The Rock - Movie Review 

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A mid 90's Michael Bay action movie that I always considered his best. Does it hold up? Here's my review for THE ROCK!


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3 jun 2020



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Jordan Sweet
Jordan Sweet 25 dagar sedan
Just watched this for the first time and I had a blast. Not quite Equilibrium or Terminator 2 but definitely one of the best action movies I've ever seen. Great script great cast and Bay in his element. 9.5/10
MaximusNV Månad sedan
Watching The Rock is the cleanest, best pleasure
Ladykyra101 Månad sedan
LOL! "Lots of Guns." I just got it. Oh you Keanu doppelganger. 😍
Paul McDonagh
Paul McDonagh Månad sedan
When we realise that we were the rocket man all along
The great unseen
The great unseen Månad sedan
The rock, face off and con air for me
SunTai Månad sedan
I can’t believe this is a Michael Bay movie...
Benji Månad sedan
I didn’t mind the chase scene, especially with that exciting music. Also, I wonder if the brief dialogue Connery had w/ Harris helped deter him from launching the rockets into the civilian population. I like Harris so much as that honorable villain.
Timothy Dalbeck
Timothy Dalbeck 2 månader sedan
What's the best part of the Frisco Bay? Explosions! I'll show myself out!
TJRymer89 2 månader sedan
You're down there, we're up here! You walked into the wrong goddamned room, Commander!
Allan Lomas
Allan Lomas 2 månader sedan
Joe Gar
Joe Gar 2 månader sedan
Ya gotta review THE FUGITIVE
squaresphere 2 månader sedan
Carla was the prom queen!
wabba67 2 månader sedan
Just finished (re)watching The Rock. Been 15 or so years since the last watch, and it has aged surprisingly well. It still has too many Michael Bay-isms to enjoy it fully (just count the average shot lenght... jeez, just the let the scenes breath), but it is an enjoyable watch, and definitely less of a guilty pleasure than Armageddon :P
dolfo10564 2 månader sedan
I love these damn movies. Do heavy rain.
Scott Jackson
Scott Jackson 2 månader sedan
Jeremy, since you did a Sean Connery movie here, would you consider reviewing one of my favorites, his sci-fi classic from the early 80's titled "Outland?" I don't see you do many Westerns here ... this is sort of "High Noon In Outer Space." I really like it. Thanks in advance, Jeremy.
Moviesgamesbeyond 2 månader sedan
Absolutely love these films. The 90s was awesome for them. These are the type of films you can just lie on the couch and enjoy a movie where there isn't much thinking needed. Just relax and enjoy.
Selina N
Selina N 2 månader sedan
connery's still alive?
Andi McGaw
Andi McGaw 2 månader sedan
Do The Abyss Movie
Joseph Joestar
Joseph Joestar 2 månader sedan
Every passing day Jeremy slowly transforms into Keanu Reeves
The average Movie goer
The average Movie goer 2 månader sedan
“How do ya like how that shit works”
The average Movie goer
The average Movie goer 2 månader sedan
Ah when movies had flawed characters who had to overcome challenges making there victory all the more satisfying Good times
ragingfiip 3 månader sedan
"Your best? Losers always whine about their best. Winners go home and fuck the prom queen." "Carla WAS the prom queen." Agreed! This movie was also one of my favorite 90's flicks!! Also, holy crap.... Jeremy, whenever you go to Comic Con again... you should totally keep your hair long and go as John Wick!!
Muhammad Ali
Muhammad Ali 3 månader sedan
I love this move like crazy...
megachimene 3 månader sedan
Claire Forlani not Jennifer Connelly as I always struggle
megachimene 3 månader sedan
The metal gear box art part is totally on point, Kojima used his likeness as inspiration from The Terminator
megachimene 3 månader sedan
3:27 we get a codec com from MGS too
megachimene 3 månader sedan
Man your review is Soo better than the Honest Trailers just for including the "better than any break down i could possibly give" part
Jeremiah buckel
Jeremiah buckel 3 månader sedan
You didn't recognize Michael Biehn from Terminator, Abyss, Aliens, and Tombstone? The very image on the cover of Metal Gear was taken from a picture of Biehn playing Kyle Reese in Terminator.
El Gugo
El Gugo 3 månader sedan
Now I have no choice but to watch The Rock for the 10th time
luke 3 månader sedan
I will not give that order
Johannes Noordermeer
Johannes Noordermeer 3 månader sedan
Surprised you never mentioned that Connery's character was supposed to be old James Bond.
sOUL i0N
sOUL i0N 3 månader sedan
great review, just makes you want to watch it again. as this is one of my top 3 action movies of all time, i have to add though that one of the main factors that made the movie for me is missing here - the soundtrack. which is, imho, hans zimmer's best work; grabs you right from the beginning and doesn't let you go until the fort walton / kansas finale.
