Tiger King - Series Review 

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The documentary series about Murder, Mayhem, & Madness went viral this past week, so here's my review of the Netflix series TIGER KING!


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30 mar 2020



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Moon Ludo
Moon Ludo Månad sedan
Hope there will be a season 2
Tommy Chen
Tommy Chen 2 månader sedan
Legend of Cocaine Island, Keep On Keepin' On, Behind the Curve and The Kill Team...
Mariusz Krzeszewski
Mariusz Krzeszewski 2 månader sedan
This fruit watched 6 episodes of Tiger KIng and yet he pretends to not remember the name of Joe Exotic...
Darth Plagueis
Darth Plagueis 3 månader sedan
She clearly killed her husband.
KB 3 månader sedan
The documentary that I enjoyed most lately was The Russian Five.
Jakey 3 månader sedan
If you haven’t watched it, I recommend the Jeffery Epstein: Filthy Rich documentary, that shit is insane
Augustin Kadende
Augustin Kadende 4 månader sedan
Follow my Instagram: augustin.kadende
Ą Á 4 månader sedan
Please review Black Mirror!!!
tictac 85
tictac 85 5 månader sedan
"Dont fuck with cats" is good 3 part documentary.
Cosmo 5 månader sedan
It was so fascinating but tragic, there were no real heroes in this story, just villains and victims. You had Joe Exotic, Carole Baskin, Doc Antle and Jeff Lowe sitting on their thrones, then all their victims they used and abused. Joe and his husbands, many of whom weren't even gay and he just manipulated and coerced them into relationships, then his Tigers he killed and workers he fired. Carole, profiting off her Tigers and not paying her workers and (probably) having a hand in her Ex-Husbands disappearance and begrudging his will from his family, Doc Antle grooming young women and coercing them into sleeping with him, Jeff Lowe bribing women with Cubs to sleep with him and his wife, and all the other illegal stuff he did behind the scenes, all four of them should be in jail. The ones I felt the most sorry for were the outsiders, those who made the mistake of getting involved with them, the store manager who said being a campaign manager was his dream job, only for it to wind up the worst experience of his life, then the TV guy, who spent months filming Joe only for him to destroy all the footage, then worst of all young Travis, who sounded like a bright character who had a future, all lost in an instant. Like the guy said at the end, there were no real winners in this war, only losers.
gixxer6000 5 månader sedan
I had to face palm so hard when I saw what the people sad about this chick who "rescued" the big cats and didn't put them in a 40km2 pen ether. Thats what hurt me the most about this series when the people are so stupid that they give a person praise for helping the animals while that person is doing the exact same thing Joe exotic was doing.
Jessica Couch
Jessica Couch 5 månader sedan
Jeremy seems so mind fucked by this series that I’m going to have to watch it now
Rachita Bahmani
Rachita Bahmani 5 månader sedan
One thing which really bugged me throughtout the series was that Doc Antle took $300-$600 as admission fees and Joe looked like took less but both paid their employees $100 per week whcih was really sad. these employees did much more than they did and Carole toh had some other talent of having free volunteers I was like wow. I really sympathised with Bala the woman who worked at Antle's place, I wanted to know more of experience. I really felt bad for the animals owned by all these people.
morzansreddragon 5 månader sedan
Still looking forward to Dune mate? Watch the documentary 'Jodorowsky's Dune' about the unmade Dune of the 1970s.
No 5 månader sedan
I'm surprised how few people acknowledge the sex cult grooming teen girls and forcing them to work 24/7 because apparently that's less concerning then the fact that a woman might have killed her husband
Andrew Einmo
Andrew Einmo 5 månader sedan
And now we are about to live in a world where a gay, tiger-obsessed, drug-dealing, ego-maniac, cowboy is going to be played by Nicholas Cage... what has the world come to?...
