Transformers: War For Cybertron Trilogy - Siege - Review 

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We have a new Transformers adventure in the form of a trilogy mini series on netflix. We have the first chapter of this trilogy called "SIEGE", made up of 6 episodes. Here's my review for TRANSFORMERS: WAR FOR CYBERTRON TRILOGY - SIEGE!
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1 aug 2020



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Dean T
Dean T 3 dagar sedan
As soon as you said 'you got the touch' that song started playing in my head.
Audiomajik 6 dagar sedan
Live action Castlevania series/movie. Would you want to see it and who would you want to see in it?
dogman and transformer man
When will earthrise come out?
Travis C
Travis C 18 dagar sedan
This gave me the Beast Wars vibes it was great. Finished it yesterday cant wait to see the rest
mark hairston
mark hairston 21 dag sedan
This is transformers we’ve been asking for since the early 2ks
I Slay Goblins
I Slay Goblins 21 dag sedan
I was hoping it would be set in the very beginning of the war. See how it all started and get some epic large scale battles. Maybe next chapter.
Jacob Crossan
Jacob Crossan 22 dagar sedan
One thing i disliked was the massive amount reusing of character models it makes sense for the seekers as Thats how they were in gen 1 but the rest bugs me a little
Sunshinez -
Sunshinez - 27 dagar sedan
so to all the people talking about a remaster its not impossible but the agreement between Hasbro and activison ended sometime in 2015 so war and fall of cybertron are kind of stuck unless an outside 3rd party picked it up and that's unlikely it would be like some small company picking up star wars
Maxamillian6668 Månad sedan
True that! The intro to Bumblebee must be turned into a movie, apart from the series on Netflix
JahXJah GM
JahXJah GM Månad sedan
Waited for him to say it’s awesometactular lol
Damon Sensing
Damon Sensing Månad sedan
I really really enjoyed this show. I agree, I left wanting more too. I grew up in the early 2000’s but my dad got me all of the G1 series + movie, I had 2 of the Michel Bay movies, toys, the whole shabam. I’ve felt very sad about the tastelessness of the Tranformers franchise but this was a total breath of fresh air. I loved the War for Cybertron games and this is exactly what I’ve been wanting out of a Transformers form of film.
Kelly Karjola
Kelly Karjola Månad sedan
Wheel Jack did say that Bumble bee was a pain in the ass in the first episode..
RG1Studios Månad sedan
If Jeremy likes Beast Wars...he should read up on the Kingdom leaks
MKF30 Månad sedan
I liked how Optimus is still learning to be a leader, Megatron starts almost neutral here but slips slowly into an extremist and evil dictator type by the time you reach episode 6. I wasn't a huge fan of Elita(Prime's GF apparently) she is kind of annoying yet loyal, always questioning everything he did but in the end knew he made the right choice. I also saw Jetfire as the Dinobot of this series, the honorable Decepticon who left their ranks seeing the evil Megatron was doing at any cost to win and joining the Autobots. I liked how the Guardians got involved, they reminded me of the tripeticus counsel from Beast Wars/Beast Machines era(of course that was farther into the future) but similarities there. Overall, this has started off to be a great series, wish it was more than just 6 episodes for the first part of Siege, but 10/10 for me. Last series I enjoyed this much was Prime, before that Armada trilogy was alright, but yeah up there with Beast Wars, BM and of course the original. Lots in between but I didn't enjoy those not mentioned as much as this series or the ones I've mentioned before it.
عبدالله العويس
It’s really interesting to see autobots being on the rebellion side of things, in the original cybertron trilogy the decepticons were the rebellion and won the war initially because of incompetent leadership in the autobot side
Roger Foye
Roger Foye Månad sedan
The blocky character models are based on the Siege toy line.
zig y
zig y Månad sedan
thank god there’s no humans, i think we can all agree with that
Kahtan Hayder
Kahtan Hayder Månad sedan
Please cut your hair man
Stablemable2 Månad sedan
Yeah I read the following 2 chapters had to postponed production because of the pandemic. I always wanted to see a CG movie of Transformers. I mustve watched this chapter 3 times already.
thewillingwell Månad sedan
The audio was horrible. And the voiceovers were inconsistent. Try listening to Soundwave.
