek Balan 5 månader sedan
It's hell of a mov... outstanding action sequnces 👌👌🥰
itaketheSQUARE 5 månader sedan
She was very lovely and sweet :3
Ernest Holloway
Ernest Holloway 5 månader sedan
The movie is sick. Daredevil had a seen that they based on Raid
Patrick Arraes
Patrick Arraes 5 månader sedan
Wish we had more movies like this.
Vijay Sharma
Vijay Sharma 5 månader sedan
Man this movie is shit. You just cannot rely on action, you need a good story line to make action movies good. 5/10 just for the kungfu scenes.
Juan FRG
Juan FRG 5 månader sedan
Watch carandiru
Charles Garza
Charles Garza 5 månader sedan
You should watch Ong Bok. It's a Thai film, thus the martial Arts used is Muay Thai, It also stars Tony Jaa before he made a splash here in the States. The first is kind of a stand alone, and two and three are sequels to each other.
veezo85 5 månader sedan
Watch the "the night comes for us" on Netflix... Its a familiar plot but the the action and graphics are awesome...
Bumbu Kacang Review
Bumbu Kacang Review 5 månader sedan
Waiting for Indonesian The Raid Fans....... Wait, dont think there is Indonesian watch Jeremy?
derek D
derek D 5 månader sedan
Now do the ip man series with donnie yen already!
The Revengers
The Revengers 5 månader sedan
I can't believe you didn't see this movie years ago Jeremy .
Anthony Cole
Anthony Cole 5 månader sedan
I can completely relate at lmao at a scene of somebody getting taken out in fashionable way im with you bro.
Matthew De Bie
Matthew De Bie 5 månader sedan
It's interesting to see the comparison's of the Raid to John Wick. JW focusses more on the "gun" aspect of gun-fu with a lot of the takedowns involving firearms. I think there was 1 gun takedown in the Raid and the rest was all hand to hand. Just something interesting I noticed
Bahati Patrick
Bahati Patrick 5 månader sedan
Train to Busan.....you will love it too
Thoriq Rushananto
Thoriq Rushananto 5 månader sedan
They released the raid first. And then dredd. So the raid is the original
Bumbu Kacang Review
Bumbu Kacang Review 5 månader sedan
People say Dredd was written first, just accidentally had the same plot.
ari hamdar
ari hamdar 5 månader sedan
wow, i didn't know this movie has a lot of fans
Dianto Xentar
Dianto Xentar 5 månader sedan
Raid 1 9/10 Raid 2 7/10
Homelander 5 månader sedan
Best action franchise ever. Makes John Wick look like child's play.
Paulo Gan
Paulo Gan 5 månader sedan
The Raid: The movie that you never knew you needed.
dill unboxing
dill unboxing 5 månader sedan
dill unboxing
dill unboxing 5 månader sedan
The director of the raid has a new series GANGS OF LONDON WATCH IT BETTER THAN JOHN WICK
aaron rhodes
aaron rhodes 5 månader sedan
Hey There
Hey There 5 månader sedan
too bad they are rebooting the movies and not continuing the movies with the original cast who actually can pull off the fight scenes
Maurits Alexander
Maurits Alexander 5 månader sedan
FUN FACT: The Indonesian release date of the Raid is way..... earlier than dredd, so... another Holywood copycat?
manuluh_ 5 månader sedan
gotta review the latest film "The Raid: Shadow Legends"
heiitse 5 månader sedan
loved this movie
Quindolin 5 månader sedan
My wife and I only started messaging each other cuz she listed The Raid as one of her favorite movies. So we def have a shared love of this movie to thank for us being together
derickkrupa 5 månader sedan
For fans of the raid and the raid 2. Watch the night comes for us. Its great gory fight scenes and has the same actors.
Giovanni johnson
Giovanni johnson 5 månader sedan
I like how you make comparisons with john wick cause mad dog from the raid and the raid 2 was in the last john wick movie
fukka 5 månader sedan
review phone booth plz
MultiOmar36 5 månader sedan
plzz watch I SAW THE DEVIL
JhongYT 5 månader sedan
This video is sponsored by The Raid. THE RAID: SHADOW LEGENDS.
JhongYT 5 månader sedan
He needs to review Raid 2 now.
Geo Van
Geo Van 5 månader sedan
And Warner Bros canceled Deathstroke movie directred by The Raid director
Spitfire Nation
Spitfire Nation 5 månader sedan
Please review "Train to Busan"...I think you're going to like it
faisal shah
faisal shah 5 månader sedan
Watch Headshot and The night comes to us. Both films has Iko Awais in them.
