WandaVision - Official Trailer (My Thoughts) 

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We have an official trailer for the Disney+ series WandaVision. So here are my thoughts on it!
Watch the trailer here: selosk.info/class/video/qZ9qrGqWyaeE1J8.html&ab_channel=MarvelEntertainment


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21 sep 2020



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Ivan Garcia Ramos
Can you and Chris Stuckmann do a video together? Thanks.
Connor Williams
Connor Williams 11 dagar sedan
It reminds me of a twilight zone concept and I like it.
Jack Collins
Jack Collins 11 dagar sedan
I bet it will be great. Like GotG, I had no idea what it was and it looked so different from other marvel movies. Turned out to be incredible
Vanessa Green
Vanessa Green 20 dagar sedan
I liked the trailer, I liked your video, agreed, it was as much weird as I thought it would be, also you’re right about the MCU, you’re Marvel what else you’d do now, let’s do a sitcom. I think they pick actors, characters, stories, story arcs on a dare at this point. Also: **Totally**Irrelevant**Comment**: Jeremy do you watch Formula 1? If you do watch F1, do some videos on F1. If you don’t, start watching F1, and then do some videos about F1. PLEASE!!! ❤️❤️❤️
Raphaël Hemery
Raphaël Hemery 22 dagar sedan
This trailer got me excited! It is very intriguing, and if they were going to bring Vision back, I'm glad their doing it in a strange way like this.
Jack Caffrey
Jack Caffrey 22 dagar sedan
They didnt do it all... they could have taken the watchmen path and actually bring the comics to life before they decided to rewrite themselves into a corner
Holycow 217
Holycow 217 22 dagar sedan
My theory is that vision is trapped in the stone
SciFirst MovieTalk
SciFirst MovieTalk 23 dagar sedan
This show looks mad! But loving the retro feel!
joexxxx95 23 dagar sedan
Why haven't you done a review on Dracula on Netflix, 3pt episodes...
Niop Tres
Niop Tres 25 dagar sedan
You think I am paying to watch this shit? Nah man, I sail the seven seas!! ragh matey!
Persona Six
Persona Six 25 dagar sedan
Actually it's set after the events of Avengers Endgame
He_Who_Laughs 25 dagar sedan
I bet when she wakes up to “reality” the xmen will be in the mcu
John Mateus
John Mateus 25 dagar sedan
That was a really good Paul Bettany impression, just gotta say.
Gio Silva
Gio Silva 25 dagar sedan
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TheLobstersoup 26 dagar sedan
I'm not a huge Marvel fan, but I remember that Scarlet Witch has a run, where she creates a magical utopia where she and Vision are married and have kids. A proper trip. It seems pretty obvious that's somehow part of this show. It just stands to question how much of it is entirely Scarlett Witches' creation and how much of it is the break-in of reality.
Gwaltzilla 26 dagar sedan
This reminds me of the comic book stories "Avengers Disassembled" and "House of M." Both of these stories tie into each other and basically Scarlet Witch goes crazy and her reality warping powers go crazy. Unfortunately I think I will give this a hard pass. I dont like the woke direction the MCU is going and have no faith in them pulling this off. I would recommend reading the comics however. Just like every other "good" MCU storyline used in the movies these comics were written before the comics went completely woke and became the dumpster fire they are now.
MustangsbyMatt 26 dagar sedan
What is going on with your mustache?
Ethan Hutchison
Ethan Hutchison 26 dagar sedan
This might be the best thing they ever put out
Andrea lee
Andrea lee 27 dagar sedan
Ur not Disney is reaching
Official Filmilen
Official Filmilen 27 dagar sedan
WandaVision is going to be an expremental tv show. They are bringing sitcoms back and its super weird, but its Marvel so they will succeed at it.
G.T.O. The Public Beta Test
They’re not “adding a laugh track.” They’re using a laugh track for that one specific sequence, and others like it in the same setting, when Wanda confronts herself with what’s really happening. The laughter is there as mockery of the lie she’s feeling internally. It’s weird. It’s Wanda mourning, discovering the depth of her power, to a degree easing the audience further into the potential of the multiverse by displaying those emerging reality bending powers, and Marvel leveraging these characters, telling stories that need 8-10 hours vs 2, and fulfilling contracts and creating content, and Wanda becoming Scarlet Witch. To describe it the way you have is really to diminish it, and I’ll be surprised if it doesn’t turn out to be one of yours and most Marvel fan’s favorite creations. It’s an adaptation of ‘House of M,’ which is a great story, Feige is at the helm, and they’ve earned better by now. Peace. And keep the change, ya filthy animal.
