Turbo Kid - Movie Review 

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Bit of an obscure review here, but it's important to try new things. Here's my review for TURBO KID!


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8 jun 2020



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Boris Boef
Boris Boef 9 timmar sedan
Turbo kid is great.....and the soundtrack by Le Matos is great too. Kung Fury really had me looking for other 'bad' retro-but-new stuff, which led me to Turbo kid. And I must say I like stuff like this more than the average blockbuster ridden with sjw bs from Hollywood these days.
Youssef Assem
Youssef Assem 17 dagar sedan
We all need apple in our life
T. Pham
T. Pham 17 dagar sedan
I was actually turned onto this movie because I discovered the OSTA first and fell in love with that
soap mctavish
soap mctavish Månad sedan
Would love a review of the umbrella academy
Emmanuel Tee
Emmanuel Tee 2 månader sedan
Love your reviews Jermey. Could you review, A Thin line between Love & Hate w/Martin Lawrence (1996) ?
elevatordancer 2 månader sedan
If he’d only said your name one not time, he would’ve summoned you.
Stealthlooper 2 månader sedan
Have seen a little movie called: Ong Bak: Muay Thai Warrior ? (it' one of My favorite martial arts film ever! )
Stealthlooper 2 månader sedan
Also Turbo Kid is a personal favorite of mine!
thebubba1 2 månader sedan
The movie is cheesy as hell but dam.... The actors did a really good job with their characters...their performance really made me want to care about them . The main two had really good chemistry and played their roles extremely convincingly... I really think this might reach a cult statis in five to ten years from now
Dylan Moore
Dylan Moore 3 månader sedan
This movie was Mad Max meets Hobo with a Shotgun.
teetheluchador 3 månader sedan
Finally. One of my favorites
Max Miller
Max Miller 3 månader sedan
Turbo Kid is a masterpiece
The Art School Rejects
The Art School Rejects 3 månader sedan
zombieland- zombies = mad max ... or the U.S. 2020
Bobbius Shadow
Bobbius Shadow 3 månader sedan
Yeah, it's all of the above ... and absolutely loved it
J D 4 månader sedan
Jeremy Jahns: Harder to summon than Beetlejuice
kannathasanS 4 månader sedan
can you review never have i ever pls
Joshua Cardozo
Joshua Cardozo 4 månader sedan
I absolutely love this movie. Its on my top 5 favorite movies list. I'm so glad to see you reviewed it.
Nesty 4 månader sedan
I watched this movie when it came out and loved it ,idk why but is the kinda movie that makes u feel like a kid again
LaMario 4 månader sedan
This movie was awesome
ethanarc 4 månader sedan
@JeremyJahns: Prrrrreeeeeetty sure dude was sitting with his feet on a pentagram while he was summoning you 😄
John Snow
John Snow 4 månader sedan
Anyone have an opinion on the last of us 2?
Alex the verticalspy
Alex the verticalspy 4 månader sedan
Hey Jeremy I have a short film called The Guy Must Die it’s a Mystery Crime Thriller I made this year
James Mason Albrecht
James Mason Albrecht 4 månader sedan
It would be great if you would review Back To The Future Part III. You reviewed the others, it is also the 30th anniversary of Part III.
Corey Rider
Corey Rider 4 månader sedan
Jeremy, you should review The Death of Superman/Reign of the Supermen
Quiet Time Gaming
Quiet Time Gaming 4 månader sedan
Okay Jeremy Jahns.. I won’t say Jeremy Jahns 100k times to get your attention. I’m making a video where I say Jeremy Jahns 500k times,
nicomal 4 månader sedan
this movie is surprisingly fun, if you like that kind of movie, which I do, I hope they make a sequel with more budget, but the same heart.
nicomal 4 månader sedan
So you are saying that you don't want a fan to say your name 100k times, so 200k for the next movie request? it's getting expensive Betelgeuse adjusted for inflation... just saying
Nick D. Jones
Nick D. Jones 4 månader sedan
Mega man? Not Mega man? Ok.
Ace Diamonds
Ace Diamonds 4 månader sedan
cant wait for the sequel turbo man. PUT THAT COOKIE DOWN!
