The Way Back - Movie Review 

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Ben Affleck stars in the story of a man who might just find his path while coaching a high school basketball team. Here's my review for THE WAY BACK!


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6 mar 2020



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Fred Gorgenchuck
Fred Gorgenchuck 18 dagar sedan
Sleeper. Snuck up on me, LOVED this movie
KP Only
KP Only Månad sedan
Just watched, really liked. Affleck is a terrific actor and you are a great reviewer!
Anaheims Willy G
Anaheims Willy G Månad sedan
"Spoiler Alert" Crazy how Ben rejoined the team after 25 years of not even touching a basketball to drop 62 points in the championship game
E Chap
E Chap Månad sedan
I'm a gigantic alcoholic and this movie captures alcoholism perfectly. More than any movie I've ever seen. It makes me wanna finally take those steps to sober up.
Abhinav Banerjee
Abhinav Banerjee 2 månader sedan
I'm pirating it right now, gonna watch when I wake up. Don't tell on me to Batman. :D
Stefen B. Echols
Stefen B. Echols 2 månader sedan
I really enjoyed this movie. It’s such a great performance by Ben Affleck.
matt11708 2 månader sedan
dont care what anyone says one of the better movies out in 2020 kinda underrated.
Dank Jenkins
Dank Jenkins 3 månader sedan
There is a better movie called The Way Back like way better
Noel Montanez
Noel Montanez 4 månader sedan
For me ben Affleck performance was amazing but slow story that was boring. The movie had meaning but this could have been executed better.
Morris 4 månader sedan
Yeah this movie was one of Ben's best performances. Hoping more people see it.
nicodimus2222 5 månader sedan
I'm just so tired of movies about addicts/alcoholics. Get your shit together on someone else's time, loser! I want movies about people who are using their time and energy for good stuff.
Ethan Jeffers
Ethan Jeffers 6 månader sedan
Great movie, was really enjoyable. A shame the Rona won’t let it get a decent box office return! Good review you really broke it down well!
IncorporatedOps 6 månader sedan
So.....should I drink when I watch the movie?
TEST of TIME FILMS 7 månader sedan
Jermey you need a haircut 😆
Cisco Cabs
Cisco Cabs 7 månader sedan
Ben playing a drunk, what a stretch
The Impaler MMA
The Impaler MMA 7 månader sedan
Whats the deal with Ben Affleck? I dont know his past or whatever i jst know him as an actor!He's an amazing fking actor! Can someone explain why he's hated?
ULGROTHA 7 månader sedan
Certainly seems like a better post-super turn than Downey's...
Tu877 7 månader sedan
This movie sucked, you dont dive into him or any of the kids, and then at the end he is painted as bastard instead of his wife, who abandoned him when he needed her most. No one see this
Raider Devellian
Raider Devellian 7 månader sedan
@Jeremy Jahns you not going to do a take on Greyhound?
Chris J.P. Black
Chris J.P. Black 7 månader sedan
Ben Affleck also starred in a real real bad movie wearing sissy red leather tights as some superhero.
Parker Brown
Parker Brown 7 månader sedan
Alfred told Batman to take a brake and coach Robin's team.
DawnofA 7 månader sedan
Ben plays sloppy really good. It’s a blessing and a curse.
kemuael 7 månader sedan
Only Jesus can help you with Depression
Rohan Sharma
Rohan Sharma 7 månader sedan
I am dying to watch it, and they are not releasing this in India, as of yet.
Alders0n 7 månader sedan
@Rohan Sharma World wide. You can torrent it. I have it at the moment
Rohan Sharma
Rohan Sharma 7 månader sedan
@Alders0n In India?
Alders0n 7 månader sedan
Its on VOD
Bryan McCauley
Bryan McCauley 7 månader sedan
Can't take Ben Affleck and Matt Damon. When they became stars, that let you know that anyone can be a "star."
Anshumaan Bakshi
Anshumaan Bakshi 7 månader sedan
Excellent rating @jeremy
Scott G
Scott G 7 månader sedan
I thought the ending sucked
Liam Patrick
Liam Patrick 7 månader sedan
The whole movie sucked
Reggie 7 månader sedan
Thank you finally a review that speaks on the depth of the movie and not just on basketball
Master Of The Craft
Master Of The Craft 7 månader sedan
Loved this movie and Ben in it
Tele Spork
Tele Spork 7 månader sedan
I admit I'm a sucker for this type of movie, but I really loved this one. I've been sober for years, and seeing that spiral hit so hard for me. I really hope it was a cathartic experience for Ben Affleck with how long he has struggled.
Joey 7 månader sedan
People need inspiration, motivation and empowerment. You get that from movies like this or Rocky. Any real underdog story
Ethan Abelman
Ethan Abelman 7 månader sedan
This movie reminded me a lot on that rocky balboa quote in rocky 5 idk why but it does
TaswcmT 7 månader sedan
Those poor, overpaid Hollywood actors. Always struggling with something.