Gan Khef
Gan Khef 27 dagar sedan
I was pretty surprised that I came away genuinely interested in this. I knew nothing about this film going into the trailer I'm sure that helped. Didn'texpect a surreal horror vide at all. In hindsight, I suppose the assumption that the captains of this multi-billion dollar ship would be stumped just because they finished a comic book storyline, was a bit kneejerk on my part.
BodyLanguage Company
BodyLanguage Company 27 dagar sedan
Dude......your beard🤔
Erich Tomanek
Erich Tomanek 28 dagar sedan
It's so nice to see rich actors working when very few others can, due to silly lockdowns.
tiberiius 28 dagar sedan
never really connected with the wanda/vision romance in the movies. it just kinda happened out of nowhere and the 18 year age gap doesn't sell it for me either.
Prateek Jena
Prateek Jena 28 dagar sedan
It cant be after infinity war as wanda also got dusted,this should be after endgame I think
Pixel 47
Pixel 47 28 dagar sedan
Eh? I thought wandavision was a meme
Ryan Craig
Ryan Craig 28 dagar sedan
How would this take place after Infinity War *when she was killed by The Snap* ?! This clearly takes place after Endgame, especially since this is suppose to help set up the next Dr. Strange movie
Patrick Freeman
Patrick Freeman 28 dagar sedan
Comic book movie fatigue? Yeah, it exists. For me it hit right after the second time Christopher Reeves played Superman. Everything since then has become quite annoying.
Bradley Tibbetts
Bradley Tibbetts 28 dagar sedan
Ok Marvels next crazy bad guy saga from the comics.... The Brood? Celestials? Onslaught?
Jorukea 28 dagar sedan
"The salvia gods are not kind" had me on the floor
DisrespectfulBastard 28 dagar sedan
It seems like its inspired by the House Of M story line- might be cool
John Soda
John Soda 29 dagar sedan
Campaign to have Jeremy be the MCU Wolverine?
Duo West
Duo West 29 dagar sedan
I think that we are at a place in creative screen history where the only originality we're going to find is in much more abstract concepts, such as Wandavision appears to be.
Ioannis Morakis
Ioannis Morakis 29 dagar sedan
This has such a "Avengers Disassembled" or "House of M" vibe
Legion Of SnowBros
Legion Of SnowBros 29 dagar sedan
I'm not interested in- Eternals, Shang Chai, Captain Marvel 2, Ms. Marvel, Hawkeye, Black Panther 2... the list keeps growing, when for 10 years I didn't miss a thing. I will watch this but I have MUCH less faith since Captain Marvel and Endgame.
Ammar Ibrahim
Ammar Ibrahim 29 dagar sedan
Hey bro, how much sleep are you getting ?
Jack Crypt
Jack Crypt 29 dagar sedan
Marvel rebooting Pleasentville
Geoffry Gifari
Geoffry Gifari 29 dagar sedan
guys what about enola holmes review?
Anthony Cummins
Anthony Cummins 29 dagar sedan
'Rare' steak?
Dan Olson
Dan Olson 29 dagar sedan
Amazing. I just watched a video discussing a trailer and by the end of the video I have no fucking clue what this trailer really is. Love ya, Jahns, but a little backstory on the trailer you are reviewing would be helpful.
Darlene Escalante
Darlene Escalante 29 dagar sedan
Its seems you have not read the comics. If so u would understand
KonicavaBR 29 dagar sedan
If you read "Little worse than a man" by Tom King, and know the past that Vision and Scarlet Witch had with the imaginary children and all, WandaVision is not a surprise. By the way, you know nothing about comics until you read some classic manga and fumetti.