Haembeogeo 햄버거
Haembeogeo 햄버거 5 månader sedan
The Man from Nowhere are the real John Wick before John Wick and The Raid release
iz kar
iz kar 5 månader sedan
those indonisian guys know how to do great action way to better of the americans and even yhe chinese pure action joe taslim the night comes for us great movie
Loli4lyf 5 månader sedan
for weebs like me the title is THE FBI RAID
Trevor Katende
Trevor Katende 5 månader sedan
Matt Mason
Matt Mason 5 månader sedan
Review Oldboy (2003 Korean version)
Matt Mason
Matt Mason 5 månader sedan
5:12 this has been me, with this exact movie, many times.
Mister Skarred
Mister Skarred 5 månader sedan
Oh good, for a second I thought Raid Shadow Legends branched out into movies.
razer354 5 månader sedan
Vivek 5 månader sedan
Thorwick lol
Rian Arifin
Rian Arifin 5 månader sedan
Indonesian great movie
SolracJ88 5 månader sedan
Took my friends to the cinema to watch this masterpiece premiering in our city. It was us 3 and 2 other people. Nobody could leave even for a toilet break, glued to the screen. When it ended one of the other guys stood up looked around and asked "How the fuck is there not more people watching this!?"
Nata Prayoga
Nata Prayoga 4 månader sedan
Its because the violence and brutality. You and i enjoy it. But some people doesnt
prawira budi perkasa
prawira budi perkasa 5 månader sedan
Be yourself and never surrender
Dwayne Davis
Dwayne Davis 5 månader sedan
You just now seeing this ? Well better late than never I guess but yeah this is one of the best action movies of all time.
seanc41556 5 månader sedan
Friends. Brother's. Watch Gangs of London. Gareth Evans series. Action is on point 👌 (Story may not be spectacular but the action makes up for it)
Ilham Hadi Permadi
Ilham Hadi Permadi 5 månader sedan
I never expected, the review just coming recently after this time?? Wow..
BITCOIN SWAMI 5 månader sedan
So late but glad he saw it
BlackGayComicGeek 5 månader sedan
I haven't seen it yet. I've been meaning to watch it after seeing Wu Assassins which stars the same lead from The Raid.
Jack Fairhead
Jack Fairhead 5 månader sedan
Please please please review GANGS OF LONDON... Gareth Evans super violent TV series... basically the Raid movies set in London! It deserves so much more attention!
Hangga Teguh
Hangga Teguh 5 månader sedan
Watch The Night Comes For Us. Same intensity as The Raid but much more violent.
Mr Villain
Mr Villain 5 månader sedan
Captain America : Winter Soldier is pretty much inspired by The Raid The director admit it, he wanted to do the action sequences in WS as close as possible to The Raid
neng_atcha 3 månader sedan
But still PG-13.. Yeah, right... C'mon, everything knows you can't get to The Raid level without making it R-rated.
sando bond
sando bond 5 månader sedan
Raid 2 is more awesome
Bob Lewis
Bob Lewis 5 månader sedan
Lucky number slevin
Jose Ojeda
Jose Ojeda 5 månader sedan
Part 2 is even better!!!!
Ken Muts
Ken Muts 5 månader sedan
Please watch and review the new British series "GANGS OF LONDON" ....created ,written and directed by Gareth Evans- creator/writer/director of the Raid movies. ACTION & damn good plot!!!!
Romeoosso Gaming
Romeoosso Gaming 5 månader sedan
Gonna watch the Raid now because of this review 🤘 never seen it before but I consider myself a movie fanatic
kadeem. 5 månader sedan
First time watching your reviews I've always seen your videos as a suggestion but I felt like I have my personal review channels on lock. Then I saw you were reviewing the raid a movie which I loved and I clicked. Worth it.
J-H P 5 månader sedan
Great Jeremy. Now that you've seen it, you should (you all should if you haven't, really) also watch Merantau, which was made by basically the same production team (same director, same lead actor). It came out in 2009 (I think), and it was smaller in scale, but the movie was intense and the character's journey was powerful and touching. True (lol, yeah I know all this is totally unrealistic) heroism, and selflessness. I really LOVE that movie.
autoeroticruler 5 månader sedan
While you are on the Foreign Language movie buzz, check out Zatoichi. It's in my opinion the best samurai/feudal-era Japanese movie ever made.
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