NotgreatBOB! 5 månader sedan
If you leave Tiger King with more hate for Carole than anyone else, you should check yourself. Carole MAY have murdered her husband, but there is no definitive proof. Of what we can definitively prove, Joe Exotic and his entire squad were animal abusers and treated the tigers horribly. Joe dragging the newborn cub with a cold metal hook, ripping it from its stressed out momma tells you everything you need to know about Joe Exotic. I hope he rots in prison. If Carole killed her husband, then she should go to jail too, but the internet doesn’t get to play judge, jury, and executioner. Everyone involved in the doc said it manipulated the audience with editing and selective dialogue inclusion. If you go to Big Cat Sanctuary’s website, they’ve included an entire page to debunking some of the accusations with proof. I think Carole’s first husband was involved with the drug cartels. He hid his money from even his lawyer, had frequent off the record flights from Florida to Costa Rico (very common trafficking path) and no one seems to know how he made his fortune.
ThunderBuddy 5 månader sedan
Carole has the more ethical zoo but she is so money greedy. Leaving hardly anything for her late husband's daughter and then threatening to take what little she did get when his daughter went to speak out about the unfairness.
Tomás Cullen
Tomás Cullen 5 månader sedan
My favourite part of this is the fact that this guy ran for governor AND GOT 19% OF THE VOTES COME ON YOU GUYS WHAT THE FUCK?
Zach Marchetti
Zach Marchetti 5 månader sedan
Wormwoood is a really interesting documentary that came out on Netflix a few years ago
Baylee DeShazo
Baylee DeShazo 5 månader sedan
mcmillionare on hulu caught me in after watching tiger king!!
RichardG22 5 månader sedan
Making a murderer > Tiger King
Jenelle Garraway
Jenelle Garraway 5 månader sedan
Kudos to you! Not even a minute in and I'm laughing saying... I like this guy! Great review
0penthaugtz 5 månader sedan
I finally finished it, I kept loosing interest in watching it, it's not a very good show and I would not recommend anyone to watch it.
maximas 5 månader sedan
Is boring!
Louis Eitner
Louis Eitner 5 månader sedan
Operation Odessa
Reda Deroua
Reda Deroua 5 månader sedan
This show is the Male version of keeping up with the Kardashians
Guy Mcface
Guy Mcface 3 månader sedan
Except good
Charles Wesley
Charles Wesley 6 månader sedan
Joe exotic didn't lie that he profit from the lioness but he ultimately took care of them and understood, but Carol fucking baskins lied and made money off of liones. It's that simple.
PumpActionPanda 6 månader sedan
How do you forget Joe Exotic's name? Its said twenty times in every episode and is tattooed on like three random guys. Did you watch it?
Eric Huff
Eric Huff 6 månader sedan
This was a disappointment Carole baskin is not dead hope a tiger eats her ass 🤭😆😆
cyrusville 6 månader sedan
I have never seen a tiger in real life
Ghoul 6 månader sedan
If South Park had a kid with Animal Planet on meth...you’d have Tiger King
Allen Bocephus
Allen Bocephus 6 månader sedan
It's kind of a false equivalence between Joe dirt meth head exotic and Carole Baskin.... she doesn't breed tigers, only takes in ones that are to be destroyed, from what I understand. Also she runs a nonprofit, technically. She was wealthy before owning her wildlife refuge. I still think she is batshit crazy, but I don't think they are quite the same monster. Also she doesn't prey on barely legal kids and pump them full of meth until they wanna blow their heads off, from what I understand. Joe Dirt got exactly what he deserved.
Brady Austin
Brady Austin 6 månader sedan
The only difference between baskin and exotic is the wording. One's a zoo one's a "rescue". Also she killed her husband
Raven James
Raven James 6 månader sedan
I think you my like "DON'T FUCK WITH CATS" on Netflix.
Pee Pooh
Pee Pooh 6 månader sedan
Tiger King is so awful it forced Jeremy into a meme-review.