Raul Wise
Raul Wise 7 månader sedan
🔥 1:07 ❣ 👇👇💓
Carson James IV
Carson James IV 7 månader sedan
Ihatetechnomusic 7 månader sedan
that rating at the end :) though it would be hilarious to give it "it's ok if You are drunk" :D
James sickmore
James sickmore 7 månader sedan
I wish I had the money to get a Hairpiece like Affleck's
Infamos Heaven
Infamos Heaven 7 månader sedan
Your hair style is awful 😒, and sports movies about the underdog suck! It makes you feel good until you realize it's a movie and there are millions of people who die unfulfilled and die never being triumphant.
Kasey Rolow
Kasey Rolow 7 månader sedan
I just can’t deal with your hair. So distracting to me lol it’s like your stuck in 2003 lol then again I don’t know shit
FunnyORweird 7 månader sedan
Love these kinds of movies good video can't wait to watch it
Crazy 999
Crazy 999 7 månader sedan
Review new Black widow trailer Jeremy
nondjmaster 7 månader sedan
Care to review the Black Widow final trailer?
Lilofthis A
Lilofthis A 7 månader sedan
I saw it and thought it was cute. I liked the sad ending cuz life is like that. The tag line of one chance was true. He blew each "one" chance and now has to start over on a lower bottom level.
Ben Child
Ben Child 7 månader sedan
Ngl, hate so many critics cuz they aren’t the mouth of normal people but I always watch yours
Andrew Stephens
Andrew Stephens 7 månader sedan
Castlevania season 3 please!
Bugsy 7 månader sedan
You gotta see portrait of a lady on fire. Already one of the best movies of the decade
LB So Wavy718
LB So Wavy718 7 månader sedan
Coach Carter and Gridirom Gang is better. This movie was ok.
Dwayne Walker
Dwayne Walker 7 månader sedan
Jeremy Bravo? 🤨🧐🤔
pottertja00 7 månader sedan
Jeremy how come you haven't talked about the The Last Of Us HBO series announcement
Taymanator0051 7 månader sedan
I only associate Ben Affleck with Argo, with was a phenomenal movie in my book, so just might give this a go. :D
Bryan Torres
Bryan Torres 7 månader sedan
Brandon Lambert
Brandon Lambert 7 månader sedan
Jeremy needs a haircut, he looks like a rouge Chewbacca in a leather jacket btw love the reviews keep em coming
Crazy Gaming
Crazy Gaming 7 månader sedan
SPOILERS..... but can someone explain the end like does he get the job back at the end after he got fired??
F 7 månader sedan
Jeremy looks like he got his face licked by a cartoon Llama.
Liam Patrick
Liam Patrick 7 månader sedan
Saw it today, HATED IT.
Alex Eubanks
Alex Eubanks 7 månader sedan
Wow, what an annoying movie review.
mathsalot 7 månader sedan
No bloopers? 😥
TJ Jordan
TJ Jordan 7 månader sedan
I don't know, I feel saying that "This movie is a good time, no alcohol required" actually supports the message of the movie. But I get what you are saying and respect your decision of omitting that part of the rating.
mathsalot 7 månader sedan
I appreciate it shows that it's not a once and done problem but an ongoing journey. I believe Ben Affleck has gone to rehab multiple times over the years. It's not a quick fix, and it requires constant vigilance. Good on them.
Wah Tu Sy
Wah Tu Sy 7 månader sedan
I am distracted by too much hand movement dude.. you're like the Mariah Carey of movie reviewers
The One Winged Angel
The One Winged Angel 7 månader sedan
A really great movie, I have to say his performance was really amazing!! Definitely a must watch
Maymunah Kelly
Maymunah Kelly 7 månader sedan
The beard while smashing is distracting me
Michael Gutierrez
Michael Gutierrez 7 månader sedan
This is a terrific film. Not enough people will see it.
Diamond Tribe
Diamond Tribe 7 månader sedan
This film was surprisingly excellent!
barflyojsh 18
barflyojsh 18 7 månader sedan
I really liked this movie as a dad really could relate and I enjoy Affleck
81ackman 7 månader sedan
Ben should stick to directing, he's a terrible actor.
Bob Vance, Vance Refrigeration
gone girl is one of my favorite movies and i have 0 problems with his actin
Denis Veverica
Denis Veverica 7 månader sedan
this this da wae ma brudda
Frog212 Why’d
Frog212 Why’d 7 månader sedan
Enjoy 😀
MPerlatti 7 månader sedan
It will barely make its budget back.... Maybe. Poor Hollywood is in a tailspin
nolan nelson
nolan nelson 7 månader sedan
Controversial opinion. I loved him as Batman / Bruce Wayne.
44ron 7 månader sedan
Coach Carter or The Way Back, which one is better?
Everlena Oliver
Everlena Oliver 7 månader sedan
This seems like a passion project for Ben.
pspicer777 7 månader sedan
Hmm, I am thinking the best reviews of movies come from reviewers with life experiences that resonate with the movie's themes. All through this video I was thinking that our Jeremy has some interesting life stories of his own. Thanks for another great review.
cnashford2 7 månader sedan
Such a heartfelt review! Jeremy got me crying. Gonna play 1:15 - 1:29 and 1:56 -2:23 for a lot of people who need to hear it.