Carson Peterson
Carson Peterson 3 månader sedan
No no Michael bay is not an alien robot he is a normal director and a regular movies all his movies are the same the rock is awesometacular
Yitki ostro
Yitki ostro 3 månader sedan
well i guess im going to rewatch the rock again. thank you so much........
War624 3 månader sedan
Apparently, Quentin Tarantino worked on the script rewrites for this, but was uncredited.
Secluded Misanthrope
Secluded Misanthrope 3 månader sedan
I just noticed that Jim Caviezel from Person of Interest is in this movie, for about 18 seconds as the pilot with the Thermite.
Brandon Yip
Brandon Yip 3 månader sedan
Please review Armageddon. another Bay guilty pleasure
Mat Douglas
Mat Douglas 3 månader sedan
I would say this and Bad Boys are Bay's best films
אלי שריאל
אלי שריאל 3 månader sedan
What about, Lord Of War film.
Timothy Pierce
Timothy Pierce 3 månader sedan
You forgot to mention the music. In general but also in that chase scene you want to cut out. Holy hell, that gets my blood pumping.
Daniel Kubacki
Daniel Kubacki 3 månader sedan
I love this movie!
dontbeshady411 3 månader sedan
I don't care what anyone says this is one of my favorite movies of all time. "But Nicolas Cage....." Stfu nerd. This movie is great.
luke day
luke day 3 månader sedan
Lol Jeremy dose look like keanu 😂
Stuart Thorpe
Stuart Thorpe 3 månader sedan
Sean Connery is good in everything
Loren Helgeson
Loren Helgeson 3 månader sedan
God, that heated exchange between Ed Harris and Michael Biehn gives me chills every time. Also, thanks for the Metal Gear comparison to his character (Anderson.)
J 3 månader sedan
wait that impression was great haha
Buckie Smalls
Buckie Smalls 3 månader sedan
Ed Harris gives me chills in this..
Zvi mur
Zvi mur 3 månader sedan
No Gone in 60 SECONDS?!
Jennifer Pyrce
Jennifer Pyrce 3 månader sedan
The Rock, Face/Off, Con Air! Nic Cage should've retired after this!
JNuTZ DB 3 månader sedan
Aye Wreck it Ralph reference 👏👏👏
TheReal Agent47
TheReal Agent47 3 månader sedan
I'm glad that you liked this film, alot of people I know shat on it and I thought it was pretty decent I think I remember giving it a 8/10 "I just wanna find some rocketsss" 🤣🤣👍🏻
Peter G
Peter G 3 månader sedan
No mention of the soundtrack!?
Movie Collecter
Movie Collecter 3 månader sedan
Still Holds Up Today
LiK 3 månader sedan
A masterpiece
LaVar Green
LaVar Green 3 månader sedan
Yes, that's homeboy on the NES Metal Gear box. It's taken directly from Terminator. You can do a side by side shot. It's spot on
Comfort Zone Comic
Comfort Zone Comic 3 månader sedan
did we miss the harry greaggson williams metal gear solid reference ? he made ost for this movie as well as mgs2 ost
Oddbjørn Haugen
Oddbjørn Haugen 3 månader sedan
A shame you didn't even mention the score by Hans Zimmer that is AMAZING!!
darkashtar 3 månader sedan
The Rock is a great movie it's definitely his best movie. But I did like Pain & Gain by him and that had The Rock in it.
Bobman9420 3 månader sedan
I thought 13 Hours from Michael Bay was really good
KorenHasGillsAndFins 3 månader sedan
youre the man, Jer.
Sanjoy John
Sanjoy John 3 månader sedan
Losers always whine about doing their best, winners go home and f*ck the PROM QUEEN!
stv dagger
stv dagger 3 månader sedan
"Ed Harris had always played a hero up to this point" - Did you never see "Walker"?
Thabane Ntshangase
Thabane Ntshangase 3 månader sedan
That Zangief from Wreck it Ralph reference was golden
Alvaro Gomez
Alvaro Gomez 3 månader sedan
Dude I hope you're not done with Nick Cage, do 8mm is such a great movie!
TenTonNuke 3 månader sedan
"The mahp wuz een ma heeed."
Grim Reaper
Grim Reaper 3 månader sedan
The Rock was great, first time I saw it and nowadays when I re-watch it.
Lance37a 3 månader sedan
I'm trying my best
Michael Sänger
Michael Sänger 3 månader sedan
bay's best? forgetting another film involving an Island?
Kay Lew
Kay Lew 3 månader sedan
Theory is that it is indeed James Bond as an old man
Allan Lomas
Allan Lomas 3 månader sedan
The fighter pilot that drops the bomb is jim caviezel, change my mind
Steven Eggert
Steven Eggert 3 månader sedan
“Your best? Losers always whine about their best. Winners go home and fuck the Prom Queen.” Favorite line in this movie!