John Rigs
John Rigs 6 månader sedan
Great observation on how this show actually mirrors the stuff you constantly see on SElosk,the internet and social media. Take away the tigers and the themes of this thing are everywhere! Yikes!
Joshua Hendricks
Joshua Hendricks 6 månader sedan
I really don't know another documentary that's as Tiger-Balls crazy while still being completely reality.
poneill27 6 månader sedan
I Am Not Okay With This- It's a new show on Netflix. 7 short episodes. 18-28 minutes each. Review it please.
DuelaDent -52-
DuelaDent -52- 6 månader sedan
Putting the “cult” in “subculture”.
theeGAME360 6 månader sedan
I think that the "Straight to jail" meme from parks and rec best describes this show. Just fuck it throw em all in jail.
Kevin Papac
Kevin Papac 6 månader sedan
At least get back into Arrow. Season 5 is when it starts to get good again
GabeDoesReviews 6 månader sedan
I just wanna have Jeremy watch Dear Zachary and give us the most depressing episode
rodrigo araya
rodrigo araya 6 månader sedan
Martin Scorsese would make an awesome movie about these douchebags
JorgEduardorR 6 månader sedan
Have you watched "Don't f*ck with Cats" is also on Netflix
Bjorn Blackman
Bjorn Blackman 6 månader sedan
Still not gonna watch that shit. Review extraction bro
Lindsey Horist
Lindsey Horist 6 månader sedan
Can you rant on the Coronavirus?
Matheus Medeiros
Matheus Medeiros 6 månader sedan
Bandits on tv
Josh Dawson
Josh Dawson 6 månader sedan
Joshua Dial and the two amputees are the only decent people on the show
Crichjo32 6 månader sedan
The only decent people were the lady who got her arm bit off, and the dude that lost his legs.
Allen Bocephus
Allen Bocephus 6 månader sedan
Actually that "lady" identifies as a man, for what that's worth. And he's been arrested over 20 times for multiple offenses. He fits in well with the other crackheads tbh.
gabo1841997 6 månader sedan
The funny thing is the cages in Carole's zoo were smaller and suckier than Joe's, those animals were cramped in rusty metal boxes. "Big Cats aren't meant to live in cages." GOD, They're all such hypocrites.
ThyGreek 6 månader sedan
Watch Chinese dramas.
Epic Rhino Films
Epic Rhino Films 6 månader sedan
Just your daily reminder that Carol Baskin killed her husband and Jeffrey Epstein did not kill himself
Shantorey Wilkins
Shantorey Wilkins 6 månader sedan
Patrick's Crazy Place
Patrick's Crazy Place 6 månader sedan
Recommended doc to watch: Also on Netflix - Don't Fuck With Cats. Get ready to have nightmares.
John Peace
John Peace 6 månader sedan
Jeremy's thick beard is showin up.
Larry Cruz
Larry Cruz 6 månader sedan
Jeremy Jahns IS THE MAN!!!!!! Honestly he has inspired me to start my own SElosk channel reviews Movies and TV shows. I jumped out of my comfort zone and im looking to make 100 subs!!! I would love to get some support/feedback so please hit subscribe and check it out!!
Vexsin71 6 månader sedan
As always Jeremy I give you a thumbs up for taking the time to review... But my opinion on this show... It sucks... Absolutely Horrible... One That I wish I could've gotten my time back for watching...!
- Cdawgg -
- Cdawgg - 5 månader sedan
Vexsin71 you’re no fun
Taylor Adams
Taylor Adams 6 månader sedan
Please do a video with Mauler. I think you would get along.
Jamie Fox
Jamie Fox 6 månader sedan
They cut so much from the documentary. Like Joe's first husband killed someone the rampant meth use that was always there but never really addressed joe's racism the fact the documentary film maker guy was the subject of a different documentary about meth addiction and so much more. Its ridiculous.