Kwane Jackson
Kwane Jackson Månad sedan
Just watched it. Can't wait to see the rest!!!
Ninakupenda Månad sedan
I enjoyed this. However, I do think many things could of have been done better. Some things becoming more nuanced. Still pretty solid though.
SavagePhantoms 9000
SavagePhantoms 9000 Månad sedan
I think for next chapter it's gonna take place on Earth with Optimus and his team and bits of Cybertron with Elita and her team.
I loved the fact that they showed Megatron as a complex tragic figure that almost regrets the things he has to do to end the war. They sort of made him a grey character like Magneto and I love it
turbohawk551 Månad sedan
I really like series, but I can't get behind the voice acting. Specifically, Optimus and Soundwave. Optimus's sounds like an impression for a comedic sketch, and Soundwave...oh boy...how can you screw that one up?
Kadeonion Månad sedan
This show sucks. No peter Cullen, me no like
BengeJ Uknowit
BengeJ Uknowit Månad sedan
This is the best Transformers series since the 80s!
JstShaun Månad sedan
I was going to watch this... Until I saw Megatron with lips. WHY DOES HE HAVE TO HAVE LIPS?? He's metalic. Lips don't even work that way! Aahhh.😤
Elizabeth Choi
Elizabeth Choi Månad sedan
Best transformers series in myopinion
Chris Sanders
Chris Sanders Månad sedan
it sucked, they tried to make it to deep and fucked it up
TheAKiani Månad sedan
Thank god we don’t have cheesy shit like: LEFT CHEEK! LEFT CHEEK! LEFT CHEEK!
0Anesthetic 4u
0Anesthetic 4u Månad sedan
That was Wheeljacks original cartoon voice if you didn't know. Not the Voice actor just the voice.
Rain Down Reverse wolf
Bro the only thing I didn't like about chapter 1 is first optimus voice is kinda old it may be a different actor or the same one but he got old but also optimus is to desperate in the games and movies he knew they would always win no matter what but siege optimus will try anything to end the war even if he has to sacrifice some energon now they are making it seem like megatron is the good guy but in the end it's a war there is no good side they just fight for different reasons.
Gérann Gerber Channel
Jeremy, I just realised that you never did a review of the original Transformers Movie of 2007. Please do a review of that movie as well as the 1986 The Transformers: The Movie!!
Cyruss Tanola
Cyruss Tanola Månad sedan
the only problem I have with this is the voice acting, it sometimes takes me out The most worst was Optimus and Elita, their lines didnt match the emotions we're seeing, I wouldve liked the voice acting if it was directed well, I dont care about who's voicing them, with proper directing, it could work
NinjaAimless Månad sedan
This shit SUCKS! It’s so damn slow and depressing. I love the fact there in the middle of the war but I wish it was actually some WAR involved. A few lil piss Skirmishes with shitty choreography there just flailing around and a few shots hear and there. As a Strong fan of the original 80’s series I’m trying to stick it out but man it’s definitely not any Fun or exciting events going on right now😏. It’s so serious there just taking all the joy out of Alien giant mecha robos fighting with laser swords and cannons.....🤨. Hopefully they’ll crank up the action and overall enjoyment or what I’m looking at.
Think unthoughtful thoughts
Omega Supreme feeling godly was a huge plus
Rand0mPanda 2 månader sedan
I took a test and I’m True neutral too! Really close between that and chaotic good.
Kunal Tanwar
Kunal Tanwar 2 månader sedan
prequel of Bumblebee movie
Hunter Hoehn
Hunter Hoehn 2 månader sedan
I dislike this new show, the voice acting is terrible and the characterization is awful
haden mussinan
haden mussinan 2 månader sedan
In my mind the 2 things wrong with this series is the voices and the fact that they had to use the TOYS as the actual character models. In my mind the studio Needs to create the designs FIRST and THEN they create the toys around those designs
K. Lee28
K. Lee28 2 månader sedan
Transformers Prime is the Best Transformers and Series of All-time other then Bayformers/Transformers films. *No one can replace The Legend Peter Cullen as The Great Optimus Prime* But Transformers War of Cybertron is a great tribute to Gen1 days.
palpatine do it
palpatine do it 2 månader sedan
I don't think you watched beast wars then since jetfire acts like dinobot
Silverfox 2 månader sedan
Say, was it just me or are the soundeffects in this show kinda lame? the blasters literally sound like "pew pew pew" no oomph or impact in it.