Fearful Sauce
Fearful Sauce 7 månader sedan
I miss him as batman
Official Filmilen
Official Filmilen 7 månader sedan
Ben Affleck needs to win an Oscar for this movie. He used to be an alcoholic and now he plays an alcoholic on the big screen
Liam Patrick
Liam Patrick 7 månader sedan
This is already an Oscarbait film.
Maskofshy 7 månader sedan
1:26 Maybe like Bruce Wayne.. .. by becoming.. Batman? "In the dream they took me to the light" Excited for TheWayBack.
Trinidad The Island Man
Trinidad The Island Man 7 månader sedan
I agree 100%! This was much more then your generic feel good movie. I gave it a ""Shaka Thumbs Up" in my review! 😃🤙
OPTIMUSs_JEDI 7 månader sedan
I’ll always love Ben from movies like dogma . I feel like one day people will treat Ben like Keanu Reeves. Ben deserves more credit . Not like Nicolas Cage
Patrick Shutt
Patrick Shutt 7 månader sedan
From the words of Aflect’s parting words to Alyssa Jones in Kevin Smith’s “chasing amy” and reflecting on his own personal struggles in real life leading up to the viewing of this video sums up everything: “I guess that I had something personal to say.” Which after being in the WB/DCEU films, would drive anybody to start drinking...again. Good on Ben for getting his life right and then doing a film where he could channel all of that pain into something meaningful to say on film.
Timothy Dalbeck
Timothy Dalbeck 7 månader sedan
That rating was, no joke, classy! Stay Classy, for real, Jeremy!
Akzork 7 månader sedan
Can you guys recommend me similar movies to this one?
Seanachie's Court
Seanachie's Court 7 månader sedan
I liked ben as batman not his fault that the writters were trying to catch up to marvel movies and totally fucked up the story and the movies... Well probably not writters fault either but the producers or anyone who thought they should race instead of doing their own thing
darkstar100x 7 månader sedan
Kevin T and Geoff Johns faults. Snyder made MoS with the intention of making a Superman series. Then WB said include Batman or you're fired. Then they said include the JL or you're fired. Then they waited for his daughter to commit suicide so they could blamelessly replace him and reshoot 90% of JL. And of course, all the critics only blamed Snyder.
Nitro Noah
Nitro Noah 7 månader sedan
Jeremy has managed to introduce multiple new ratings in 2020 props to him for changing the game 10 years into it
Nguyen Lee
Nguyen Lee 7 månader sedan
Jeremy do a reaction to The Batman camera test pls
deathsdoor07 7 månader sedan
Good time no alcohol required?
TheWhateverGuy 7 månader sedan
Movie sucks.
Amateurs 7 månader sedan
I feel like warner bro’s gave Ben this movie as a “sorry for screwing you over with Batman” letter. They have seen what they did to the man.
darkstar100x 7 månader sedan
@Mike Bryant Yeah they did. Kevin T and Geoff Johns screwed over JL (Ben loved BvS, he even did an interview recently affirming he still loves it) for him.
Amateurs 7 månader sedan
Mike Bryant you’re right, time warner did, not warner media
Mike Bryant
Mike Bryant 7 månader sedan
WB didn't screw him over lol..
Fender Benders
Fender Benders 7 månader sedan
I love your videos....and your beard...it's a nice beard. You should keep it.
Firdous 7 månader sedan
Ben Affleck and Dark, haven't you heard this somewhere?
Kaio_K!d 7 månader sedan
If you liked this then you'll love coach carter
S Des
S Des 7 månader sedan
Looking forward to see the movie, it looks really intense. I liked your review but can I just say.....if we take up a collection will it help you get a haircut? Because damn man, another 3" on top and you're going to be like the Flinstones car at the drive in tipping over from the ribs. I'm worried about you.....
Tecumseh Sherman
Tecumseh Sherman 7 månader sedan
TheCreepypro 7 månader sedan
totally on the same wavelength I love these kinds of movies I'm glad it is up to par
Blaze The Movie Fan
Blaze The Movie Fan 7 månader sedan
Great review.
It's Academic
It's Academic 7 månader sedan
You affect the people you interact with... 🤯
Karl Mignault
Karl Mignault 7 månader sedan
I wont watch an other movie about an alcoholic coach that wins a championship. Cool, not original, nothing new, same shit different day. Lame.
Woodrow Simmons
Woodrow Simmons 7 månader sedan
I’m just glad it wasn’t a good time... if you’re drunk. (“Now it’s a relapse!”)
pad92011 7 månader sedan
wow, we witnessed the birth of another review tier!
Sam Porter
Sam Porter 7 månader sedan
I'm really really excited to see this I admire Ben for taking on this role knowing the struggles it's a never ending struggle and hes been working his ass off to get better Warrior is a criminally underrated film and the accountant is fun so I cant wait
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