Ace The Sloth
Ace The Sloth 6 månader sedan
Watch the wonderful whites of west virginia
rogue card
rogue card 6 månader sedan
You should watch don’t fuck with cats hunting a internet killer it’s on Netflix
deadpoolnerd 6 månader sedan
Just hearing this series by the name and not the contents I thought it was a documentary about like a shitty 80s fake kung fu master. Boy was I surprised... Although now I want a cheesy kung fu movie called The Tiger King tm (ya know to avoid copyright) where the rec center has to be defended from corporate bitch susan who wants to build a strip mall with a GAP (gasp the horror I know). And the day is saved by the power of friendship oh and of course mass bodily harm.
Jordan TRusso
Jordan TRusso 6 månader sedan
“they shall not grow old” by Peter Jackson is a must watch documentary.
The Liger Kings
The Liger Kings 6 månader sedan
I went to this guy’s zoo and I thought it was awesome. And then he killed someone like 3 years later And I was just like 😐
Kamille Ferrer
Kamille Ferrer 6 månader sedan
Can you watch Jane the Virgin lol
Ben Henderson
Ben Henderson 6 månader sedan
*Im broke as sheit*
evilsocksss 6 månader sedan
Jeremy, can you review The Platform?
Said Robby
Said Robby 6 månader sedan
Yo Jeremy, review making a murderer season 2?
MIGHTparanormal 6 månader sedan
Save for a few of Joe's employees almost every other person in that show is a piece of shit.
sportsMike87 6 månader sedan
Abducted in plain sight is worth a watch
GWyld 6 månader sedan
The woman should be in jail. The rest should all be in a mental institution.
Jamie B
Jamie B 6 månader sedan
You talk like you didn’t even watch it. You don’t address the any of the characters by name not even the tiger king himself!!
Big Blue Elo80
Big Blue Elo80 6 månader sedan
Jesus he looks like Michael Keaton 😂😂
Kyero 6 månader sedan
Trim your beard
Kirankumar Paraskar
Kirankumar Paraskar 6 månader sedan
Those who giving spoilers :Fuck you all
Brayden Drogemuller
Brayden Drogemuller 6 månader sedan
Jeremy that beard is looking SHNAZY
Ace II Hermit
Ace II Hermit 6 månader sedan
Each and every character in this series is worth a spin-off! Doc Antle? I have so many questions. Reinke with his Ziplining accident. Carole Baskins, no further explanation needed. Jeff Lowe's past and future. Garretson and the Jet Ski (each Episode has to begin with him on the Jet Ski!)
Kayla Trujillo
Kayla Trujillo 6 månader sedan
Maybe if Jeremy reviewed The Imposter? That's a documentary that's pretty crazy- it's about a boy who goes missing in America and is found in Italy- but like the title says...it's a crazy story.
Yifei Wang
Yifei Wang 6 månader sedan
Jeremy!! You should watch "Don't fuck with cats". It's got weird shit in it too!
Ashbasher22 NERD
Ashbasher22 NERD 6 månader sedan
A wonderful documentary of the most fascinating human being I have ever heard of. I highly recommend you all watch it. It's fantastic.
Allen Bocephus
Allen Bocephus 6 månader sedan
Good grief if a methed up inbred sexual predator is the most interesting human you've ever heard of... you need to get out more.
soxenbridge 6 månader sedan
When you said no one was a good person. I’d say the guy with the missing legs was a good person.
homero pr
homero pr 6 månader sedan
Man review narcos pls
AnDre Garland
AnDre Garland 6 månader sedan
That Dark Knight line at 6:17 was impeccable
TimeStampz 6 månader sedan
1:46 Carole "Ima Bad bitch" Baskin
phillipians 4:13
phillipians 4:13 6 månader sedan
Don't lie u wanted to watch it bc a guy named Joe exotic
McKein Mull
McKein Mull 6 månader sedan
With Great Power: The Stan Lee Story I found it pretty good it’s only like an hour and twenty minutes but pretty good!
palliboy101 6 månader sedan
I got the feeling that Carole was not remotely interested in big cat conservation. I think she killed her husband for his money and suckers in " volunteers" to work for free while she charges money for tickets to see big cats in tiny cages. Don't get me wrong Joe is as bad but at least he was honest about it and not pretending to be something he is not.