Karen Filippelli
Karen Filippelli 2 månader sedan
Shockwave sounded and acted exactly like Beast Wars Tarantulas.
Karen Filippelli
Karen Filippelli 2 månader sedan
*Robot Jesus* 😂 😆
Panthro 2 månader sedan
I was surprised about the fallout between the Autobots. It seems like a real family with real problems.
Austin Fink
Austin Fink 2 månader sedan
I had a problem with this only because when the autobots came to a problem it magically went away instead of something interesting to tell. I wanted so bad to like this show but I can't get past these poor choices.
Gabriel I
Gabriel I 2 månader sedan
I don’t get how this is a review when there is like no criticism here
Gabriel I
Gabriel I 2 månader sedan
For me it’s a 7/10
TETCOM 2 månader sedan
shit is DOPE
Crystal London
Crystal London 2 månader sedan
Lost me at ‘Transylvania’ 🤔
Synthetic America
Synthetic America 2 månader sedan
Transformers Prime, watch it
ijustwantedausername 2 månader sedan
Yeah. Pretty much what you said. It was great I loved To me it felt very much like the old cartoon. But better. The only thing I did not like was Soundwaves voice. The sound was great. But the way he spoke was weird. In the cartoon, he had a certain rhythm. Just sounded cool. Overall the whole thing was amazing. Absolutely going to rewatch.
ALEXANDER HAYES 2 månader sedan
Jeremy I'd love it if you could review Beast Wars!
Leinad 2 månader sedan
When you realize you are “your dads Transformers”😓
Angelo Carrion
Angelo Carrion 2 månader sedan
Perfect explanation of this series...I dig the moral ambiguity between the 2 factions and the ones (like Bumblebee) caught in the crosshairs...There were times I felt where Megatron was coming from like, “Damn, he makes a good point.”...I also felt like the soundtrack had that Tron (synthesized) vibe to it which made it that much more enjoyable. 10/10 for me, can’t wait for parts 2 & 3...
zen sadou
zen sadou 2 månader sedan
Elita is optimus’ sister...
Bastain Bux
Bastain Bux 2 månader sedan
It ok it will never top the original from '84 because of the voices
M G 2 månader sedan
The tone was just overall way too dark and dreary... They don’t even attempt to inject a bit of liveliness into it.. Optimus prime kept saying “Autobots move” wtf... took him like 5-6 episodes to say autobots Roll out 🤦🏽‍♂️ Elita has an oddly normal name among a long list of radically AWSOME over the top robot names like whiplash, jet storm, sound wave, star scream etc.. Elita was also about as appealing as a fart in an an elevator and sucked the life out of every scene she was in.. very annoying character.. overall.. didn’t quite capture the magic of other series like beast wars.
No more
No more 2 månader sedan
I thought it was decent but a fuckton of flaws.
Jurassic Raptor
Jurassic Raptor 2 månader sedan
They actually do curse a few times, but it isn’t often
Skywarp 12
Skywarp 12 2 månader sedan
It's no prime but is good a different take on the events but good I do want to see where they're going with the second chapter
Shed 2 månader sedan
Actually, jackwheel said "he's a pain in the ass" in the 1st episode. So there's some mild swearing
Immanuel Mendez
Immanuel Mendez 2 månader sedan
It's pretty good 👌
Jules Verde
Jules Verde 2 månader sedan
Oh god, this show was so stupid, so over-dramatic too. I literally fast forwarded past some parts. Ugh. People taking toy robots that transform into vehicles way, WAY too seriously...and this is coming from an OG Transformers fan.
A G 2 månader sedan
Too bad the toys are hollow garbage
nachoprime 2 månader sedan
It depends, toys like jetfire, optimus, starscream, omega, or shockwave are really solid and feel great while others like impactor, ultra magnus, or prowl are quite hollow and dont feel very good.
ANGRON 2 månader sedan
Trasnformers Devastation is the closest thing to the greatness of the 1986 movie that we have yet seen. This gets like a quarter of that right.
