Unhinged - Movie Review 

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A movie...IN A THEATER!!!!!! Anyhow, here's my review of Russell Crowe going nuts in UNHINGED!


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21 aug 2020



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Devin Michael Roberts
Devin Michael Roberts 8 timmar sedan
When were you diagnosed with parkinsons? just curious
Lightning 4 dagar sedan
Plot Armour ruined this movie
neogeoriffic 4 dagar sedan
Time for a trim, Robinson Caruso
Reeta Singhal
Reeta Singhal 6 dagar sedan
Watching Mirzapur
Kurt Palmer
Kurt Palmer 6 dagar sedan
I'll try not to overcomplicate my opinion - the film was a terrible piece of shit. On a positive, Mr Crowe's 'performance' was hysterical.
RDT Tijuana
RDT Tijuana 6 dagar sedan
Movie makes no sense because he stelas her iphone without password. Gets into her banking app and threatens to send money transfer without password....come on this movie is ridiculous as fuck.
WJ ZAV 7 dagar sedan
Remember when South Park made a parody of Russel Crowe going around the world, beating up people? Somebody said "Write that down!"
TheRocco96 7 dagar sedan
For a aggresion in traffic movie, The Hitcher and Duel were much bettter than this movie.
Marcus Ellis
Marcus Ellis 7 dagar sedan
I'm assuming all the police are on strike in this movie.
Marcus Ellis
Marcus Ellis 7 dagar sedan
I'm assuming all the police are on strike in this movie.
Ridwan Ademola
Ridwan Ademola 8 dagar sedan
This movie would have been 20 minutes long if she wasn't being an arsehole lol
josh72456 8 dagar sedan
Russell Crowe was good in it but, I didn't think that the story was that great.
Barcelona forever
Barcelona forever 8 dagar sedan
One hour and eight teen minutes movies too short totally enjoyed it
Outhouse Rat
Outhouse Rat 9 dagar sedan
Our Movie theaters officially open this weekend and bought tickets to go see unhinged. Looking forward to it now.
Richard Carte
Richard Carte 9 dagar sedan
Speaking as someone who writes screenplays, I saw some mild elements that where intentionally cheesy. I feel that they where going down the slasher route without most of slasher cliches but with more of a psychological horror route then a thriller route which is the typical slasher film route.I saw a lot of elements of both scream, the original scream, not the sequels which focus more on the aspects of the slasher cliches, and that Spielberg film Duel. I think it was supposed to be touching on the increase in mental Illness, the anger behind the recent rioting, the anxiety behind the lockdowns and the defunding of the police.
Mike2014 9 dagar sedan
I've got some courtesy eye liner for the ladies if their interested.
TheAlmightyHux 14 dagar sedan
Funny you mention Halloween as I thought he went full Michael Myers towards the end with all the shit that happens to him
Jonesy 25 dagar sedan
Wish this wasn’t what I came back to theaters to see lol. Definitely should have been a Netflix release. The dialogue was cringeworthy and some of the stuff that happened was sooooo unrealistic. He pulls up behind this lady and repeatedly bashes her car with his truck, yet everyone around them didn’t notice...? lol and then the stupid ending 🙄
Ishtiaque 25 dagar sedan
Womens name in real life is caren...
Dan the man
Dan the man 28 dagar sedan
Russell Crowe really put on weight
Ricky O'Malley
Ricky O'Malley Månad sedan
Really bad movie....like all common sense went out the window, was actually frustrating to watch
Henry Garcia
Henry Garcia Månad sedan
I went to the theater to watch this yesterday and the movie was (unlike for the characters in it) a real fun and and enjoyable ride. The theater was mostly empty which I enjoyed and I was there to see Tenet but we missed the showtime so it was the next choice but it was cheesy fun and Russel Crowe was electric and enjoying himself u can tell. The main character pissed me off tho at many points. Her son being the only wise voice of reason. I will watch Tenet in theaters today so wish me luck I am scared but I am being cautious and doing my part in being safe ad wearing my mask. I am excited too.
Anthony Gentile
Anthony Gentile Månad sedan
Looks like a rabi
Marcus Mc
Marcus Mc Månad sedan
Stupid, unrealistic predictable movie just like the rest. Like always the cops show up at the end when all the violence is over...smh
MadOcelotGod 81
MadOcelotGod 81 Månad sedan
My favorite part of the movie was when Russell Crowe started screaming "this is what happens when you fuck a stranger in the ass!" over and over
William Cronshaw
William Cronshaw Månad sedan
Did anyone else notice that they didn't even bother naming Russel Crowe's character? In the end credits he's just listed as "Man"
Latosha Lulu
Latosha Lulu Månad sedan
Just saw it was satisfying first time in theater but I drove home and the idea of what people may me going through I will be not be surprised if this will happen for real
Gaming Jeff
Gaming Jeff Månad sedan
I just saw this in theaters and OMG this movie was great it really had a ton of suspense and Russell Crowe's performance was phenomenal!! Nobody plays a terrifying psychopath better than him! Awesome movie!!