The Riddler
The Riddler 4 månader sedan
My brother said it reminded him of megaman
Grant Mason
Grant Mason 4 månader sedan
Jeremy could you please do a review on The Ritual it's a Netflix original. Please do so I wont have to say your name 100000 times. Your awesome Jeremy. Thanks
Grady Lehto
Grady Lehto 4 månader sedan
You should review Enemy! The Jake Gyllenhaal Movie
Barbatos 4 månader sedan
Jeremy: Michael Ironside is in this movie... me: so Darkseid is in this movie...
Fallgore 4 månader sedan
i would pay jeremy to review so old super cheesey movies
Luke Ormsby
Luke Ormsby 4 månader sedan
What if I say it 200,000 times?
Travis Mitchell
Travis Mitchell 4 månader sedan
What if someone said Jeremy Jahns 100,000 times... backwards.... with their butt?
Kevan Hanley
Kevan Hanley 4 månader sedan
Review dead mans shoes. The film is class.
Giannis Tsoupakis
Giannis Tsoupakis 4 månader sedan
Started as a short film and picked up by a studio to become future film.. This is how awesome it is..
Hugh Jassole
Hugh Jassole 4 månader sedan
I know you get all kinds of requests....so this makes me no different than anyone else, but please, please review Martyrs ‘08. NOT the American remake
Ghostworrior711 4 månader sedan
Time Cop and Lion Heart
D. San
D. San 4 månader sedan
This movie does what Kung Fury tried to do, but well. It's the better of the two films to me.
Calvin Woolfolk
Calvin Woolfolk 4 månader sedan
He looks like he fina play a bad guy in a movie or something but looks cool at the same time lol 😂😎
ɮօʊռċɛ օʄʄ
ɮօʊռċɛ օʄʄ 4 månader sedan
Oh no it's spy kids but with higher low budget
John Arevalo
John Arevalo 4 månader sedan
Please watch Seven Deadly Sins on Netflix and make a video review
Nehemiah Pouncey
Nehemiah Pouncey 4 månader sedan
Jeremy jahns jeremy jahns Jeremy jahns lol.
Lumba Banda
Lumba Banda 4 månader sedan
Review Dark the TV series
Blaze The Movie Fan
Blaze The Movie Fan 4 månader sedan
Great review.
Reverse Yoda
Reverse Yoda 4 månader sedan
Please review Hannibal on Netflix
Via Dean
Via Dean 4 månader sedan
Please watch watchmen season 1
Walter Harris
Walter Harris 4 månader sedan
For real though... what took you so long to see this movie? Definition of modern (yet throwback) cult classic.
Rafael Souza
Rafael Souza 4 månader sedan
Awful movie. It just feel like they were trying too hard
Lucatdat 4 månader sedan
Did you see "Arkansas" ?
Montesama314 4 månader sedan
Does this make Jeremy some sort of thick-haired demon?
Mauro Escobedo
Mauro Escobedo 4 månader sedan
Please review “hobo with a shotgun”
Jessica Caraballo
Jessica Caraballo 4 månader sedan
So we have now established you can "Bloody Mary" Jeremy... Way more dedication required though
Tristen Ankney
Tristen Ankney 4 månader sedan
matodion 4 månader sedan
Robocop 2 please and then a mirrorverse review of Robocop 3
Renoulee 4 månader sedan
Please review Boondock Saints. Thanks in advance!
King Dare
King Dare 4 månader sedan
I'm only watching because of Turbo Kid!! How are you? You look like a creepy perv yourself (in your robe and v neck?) just saying don't call people creepy when you look like a coked up movie director 😳
W.T. 4 månader sedan
You should review Pink Floyd’s The Wall 😂😂. I honestly wanna know your thoughts on it.
mike123915 4 månader sedan
Im sure you've been asked this plenty of times jeremy but any chance of you are planning on reviewing velocipastor. Its such just absolute ridiculous movie in all the right ways.