Bot23 3 månader sedan
Ed Harris played a villain in Just Cause before the rock. Also with Sean Connery.
TheBlueEyed Bastard
TheBlueEyed Bastard 3 månader sedan
Jeremy, I'm just writing to let you know that you look freaking awesome dude.
Rob Dixon
Rob Dixon 3 månader sedan
Review The Prophecy!
Greg Long
Greg Long 4 månader sedan
I will always maintain that Bad Boys I is Bays best movie.
Yakuso Dax
Yakuso Dax 4 månader sedan
"How, in the name of Zeus's BUTTHOLE, did you get out of your cell?!?" Best line in the movie.
Henry Chou
Henry Chou 4 månader sedan
This is not Nick Cage movie, but this is one of the few movies from Michael Bay, which I also like (The Rock is the best). The movie is The Island (2005). Can you also do review on this one?
Angela Stanislowski
Angela Stanislowski 4 månader sedan
Jermey- I get what you mean about the chase scene could be omitted- but it is by far one of THE BEST car chase scene EVER! I used to watch just that scene from time to time on VHS!
D0MiN0 4 månader sedan
I was today's years old when I found out that this movie was indeed directed by Michael Bay 😱 So I guess I do actually like at least one of his movies....
AirKangLocker 4 månader sedan
All props to Jerry Buckhimer and Don Simpson for producing and controlling michael bay for this great piece
Eddie Anderson
Eddie Anderson 4 månader sedan
Review the 1997 movie "Breakdown" with Kurt Russel man.. another 💎 back in the 90's
Kess 4 månader sedan
Loved the soundtrack with several scenes too, just amplified the action and suspense perfectly
Josh J.
Josh J. 4 månader sedan
Not only are the lead actors really strong, but there are plenty of character actors that are real pros such as David Morse, John Spencer, William Forsythe, John McGinley and Tony Todd. It all came together here just right for Bay and it shows.
Emoe Blk
Emoe Blk 4 månader sedan
Are you evolving to John wick?
stupreme 4 månader sedan
This came out when i was 9yrs old, I remember my friend across the street had it on VHS & he thought it was the coolest movie ever! 90's memories 😎
HoldThePickle1427 4 månader sedan
Zangief has entered the chat
Sam Apple
Sam Apple 4 månader sedan
Can someone tell me what that quote is from? The "hes a badguy but that doesmt mean hes BAD GUY
Jorgen Rex Olson
Jorgen Rex Olson 4 månader sedan
Wreck it Ralph
The Great Buddha
The Great Buddha 4 månader sedan
Jeremy is turning into john wick.
dcoolx 4 månader sedan
IMO It deserves an awesometacular even thought the pacing was a bit off at some times
ɮօʊռċɛ օʄʄ
ɮօʊռċɛ օʄʄ 4 månader sedan
Jeremy is just missing the John Wick style movie suit & he's pretty much the cosplay winner
MrMikemontei 4 månader sedan
This the type of movie John Cena would be in....
John Arevalo
John Arevalo 4 månader sedan
Please watch Seven Deadly Sins on Netflix and make a video review
kins 4 månader sedan
4:26 Fun Fact ... Hideo Kojima really took Michael Biehn's likeness and put it on the Box Art of the Original Metal Gear Game ... and did it back in 1987.. way before The Rock... (he took inspiration from the first Terminator movie 1984)
kins 4 månader sedan
In the Metal Gear Solid References ... Id put Ed Harris' speech to the night vision camera thing 3:27 in the same vein as the Codec conversations Snake would have with his contacts
Mr. Jay
Mr. Jay 4 månader sedan
I will always feeel so sad when Ed dies. Always felt like he failed to be bad, he realized he was always a good person and wanted to give em a lesson. That was awesome!
victor gomez
victor gomez 4 månader sedan
can you review con air mr. jahns thank you so much..
Fly Beep
Fly Beep 4 månader sedan
The holy trinity of Nicolas Cage with the Rock being one? I'm betting the other two are Face/Off and Con Air. Yeah Nic Cage was a genuine action star for a short couple of years.
Satan Lover13
Satan Lover13 4 månader sedan
the rock, faceoff and lord of war right?
Heart Storm Media
Heart Storm Media 4 månader sedan
Your Sean Connery impersonation was awesome
Fakhri Dito
Fakhri Dito 4 månader sedan
"It's just a dialogues" because the movie is written by quentin tarantino and aaron sorkin but uncredited so yeah
Максим Щербань
Do the actual Michael Bay's best movie - Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen! Just kidding, it's The Island. Do The Island, that shit is D O P E
Fly Beep
Fly Beep 4 månader sedan
Lol The Island?? The fuck??
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