Naughty Aleena
Naughty Aleena Månad sedan
Emily Emily Emily Emily Emily Emily Emily Emily Emily Emily Emily Emily Emily Emily
TooLiveChris Månad sedan
Just saw the film, 2/10 would not recommend. It’s contrived, Russell Crow has incredible plot armor, the police are a joke, the 90s want their one liners back. The suspension of disbelief has to be at an all time high like this film had to take place in a pre 9/11 America for it to make any semblance of sense.
Danny Ran
Danny Ran Månad sedan
Daddy is back
HG OV Månad sedan
I saw it at a drive in at lake George.
Lenthis Goldstein
Lenthis Goldstein Månad sedan
It's a psychological thriller if it's horror to you fine not to me.
Wander Bear
Wander Bear Månad sedan
Michael Douglas in Falling Down, review that
SydMint Månad sedan
20% of the budget was production, the other 80% of the budget was for legal fees in case Russell hit someone ....... He might have been a good actor 20 years ago before he drank, punched and ate himself into oblivion ....... :P
SydMint Månad sedan
Director: For this part Russell, you need to act like a deranged, self absorbed psychotic thug with zero empathy for other people ...... Russell: You mean be myself?
Mister M
Mister M Månad sedan
The trailer spoiled the movie for me. So Ill skip this one
NovastART Månad sedan
ThreechTHEdruid Månad sedan
Really liked this movie
Abnicity Månad sedan
Que a quote about Jeremy's hair and bears
fitz ml
fitz ml Månad sedan
This movie is so intense, I didn't realize I was holding my breath through much of this movie until the end when I let out a breath and felt like I'd been through the ringer.
ADmillionaire Månad sedan
Im not watching nothing because im broke and this movie looks like a waste of time anyway.
Santa Is Blind
Santa Is Blind Månad sedan
This whole movie was just a roast and warning to karens in the real world. It should of been called "Unhinged: The fight against a Karen"
PhotoGeorge Månad sedan
Here in California some theaters can show it but only at 25% of capacity. Here in SoCal most of us still can't open our movie theaters unfortunately because we're still in the dreaded "Purple" zone of the Coronavirus. I'll be so glad when we can go to the movies again.
Shinzenbi Månad sedan
I sincerely hope once this is all over, that Jeremy doesn't shave or get a hair cut again.
TheWriterNW Månad sedan
So basically this is a remake of Falling Down.
rumproast Månad sedan
This movie was hilarious, despite having a predictable structure and some glaring tropes at some points. I loved seeing it
Desert Yetti
Desert Yetti Månad sedan
The boys season 2. Can't wait
Wayne A. Pollock
Wayne A. Pollock Månad sedan
Russell Crowe fighting around the world.
Wayne A. Pollock
Wayne A. Pollock Månad sedan
I was disappointed he never threw a phone at anyone.
Joel Bosso
Joel Bosso Månad sedan
Jonathan Ransier
Jonathan Ransier Månad sedan
Joyride was badass I loved it. And this one looks good to
Peter Spark
Peter Spark Månad sedan
Hahaha. Thank you. Awesome review.
AMIL KUMAR Månad sedan
Where to watch this movie only
The Nezzy Channel
The Nezzy Channel Månad sedan
I just got back from seeing it and I love this movie alot. Probably more than tenet....Yup I said it lol
Syklone Månad sedan
Sounds like a take on Steven Spielberg's "Duel" movie.
dupadupadoo69 Månad sedan
kind of in the beginning...but you know who the guy behind the wheel is and there are a couple scenes where he gets out of his truck and fucks people up.
donHooligan Månad sedan
movies like this make me so mad...when people make the stupidest choices possible for 80 minutes so they can have a movie.
MyStuffedRabbit Liu
MyStuffedRabbit Liu Månad sedan
Lesson here. Just say sorry to the man instead of being of asshole of a mom. She kind of ask for it.
Abe Sapien
Abe Sapien Månad sedan
It wasn't a bad film. I love having zero expectations for a movie and enjoying it.
Tim Walden
Tim Walden Månad sedan
No theaters here or I’d see it. No Netflix either, because of Cuties. Done cancelled that sh*t.
What The Film is going on
I gave this movie 1 star and a half out of 5
Dave Booshty
Dave Booshty 2 månader sedan
I Gave it a 5.5 out of a Booshty Ten. It was as like an ex Gladiator has The Killing Joke Meets The Hitcher While Falling Down In a Duel. Great Crowe , great violence too but by the ending i felt it ran out of gas though.
Justin Gary
Justin Gary 2 månader sedan
2020 is UNHINGED..... I'll leave now but we still have three months so I'll sit in the corner of Heaven
Eli Empire
Eli Empire 2 månader sedan
wait there a move call "It could happen 2 u"
Bluesjet1234 2 månader sedan
So good or no🤷🏻‍♂️
Jim Beam
Jim Beam 2 månader sedan
Unhinged was garbage... do not waste your money on this predictive waste of time.