Tim Polcyn
Tim Polcyn 29 dagar sedan
i like that they are making a move just for wonkavision. I love that old movie
Marc 29 dagar sedan
Pandemic Jeremy>>>>
Marcelino Hernandez
Marcelino Hernandez 29 dagar sedan
IM OUT...SO 2020
Chris Cueva
Chris Cueva 29 dagar sedan
Review a comic book!
steven garcia
steven garcia 29 dagar sedan
Patiently waiting for your “The Devil All the Time” review lol
Nicole Cardoso
Nicole Cardoso 29 dagar sedan
Pleeeeeeeas can you do a review of on my block
Mason Gammons
Mason Gammons 29 dagar sedan
The devil all the time
JamRick86 29 dagar sedan
Ok, unrelated subject. Netflix came out with a Dragon's Dogma series based on the game. hopefully they don't jack it up
Joshua Joseph
Joshua Joseph Månad sedan
I'm hoping this is like House Of M and instead of her saying "no more mutants" it ends with her changing the world so drastically to the point where the mutant gene is created.
Devin Mounce
Devin Mounce Månad sedan
So I’m guessing the barber shops haven’t opened back up in his state.. Even the hair clippers in stores had sold out in my hometown. It was crazy, I finally found some in stock online though. If he needs to borrow them just make sure they get oiled before use so they don’t go dull!
Carlos Arens
Carlos Arens Månad sedan
1:31 don't forget evil robots
Ryu -VII-
Ryu -VII- Månad sedan
Jeremy I noticed you haven't yet done a review of "under the skin" with Scarlett Johansson, id love to hear your take on this, I've just watched myself and feel you'd have an interesting opinion.
Wackaz - Arthur Wacker
Okay but let's talk about how beautiful Elizabeth Olson is in this trailer!
Dennis The Comic Novel Monitor Nichols
Wtf is wandavision?
B B Månad sedan
Stupid as &#%#. Vision playing second fiddle because of political correctness.
amazingonion Månad sedan
Surprisingly good Paul Bettany impression 👌
Duck Rodgers
Duck Rodgers Månad sedan
I got some "Time Out of Joint" vibes from it, so 100% looking for it.
DesignTheMessiah Månad sedan
Dude.... you really do reviews...?? And people watch them..???
Mathias Rain
Mathias Rain Månad sedan
That was an awesome Vision impersonation lol
Sun RA
Sun RA Månad sedan
I'm sorry, was this trailer supposed to make me NOT want to do drugs?
melchaios Månad sedan
Seems like a more gooffy PG-13 version of the House of M storyline, where Scarlet Witch goes haywire and starts to change reality as a whole
Mike Smurawski
Mike Smurawski Månad sedan
It looks extremely lame. I will pass on this
Madison Hunter
Madison Hunter Månad sedan
Please review Enola Holmes!!!
alex robinson
alex robinson Månad sedan
How has he not done TROPIC THUNDER yet lmao
Michael De Leon
Michael De Leon Månad sedan
Jeremy you should look up house of m from marvel that's what looks like is happening in the MCU now
Faceless Dius
Faceless Dius Månad sedan
Review Devil all the time pleasee.
F.B.I Månad sedan
I can't imagine how weird Loki's gonna be
F.B.I Månad sedan
**Truman Show Vibes Intensifies**
Sampson Ray Simon
Sampson Ray Simon Månad sedan
You right about salvia
Isaiah Owen
Isaiah Owen Månad sedan
Mason Parker
Mason Parker Månad sedan
The salvia gods are indeed not kind
C T Månad sedan
The Dark Knight Returns,,Kingdom Come & OldMan Logan & even The last Avengers Future stories are sooo good becaus ethey deal with Heroes who are no longer heroes. They still have the power but are broken.. **Kingdom Come had the children of The Justice League out of Control & start fighting/killing eachother cause all the villains are dead or gone.. *Dark Knight Returns had the justice League disbanded and of course Batman & OliverQueen/GreenArrow rescue all the missing/labrats meta humans and form a team and SUperman & Wonderwoman try to stop them and get wrecked.. Batman always wins! *And ldMan Logan shoulda could been the best movie /trilogy of them all with a whole movie dedicated to The fall of FF,,The Avngers & X-men because RedSkull & Bruce Banner & Magneto mixed up the villain rosters of who attacks who.. *Instead we get a lame journey of Prof X who had a seizure and kille dthe X-men and in this movie they are the only heroes..OMG LAME! *This is why hollywood sucks and is mediocre compared to the comic or animated movies..