ANGRON 2 månader sedan
good idea having a transformers show without moronic humans, however there are glaring stupid things like why are they in their earth vehicle forms when they havent been to earth? The dialog is dogshit, and Arcee looks weird, and why is bumblebee not an autobot? THEY WERE MANUFACTURED THAT WAY. UGH. They got it a quarter right.
Shiny Shuckle
Shiny Shuckle 2 månader sedan
Spoilers for the show down below: Minus the extremism regarding the Allspark I found myself more supporting the Decepticons, we never actually see why Megatron's plan for Cybertron is bad, we just hear the Autobots say that it's bad. Also considering what Impactor said about the miners and gladiators and the fact that Megatron has more character than Optimus Prime (he offers the Autobots chances to surrender, we also see him hesitate when torturing Magnus and when deciding whether to search for the Allspark or not, and he only begins searching for the Allspark after Impactor is presumed dead.) The Decepticons just seem like they have better characters, also they have more distinct personalities. When I look at the Autobots Optimus Prime seems like a madman, he decides to send the Allspark off of Cybertron without even stopping to consider the consequences, he constantly endangers the other Autobots (especially when he led them into that trap), and he seems like a worse, watered-down version of G1 Optimus. As far as the other Autobots go none of them really have much character besides Elita and Magnus, and a big part of their personality is disagreeing and arguing with Optimus. The best Autobot of the series is easily Ratchet, and he's technically no longer an Autobot. Meanwhile, the Decepticons have several distinct personalities, including Megatron, who seems far more honorable than any other version of him. Not to mention Impactor, who had a great dynamic with Ratchet. And of course, Starscream, being his usual self. The worst Decepticon character in my opinion was Jetfire. He started out as a really interesting character, however, it seemed like his turn came out of nowhere and was rushed. Not to mention he literally killed one of his own soldiers who served under him even though they were just following orders. In fact, I was avidly rooting for the Seekers to shoot down Jetfire because he betrayed and killed one of their own.
rickprime83 2 månader sedan
Part 1: Seige Part 2: Earthrise Part 3: Kingdom its going by the WFC toy release story line, were on year 2 of the toyline which is Earthrise.
CK Boulevard
CK Boulevard 2 månader sedan
Not only did optimus doubt himself, but Elita absolutely doubted him and has no faith in him. No wonder they aren't together. Elita is a bitch
Kleitos 2 månader sedan
Honestly this show was the most generic, predictable thing I've seen in 2020 thus far. It took absolutely no risks as far as the story was concerned, and the dialogue was extremely cookie-cutter. Even the action was god awful. I was hoping for a spiritual successor to the amazing War for Cybertron and Fall of Cybertron games, but this isn't even close to it, which is a major disappointment.
Scorpion Hasashi
Scorpion Hasashi 2 månader sedan
I watched in Hindi dub and voice actor did really good job I felt like in Bumblebee movie before he joined Autobots it take place before movie in show
Cooper Klebba
Cooper Klebba 2 månader sedan
If you’re looking for great transformers content, The first season of Transformers Prime is on Netflix and is regarded as one of the best modern takes of the franchise.
Ron KJV MDCXI 2 månader sedan
Best series yet after Transformers prime. I saw Omega Supreme and damn near shit myself.
William King
William King 2 månader sedan
I'm not super familiar with Transformers lore, so this could be nothing new, but I really liked that apparently the Decepticons were formerly the abused working class that rose up in rebellion to take control. That was really intriguing to me. It seems to be taking from the Russian Revolution with Megatron as their Stalin. It leads to the question as to whether Russia would have been better off under the Tsars and if the revolution had never happened. I really liked this series. I'm looking forward to chapter two.
Big Lion
Big Lion 2 månader sedan
According to Wikipedia, the next one is called “Earthrise” and it’ll be the Ark Autobots searching for the Allspark which will probably lead them to Earth.
MartinC10 2 månader sedan
Explain how come some already have there earth bodies in robot mode without ever even been to earth?