Michael Markosky
Michael Markosky 2 månader sedan
liamdude5 2 månader sedan
I just realized, she can't go to the cops because they got defunded.
Zenomorph 2 månader sedan
Crowe is just being himself. Is there a telephone bludgeoning death anywhere in the film?
Trevor Chappel
Trevor Chappel 2 månader sedan
Don’t mean to throw you off your schedule but I believe you should review the HBO SERIES, THIS MUCH I KNOW IS TRUE! Would love to hear your opinion! I also think you might enjoy it as well.
mic dundee
mic dundee 2 månader sedan
think the 1st thing i ever saw russel crow in was "romper stomper" so hes always been a pretty scary guy to me
Kevan Hanley
Kevan Hanley 2 månader sedan
seth seth
seth seth 2 månader sedan
You look like scruffier wimpy John Wick.
Thomas Wayne
Thomas Wayne 2 månader sedan
Watched Tenet. It's good. Recommend.
carla bravo
carla bravo 2 månader sedan
First time going into a movie theater in 2020. It is worth it. My local flick got a make over. We sat in a cozy, vibrating lazy-boy recliner chair. Why weren't there many more movie goers?
Jonny Drama
Jonny Drama 2 månader sedan
This movie sounds like Steven Spielberg’s Duel (1971), definite recommend
Anguirus2012 2 månader sedan
dork knight
dork knight 2 månader sedan
Just saw it.... This is what Russell Crowe's character should have been as Mr Hyde of they had continued the Dark Universe
superbadisfunny 2 månader sedan
This movie is very flawed in many aspects. I didn't go in with high hopes but highly disappointed.
Justin DeTerville
Justin DeTerville 2 månader sedan
Where was the scene where Crowe stops mid chase to pick up drive thru. He should have been eating with a big gulp in his cup holder.
Sylvanus Nsumba
Sylvanus Nsumba 2 månader sedan
Ava with Jessica Chastain was great and zzz Greenland with Gerard Butler was thrilling
superjare23 2 månader sedan
Went to watch it. We walked out before it was finished. Terrible Movie.
Hipzip 14
Hipzip 14 2 månader sedan
I am so lucky with this movie, as all I knew about it was the plot. And I saw a barebones description of it, a man gets road rage and follows a woman. I expected something along the lines of the movie “Kidnap” starring Halle Berry, which is a movie I enjoyed, so I was instantly intrigued. Man was I so wrong, and man did I have the absolute best time in this movie because of it. I had no idea the serious direction this movie would go, and I was floored and anxious and thrilled the entire time. I watched the trailer once I left the theater, and that thing gave away so much, I’m so glad I didn’t see it. It made the movie that much better for me.
Grampamurked 2 månader sedan
Rental for sure and ffs get a haircut lol
Julia Bee
Julia Bee 2 månader sedan
This movie is surprisingly awesome
Spira014 Cole
Spira014 Cole 2 månader sedan
Apparently alcohol was required
Captain Planet
Captain Planet 2 månader sedan
i thought this was just a real life documentary about russel crow
Za Warudo
Za Warudo 2 månader sedan
Could you review , "The Brotherhood Of The Wolf" , "The Ghost And The Darkness" or Adventures In Dinosaur City?
conchudo2010 2 månader sedan
Dam Russell becoming a big boy
Robert Lund
Robert Lund 2 månader sedan
Please go see New Mutants
Chris H
Chris H 2 månader sedan
Well the courtesy tap wasn't worth waiting for that's for sure.
Sinchan Goswami
Sinchan Goswami 2 månader sedan
Really liked what you said about altercation
justin m
justin m 2 månader sedan
I went to the AMC in Atlanta Friday to see this in the ultra big screen. I’m with you it was awesome just to be in a theater. I did feel that they really push It because there was plenty of time she could have stopped and got peoples attention to help her out
The Never Show
The Never Show 2 månader sedan
I'm recording for this now an just realized I'm having deja vu. I've seen film in the before time. in 2017 from Director Dan Allen, and co writer Scott Jeffrey. Staring Kate Lister, Lucy-Jane Quinlan, Becca Hirani so... ya this is a re-make ^o.+^
Horizonstrider 2 månader sedan
Watching The Prestige and Molly's Game while waiting for a blue ray of The Abyss to finally be released.
「JUSTIN」 2 månader sedan
Yo I just watched a vid of this guy with no beard from like 9 years ago
Rudy Fernandez
Rudy Fernandez 2 månader sedan
This movie was garbage lmao and illogical.. the dinner scene was so unrealistic. 2/10 lmao.
superbadisfunny 2 månader sedan
Im okay with a plothole or 2 but this movie had so many
Josh Brooks
Josh Brooks 2 månader sedan
Hey Jeremy, just curious if you knew about this movie coming to Amazon prime anytime soon?
Middle Aged Nerd
Middle Aged Nerd 2 månader sedan
Kind of weird that he used an apple Juice bottle for his "no alcohol required" rating.
Angelon471 2 månader sedan
Mmm now imagine if it was an 18 wheel
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