Dalton Mckenzie
Dalton Mckenzie Månad sedan
Jeremy, you should review The Devil All The Time👌🤙
PhillyDjHook Månad sedan
Can you imagine how 🤔 hard 🍆 Vision must have gotten for Wanda? Me neither, I'm straight. That's Wanda's Vision, not mines.
Jon Kee
Jon Kee Månad sedan
jeremy slowly turning into covid jesus
RECrazyyy Månad sedan
You reviewing The Devil All the Time ?
Dan 1031
Dan 1031 Månad sedan
The hell was that trailer? Past, present, future? Vision is back? Just stop smoking your 166 tons of mariguana Marvel
Tim Terrell
Tim Terrell Månad sedan
Rambling idiot.
Psychatog10100 Månad sedan
i Know it doesnt sound right but when you say a myriad of you are basically saying "a a lot of of". The correct way to use the word is just "I have myriad things".
D Graves
D Graves Månad sedan
I believe this is going to be a loose adaptation of the "House of M" story. Where Wanda warps reality because of her "children". Paul Bettany is always great and I love Elizabeth Olsen and Scarlett Witch. I think the show is going to be trippy and awesome. I can't wait for it to release.
Wade Wilson
Wade Wilson Månad sedan
A lot of positivity around this, but I just felt underwhelmed and not at all enticed to subscribe to Disney+ for this. It looks like something that would come on The CW or some shit. If it wasn't Marvel characters it would bomb.
TITO LOUNGE Månad sedan
you're more than wrong
Mjolnir Carlssen
Mjolnir Carlssen Månad sedan
I think that this show looks very worthwhile. It’s got some serious potential.
Kenjong Mendez
Kenjong Mendez Månad sedan
Why does Jeremy looks like he's been watching too much "Good time if you're drunk" movies.
Drew E
Drew E Månad sedan
Been a fan of yours for some years now. It’s been encouraging seeing you roll with the punches that SElosk has thrown at you, and even the fans. I’m sure you have support in your life to help you keep going. You’re one of the best who gets to do what they love, don’t let anything get in your way. Stay strong man
Christina Veldman
Christina Veldman Månad sedan
🤔 MCU Shutter Island...? Lol.
Justin Chandler
Justin Chandler Månad sedan
I believe this is going to be our first real introduction to the multiverse (not the random reference in SM: FFH). I've heard rumors that Evan Peters is also signed on for the show, so take that for what you will.
William Preston
William Preston Månad sedan
You could look up House of M. (Nice Paul Bettany impression, though.)
Miguel Montero
Miguel Montero Månad sedan
Do a review of the devil all the time
Chris Oakland
Chris Oakland Månad sedan
At first I thought this was really stupid, then after watching the trailer I admit it peaked my interest because it makes me wonder what elements it'll introduce into the MCU. But I just really want Blade, Wolverine, Ghost Rider, and the Symbiotes to be in the next phase.
Dustin Caldwell
Dustin Caldwell Månad sedan
I think it looks great!!
Dave Boone
Dave Boone Månad sedan
Keanu Reeves called he wants his look back... lol Just fucken with ya. looks good 👍 your videos dont show in my feed anymore I had to search for you and damm dont look the same. Haven't been able to watch too many movies lately. Just watched Knives out and looked you up to watch the review.
fanfiction Månad sedan
Feenom 21
Feenom 21 Månad sedan
Scarlett Witch and Vision have never been popular characters...they don't suck but they are at best supporting characters. Plus Wanda has weird reality altering powers that will be hard to represent and explain on screen...which also makes her one of the most powerful characters in Marvel...yes much more powerful than Captain Marvel. She is Thanos snap powerful...which makes any story with her boring.
Suadela Månad sedan
I hope it’s like Legion. Legion was good.
Mike 5000
Mike 5000 Månad sedan
No thanks
Bradley Gallant
Bradley Gallant Månad sedan
hey, its Elizabeth Olsen from the hit movie "OldBoy" directed by academy award winning director Spike Lee
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