H Khan
H Khan 6 månader sedan
Carole killed her husband. Check her septic tank.
Licitt 6 månader sedan
It looks so fucking gross, why is this show a thing
D Money 1896
D Money 1896 6 månader sedan
Yeaaah I didn't get the whole "this show is fucked up." First few episodes were blah. When the husband disappeared yeah that's shady that the wife didn't know what happened and the dude shot himself in the face. Also the girl getting her arm ripped off was wow. Oh and that Joe changed after that happened with his husband. But I don't see a big fucked up problem. Yes I agree, killing animal's isn't right at all. But I thought it'd be as shocking as the Gabriel Fernandez trial. Just that a lot of pointing fingers like siblings arguing and backstabbing. And if someone gives someone else the ownership of the business than everything in the business is the new owner's. Yes he owns the animal's but where would he put them? I felt like I was watching the Walking Dead with these different zoo owner's. Get people off the street's or elsewhere and do these chores and I'll provide you with food and shelter, don't like it there's the door.
Thommy2n 6 månader sedan
A documentaries job is not just to be entertainment. You may as well make a "based on a true story" movie on it and take all the liberties you want. A documentaries job ideally is to educate. And if it was to caution people about our current abysmal record for animal abuse and the lack of protections for these creatures, then they failed utterly. The most we get at the end his a hasty end text saying "oh, by the way, there are more tigers in captivity than in the wild". Why couldn't they spend more time on that through the whole series?
Admiral Amel
Admiral Amel 6 månader sedan
At first i though it's was some bizzare ARG or something...
のBE2つ 6 månader sedan
Three things: 1. Carole did it. 2. Low is a con artist. 3. Joe is innocent.
max hocks
max hocks 6 månader sedan
Two Be joe is not a good person but I 1000% believe low set him up.
Pratibha Chaudhary
Pratibha Chaudhary 6 månader sedan
Seriously America you call yourself a first world country and don't even have proper regulatory authorities for Animal Protection. And why do you even allow privately owned zoo in the first place. Nobody is at fault here except your government.
Blaze The Movie Fan
Blaze The Movie Fan 6 månader sedan
Yeah I'm not interested in documentaries to be honest, great review though.
Levi 6 månader sedan
Wait...so you watched the whole series, but you didn't remember the name of the main character at 0:57? Not a great start to a series review
Reyla Games
Reyla Games 6 månader sedan
Tbh I thought it was super manipulative and a bad documentary. Really reminded me of constructed reality shows like 'Made in Chelsea' or that sort of thing. Okay for the watch.
Greatest Ever
Greatest Ever 6 månader sedan
Dude what about casa de papel???
Sarah Azahra
Sarah Azahra 6 månader sedan
I think that the documentary fails to tell people what they can do about these tigers, since apparently the directors/co-directors wanted to shed light on how horrible wild animal captivity is. They focused too much on the drama of Joe and Carole. I also think that other times Joe was more dominant in this docu series's narrative. Now I'm not defending Carole or anything bc she had done shady shit, BUT because of this docu-series people started trashing on her organisation Big Cat Rescue which I think is unfair. If anything that organisation has done more help to the big cats. I did some research and they actually do release wild cats to the wild (if they are native to Florida or U.S.) and the reason they kept the big cats because these cats apparently cannot survive in the wild. Some of them are declawed, hybrids, born in captivity, etc. it's very complicated. TLDR: the docu-series failed at convincing their audience to take action against big cats captivity, but instead made them focus too much on the drama and controversy between the two people.
Eri N
Eri N 6 månader sedan
i wish there were more people like you
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