Ricky Spanish
Ricky Spanish 2 månader sedan
They could have done three movies if they have nothing substantial for eighteen episodes over three series. For instance Siege could have been (another) retelling of the Arks launch where on the Eve of it, Megatron and Optimus are summoned by Alpha Trion and guided into Cybertron where they have a spiritual journey of their past, present and future courtesy of Alpha Trion and Vector Sigma. It would retell the Dreamwave story The War Within. Meanwhile Ultra Magnus leads the Autobots in prepping for launch and fighting off the Decepticons assault led by Starscream, Shockwave oversees the Nemesis being brought online and faces the Wreckers infiltration. Ultra Magnus leads Hound, Ironhide, Prowl, Sideswipe and the Micromaster Battle Patrol in guarding the Ark. Omega Supreme would be the Arks guardian, he takes out Decepticons, neutrals, empties and others who attempt to board it, he's disabled early in the fight so Ratchet and Red Alert work tirelessly to bring him online. The wreckers are Springer, Impactor, Crosshairs, Slamdance, Cog and the Micromaster Off Road Patrol who are up against Shockwave.
TheElizander 2 månader sedan
I was hoping we will finally get to see a full on war between the Autobots and Decepticons, on their home planet and how it all went to shit. But the firt thing we knoe is that the war it's already reaching it's climax and the Autobots are so screwd some of them are bassically starving to death. At it was all downhill from there. I do love what they did with Megatron, giving him lots development. But Optimus is a joke who spends most of the series predicating hope like he's a monk or something. And Bumblebee's, Jetfire, Ultramagnus and Alita's character arcs are either rushed or forced upon them.
Jeremy Bain
Jeremy Bain 2 månader sedan
So you just boycott the Barber 💇🏻‍♂️
Josiah Baughman
Josiah Baughman 2 månader sedan
Why don't you re-review the Michael Bay Transformers movies? Except for Age of Extinction and The Last Knight.
Jay Nadiah
Jay Nadiah 2 månader sedan
i am questioning your love for the original 80s series.. because whheljack always sounded like rocket racoon even then...
Dilip Vernekar
Dilip Vernekar 2 månader sedan
SPOILER ALERT!!!!! But this question is driving me insane! Why does optimus prime take the all-spark off Cybertron knowing it might kill everyone in Cybertron??? Is that noble? Saving your faction but killing everyone else?
Aimée 2 månader sedan
Wheeljack: "He's a pain in the ass, that's what he is." Jeremy: It's not like they CURSE...
xLttPx 2 månader sedan
Are you 5?
KP Kev the Poet
KP Kev the Poet 2 månader sedan
Ass is barely cursing lol
speedy 2 månader sedan
Really enjoyed it. It felt like a cross between the game and the film from the eighties. They had no problem ending bots.
Jasper Arcadia
Jasper Arcadia 2 månader sedan
True neutral, huh Jeremy? neutral good slash chaotic good here.(CG was right behind Neutral good by only a couple points, and pretty far ahead of most else)
Natasha Kaka
Natasha Kaka 2 månader sedan
When are you doing Deathstroke?
Koby Barnes
Koby Barnes 2 månader sedan
classic animation is handrawn and this is all cgi. its called 3d animation
ojoreakatheoj 2 månader sedan
Beast wars remake please
Alfred Fiore
Alfred Fiore 2 månader sedan
Watch it in Japanese if you don't like the voices after all it is animated by Polygon pictures a japanese studio thus an Anime series.
C Jones
C Jones 2 månader sedan
u look like dos equis loser little brother 🤣
Monagirl Jones
Monagirl Jones 2 månader sedan
Thank you
Mr. Movie
Mr. Movie 2 månader sedan
I think it felt dark because of the animation.
Jacob 2 månader sedan
Can we get a remaster game for War for Cybertron
Schauer Pictures
Schauer Pictures 2 månader sedan
I thought I was actually a good show. They skipped all the crap about earth and the stupid humans and they got to the cool parts about the war on cybertron
Mauricio Winston
Mauricio Winston 2 månader sedan
This megatron is cool...but that megatron in War for Cybertron/Fall of cybertron the video games was a monster!!!
AC-94 Da Rap Arsonist
AC-94 Da Rap Arsonist 2 månader sedan
Wheeljack said "ass" once......so there's that.
Nelson Forero
Nelson Forero 2 månader sedan
I loved it! 1st season way to short left me wanting more! 😩 i love the visuals the detail on the transformers is amazing glad to see Elita 1 play a bigger Role. My only complain was Soundwave voice and iron hide didn't like there voices but love the show can't wait to see more!
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