Taj Larson
Taj Larson 4 månader sedan
You want Candyman? CAUSE THAT'S HOW WE GET CANDYMAN!!!!!
christine paius
christine paius 4 månader sedan
Review for Da 5 blood Netflix movie
lython quinones
lython quinones 4 månader sedan
Review the movie "The Road" 2009 film
Xavier Filmes
Xavier Filmes 4 månader sedan
Xavier Filmes
Xavier Filmes 4 månader sedan
Xavier Filmes
Xavier Filmes 4 månader sedan
Cesar'Snaps 4 månader sedan
Jeremey... can you please review this movie called “Amores Perros” it’s a Mexican movie directed by Alejandro G Inarritu and it is amazing... I will literally pay you, it’s awesome and it must be reviewed by the master of reviews
Raven House Mystery
Raven House Mystery 4 månader sedan
Do us a favor, Jeremy. Review some classic films like Casablanca or Double Indemity before they get taken off our streaming services. No one cares about modern violent crap like this.
cartmann227 4 månader sedan
I am jealous of your fantastic hair
Bradtronix 4 månader sedan
I got a really cool movie for ya. Red Cliffs. About a major battle during the Romance of the Three Kingdoms period of China. Actually pretty good, I thought.
Austin Williams
Austin Williams 4 månader sedan
Hahahah oh shit Jeremy getting stoned over here??
myster E
myster E 4 månader sedan
motorama is a must.
myster E
myster E 4 månader sedan
and Josh and S.A.M.
brian fitzpatrick
brian fitzpatrick 4 månader sedan
Gamora 4 månader sedan
Can you do a review for Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron?
Adam Aim
Adam Aim 4 månader sedan
I call upon the great and powerful Jeremy Jahns . Grant my wish oh mighty one. *begins the Jeremy Jahns chant incantation*
Milton2k 4 månader sedan
I hope Jeremy keeps this quarantine look now on.
Milton2k 4 månader sedan
I love Turbo Kid, never thought watching this review, cool.
sfhdsgdb 4 månader sedan
Review Serbian film
Justin Aaron
Justin Aaron 4 månader sedan
Can you review Return of The Joker?
Conner Miller
Conner Miller 4 månader sedan
Hey Jeremy! You should review Donnie Darko!
WorthySire 4 månader sedan
Mr Beast really revolutionized YT.
Gonzalo Calleros
Gonzalo Calleros 4 månader sedan
You should review Summer of 84 by the same directors Great video dude!
ASTRALSAURUS 4 månader sedan
I have seen it, I agree with the verdict, but since I have never been and will never be high, I'd say watch this movie with your nerdy film buddies. It's not the best thing in the world, bit it's pretty fun.
Lock3 4 månader sedan
Vlad the Wild
Vlad the Wild 4 månader sedan
You only need to say "CandyMan" 5 times
Raydeus 4 månader sedan
Thanks for bringing this movie to my attention, I had a way better time watching it than I ever expected.
Gallis Camferd
Gallis Camferd 4 månader sedan
I believe the target demographic for this movie are people who will sit at home and say your name 10,000 times for 12 hours straight
rjlolatte1 4 månader sedan
well if you liked this, Maybe you will like hobo with a shotgun
George Escott
George Escott 4 månader sedan
Jeremy please review Seven Pounds, great performance by Will Smith and Rosario Dawson!
Daniel R
Daniel R 4 månader sedan
You couldn't pay me enough to watch that movie, good grief XD The girl does have lovely eyes though (well, when she's not looking mental anyway), I'll give her that.
Dirk Dierickx
Dirk Dierickx 4 månader sedan
Sure this movie is fun, but around the same time i saw it, i also saw 'Hobo with a shotgun', which I think is much more enjoyable than this one.
Stephen Lucas
Stephen Lucas 4 månader sedan
TheAbsorbant 4 månader sedan
I knew I recognized this movie; I did the official Swedish subtitles for it back in 2015. I remember liking it, too! Such enthusiastic film making on a shoestring budget.
Movie fan 2000
Movie fan 2000 4 månader sedan
You should watch summer of 84
Keegan 4 månader sedan
Can U be a lamb and review the room
Jimmyodog 4 månader sedan
I haven’t seen turbo kid but I have seen a film called summer of 84 which is by the Same directors and trust me I definitely recommend it for sure
Mohamed Yousef
Mohamed Yousef 4 månader sedan
I just was thinking about the movie and then you do this !!! creepy lol
ConEst Arthur
ConEst Arthur 4 månader sedan
Please review Watchmen: The Director's Cut
PsicoptropicoTV TheInsanePigShow
Bro you have a Keanu Reeves look lately
Cobren1 4 månader sedan
Please Review Lady Bird (2017) directed by Greta Gerwig
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